Thursday, January 1, 2015

Curing Psychopathy

I got this press release and a copy of Willem Martens' new book on psychopaths who are no longer psychopaths:

[T]he new book of William Martens – MD, PhD. The Firebirds among the Psychopaths – Development and Remission in Psychopathy,” will be available from January 15 2015 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Apple iBookstore etc; ISBN: 978-2-7659-0740-4

This book is an attempt to describe and make understandable this rare phenomenon of complete remission in psychopathy and the developmental embedding of it. In this book the history of the concept of psychopathy; the psychosocial, psychodynamic, genetic and neurobiological aspects, the diagnostic tools as well as the therapeutic determinants of the phenomenon will be discussed in this volume.

A complete remission of psychopathy is defined as complete disappearance of all such manifestations of disease.  The case reports of remitted criminal and noncriminal psychopaths which are presented in this book are the only examples of real remission in a sample 667 patients which were treated in a forensic psychiatric hospital between 1966 and 1995. This a percentage of just nearly 2% .They might become “weller than well” as Karl Menninger called this phenomenon in his study of remitted in schizophrenic patients. This means that these patients are not just cured, but their life as very much enriched by the experience of conquer the disorder and self-transformation. They will continue improve still further.


  1. Awesome! I was looking for books on psychopathy today

  2. That sounds like an interesting read - gonna have to pick it up.

    In the mean time, from the last post, given some of the discussion of cougars and such, I thought this video of banned commercials might get a couple of laughs.

    For me the funniest one involves an intercom...that one had me in tears.

    True fact: in some off the beaten path towns, there is at least one high school that has the cougar as a mascot. Around those parts, there are bumper stickers proclaiming school pride: "[insert high school here] Cougars!" Those bumper stickers are plastered on SUV's being driven by mom's that aren't quite ready to give up their youth.

    I chuckle every single time...

    1. yea you keep hating women..

    2. No hate for women Doc - not sure where you're getting that.

      People crack me up - that's not the same as hate...

    3. I think I finally found what will break my addiction. Can't share space with misogynist pig fucker...bye SW. Learned a lot.

    4. I have no idea what you are talking about.

      Go in peace doc -

    5. HLHaller,

      In case you are not following the discussion from the previous post [a particular thread] or do not see it for some reason, I decided to also include my comments to you in this post - and, equally important, they apply to it as well.

      J. Famke January 2, 2015 at 1:49 AM


      No, not "thrashing about" and "pathetic" at all. I believe that you did not understand that I was trying to show "Ginger" how he thinks and behaves toward others, keeping in mind that, unfortunately, people like him learn the hard way. Through my comments as J. Famke, I "painted" a picture for him to clearly see how he treats others on this site as well as on other sites. While my methods can be rather different or even out-of-the-ordinary at times, I don't destroy. On the contrary, I was trying to show him how destructive he can be, and how bitter his medicine tastes, while, during this exchange, his responses to me were demonstrating his pattern of thinking - a pattern which has not changed through the years. That was the main point, bearing in mind that there is always a demonstrative point to what I do [something to be learned in one way or another]. Based on my observations, while he shows instances of being unstable, especially as RA, he also shows instances when he is not unstable, and it has been during the latter instances that I have tried to show him some things about himself.

      As a side note, it was disturbing to see the video clip that he posted at 10:55 AM. There was no humor in it. Also, read my comment at 10:41 AM for more, in-depth understanding.

      J. Famke January 2, 2015 at 2:07 AM


      "Ginger's" destructive pattern of thinking and behavior is highly evident when he preys on the perceived weaknesses of others, and whether those weaknesses are real or not, he still does it without respite. I tried to show him that in all of my comments from yesterday, with a special emphasis in my comment at 5:44 AM, which also dealt with rejection. I even included his thoughts on rejection [he fears it], so I can better show him what he does to others, and how he preys on such things based on his record here and on other sites. Close to the end of that exchange, he wrote that he "got it," which was my ultimate aim.

      In addition to the above, M.E.'s post today is more than insightful.

    6. @NM: I can see it either way. If it's not her, she'll speak up. If it is, well...

    7. HL, about "I have no idea what you are talking about." -- it makes sense to me that a person could be offended by a joke about women based on a strong personal bias "mom's that aren't quite ready to give up their youth." that is out of context of the post altogether. You don't know this. It could have been the fathers that put the sticker on the car. They may not even know what the word cougar means and even if they do, are they not to support their school just because cougar is a mascot?

      I haven't paid enough attention to know if there is a pattern there but if that remark was from Dr. G apparently she saw one.

      This is not to criticize you HL, but to address your remark that you have no idea, which is also, from that point of view, dismissive and misogynist. I hope this makes some sense to you.

