Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ender's Game on love and understanding

From a recent comment from the post about the Ender's Game quote:

This is actually one of my favorite quotes. If you haven't read the other books, you should. I've only read to Xenocide, but they're fantastic.

This quote makes a lot of sense. ...Sometimes, I accidentally profile people. I have a knack for knowing when something is "off," and by intuitive leap I've identified a few socios and a neurotypical or two who were waiting for someone to see behind the mask. Usually I'm clueless as to what makes a person tick, but when this thing happens, I am terrifically accurate. And I love them. The way them love themselves. Deeply, instinctually. It isn't empathy, but it is understanding. And oh, how I could destroy them. For me there's a fine line between love and the desire to destroy. They go hand in hand. Knowing someone in this way makes me love them, and loving them makes me want to break them. Ruin them. Possess them. When I love someone, I want their soul. Love, of course, is the reason I take care of them instead. But yes, knowing someone well enough to love them makes it possible to destroy them so completely they, for my own purposes, become essentially a non-entity.

Another quote, Ender talking about the Hive Queen:
"I knew her so well that I loved her, or maybe I loved her so well that I knew her. Either way, I was tired of fighting. So I blew up her planet."

And one more:
"You are the one human being who is capable of understanding the alien mind, because you are the alien mind; you know what it is to be unhuman because there’s never been any human group that gave you credentials as a bona fide homo sapien."

I think most of us here can relate to that one, just a little bit. 


  1. I'm extremely worried about M.E. (And MOST of the other people here.)
    She doesn't know how much danger she is in. (And neither do MOST of you.)
    Our nation, (And quality of life.) is being dismantalied little by little, and most
    people are completely oblivious to it.
    What are the main reasons why people would be oblivious to a perilous problem?
    Inattention-their minds are taken up with other things, and immeadiate "survival"
    concerns: Work, expenses, raising their families, the "rat race," and trying to
    squeeze what little pleasures they can obtain from life. Also supression and
    "preferences." And people can only devote their attention to so much.
    But "denial" is NOT a river in Egypt. There is ONE unnoticed plague that is
    slowly killing us ALL and detracting from our quality of life: The undeclared
    race war against whites.
    Surely you say, "That is racist overreaction. It is white people, cops in particular, who are killing black people." Not so. It's really the other way around.
    It is rampant black crime against whites that is causing misery and a decline of
    the quality of life in this country. Maurading bands of "teens" and other "youths"
    are attacking white people at random, often killing them. If you are unaware of it,
    it is because of the above stated reasons coupled with two other factors:

    1) The virtual media blackout of any stories that would highlight the problem.
    (P.C.) And

    2) Political craveness by dishonorible pandering politicans. Also, a P.C.
    educational system.

    A new revolution is in progress now. Cops are being randomly fired on all over
    the country. The media and the above mentioned forces are behind it.
    The ultimate goal is to create an Anarchist society with no law enforcement at
    all. That way, a person like M.E. (And someone YOU love) could be outside
    taking a stroll and....
    "Help, Police!" "You wanted the police? Why didn't you just ask? I'll call 'em for
    you. Hey P--o--o-l--ee--ce! Until the actually get here, you and I have some

    1. I guess ur not a fan of Noam Chomsky?

    2. How do explain one of the smartest men in America is an anarchist. Is he the stupid one or are you the stupid one?

    3. You abuse. They abuse.December 30, 2014 at 8:22 AM

      There is an unlived anarchy in the USA, or I should say unlived in a timely fashion and may still live out. Years of slavery have already defined what white men are capable of. Once the black men are really shedding this 'thank you for no more making me a slave,' and once they stop pacifying themselves with booze and drugs they'll own up to their anger. And after that, watch a white guy make a mistake or act in the high ground, the wrath will be upon them. All this is not racis, human nature. Domestic abuse cases are similar as well, abuse does not get forgotten about, you store it for the right moment, when you're strong to hit back.

      So, yes, as much as there are disproportionate number of black men in jails, the wrath of black men is still to come.

    4. Seems like casey anthony guy has been on a kick lately about revolutionaries. I do have to take offense to this because I'm a bit of a revolutionary committed to social change. I'm not sure why you perceive this as a bad thing? I'm not sure I would call them "trash" as he did. Revolutionaries have a very good understanding of sociopolitical power, and how to change the dynamics. Are you criticizing the more extreme elements? Studying extremism is something I enjoy doing, however I wouldn't label myself as one. Actually there are very few things I would label myself as, or fully commit to. There is an expectation that psychologists remain apolitical, but I do have an interest in taking the scientific information, educating others, and creating change in that regard. Something like what Richard Dawkins does or Carl Saga did.

    5. "Excellence" is the best deterrent to racism or sexism.

    6. "Ageism" is as odious as racism and sexism.

  2. I was worried as I woke up this morning. Am I alive? I am not sure. Has my mind completely dropped into the pit of senility? I think I think. Has sanity, not to mention, kindness and empathy, broken out at Path World? Not to worry. Be afraid. How very?

    1. "Ygor: No not that. Doctor, Ygor's body is no good. His neck is broken, crippled, and distorted."

  3. not senile, hypochondriac...

  4. The Dexter character also is grand because he´s not robotic, wooden or grey, he has the classic "sociopathic allure"; its an interesting fictive person one likes to like. Now that is a difficult task for an actor, to keep things quiet & still be center of attention. Clever sociopaths are often the best company in the world, never dull, boring or clinging. Who would not like to have a good sociopath to spend christmans holidays with?

    1. Would a true sociopath need or desire company? Why would they need a partner, mate, or to marry? Is it indicative of incompleteness, or do they need a host? Isn't the human journey from reptilian to the godhead?

    2. Well, "boredom" is forever plaguing socios, and for everyday-specimens not interested in mayhem or drill-torture "social interaction" with others helps chasing the first mentioned thing away. More Dexter praise: maybe the first truly "popular" movie/tv-psychopath? Maybe the first major fictive socio that was not either "up"-type with mad grin and schemes in every pocket or repressed, grey "stuffing animals as hobby" creep? Dunno, not sure.

    3. I go to a lot of trouble to be alone and I'm never bored or lonely.

      The characters in Les Liaisons Dangerouse are more subversive and sophisticated than poor Dexter.

    4. "Anonymous December 31, 2014 at 3:30 AM

      Well, "boredom" is forever plaguing socios, and for everyday-specimens not interested in mayhem or drill-torture "social interaction" with others helps chasing the first mentioned thing away.

      Fullfathomfive December 31, 2014 at 5:07 AM

      I go to a lot of trouble to be alone and I'm never bored or lonely."


      "Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: With such a specimen for a body, all we need now is an equally magnificant brain. You know what to do?
      Igor: I have a pretty good idea.
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: [pointing to Igor's hump] Good man. Didn't you, didn't you use to have that on the other side?
      Igor: What?
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Your, uh, oh nevermind."

    5. The characters in that olde french costume drama are tired STEREOTYPES, Dex is a credible character. The "up"-type socio is so fake, a wanna-bee fraud. Like rich folks trying desperate to be special with phony accents or taste for wines they would never be able to tell from cheap grapes in a blind -test.

    6. "...Like rich folks trying desperate to be special with phony accents or taste for wines they would never be able to tell from cheap grapes in a blind -test."

