Thursday, April 4, 2013

Narcissists in the news: cocaine and hookers

From a reader on narcissists in business schools, Lance Armstrong, and Jordan Belfort:

The author of the book on how to get ahead in business explains that there isn't necessarily anything wrong with business schools training narcissists to take over companies. His point: what's good for the business school (donations) isn't necessarily good for the shareholders (share price) - but c'est la vie.

Dr. Pfeffer has incredible amounts of equanimity. Very zen, very sociopath.

Here's a nice piece on Lance Armstrong. If you look at the blatant cheating Lance did - the sort where he was totally open with guys "in the circle" about it - I think it makes him seem like a malignant narcissist or psychopath. That is, he was completely OK with cheating in an organized, ambitious, aggressive way. The fact that it was "unfair" or against the rules was completely immaterial. That illustrates that ridiculous "compartmentalization" thing that empathy-challenged do:

Lance Armstrong and Jordan Belfort have a lot in common:

"A pioneer in promoting office bonding activities, Belfort thought it would improve morale if staff were encouraged to have sex with each other whenever they could, even under the desks. There were mid-afternoon "coffee breaks" with a troupe of hookers in the office car park. One office junior agreed to have her hair shaved off on the trading floor in return for $5,000 for a breast job."

That's typical malignant narcissist thinking, "I like cocaine and hookers, and my workers seem to like them too, so let's have a cocaine-and-hookers bonus program."

I especially like that last example. I once worked tangentially for a company that was a start-up, run by a narcissist, with an almost identical cocaine and hookers incentive program. Another narcissist example is Charlie Sheen.

Do sociopaths do this too? Cocaine and hookers? If not I wonder why not. Maybe because sociopaths are more interested in seducing minds than piling up more bodies? And my mind seems amped up and unstable enough as it is without messing around with it with something like cocaine. But to a narcissist it might make them narcissist feel more godlike? Validate their own feelings of superiority, at least while they're high? Are there any sociopaths out there that are into cocaine and hookers?


  1. Do sociopaths do this too? Cocaine and hookers? If not I wonder why not. Maybe because sociopaths are more interested in seducing minds than piling up more bodies?

    Eh, not if you're a typical man between the ages of 18 and 30. This quote reveals your gender bias.

    And my mind seems amped up and unstable enough as it is without messing around with it with something like cocaine.

    Haha yeah! I think I know what you mean. A lot of people tried to persuade me to take it when I was younger, but I recoiled from it viscerally on account of how it had impacted my father. It made him a lot more aggressive. He also cheated extensively during this time. For years, everyone used his cocaine use as a blanket excuse to cover the true nature of his sins, and to detract from the severity of his underlying pathology.

    But to a narcissist it might make them narcissist feel more godlike? Validate their own feelings of superiority, at least while they're high?

    You might have something there. But I think this could equally appeal to psychopaths.

    Are there any sociopaths out there that are into cocaine and hookers?


    1. <hookers and speed (only a cople of times the speed)

    2. My boyfriend of 5 1/2 years, recieves a disability pension check from VA 1St every month. On e received he takes off 3 4 5 days, Wont answer phone,or call, Nothing till he comes back broke. Then expects I me to cover him all month until paid again, He takes off again.

  2. Well, that explains the current financial crisis.

  3. Jordan Belfort's 'straight line system' is a thing of beauty.
    Jordan Belfort kills it, one of my idols.
    Along with 50 cent, Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan and Kobe.

    All either psychopaths or sociopaths IMO.

    But none bluffed them like MJ, he done it best.

  4. Cocaine and hookers and being godlike.

    Maintaining godlike status must cost a lot of money, ofcourse.

    this detail about the company being encouraged to have sex with everyone reminded me of this cult where they objectified/sexually abused the very, very, very young children to fuck the elder men. They made their female members into whores, too, to solicit new members.

    1. they had the little 4 yr old boys fucking the older women too.

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  5. I've found that recreational drugs appeal more and are used more by the narcissist than the sociopath. The sociopath doesn't 'enjoy' the out of control feeling which results from taking drugs. Of the 2 sociopaths I know, both have said that cocaine had little or no effect on them and they couldn't see what all the fuss was about, and only tired it to see what all the fuss was about! A hightened state of narcissism is a dangerous and out of control place to be. That's not for the sociopath.

    1. "and only tired it to see what all the fuss was about!"

      That's why I tried it and most drugs. But like most everything in life, drugs aren't nearly as pretty up close even without any negative repercussions.

    2. It was a typo, obviously.

    3. I would definitely agree with the "out of control" thing. I feel the need to be in control at all times, so I am particular about the kinds of recreational drugs/combinations I use.

    4. Even if I'm not a sociopath,I still need to feel in control of myself. I'm very careful with drugs.the feeling of not being yourself,or being at the mercy of someone or something makes me very uncomfortable.

  6. Alcohol stimulates me, coke or any other drugs do not a lot - unless taken in amounts much greater than most ppl need.