      In any case, this is sociopathworld and pretty tame by the standards here, but it does make sense to me that a person could be offended.

    8. Hi DocSF,

      Thanks for weighing in - the "cougar" comment occurred to me, as did my discussion of the movie (We Need to Talk About Kevin).

      However, I'm still not seeing the misogyny. I don't advocate restricting women in any way. To the contrary - I have long said that I appreciate strong women and I applaud women asserting themselves - professionally, sexually, whatever.

      Actually, I can rightfully be accused of being a bit of a callused asshole for some of my comments about "weepy navel gazers." And I am fine with that - I don't like being around those people male or female.

      I'm an over weight, balding, middle aged guy with heart issues (from not taking care of myself). I make no particular secret of that. Getting old sucks, but I'm as comfortable with it as anyone can be.

      Seeing the humor in people who are still fighting to hang on (old guys in sports cars make my eyes roll every bit as much...) - that's just laughing at our youth culture.

    9. Ok HL, you have had two people (presumably) write to you sincerely that some of your expressed views can be interpreted as misogynistic. What more can one say? If you don't see that after these comments there is no point in continuing.

    10. I can buy that someone is offended - puzzled by it, perhaps...

      I make offensive comments all the time - sometimes on purpose, sometimes by mistake. If people were offended by those comments, I regret that - that wasn't my intent.

      However, misogyny would entail expressions of hate and/or distrust of women specifically. My comments, as far as I can tell, express neither hate nor distrust. They are about some women that "try hard" and happen to have bumper stickers (too many to just be the dads and or kids - there are also sweat shirts).

      What I haven't been convinced of is that any of my posts perpetuate hate and/or distrust of women - that's the definition. If you want to accuse me of misogyny, you'll have to draw the picture that shows hate and distrust - and I really don't see it.

      People - male and female - gay and straight - of all ethnicities - all do things that make me laugh. Sometimes inappropriately. But, I really do enjoy the pageantry that is life -

    11. It is generally not possible to convince someone who has displayed some misogynistic attitudes that that is what has happened. I was addressing the statement you made that you had no idea what Dr. G was talking about. I do.

    12. DocSF,

      One of our very first interactions involved me saying things that were correctly called out as offensive - I owned up to it. (21Sep2014)

      Saying that I "had no idea what Dr. G was talking about. [you] do" and not supporting it is akin to saying that misogyny is like porn - you know it when you see it. I have to call "bullshit" on that.

      Like I said, I can accept being called "offensive" - I "own" that - but if you want to label me as a misogynist, bring more than assertions -

    13. I did not label you as misogynist. Dr. G did. You can take what you want or not want from these remarks. I did try to explain my pov. That was apparently not enough. You can attack me for 'bullshit'. All that means to me is that you are not able to consider or absorb the information that was already provided to you and which I am not going to repeat. You do not 'have to call bullshit'. That was your choice.

      I'm done with this.

    14. Hi all! Miss me? I just wanted to weigh in and let you know why the term "Cougar" is itself, loaded with misogyny and therefore any statement that follows and supports it can be construed to be misogynistic by default. That you followed it up with opinion that an older woman who prefers younger men is desperately trying to recapture her faded youth by extension implies disapproval on your part of this type of match paints you as misogynistic. Let me expand.

      In our society older men who are in relationships with much younger women are seen as "studs". They are lauded for their sexual prowess and virility. The age differential dynamic in this instance is approved of and excepted. Change that to an older woman with a younger man and the woman is seen as desperate and disparaged. Double standard much? That is why the term itself is misogynistic. You followed it up by a statement that confirmed your belief in the double standard. Hence Dr. G. had every right to label you a misogynist.

      You might want to consider that older women might prefer young men for other reasons than some intrinsic "fault" in their makeup. Age should in no way be a barrier to, or even a consideration in, deciding whether to enter into a relationship. (as long as everyone is legal age). Different people want different things in a mate or even a hookup. I don't fault any mature lady who is interested in getting a hookup that does not require little blue pills to keep her satisfied.

      Truthfully I have never understood why society and the individuals within it feel the need to judge ANYONE'S relationship choices. What is it within us that makes us think we know better than the people in the relationship what those people want or need? I swear I will never understand how you muggles think.

      Just an fyi. As a 50 year old woman who weekly gets offers from hot young things to, and this is a direct quote from one pretty young boy, "Get my cougar on." I just look at this as younger men being more appreciative of the charms of experience nowadays and more willing to not be influenced by outdated societal norms.

    15. Thanks PB - I did miss you.

      From what you wrote, I can see where the word "cougar" carries misogynistic tones. And I can see where what I wrote might be seen a mean spirited. I honestly hadn't seen it that way and I really didn't mean it that way. In this case, I was ignorant of the rhetorical weight of the term - I regret that and I will be more mindful of my use of it.