      "[as monster runs out the door]
      The Blindman: Wait. Where are you going? I was going to make Espresso."

    7. Better translation: "Did they take away your books, Dr Lecter?". "Yes, Agent Starling. But I have other resources".

      And not Pablo's roomful of mirrors...

    8. Lec is an "opera-guy". But similar to Dex, he´ll only munch on "bad people"! So if one got in a room with Lec & Dex, one would be safe as long as one "open doors för old ladies". BUT: I don´t think Dex is credible as fictive serial-killer, genuine interest for gore seems to be missing. Lec oozes of "true perverted repressed anger", almost like someone who likes to lick dried blood from stiff corpse fingers and sees this as no different from when others prefer a shrimp-salad..?

  5. Daughters of AnarchyDecember 30, 2014 at 9:49 AM

    Aww, today's post reminded me of how the great doc might view me. Idk for sure. Happy New Year to her if she's here.

    1. lol damn you :P ... I got lured :P:P I total knew "daughters of anarchy" was just for me :):):)

    2. You wanna be part of the familia. Seasons Greetings my doc :))

    3. "Aww, today's post reminded me of how the great doc might view me. Idk for sure. Happy New Year to her if she's here."

      "The" Brief Answer:

      "Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: You know, I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump.
      Igor: What hump?"

  6. OMG reading the article from the tweet....Anton Chigurh....totally! Luv it :D

  7. Did anyone ever see this? Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDVaiwzU8yc

    1. I saw it a while ago. Wasn't she sexually abused? I think she got put into foster care, started seeing a psychologist, and is doing ok as an adult. She started getting better when the abuse stopped. I'm going off memory so I might be wrong.

    2. I was trying to find some info on her as an adult. If you have any links please share.

    3. Full story here:


    4. Here is a lowdown on the 'attachment therapy' that is said to have worked in this case (with stories of complete failure i other cases)

    5. Thanks for the link Sceli. I actually saw the movie, but was hoping someone might be able to find an update since then to see what may have happened to her.

    6. It looks like she got over it all and became a nurse. Look at the "Documentary" section of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_of_Rage and look at the links.

    7. LOL! Does it strike anyone else as funny that she would become a nurse...after all that discussion of sticking pins in people.

      I think it's funny anyway...not sure I want to be getting hurt in Flagstaff AZ...

    8. lol you always have funny observations..

    9. I'm with HLH on this one. Have you noticed the energy in her smile? All teeth, not much eye-wrinkling. Scary...

      As I learn about sociopathy I'm very careful about the people who are out there for some 'good', as in nurses/doctors/ministers/teachers and coaches.

      Have you seen The Gambler? The writer needed to study sociopathy better, no?

    10. I haven't seen the most recent version with Marky Mark - but I saw the Kenny Rogers POS years ago. Can't say it made much of an impression.

      I would be curious to have a cup of coffee with the grown woman - to hear her story; her inner narrative.

      What does she think/feel when she looks at those videos? What are her recollections? Is she "bonded" to someone else? What is that like for her?

      THAT would be an interesting conversation -

    11. "Ginger-ly:" - "I actually saw the movie, but was hoping someone might be able to find an update since then to see what may have happened to her."

      "Igor: Hi, I'm here about the "Igor Wanted" ad. My name's Igor. Well, of course it is. I have a hunch, what's my name gonna be? Kevin?"

    12. "Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Pull the switch."

  8. How about Angela Simpson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ngtXPP5krU

    1. I saw her on an episode of Lockup on MSNBC. She really hates cops.

    2. Her I like - I don't know why. Maybe it's because she's "aware" of how far out she is. At the end of the video I saw, after "cut" there was a few moments of her laughing at her performance and such. She got mileage out of that.

      Still - there's something refreshing about her...commitment to her crime.

      The fact that she regrets killing him too quickly (took a while as I recall...) was interesting as well.

      Interesting gal -

  9. Check this guy out for 'you know what I'm saying'

    1. haha yea, we must be coming across the same videos. I saw that one a few weeks ago.

  10. @Dr. G.

    You might like Sirgiorgio Clardy:

    ”I've evaluated serial murders, serial rapists, and I'm going to tell you very few of those people reach the elevations (scores) we're going to talk about here,” said Colistro, noting his three-decades long career. “People like Mr. Clardy are born bad. It’s not something we can fix. ...That’s why we have prisons.”


    I can'tg find any video of him though.

    1. lol totally liked it :P

    2. On a lighter note - the White Family of Boone County WV.


    3. I only got through the first 12 minutes of it....too depressing

    4. I lasted almost 5 minutes, got bored.

      Curious what you and HLH will think of this guy:
      just google cnn and -bride-surprised-flash-mob-wedding.chris-green

      Do you think she is marrying a sweet man?

    5. I laughed when they said he was the "mastermind" because the associations we have with that term. It's probably all legit, but I guess if an abusive, controlling person wanted to try to trap someone in to a relationship, that might be a good way.

    6. I found it amazing when the crowd cheered for the couple, he separated from her, lifted both arms up in the air, this was his victory, he was so happy with his skills has a mastermind.

      What was in her best interest in this wedding?
      The location? Sucked.

      I bet the guy saved some major money by taking the wedding to the street as opposed to wherever she was dreaming to have it.

      This wasn't about getting married asap. I can't believe her family went along with this and gave in to a control freak taking away from a woman the fun of planning her own wedding. Lack of empathy, charming a large group, with that looks and age?

      She could possibly annull that wedding if she needed to.

    7. I like your take….maybe for the sole reason of the cynicism : ) I get tired of the fake, happy, sappy, sentimental reactions people are suppose to have towards junk like this. Observing her behavior alone though, she initially cried when she found out, but didn’t seem to express a lot of happiness or joy, and I noticed the arms raising from the guy too, and thought it was weird…like he just scored a touchdown.

    8. Exactly.

      It's like we should start a nonprofit warning these people when we see signs of bs...

      I am not cynical in general, this one was screaming 'socio' all over the picture.

      There was no major intelligence to speak of to pull that whole thing off, except convincing all her relatives to play along. He did not create a win-win, either. The guy is definitely a shepherd, a wolf.

      I wish someone from her side saw this whole conversation.

    9. Well, I don't know if he's a sociopath or not, but I do think you're very observant because all of the subsequent interviews I have seen, she doesn't seem happy at all, and he seems overflowing with joy. They talk about how they couldn't finish planning a wedding, and she would always put it off. He's like old, and balding, and pretty fat, she still looks pretty good. I can't help but wonder if she has a boyfriend on the side. He definitely orchestrated it so she couldn't get out of the wedding with it being so public.

    10. Check this out, people left opinions about the whole thing:

      One woman says she'd kill him for doing that, and some think it was great. So, time will show what comes later from this couple.

    11. I agree with your observations too. Meaning, thsi woman did not want to marry this guy, despite the fact she (I just saw) had a child from him. This explains to me why the family went along with this guy,.

      This could still be a socio-bpd perfect match, lol. I just don't feel bad for her as much anymore, because at least the poor child is now in a legit marriage. Mall parking lot wedding in Georgia, not far from what HLH posted in WV, lol...

