Sunday, April 21, 2013

Emotional palette

A reader writes about his "emotional palette":
Being this way, I feel like I’m an expert in identifying emotion because I rarely express any real ones, creating the majority of my daily ones from scratch. Like oil painting, I use mix of small amounts of mental garbage and physical movements that take on the form of a variation of the only three genuine emotions: anger, happiness, or sadness. Those are sort of like the red, blue, and yellow of emotions that can be used to make all the other various shades.

At least, that’s how I would break it down for the average emotional someone who doesn’t get that a lot of them are simply wasted energy.


  1. That’s actually beautiful. Be it somewhat bleak, but it’s still kind of beautiful.

  2. What are more powerful emotions?
    Is love an addiction to happiness?
    Is hate an addiction to anger?
    What is jealousy?
    How does fear play into all this?

    Are you just talking out of your ass?

  3. Don't be silly!

    Love is burgundy, due to the combination of the flush shades of red and from the anger, mixed with shades of pink when it causes bliss or whatever and when it feels like it isn’t returned, the dash of violet from the sadness.BURGUNDY: 5 parts Rose Pink, 1 part Violet

    Hate is a grayish black, due to the utter conflicting emotions that cancel each other out until they are a dark gray black mess.

    Jealousy is jade green because of the envy/covetness felt, mixed with the still loyalty you might feel and the blackness of your faults.JADE: Leaf green, royal blue and a touch of black

    Fear is based on whatever it is that's really causing your fear, thus its color is more…complex?

    As for your’s obviously shit brown.

  4. These posts are getting more banal each day. You'd probably find more insight in the comments section of this blog or some random forum, and that's not saying much.

  5. M.E. is a Master of Manipulation.

  6. Fuck you, Anon.
    I'm the only picture poster here.

    You have been beaten, anonyfag.

  7. That is work of beauty, Peter. You ought to sell it to M.E. so he can hang it above his mantle.

  8. I liked the post. Got me thinking in a direction I hadnt before.

    Thanks ME..

  9. i'm feeling a little mauve

  10. Like oil painting, I use mix of small amounts of mental garbage and physical movements that take on the form of a variation of the only three genuine emotions: anger, happiness, or sadness. Those are sort of like the red, blue, and yellow of emotions that can be used to make all the other various shades.

    what does the reader mean by mental garbage? unresolved issues?

  11. What I find interesting about this metaphor is that it actually makes sense. I mean, if a sociopath doesn’t feel emotions like the average person, then they would have to paint the image that they are “normal” onto their sociopathic masks and that public persona would most likely be created by mixing facial expressions and other things that they’ve observed watching other people together the same way a painter would mix colors to create art on a canvas.

    I’ll admit that this seems like an abstract way for a sociopath to mirroring their surroundings but at the same time it also expresses that out of the box kind of thinking that sociopaths pride themselves on.

  12. sociogirl:

    what color is crazy? lol.

    Hmm - puce?

  13. WOW! That metaphor paints a picture. Get it? :-D

    But for real, this is really insightful and it does paint a picture of the distortions within the sociopath mind for me. Whoever wrote this is definitely one of those introspective types and If this person really is a sociopath then they are scary smart.

  14. being sociopatic is too much work!!! Why cant not having feelings be coool?'???!! :'(

  15. two ways to see the picture. is it not feeling and acting as if or is it having a primary emotion, surpressing it and painting it in something more suitable? As for primary emotions i have no choice, they will not change and go away until i feel and express them.

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  17. I would say that I understand this, as I had a time in my life when my emotions were cold. I was a teen and I did not like it. It bothered me that something was wrong with me. I think I made a decision, unconsciously, to shut down and go into an idle state like a car on idle.

    I think that if I had not gotten genuine love from my grandmother, I may have been a sociopath but that genuine and abiding love did something to me, in that I can't hurt people. Love is very powerful. If you think about all the forces in the world, even nuclear power, love may have them all beat.

    1. "In that I can't hurt people."

      Really? And Alterego buys that, too?

    2. I can hurt people if they eff with me enough. Sorry, I did not clarify that ~

    3. I disagree with you. You're quick and strike back immediately without pause. And you, also, strike when no one has effed you.

    4. NO, I don't strike when not effed. Prove it.

    5. "eff" is a slang word for fuck.

      Every time you post as someone else - you are effing MANY.
      Every time you're condesending in your replies - you're effing them.

      Every time you laugh at someone to belittle them - you're effing them.

      I could go on and on but it's not worth my time. And I don't have to prove anything to you. Everyone knows the above is true.

    6. If I ever say anything mean to anyone, it is because that person dogged me. I just don't, if not.

    7. Monica, you are the biggest liar on this site without remorse

  18. That is because true love is a verb, and actions speak louder than words. I've said it before: feelings are over-rated and fallible.

    You were never in danger of becoming a sociopath, Monica. You are way too neurotic, anxious and self-conscious. Psychopaths are impulsive, brazen risk-takers by definition.

    1. what does neurotic mean?

    2. It is living in your head and not reality.

    3. feelings are over-rated and fallible.

      What if there are ones which truly cause you to behave, like "love" in any of it's forms?

  19. Thanks Alterego
    You have a good point. My heart is very tender, as part of my basic nature.

  20. my heart is a failure.

  21. Monica,
    Where is Ukan and his wife? It seems a lot of SW regulars are not here anymore. Do you think they got angry that ME is writing a book? Thanks.

  22. Is it possible to be neither an empath nor a sociopath, or almost exactly in the middle?

    1. That is called being a normal human. Most of us are like that.

  23. Yeah, it is possible to be neither one of em. Pretty easy since there are also Narcs, BDs, Aspies etc.

  24. But borderlines and aspies can feel the suffering and grief of others.

    1. I personally, think most borderlines are very selfish.

    2. So can narcissists.

      Narcissists are softies at heart.

    3. all can be and often are selfish. imo that's a general human condition. empathy is sort of selfish when you think about it-feeling bad for someone else only because you can imagine YOURSELF in their situation with YOU feeling their pain. It can't be just about the actual sufferer.

  25. May I say that it bothers me when people post so many questions on here without doing any of the reading of the blog.


    not Monica

    1. How long you gonna pretend to be Maria, Monica?

  26. err I asked the last question and I have read most of the blog...

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