      Having said that, I really don't think I have double standards. I see middle aged men divorcing (or just cheating on) their wives/families, buying sports cars and Harley's trying to "recapture their youth." We don't have a "term" for them - other than middle aged train wreaks.

      It's more about the obsessive pursuit of youth that I find silly - for both men and women. Relationships are tough enough - I don't judge those -

      For me - I am at an age where younger women, as a rule, are just not all that interesting to me. Nice to look at sure, but I don't live that life anymore. I prefer the company of someone closer to my age -

      So, thanks PB for taking the time to explain the term to me - honestly, this is the first time I've ever heard anyone equate the term with misogyny and I regret any offence my ignorance caused. Now that I know, I will be more mindful of it -

    16. I read your later comment about middle age guys chasing young women so I figured you had no real misogynistic intent in the term and it was more as you said that you saw it as a chasing of youth culture that our society is so obsessed with. Happy to help with clearing that up. Just something to think about though is that many people have an emotional age that might not match their actual age. Which is, I think, where many of the relationships that work and have an significant age difference involved actual benefit. Not all people with younger/older significant others or hookups are trying to recapture their youth they are simply looking for a mate that fits their needs.

      That said there is that element in some people who don't have a sturdy identity themselves to surround themselves with people and things that "prove" they are what they want people to see them as. I do definitely agree with you that our culture, American anyway, is youth obsessed. Women tend to suffer more from this in a patriarchal society since patriarchy defines the worth of a women by her looks and breeding potential only. That why I actually encourage the "Cougar" phenomenon since it is bringing the idea to young men that older women have a worth beyond their physical selves.

    17. Yeah - the emotional age thing is very real and is arguably one of the reasons for the difference in age between Ma (my wife - I'm actually no a fan of using the "possessive term") and I - about 10 years. It took me a while to grow up enough to settle down.

      I am with you on the "Cougar" thing - I think it's great that women can do that. That's why I was shocked by the reaction and oblivious to the misogynistic angle. To my mind it was a term of liberation -

      I had a similar experience years ago when I went off to university.

      Where and when I grew up (70's/80's East LA) was mostly white and Hispanic. Very few other groups. In that environment, conversations about mixed African/White families was rare and the term for people of both African and white parents was "mulatto."

      I was fortunate that the term didn't come up until I had earned enough good will that the response I got was, "you do know that is an offensive term, don't you?" I was visibly surprised and as soon as the connection to animal husbandry was made all I could do was throw my hands up and say, "Shit! I had no idea! I am sorry -" I have long appreciated that conversation -

      I still hear people use that term (mostly older folks) and I make a point of explaining to them why it's offensive. Most people get it and the few that don't I usually don't find to be good company.

      Again, I thank you for taking the time to explain it. I have no problem being an offensive asshole when it suits me. However, I prefer to be intentional about it - and in this case my only intention was to get a laugh - not to offend.

    18. I think that "cougar" is in no way demeaning of women. I think pig fucker is, however, pretty damn insulting. So maybe some women like sex with younger men. I see nothing wrong with that nor with observing the fact.

      Sanctimonious finger-pointing is almost as pospular on the internet as porn.!

  3. This probably isn't a topic of much interest to the people here, but I'd like
    to call your attention to a website called "White Girl Bleed A Lot." They have
    intentions of banning the site. It reports on concealed stories of black on white
    In one recent story, a beautiful blond from Ireland is visiting the U.S. She is out
    until 1AM in the Bronx. She has no idea of the danger she might be in because
    of media blackouts about black crime. She passes a black on the street. Suddenly, she is struck in the face by a peice of concreate. That gorgeous, lovely face is BASHED IN by a sub-human POS that is supported by US. We
    PAIED for the attack on that magnificant radiant creature.
    Our angel endured numerous surgeries in putting her face back together. She
    had to RETURN to the Bronx to testify at the savage's trial.
    A life ruined. A gorgeous life ruined! If you could see how beautiful she looked
    prior to the attack, you would fall to your knees!
    They want to censor the website. The Jews would rather you see the website:

    1. I don't know whether the crime you are referring to was racially motivated, but certainly here in the UK Weve had issues with crimes reported to police not being investigated because of the worry that follow up by the police might be perceived as racist. This is particularly in relation to Asian paedo gangs that have been ferrying and raping young white girls in certain parts of the UK. In at least one case they had cctv corroborating a 13 yo girls story but refused to follow it up, suggesting to the victim it was her fault!

      I believe there can be instances where such things can happen, but I don't believe there is evidence necessarily to support a nation/international coverup.


    2. I'm not a math genie but "Hundreds of examples in more than 100 cities. In the last three years." as stated on the mentioned site doesn't sound like a lot to me.