      BUFORD, Ga. -- It's a viral video with a whole lot of heart: a YouTube clip of a recent wedding that left the bride completely stunned.

      Brian Green planned a surprise wedding for his wife -- a flash mob wedding.

      Green and Christina McGinnis had been together since 2010 and engaged since 2013. They also gave birth to a daughter, 23-month-old Aspen. They had already started their lives, but they found wedding-planning too expensive and frustrating.

      "It took away the purpose and excitement of being married," Green told WXIA. "The wedding is just the ceremony. The marriage is what's important, so I just wanted to focus on the marriage."

      But before that, he planned a flash mob wedding at the Mall of Georgia, tricking his wife into wearing her would-be wedding dress for a church "photo shoot."

      "I didn't have a clue," said McGinnis. "Not one clue."

    12. :) lol... You said she might have a bf. ...> The baby might not be his...

      beeper screws a socio... hilarious...

    13. Sceli, this is fun, but I really hope you don't actually go around diagnosing people like that in all seriousness ;) I didn't see anything in her behavior that would indicate she has borderline personality disorder.

    14. C'mon. We're just having a little fun here. It isn't like we're diagnosing them. We're talking about the possibilities in a given case study, based on what's in paper and in video.

      Now, this woman is young and pretty and has been dating an older and ugly guy since 2010. They have a 23 month old, that's 2 yrs old, meaning they had the baby in 2012 (before the engagement, which was in 2013). She's the type who'd love to go around thinking she's a model for photo shoot. There are signs of borderline (literally) behavior already. Why the guy is acting like he finally scored? Because she's been holding him at arms' length legally while having him around paying for everything and acting like a husband already, not that he's a high provider (Mall wedding is not Waldorf Astoria) but that's what she can do best for now. She could not even pretend to be happy, but she couldn't say no either.

      In the most simplistic terms, a beeper is someone who defines love by what you can do for her, and someone who suffers from major fear of abandonment--so till something better comes she'd stick around. A socio on the other hand sees love as possession and will do everything to keep his possessions intact.

      Now you tell me the whole story does not look anything ike a beeper/socio combo.

      this is what I was trying to say the other day that I totally believe the directional nature of disorders need to match, like a sadist and a masochist would make a great couple, just as two codependents, or a beeper and a socio (where the beeper looks like an asset, otherwise a beeper has no chance).

      OK, all for shits and giggles, not to be taken seriously, but in all honesty everybody is no asets no love at the end of it all, it's all a match of assets (as perceived by the individuals, beeper or a socio).

      D. Webb, except you, I know you believe in romantic love and you'll definitely experience a few of those and eventually realize maybe it is a game of assets after all.

    15. D. Webb is just Stay Smelly. Ignore him. I guess in the game of Monopoly Psychology, your analysis works. I'm not sure it's accurate to always say that people with bpd suffer from a fear of abandonment. Some genuinely do, but for others it's different. Take myself for example. I'm I guess now derogatorily know as a "beeper", wouldn't describe it as a fear of abandonment. If someone wants to leave me...bye! All the things I found annoying are gone, and I feel a sense of relief, however, I do have a fear of rejection. It's a paradox, but that's why they call it a disorder.

    16. I'm not so sure about your being a beeper, I thought you said the same yourself.

      Stay Smelly, Stay Smart, D Webb, they all are the same? Seriously? Well, not that I know much about Stay Smelly or Stay Smart, I assumed D Webb was being sincere about who he is. Who knows, maybe I just really liked the character he's created here. I don't mind enjoying a character, like an interactive video, designed just for our needs here.

      About the fear of abandonment issue. A beeper would either freak out or say drop dead and turn around, meaning hold a borderline position at either end of the choices, not middle ground, like put a healthy find to keep someone who is healthy for you. I'm like you in this sense and I don't believe it shows no sign of fear of abandonment, just the opposite.

      Normal people are in the middle somewhere. I want to be like them when it comes to relationships. I want to find something half-way acceptable and learn to fight half-way for it, and let the guy worry about the other half-way. That'd be healthy.

    17. I'm so glad I did not die tonight in Shagnhai in the stampede. Otherwise, not much else is going with my New Year's Eve.

    18. Hi Sceli and Dr. G.

      I'm surprised that you find the "you know" guy interesting and the Whites not - to me they are all train wreaks. The Whites are just a different flavor of train wreak for me - fun to watch. I also like the music/tap dancing. To each their own. *shrug*

      The flash wedding guy - cute idea. She does look a bit like a trophy though.

      "He's like old, and balding, and pretty fat, she still looks pretty good." LOL! Like I said - trophy wife.

      The wedding and the reception might be a good first test of a marriage - take Ma Haller for instance.

      In spite of an agreement between Ma and I to the contrary (I buy her the house she thinks she wants but I don't have to do the big wedding reception - I could live with that), she decided that she wanted to be "princess for a day" anyway.

      I smiled and, as I drank more, I eventually had a good time. But being roped into something like that ain't no way to start a marriage...I might have been better served paying more attention to that...

      If the trophy wife isn't happy, I can understand why...but I can't say that I have any useful advice...

    19. Oh, and by the by - Yeah, Smartie has been going hard at the alters. That's why I went ahead and created the account.


    20. HL, I'm gangsta :P:P I grew up in da hood...maybe that's y Sirgiorgio Clardy appealed to me more :P:P I did get a kick out of the clog dancing tho...I can't believe he was pretty good looking in his youth, and then he grew in to old white trash. I luv how the "hot chick" sounded like a dude.

    21. She was a little heavy to be a trophy wife, not sure I'd go that far, and I can't shake the idea of her having a bf on the side.

    22. Can you imagine if women talked this way...HL, all I have in this world are my tits, and my word.

    23. I "played the game" in my youth - small time. Watched a couple of friends go to jail and decided that I would give school a try -

      Guys like SC just seemed like unpredictable liabilities to me. Maybe I'm just a little spoiled having just binge watched the last season of The Wire, but I was never comfortable with loose cannons.

      LOL! Yeah - the "hot" White sister has that "Marlboro" voice - not exactly sexy.

      Did you get to the part where one of the younger ones shakes a bottle of pills and calls it the "Boone County mating call."

      I guess I have a certain...acceptance of people like the Whites. As much as I have for any other person that lives by their own rules -

      It's that libertarian/anti-authoritarian streak in me -

    24. ROTFLMAO!!!

      "all I have in this world are my tits, and my word."

      And they might just get you farther than my balls!!! LOL!!!

    25. I have a female friend that is an animal vet -

      Back in the day at parties when a guy was making unwelcome advances, she would look them right in the eye and say, "I've castrated things bigger than you." That usually did the trick.

      She also used to make era rings out of cat testicles to give as gifts for her girl friends.

      I need to see how she's doing...

    26. "She was a little heavy to be a trophy wife"

      It's more about youth - having known more than a few guys like that, it's almost more like they can't deal with anyone more mature. She's pretty enough and vain enough that she'll show well on his arm. As to "how pretty" she is, well, maybe he's the most successful guy she could rope.

