Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cool headed

How many can relate?

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trickster's path

A reader has published a book, with this description:

About the Author

Alcibiades Anon is the pseudonym for a highly functioning sociopath that likes to hear himself speak even while remaining silent.  Anon has spent a lifetime exerting his influence over the world and now, as he gets older, he had a whim to teach his thoughts to the young sociopaths around him.  The ongoing knowledge and tools he wishes to impart are his last great gift to humankind.  Anon often rambles and dreams and loves a good tangent but the quality of his lessons are apparent for those that can see them.   Anon dreams of a world where he and those like him do not need to hide what they are, while believing even in that world he would likely remain hidden.

Description of the Book.

The Trickster’s Path is one sociopath’s attempt to understand himself and others like him.  The Trickster’s Path uses the theories of experts and other sociopaths to describe what exactly a sociopath is.  The Trickster’s Path goes further to break the different areas of sociopathic tendencies into attributes.  Anon uses those attributes to describe how he has remained functioning in the world he finds so alien.  The book rambles and takes multiple tangents as Anon self discovers what he and those like him are.  The Trickster’s Path is an honest portrayal of one person’s attempt to understand himself and deal with the world around him.

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