    Even alcohol I can drink day and night and appear fine.

    But, under all influence I look for even more stimulation.
    I am better off sober.

    1. i like manipulating and wex a lot more than drugs but if annyone offers me some candy i won't say no
      it's not like a'm scared of it
      but i do enjoi the full use of my brain lol
      things like running really help with that

  7. @ Intimacy Anon
    I had a big revelation. I shared it yesterday but I don't know if you saw it. It was very simple but you know how simple things can hit you, sometimes.

    Some people love themselves. If we can find those people, hang out with them, pick their brains or just observe them, we can see and attain( hopefully) a new paradigm.

    What do you think?

    1. yes. I agree very much. I did not read it yet.

      Lots of times i see they treat themselves with this or that, and i will do try very hard to do this.

      I was thinking about what you said about how your mom would do that thing with praising and putting you down..

      My Mom will do the same. To this day i cannot tell her how i spend any money . I am so careful about it. She only ever wanted me to purchase things sensible, things she wanted for herself, and god forbid something luxurious or just for comforting myself. ( I did not get an allowance so did not learn i could do that)

      SHe will yank me around. She will say about herself "I never treat myself! and I should!" I mean which was it? You would think she thinks it good to treat yourself, right? But if do treat myself she looks at me with disdain. -Orly, Bitch?

      One time i was riding home and i saw a lovely woman who always looks so happy and successful and loving to herself. I talked to her and she said to me "see all these nice groceries you just bought yourself?" She was trying to pick me up. I was like hey that is right, -i just loved myself . And that made me think that i am quite capable of being nice to myself.

      It is true what Zoe said a while back about how a narcissist will cry if you do something nice for them.
      This is sad, but if someone asks what i want for a present, i will think what do i really want now, and i will say it, and they will get it ?! I am shocked.

      I used to see people who do nice for themselves and i would examine and wish i was them. I understand this from you very much.

      My ex narcissist bf treated me to expensive things. I liked it.

      Thank you, Monica.

    2. Thank YOU for all these wonderful discussions, Intimacy Anon.

      With the luxurious things, my mother is the same. If I DO it, she acts like I am the worse selfish pig. If I don't, she acts like I am a loser with no self esteem lol

      I did something really special for myself. I bought a fantastic tea sampler from a really nice tea store. One flavor--Blue Mountain Nilgeri is from India. It tastes like tea the Queen would drink lol

      I need to get into that space and make decisions from that space, not the self hating one. I am doing it a little bit.

    3. @ Intimacy Anon
      Do you think they can help being such abusive jerks to us. I hate the sadism the most. I have a lot of hate inside and it really effects my stomach. Do you have anything like this?

    4. You are welcome, Monica.

      No, i dont think they can help it. They cannot if they tried. I had a specialist take her with me in hospital and write out contracts saying how i will need to be treated for recovery and she is like a retard (sorry retards)

      I do not interact too much anymore. no, i eat tons and tons of shit. My stomach is iron clad and i will eat my face off to self destruct and then look in the mirror and see how i am bad and fat after i have interaction with her. Cunt.

    5. Aww <3
      Thanks for sharing that.

    6. i lose weight and she shows me off to her friends, right?? THen i will put on a fucking pound and she will say I see you are getting a tummy.

      I say I am on a diet, she will bring in cookies and candy to me. Over and over and over, i have to yell and scream at her that she is a fucking pig cunt evil walking vomitorium and i will smash in her face with a statue if she comes near me.

      And you know what? she is fat. I mean w t f . She wants me to be fat like her and also show me off for being thin. Fucking moron.

  8. Replies
    1. Classic Theme for Daniel Birdick( and one of Theme's all time favorites)

    2. Thank you Themes, I feel very feminine/delicate today.


    3. no that is very sweet, so ty.

    4. Themes, what nice themes you share. I enjoy this auditory stimulus, this unsolicited memory-blast. Thanks for ripening the reading.

    5. Thank you ssssnake. Stick around so I can find one for you ^^

  9. That is a fake Themes for the M.E one
    You guys are INCORRIGIBLE

  10. Love the Twitter quote:
    "I never liked how socios were portrayed as ''dishonest'' as if EVERYTHING said was a lie."

    Since we're having a Theme day, thought I'll share mine ;)

    1. Thanks for the vid link. It was brilliant. Could have been my ex singing it. Really made me laugh. Excellent stuff! You can tell I am over him. Took a while though cos he was EVIL.

  11. Thanks for sharing, Anonymous. I missed Rollins when he came to town. Why are you anonymous?

    1. Hey ssssssnake,
      Rollins is awesome and this song was dedicated to me by someone who knew me well. It was pretty accurate until not long ago.
      Haven't seen him on tour, but heard he puts on a hell of a show.

      I go the anonymous route for no real reason except that I just feel like it at the time. Also keeps the man of mystery reputation intact~

  12. Question: Has any sociopath here ever had one of their victims/targets do something to get back at you for what you did to them?

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