      I prefer women that...look like "women" but can hold their own. Sexy can take all sorts of shapes. Confidence, good company, and understanding the "seduction dance" are all far more important than being able to look pretty, giggle at jokes, and keep quiet otherwise -

      But, I prefer the company of equals -

    27. “I guess I have a certain acceptance of people like the Whites.” HL……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….ur a better man than me. “She also used to make era rings out of cat testicles to give as gifts for her girl friends.” I had this friend that lives in Manhattan, and we used to travel together. He eventually got his PhD in psychology in NY. I imagine this is how stories come off when he relays them to others from hanging out with that creepy girl he used to travel with. He probably also says things like you just did “I need to see how she’s doing.”

    28. I don't know about "better."

      I just find that I'm a happier person (i.e. less annoyed/outraged/pissed off) when I accept that such people are in the world and, in the grand scheme of things, they are far from being "the problem." (I am avoiding going political and radical... *smirk*)

      The Whites -

      Uncouth? No doubt. Unpleasant? Yep. To be trusted? Not a chance. But, I do find them interesting. That isn't to say that I want to invite them into my life, but I am happy that there's still room in the world for people like them and I'm grateful for the internet to bring them as close to me as I care to get.

      My "Creepy Friend" -

      Actually, that friend of mine is married with children and her partner and I surf together. They really aren't all that strange. OK - she's does night shift as a vet and he does medical imaging. The only reason we haven't kept up is all the "stuff" that comes with kids - PTA meetings and baby sitter woes make it tough to get together...for now.

      I am sincere in wondering about the well being of a friend -

      Cynical much?

    29. sigh....is this really what I'm doing on new years eve? Hangin out on sociopathworld? I think he would be sincere as well although he's gotten kind of weird since studying psychology. He used to be really passive and submissive which made our friendship work out. I could be bossy and in control, but he developed kind of a war nerve when he got in to his grad program. I think he developed some confidence, but not just confidence, he got freakin cocky. It's like he was a nobody all his life (except bein a trust fund baby), and now all of a sudden he was gonna be a big PhD. He thought I was fun, but a little weird.

    30. LOL!! Sad isn't it...

      No one ever said that the life of a sociopath is filled with warmth and companionship - even for us part time sociopaths.

      I have a different friend that I believe is on the socio spectrum. We have never "hooked up" but we do seem to share a certain flair for...dramatic interaction. People are rarely disappointed when we get on a riff - we play on each other like an old couple...much to the discomfort of our partners...but it's not like that...

      "Bossy" women...it sounds from your description that he was a bit of a "pet." Not judging - had a few myself. For me, these were "projects." Lost people that needed to be shown that they can act in their own self interest. I got a an ego charge out of the deal - that and the companionship...

    31. lol a pet :P I never really analyzed it much, but sounds like you have with yourself. I dunno, people have just always thought I'm like a little general. They frequently comment on it. I don't feel like it's intentional, I'm just being myself.

    32. Ginger-spew: "...is just Stay Smelly...If someone [or something in my head] wants to leave me...bye!"

      In other words:

      "Eva: [Watching Igor chase Brain with an ax] Which play are they rehearsing?
      Scamper: It's called "Brain Dead."
      [Igor continues chasing Brain]
      Scamper: It should be a smash."

    33. "Ginger-ly": "...lol a pet :P I never really analyzed it much...I don't feel like it's intentional, I'm just being myself."

      In other words:

      [in Victor Frankenstein's laboratory]
      Igor: [sings] I ain't got no body, and nobody cares for me. Yakka tak ta a yakka tak ta ha!
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Igor.
      Igor: Froedrick.
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: How did you get here?
      Igor: Through the dumbwaiter.

    34. "I could be bossy and in control..."

      Honestly, Ginger (I "dropped" the Dr.[emphasis added]), this is not you, but it could be an illusion of sorts...

      "[the monster is struck by lightning]
      Ygor: The lightning. It is good for you! Your father was Frankenstein, but your mother was the lightning!

      Ygor: You have agreed? You're going to help him Doctor? You are giving him life?
      Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein: Yes, but not for the purposes that you think Ygor. I'm giving him strength so that an operation may be successful.
      Ygor: An operation?
      Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein: Yes. I'm giving him another brain. You must explain to him when he becomes conscious. You must make him understand.
      Ygor: Whose brain?"

    35. "Ginger-ly": "...people have just always thought I'm like a little general."



      "Igor: Ha ha! Little graveyard humor there!

      Igor: Well, not tomb bad! Ha ha, little graveyard humor there!

      Igor: Hey, baby, want to light my pyre?"

    36. HLHaller, Happy New Year!



    37. "people have just always thought I'm like a little general."

      The comments I get are that I am "intimidating" and that I "always think [I am] right." I tend to come across as "in charge." But my favorite has always been the description the friendly ex would give: "I am so comfortable with myself it's almost pathological." She was more right than we knew, I guess...

      I think it comes with the territory - it's how we're built.

  11. But you do LOVE M.E. don't you? You wouldn't want to see her thrown
    to the dogs.
    Suppose M.E. makes the "typical" assumption that she can walk down the street.
    There is nothing "abnormal" about such an assumption. White folks make this
    assumption all the time. Women who take their babies out in strollers on "nice"
    days. Some folks even believe they can be fairly safe after dark.
    So it's a typical day and you're walking down the street. Out of no where, KAPOW! You have been struck with a fist, bottle, or brick. Your crime? Walking
    while white. Perhaps, even" living while white."
    In the past, there might have been a motivation for the attack. Robbery or sex.
    But today, there is no discernable motivation. It's simply a case of "When animals.
    attack." But to make matters worse, there is COMPLETE media concealment.

    People niavely assume they are safe. Complete media disinformation and spin.
    What does the media think it is accomplishing when it throws gasoline on a fire?
    When it deliberately LIES?
    The agenda quite simply is to create an Anarchist society. There are only two
    ways the public can protect itself: The police, and the right to keep and bear arms. The agenda of the Satanic radical is to attack both these methods.
    If people "play ball" they are promised "goods" and plentiful sex with the kinds
    of people they see on the "Interracial Breeders" website. What "subhuman
    street scum" wouldn't want a woman that looks like that? Isn't it worth a man's
    The trouble is, many of you women will be given away as "gifts" to some pretty
    brutal and unsavory characters. What happens when they "tire" of you? There's a lot more where you came from.
    Think it can't happen? Who'll be around to stop it from happening?

    1. Paranoid much?

      Reminded me the story of white teenagers hitting people on the head unexpectedly just to get some shocked effect.

      When you see real attack by black people it won't be random, it'l be targeting white ass-holes with prejudice, probably like yourself.

      So, you stay hidden here safely, bozo, in the bosom of ME. Don't step out on the streets.

  12. Even paranoid people have enemies. Even crazy people have moments of being in touch with reality. I am a phony (play cop) volunteer for the local police force and I am going to ride around today (New Year's Eve) and protect society from people such as you. I hope you don't shoot me for . . . well, whatever reason you come up with for shooting me.

  13. Whatever happened to some of the regulars like green eyes and machiavelianempath? How come they don't like this site anymore?

  14. The United Nations declared 1015 the year we bring Heaven to earth by solving the problem of empathathylessness.

    In the interest of diversity, many solutions – each better than the one before – will be implemented and imposed.

    As the United States of America is the most Christian nation on earth, every American citizen is required to pray for empathy 59 out of every 60 minutes of every day.