      There was not much information provided on the site, so I can't judge the accuracy of the numbers or even the relativity.

      Let's just assume "hundreds" actually means several hundred cases, and let us take 500 'cause it's a nice number.
      For the cities, I'll take exactly 100.
      That'd make 5 cases per city, and those 5 cases per city are distributed over 3 years, or ~1095 days, which would make for one case every 219 days per city. That's really not much.

      Especially not if you take into account they stated it's more than a hundred cities which would decrease the number of crimes per year/city further.

      There seem to be thousands of other crimes each year which seem to be unrelated to racial crimes, otherwise they would've counted them too, right?

      I'm on neither side though.

  4. M.E.,

    The press release and Willem H. J. Martens' book, as well as the links you have provided to the articles by the author, are quite insightful. I read through the material, and was able to discern several, important points that have answered some of my questions. Thank you for them, and for promoting improvement and self-transformation as mentioned in the press release. The topics that are discussed in the book can provide further understanding into the methods and inner-workings of remission, leading to further change and a better, more hopeful outlook. Also, I can see how it can change the quality of the lives of people that comprehend the importance of self-transformation.

  5. The post (which almost comment poster seems to ignore -- and I thought I had problems with ADD/HD! -- talks about reformed psychopaths. A claim of some complete "cures."

    I have two comments. First. the study assumes that "pathy" is something that needs to be "cured" or "corrected." When the aliens land, pretending to want to help us and uplift us to galactic levels of civilization and sophistication, only our friendly paths will realize how sinister, double-crossing, and evil the "friendly" aliens are, as well as how good they taste.

    Second, probably the greatest example of a reformed psychopath in human history is the man we call Jesus Christ. Not only was he a queer vampire, he also was a ghoulish zombie. How else did he rise from his grave?

    Think how many people have been murdered in religious wars. Pretending to be a Christian (or even a Mormon, a member of a group of cuckoos who pretend to be Christians) is one of the best ways I know for paths to fool people into thinking you have "gone straight."

  6. Lying psychos saying they´ve become whatever was asked of them...big news 2015? "But they sounded so sincere".

  7. No new book written by psycho psychiatrist making average folks into socios, saying "once they get a taste for lying, its as easy as breathing!"? Myrtle 56 years old saying: "Man, that damn conscience, gone at last!" Ewan 32 yrs: "Now I can go through life as if every new day is the only reality, all past is just dream." ..?

    1. Making average folks into socios is quite easy and has been done many times. KLAN: "Do you want your sister to marry a Negro?" HITLER: "Do you want your sister to marry a Jew?" PROJECTING QUEER: "Do you want to hide the fact you're queer by killing a queer?" STALIN/MAO (etc.): "Do you want to hid the fact you're a counter-revolutionary?" CATHOLIC INQUISITION: "Do you want to hide the fact you're an atheist priest who likes to rape children?" PROTESTANT EXPLORER: "Do you want to hide the fact you lik to rape native girls and steal their gold?" And so on. It's remarkably easy.

  8. Replies
    1. THAT is a question worth discussing...

    2. Simply a profit loss calculation. "Of course I want to be cured if I can get away with more mischief and be punished less."

    3. What does being cured entail anyway? Making it so my emotion on/off switch fails to function? Keep your cure. I am perfectly content the way I am.

    4. I second that - my on/off switch is WAY too useful.

      It might be interesting to experience more affective empathy - as long as I could still "choose." And, it would be interesting to better understand remorse given that it seems to be a part of "the human experience."

      But, what would I have to give up? At my age, I don't even know if I would want to be "cured." It would mean a whole new way to live...

  9. Finally, omg, it is so boring being sociopath.

  10. " all past is just dream."

    But it is...

    1. Not for non-psychos, then the past is just as real as now, today.

  11. We can try to deny the facts, but it gets us nowhere.
    Civilization is on a sinking ship. The brute wins out in the end.
    He has the courage to TAKE what others only dream about.
    For example, on the dating scene that black male is much more up front then the white male. He has the courage to approach his "prey." He doesn't suffer
    the agonizing torments that the white male does. He doesn't worry about being
    rebuffed or rejected half as much as the white male does. He strolls up and
    starts the conversation. He is very insistant. The white female is also meek like
    the white male. She doesn't want to be "rude" or aggressive. She is also told
    culturally, the stuff about "equality," and may have heard word-of-mouth "stories" from her girlfriends about how "desirable" black men are. Women might
    be attracted by more up front masculine men, despite their claims of the opposite.
    So the reticence of the white male, (Most are too 'good") The "politeness"
    (And subconscious need for a decisive man) And the black man's stedfast
    "pressure," social programming, and media encouragment, mean that there
    will be more interracial liasons, and the long range destruction of the white race.


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