    In Iran, every person without empathy will be required to have their hands amputated and wear a chador at all times.

    All people with empathy in North Korea will be removed from the country. Everyone remaining (all afflicted with the name Kim) will be trapped under a permanent dome for the next 1000 years.

    In China, people will hate unempathic people to death in the method described in Steve Allen's short story, “The Public Hating.” (If you haven't read it, read it, you illiterate shithead idiot.)

    Monsanto Corporation, in cooperation with the enlightened Buddhist country of BurmaMyanmar, will genetically modify fetuses diagnosed as lacking empathy before birth so they will born suffering from empathy, even if they are idiots in all other respects.

    By the end of 2016, the problem of people lacking empathy will be solved and the planet earth will achieve nirvana.

    In 2017, an utterly sociopathic race from a nearby star system will solve the problem of faster than light travel, conquer the earth, and torture all human beings for their brief and painful remaining lifetimes.

    Happy New Year.

    1. ROTFLMAO!!!

      RA - I hope the new year brings many new and interesting post from you my friend. You are a fun read. 8)~

      Happy New Year!

    2. HL, and a happy NY to you. I spent the day in an utterly wholesome way, riding in a junker police car patrolling our completely peaceful island. Well, not quite. We saw a couple of real deputies with lights and sirens on racing out like bats out of hell and heard on the radio a call about a young chick trying to commit suicide with drugs and wrist slitting. My partner and I checked and found nothing amiss. What a wholesome and boring evening, I thought.

      I came home had a nutritious and wholesome soup dinner my wife had left while she was at the physical therapist, and accidentally broke one of her favorite snow globe ornaments. I cleaned it up.

      How do I really celebrate NY? I thought. I read SW. I laughed, I snorted. I thought, this is the best a senile old fart can do just before my 71st birthday. I wrote a stupidly idiotic satire. One person laughed. What more can an old not quite sociopath ask of life? I hope the aliens land tomorrow and die laughing at our species.

    3. "In 2017, an utterly sociopathic race from a nearby star system will solve the problem of faster than light travel, conquer the earth, and torture all human beings for their brief and painful remaining lifetimes.

      I laughed, I snorted. I thought, this is the best a senile old fart can do just before my 71st birthday. I wrote a stupidly idiotic satire. One person laughed. What more can an old not quite sociopath ask of life? I hope the aliens land tomorrow and die laughing at our species."

      Radical Agnostic/IGOR: "[voice over] Nice weather we're having, huh? Here in the Kingdom of Malaria, every day's forecast is rainy, with a 100% chance of horror! It wasn't always like this, though. Years ago, Malaria was a sunny land of farmers, until the mysterious storm clouds rolled in, and never left. They killed our crops, and our people became poor. And that's when King Malpert thought up a new way for us to make money: Evil Inventions! The kind that crush you, kill you, bring you back to life, then kill you again way worse! We invent them, and the world pays us not to unleash them. Oh, it's a great gig, especially if you're an evil scientist. Fame, fortune, a rent-free castle in the hills. They get it all! They're the top of the heap!

      Dr. Holzwurm: Igor, pull the switch!

      Igor: [voice over] And the bottom of the heap? Those are the poor schlobs like me, born with a hunch on our back - Igors."

  15. 6) I don't remember it, but my notes say: Human Dunkling Lies for 1st Guinea Pig $50 job pocket, larger

  16. http://www.technologyreview.com/photoessay/533426/the-troll-hunters/

    1. Thanks for the links. I just trolled the troll hunters. Admire me.

    2. "...Admire me."


      "Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: You know, I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump.
      Igor: What hump?"

  17. The "attacks" are BOTH random AND planned. They are random, because
    the "people" comitting them are-for the most part-subhuman.
    They are planned because a deliberate disinformation campagan by the Jews
    is channeling this rage against "the system" which is percieved as the white power structure. The radical scum knows it must eradicate law enforcement AND the white Christian male to obtain it's evil objectives. The Protocals Of The
    Elders of Zion is the rulebook. But they could never get to first base if not for
    two methodologies:

    1) The oldest trick in the Satanic book is to commit EVIL under the guise of
    "good." To call yourself a "liberator" when you are actually an enslaver. Talk about "love and brotherhood" when your true goal is to exploit and steal from the
    productive citizen. Religion has been the historical framework how this has been

    2) Exert MIND CONTROL over the population through media, the educational
    system, cultural trends, and politics. Utalize pursuasion technology to mold
    opinions and promote ignorance and historical revisionism. Promote self harming
    (and other harming) behavior through these methods. Create problems and
    market "solutions" to these "problems.
    The Moslem cialipate was composed of street rabble that conqured the entire
    civalized world of it's time. The "brainwashed" U.S.A. is going to be brought
    down by sub-human street scum, white radicals, deluded white maliennai gen.
    "do gooders," race hustling parasites, suck up politicans, media pervaricators,
    and Jewish "puppet masters. The Jews will promise this rabble blonds like the
    girl on "Interracial Breeders."

    1. yip, the evils of fighting for equality. Must suck to be you CAG.

  18. Gee........

    Rage of Stay Smart? Mad because s/he feels rejected?

    Others have only as much power as you give them, SS. You've lost it, giving too much power away to the point of losing control. Good that you ARE practicing here, may learn how useless and self-defeating it is before a similar situation occurs in real life.

    Stay Cool in real life.

    1. Being rejected in real life? Yes, it applies to you, Igor, and you do have a record of it. I established it.

      Dr. Ginger December 31, 2014 at 4:43 PM

      "...however, I do have a fear of rejection. It's a paradox, but that's why they call it a disorder."

      Loss of control/losing it, rage, rejected, mad, feeling self-defeated in real life? No, not me, "Stay Cool"/IGOR. Actually, I feel great! You cannot judge others according to the way that you feel, and according to your obvious reliquiae on this blog. It doesn't work that way. You see, my brain is quite different from yours, and I am in a completely different position, BUT you can't seem to understand that. Pity.

      In any case:

      "Medical Student: Isn't it true that Darwin preserved a piece of vermicelli in a glass case until, by some extrordinary means, it actually began to move with voluntary motion?
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Are you speaking of the worm or the spaghetti?
      [the class laughs]
      Medical Student: Why, the worm, sir.
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Yes, I did read something of that incident when I was a student, but you have to remember that a worm... with very few exceptions... is not a human being.
      Medical Student: But wasn't that the whole basis of your grandfather's work? The reanimation of dead tissue?
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: My grandfather was a very sick man.
      Medical Student: But as a Fronkensteen, aren't you the least bit curious about it? Doesn't the bringing back to life what was once dead hold any intrigue to you?
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: You are talking about the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind! Dead is dead!
      Medical Student: But look at what has been done with hearts and kidneys...
      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Hearts and kidneys are tinker toys! I am talking about the central nervous system!"

    2. Also, you keep mentioning the name Stay Smart, which, after all is only a mere name on this blog. Based on the reliquiae and your flat, two-dimensional way of thinking, you confoundedly seem to believe that you have found a weakness there, and you keep preying on it. Pity.

      "Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: From that fateful day when stinking bits of slime first crawled from the sea..."

      "Frau Blucher" has just "walked in" on Frederick in the lab -

      Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: I thought I told you never to interrupt me while I'm working."

  19. I am beside myself.

  20. Was Stay Smelly drunk last night?

    1. LOL! On some sort of bender - at least a few alters, complete with conversations.

    2. Ginger-Stay Smelly,

      Since you like the name so much, Stay Smelly is your new name (Ginger with a dash). And you are the real drunk here, which is also part of your well-known reliquiae among those who know you.

      The name suits you quite well:

      "Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: From that fateful day when stinking bits of slime first crawled from the sea..."

    3. Ginger-Stay Smelly,

      Do you actually think that shifting reality - by calling someone else intoxicated - "obliviates" the underlying "tableau" about you?

      I find it rather lily-livered.

    4. I love watching you poke and prod trying to find weaknesses in the structure. I know I'm just a 2 dimensional creature, but I get it.

    5. Looks more like thrashing about to me - pathetic...

    6. "I love watching you poke and prod trying to find weaknesses in the structure."

      No, this is what you do. This is your thinking. Our minds are NOT alike. Besides, I don't need to, since I know your weaknesses rather well. Your thinking and behavior are not new to me. Plus, there is no "structure."

      "I know I'm just a 2 dimensional creature, but I get it."

      Your "strategy" is not helping here. I know that you will turn around, as you usually do, and say something offensive as you did with the comment about my having been drunk.

    7. Stay Smelly, you put a lot of work in to your destruction, and I think that oughta count for something.

    8. Happy New Year everybody. What's happened to this site?

    9. "Ginger,"

      I don't destroy. That is your thinking, this is how it shows outwardly in you, and this is how the real, inner you manifests. Instead, I gave you a taste of your own medicine. Bitter, wasn't it? Unfortunately, some people do learn this way, and it seems like you're "getting it" - the hard way. I hope that it counts in this particular sense.

      Remember, don't mock others about their inner beliefs; don't make fun of others' outward appearance; don't address them with derogatory names; don't make racist statements or rage against homosexuals; don't be self-centered or use/take advantage of others; always stand on your own two feet; don't lie and act disloyally; and don't prey on people's perceived weaknesses.

      You can start fresh, fully rebuild yourself, and actually create a structure. It is never too late to do so.

    10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-iQldPiH64

    11. What are you trying to say with this clip? It is quite disturbing.

    12. What is the meaning of this clip, "Ginger?" You have posted it in a public forum. Whom is this meant for, since you were having an exchange with me, and what is your intended message? Again, the whole scene is disturbing. Do you realize that?

    13. "LOL! On some sort of bender - at least a few alters, complete with conversations."

      HLHaller, can you clarify this?

    14. "What's happened to this site?" Were you expecting a site called "sociopathworld" with a comments section to stay steady and sane?

    15. Why do you think a question implies an expectation?

    16. Actually I am kind of curious what your thoughts are of this site. It seems like the people that have personality pathology show that side of themselves that they generally have to keep concealed from society, but you seem relatively normal, and you have a doctorate in theoretical physics...

    17. I"m not sure if relatively normal is a compliment or an insult here:) If I was relatively normal would I have been posting comments on sociopathworld?

      Anyhow, perhaps this place will see better times in the future. I found it interesting in the past.

    18. "I"m not sure if relatively normal is a compliment or an insult here" haha :):)

    19. HLHaller,

      No, not "thrashing about" and "pathetic" at all. I believe that you did not understand that I was trying to show "Ginger" how he thinks and behaves toward others, keeping in mind that, unfortunately, people like him learn the hard way. Through my comments as J. Famke, I "painted" a picture for him to clearly see how he treats others on this site as well as on other sites. While my methods can be rather different or even out-of-the-ordinary at times, I don't destroy. On the contrary, I was trying to show him how destructive he can be, and how bitter his medicine tastes, while, during this exchange, his responses to me were demonstrating his pattern of thinking - a pattern which has not changed through the years. That was the main point, bearing in mind that there is always a demonstrative point to what I do [something to be learned in one way or another]. Based on my observations, while he shows instances of being unstable, especially as RA, he also shows instances when he is not unstable, and it has been during the latter instances that I have tried to show him some things about himself.

      As a side note, it was disturbing to see the video clip that he posted at 10:55 AM. There was no humor in it. Also, read my comment at 10:41 AM for more, in-depth understanding.

    20. HLHaller,

      "Ginger's" destructive pattern of thinking and behavior is highly evident when he preys on the perceived weaknesses of others, and whether those weaknesses are real or not, he still does it without respite. I tried to show him that in all of my comments from yesterday, with a special emphasis in my comment at 5:44 AM, which also dealt with rejection. I even included his thoughts on rejection [he fears it], so I can better show him what he does to others, and how he preys on such things based on his record here and on other sites. Close to the end of that exchange, he wrote that he "got it," which was my ultimate aim.

  21. I woke up this morning. I thought, "It is unlikely I exist. 1. It's unlikely the universe exists. "Something from nothing?" "Come on!" 2. In the unlikely event the universe big banged (the ultimate orgasm), the likelihood of stars forming, and then planets, etcetera, "Come on." 3. Okay you have big rocks floating in nothing around permanent nuclear explosions we call stars, then at least one of these rocks somehow forms the self replicating creatures we call "life forms," "Come on!"

    4. Then these life forms "evolve" (with no plan or anything) to the point they can look in a pool and say, "I exist." 5. Then after a million years or so of contemplating their existence (thus inventing narcissism) they begin to talk to other life forms. "Hey, you are kind of cute. Let's see . . . what do I do next? I know. No I don't. Should I fuck you? Or should I eat you? I know. I will fuck you and then I will eat you."

    6. Somehow or other in this process my father and mother came to exist. One day he fucked my mother. A sperm went swimming in search of an egg. One sperm competing with millions. It found an egg. “FIRST!!!” said the sperm. [Sperms are kind of dumb.] "Ahh," said the egg just before the egg engulfed the egg.

    7. Somehow that sperm and egg grew into me. How unlikely was that?

    After thinking all that, I thought, "I don't exist." If I don't exist, it's even less likely that you exist. Think about this very deeply and profoundly. You just think you exist. You only exist because I, a very unlikely being am imagining you. As soon as I stop thinking and imagining you, you will cease to exist.

    Don't you feel rather shaky already? I know you think you're a sociopath and would have no hesitation in killing me, but as soon as you kill me, you will cease to exist. You have ever possible motivation to keep me alive. Are you doing anything to keep me alive? Are you suicidal?

    As you can see, I have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt (contemplate deeply what a shadow of a doubt looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like), that I don't exist, and therefore you don't exist. I am almost 71 years old. The next breath I take may be the last one I take, and therefore the last one you imagine yourself taking. Ready . . . ?

    Happy Imaginary New Year!

    1. RA, you sound highly unstable. The video clip you posted above as Dr. Ginger at 10:55 AM is disturbing. You need psychiatric help. Try to realize that what you are writing is also disturbing, and get some help soon.

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbIlLmCID5g

      This should cover just about all of it - I'm gonna make myself some lunch.

    3. Pretty good. Who did you eat for lunch?

    4. Hi RA - I had a nice hot bowl of noodle soup with tofu.

      Not exactly ripping bloody hunks of meat from a carcass, but it's better for my heart. Maybe a bit more sodium than I should have, but hey - a guy's gotta live, right? ;p

  22. J. Famke: You are correct. I am disturbed to realize I am Dr. Ginger. As is Dr. Ginger. It makes my day to realize I disturbed you. At 70 years of age, I realize it is too late to help me. Help yourself! Before it is too late. Here comes the asteroid from out space with your name on it.

    1. When is it my turn to be Dr. Ginger?

      ...I'm SURE I can come up with all sorts of disturbing videos...this is the internet and all...


    2. It seems I have become Dr. Ginger too. That makes Dr. Ginger a alien lifeform that absorbs all posters on the forum and converts them into her/himself. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Stay too lone J. Famke and you shall become Dr. Ginger too, unless you already have become him/her.....
      whispers: check your mirror

  23. :) This place has gotten better than twilight zone...

  24. Oh Smarty, we are all alike, in mind and in soul, in celestial and extra-terrestrial ways, in all we've ever wished for and we've ever thought about - we are one and the same, RA, Dr.G, Harry, NM, Sceli, O&W, Grendle, Damaged, OTPS and all the other alters we show up on this blog, with two or more dimensions - or even less in your case.

    Didn't I told you to learn a new trick?!

  25. SW,

    Would you buy what this one is selling?


    1. Sceli, you always have something interesting to look in to. What do you mean by what he is selling?

    2. Sceli, I don't quite buy it but I think he's a good seller. I liked the discussions in the comments section.
      That one comment was neat:
      1. Brains can't be healed in the traditional sense, only their chemistry.
      2. Diets do not replace lost neurons or neural connections.
      3. He can scan brains all day and night for the rest of his life. With no objective map (something which does not currently exist) he has no idea what he is looking at or what to do about it.
      4. Even if we had an objective map of brain function, he may find that every individual requires a different map.
      5. He uses two different types of scans (some times together, some times one or the other) as if each represents the same type of scan.
      6. Normal brains do not operate in the manner he suggests and demonstrates with the full brain scans (white shell). The brain is never completely active outside of certain epileptic seizure types and even then only rarely.
      7. He presents no evidence that his 'normal' brain images are actually typical brain activity or structure.
      8. The braincase actually has no bone ridges within it.
      9. The profession of psychiatry is not primarily motivated by a demand to make every member of society a viable tax payer, though he implies this twice.
      10. Though his own website proclaims that he has published papers (peer-reviewed) on the technique he uses, no such papers are evident from other sources."

      I don't have a clue 'bout brain scans though and if I recall correctly I have heard in some lectures that nervous tissue can regenerate under specific circumstances which aren't yet fully understood.

      What's your opinion on the whole topic?

    3. He is selling, no doubt - what, isn't clear, which makes me want to grip my wallet all the tighter.

      I can't add much to NM's 10 or so points above, except to say that the plasticity of the brain and it's ability to heal are topics that are interesting to me as well.

      The notion that psychiatry is concerned with "clusters of symptoms," is something that bothers me as well - especially given the poor job that's been done is sorting through that mess. I like the idea of moving towards a biological basis for treatment, but I seriously doubt it's as easy as this guy is peddling -

      Cists are one thing - the damage caused by years of systematic abuse and neglect are quite another.

    4. Looking at symptoms only is a really bad way of deciding what's wrong, so many root causes may map to the same shitty symptom. I do buy that a scan is another input and why not have it, except we're talking major cash value plus exposure to whatever rays he's using.

      I don't even let people take any kind of x-ray on me, including airport security, they have to feel me, takes a while but well-worth it,

    5. The video is interesting to me as I am getting older and my brain is starting to slip away, It's not completely gone yet and the day may come when we can forestall both physical aging and mental deterioration for hundreds of years, but it's not going to happen soon enough to make much difference for me. I am not particularly optimistic about human beings in general. I am surrounded by people who prate endlessly about optimism, positive thinking, and so on. SW is kind of a corrective for me, reminding me that human beings are at heart destructive, dangerous, and insane. Whenever I find myself slipping into positive thinking and cheerfulness, I dip in here for a dose of vicious gloom and doom. Thanks everyone.

  26. Yes, great salesman. NFL seems to be a regular customer with all the concussions going on.

    He's selling brain scans at over $2,000, showing holes and stuff. Then he says he heals the brain (not clear what he means exactly). Wiki includes a lot of negative reactions to the guy from other related scientists.

    I don't know. I sure wish I could see my brain, some very interesting pictures in there, but the price is just not right. Not covered by insurance, either.

    These are static shots of the brain, I suppose, where he sees holes and tumors and some activity, but activity is typically a response to something, what are these people doing during the scan, looking at what (something nice, something scary) or exposed to what (cold room, hot room, nice smell, bad smell, what not)?

    1. "I sure wish I could see my brain"

      Me too - that and genetic testing (where I don't have to go broke or worry about who owns my "data"). I suspect that those two things would confirm more than a few suspicions that I have about myself.

      They would also be interesting as inputs to parenting...

      Some friends have suggested trying to get onto a study...like I have time for that...


  27. Then I saw this:

    I wouldn't marry her without seeing her brain scan if I were this guy, lol...

    1. lmfao ur funny :P

    2. Umm...yeah...better him than me...

    3. She was crying because she realized it was about to become 2015 and the video was being recorded vertically in 144p.

  28. OK, I'm rolling on the floor laughing. Here is a comment from someone on a,azon.com to the brain scan guy's book on brain and love:

    " I learned a lot about love and brain function. Now I understand that we love with the brain."

    Does s/he mean as opposed to heart or stomach or sexual organs, lol? Hilarious.. Great line for stand up comedy, while stroking in rapid succession these alternative parts of the body.

    1. What? No that slimy mass in our eyeholders has nothing to do with love, I swear. LMAO

    2. LOL!!!

      I use many different parts of my body to love...and I'm not even gonna go for the juvenile stuff.

      I use my hands to build a house and home.

      I use my mouth, nose, and tongue to cook delicious meals for those I care about.

      I chest and lap and arms to comfort them when they need comforting.

      The list goes on...

      ...am I the only one the has read Eric Fromm's Art of Loving?

    3. No, silly. This is about what makes you fall in love, which organ. Not how you sense/experience love once you have it. I was 20 when I read all of Fromm's. I should go back to Art of Loving maybe.

    4. I know what you meant - now I'm being overly literal. 8)~

  29. it'll soon be


    take 01 (the first two digits) make them innies and then take 25 and make outies around them,
    and there you are : 2015

    I love dates like this

    (I had too much caffeine today, can you tell?)

    How are you guys doing as we close the first day of the year? I didn't do anything worth checking off a list, other than binge-reading...

    1. yea, I tried to kick the crackworld habit...eventually I'll end up in rehab

    2. It's half past three in the morning over here, but I did great yesterday. I brought my puppy home and had a total of 3 hours sleep in the past 3 days. I should maybe take some meds. Or stop drinkink coffee. Or drink more coffee. How's everyone else doin?

    3. Sceli - I love me my numbers too... 8)~

      I watched an "uplifting" little film: We Need to Talk About Kevin. I can't watch stuff like that when Ma and The Brood are home - Ma and I will invariably end up arguing about it and Jr will want us to explain the film to him...

      I also got to FINALLY watch Wise Blood - an old John Houston film of a Flannery O'Conner novel. That was nice too -

      I'm gonna watch a William Freidkin movie I haven't seen in years next: Sorcerer with Roy Scheider. It's a remake of a much older foreign film (French if I recall) called The Wages of Fear.

    4. @NM: Happy Sylvester and good on ya for the puppy!

    5. Harry, thanks and happy Sylvester to you too!

    6. Do you really do that, or are you joking, Dr. G? I don't know anyone who does that. I know two people who do marijuana, but not when I'm around, so not sure how they are when they do it. How do you differ when you do it?

    7. HLH, how was Kevin movie uplifting?

      I'll watch these too, great list. Thank you.

    8. NM, where are you, on vacation?

    9. I'm home again, was at my mom's from christmas till 31st. Now I've got pretty much nothing to do until 6th. (Except for dog training and buying dog stuff, of course)

    10. Sweet puppy... Good for you.

    11. "Do you really do that, or are you joking, Dr. G?" Do I do crackworld? Yea, like every ten minutes.

    12. Hi Sceli,

      That was sarcasm my friend - Kevin is a tough movie to watch, even for us empathically challenged types. The subject matter - the taboo of a mother failing to bond with her child - and the way the story was told combined to make for a movie that is really quite deep. And the director was able to get some really creepy performances out of several kids (different ages of the character Kevin).

      If you watch Wise Blood, the DVD has an interview with John Houston by Bill Moyers that is quite good, as well as an interview with Brad Douriff (sp?) that gets into the spiritual themes and how that challenged Houston's atheism. However, I still think the book is better in this case - but that's usually true (not always).

    13. oooohhh you mean drugs? :D nah I don't do drugs.

    14. I think I'm too sleepy, not making much sense anymore. G'night...

  30. Can I confess something...

    I used to fall in love so easily, and now just the opposite. I realize my brain used to respond to 'hot bodies and great skin,' which don't get better as we age. I sure wish it was 'money' or 'wisdom' or whatever else we get more of as we age so I could keep my ability to love. I mean, the idea of gettng naked with an old body is more scary than not. How do these women bed much older men, I don't get it.

    NM, is there any way you could fall in love with a woman older than you at your age? Probably not. You could have when you were in your 20s... Do you sleep in the same bed with your wife? (I hope you're not mad at me for saying these things, I wish I felt differently, but this aging thing is really a bitch.)

    I'm getting worried that I may be looking towards a very lonely future.

    1. Sceli, I'm 19 and definitely not going to marry anytime soon. I doubt I'd be interested in someone much older than me though mostly because there wouldn't be a chance this could happen with my current lifestyle.
      I used to share my bed in some past relationships but honestly didn't like it. I rather spend my nights alone.
      By the by, you can't say anything that'd make me mad.

      really you shouldn't worry 'bout a possible lonely future - that'd only make it worse. If you're destined to be alone you can't change it anyways so make the best out of it. :)

    2. Oops. I got you confused with RA, he also used nihilistic something as a name, once, lol.

      I'm sorry...

      Thanl you for your kind thoughts but I miss sleeping holding unto a body part that's not mine.

    3. xD I thought you were nixing up facts somehow

      If miss that, why not find someone much younger? There are a lot young folks out there who'd be glad 'bout it

    4. They'd need to find a better title than cougar or a milf for me to go there at this point.

      Well, that was a joke.

      I think it looks ok to start a relationship with a younger man till about 42-43. After that it's ok if the relationship had already started some years earlier, but to start a brand new one with a much younger man (as in more than 7 years) just does not work well.

      Actually, I'm not really worried about working or not that much as I'm not talking about happily ever after here, but just basic falling in love, and ain't happening with younger ones either. Yikes.

      I need to go see a sex-therapist, probably.

      And, on that note I'll go sleep. G'night everybody (and good morning, NM).

    5. Lots of misspellings I got there... Let me try again with a bit more focus.

      If you miss that, why don't you try to find someone much younger? There are a lot of young folks out there who would be glad about it.

      I should really try to get some sleep.

    6. Ah, didn't see your reply. Good night! I'll try to get at least 2 hours of sleep too...

    7. "How do these women bed much older men, I don't get it."

      Close your eyes and think of England?

    8. "I mean, the idea of gettng naked with an old body" I know right? and the irony is it's only getting worse. I'm in my mid 30's now, and should be looking forward to dating old guys, but it just isn't happening. Looks like media isn't just effecting men, but women too.

    9. Hi Sceli,

      You and I are about the same age as I recall - yeah, this getting older shit sucks.

      But that whole youth thing - I love looking at "young bodies." However, I've been at it long enough to know that as soon as most of them open their mouths, the shine comes right off the apple. And, as soon as they say, "yeah right?!" to an observation I make, I'm looking for the door -

      As I mentioned earlier - I like the company of equals. But that's me.

      Do you really need a "sex therapist" or maybe just work through the intimacy issue. Intimacy is much tougher than sex - that's just scratching an itch...

      I have found that people either like to sleep touching or hate it - haven't seen much middle ground on that one. Most people seem to hate it. I am with you - I sleep better and "happier" when there is a physical connection.

    10. Sceli, Happy New Year! :D http://siouxcityjournal.com/calendar/community/chippendale-s-girl-s-night-out/event_9d75c55e-b28c-11e2-9dd8-001a4bcf887a.html

    11. BTW, botox, juvederm...maybe a boobie job....fuck it, you don't gotta age like that anymore..we live in the age of technology

    12. A glass of wine and a light switch work for me...

    13. I bet ur wife thinks ur such a romantic :P

  31. True detective has been given little attention here; isnt that stuff a "superior" Zodiac-flick, a fine journey into murky "lovecraftian" territory..?

  32. "I have a knack for knowing when something is "off," and by intuitive leap I've identified a few socios and a neurotypical or two who were waiting for someone to see behind the mask."

    "And oh, how I could destroy them."

    Yup, I'm cringing.

    Forgive me my ego, SW.

    1. Darien,

      I believe in feeding the soul, not the ego. It is wiser.
      Also, people do see through the intentions of others.

    2. I suppose I spoke to the rush it elicits. Those statements are accurate, but unfortunately I articulated them in such a way that I come off as a prick. Oh well.

      The soul... I'm still undecided as to whether the soul exists. I need more evidence.

      I suppose I try to feed my brain. And undo my ego. It gets in my way.

      I'm told in such cases as these I am far more perceptive than most. Sometimes, the first to make the observation. Unfotunately it's a very rare occurrence.

      Out of curiosity, how do you yourself, feed your soul? I'm interested.

    3. Darien,

      I highly believe in the soul and its existence, the essence of who I am.

      How do I feed my soul? Although I would like to answer your question in a way that is less abstract, I sincerely don't find it easy to explain something that comes naturally to me. As it were, I can't put certain feelings or my inherent essence into words. However, I can say with much sureness that when I do feed my soul, it feels good, really good. Genuine.

    4. I think I understand what you mean. There's a certain category of experience which indeed feels very spiritual. Art, aesthetic, music, tranquility, love. Some things just "speak.". I dig.

  33. I understand what you mean. There's a certain category of experience which indeed feels very spiritual. Thanks for sharing post. Martin

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