Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Song: Change your evil ways

I'm going to take a little winter break from posting (recycling old posts, intermittent posts, etc.).

But first, a song.

Interestingly, I always thought this song was about a truly evil person, like voodoo magic style evil or something? It turns out it is just about a woman who does not cook and clean for her man that way that he expects her to do, instead hanging out with her girlfriends Jeanie and Joan. I don't take the lyrics as suggesting that she is literally "evil", but it is interesting to think about the extent to which the way we were socialized affects our understandings of right and wrong. See also Jonathan Haidt's work.


  1. I'm not buying the concept of universal good and universal evil. It's all about circumstances. As to the way of socialisation- I believe it plays a deciding role when it comes to our understandings of right and wrong. For example, vengeance was a good and honorable thing in the Viking age, but it's been considered bad after Christianity took over and the law and peoples' mentality gradually changed. Did vengeance suddenly became evil? Nope, we are now told it is wrong.

  2. Didn't Sanata cover this?

    1. Santa bought me a reindeer thong with bells. Would you like to ring my bell?

    2. pics or it didn't happen

  3. Yes. It was Santana's first big hit. It illustrates how the minority man feels
    about "his" woman. Just elemental expectations. Cook, clean, give sex
    whenever he wants it, tend the children, and turn a blind eye to whenever he
    wants a piece of ass outside the marriage. Let a white guy sing a song like that.
    They would shove the gitar up his ass.
    Myself, I like Helen Reddy songs. Her first big American hit was "I Am Woman."
    She sang songs about desperate social outcasts who could barely function and
    who were "doomed." My favorite Reddy song was "Angie Baby." About a girl
    slipping into insanity. She also sang "Delta Dawn" and "Leave Me Alone."

  4. Do "sociopathic soundscapes" exist, like the covers My funny valentine/Chet Baker or Annie Laurie/Radio dept.? internal worlds, dreams not longing to wake up..

  5. You really think she's coming back from "Christmas Vacation?"

    Are sociopaths allowed to celebrate Christmas?

    Perhaps her "flock" of baby "chicks" will destroy her?

    With no M.E., where will you turn to find somebody to mother you?

    1. I celebrated the free stuff parade just like any other kid. Not sure I got the real point of it back then. Opening all your presents before your parents wake up is not "the cool kid" thing to do.

      M.E. is more like a consultant than a mother, to me anyway. When I have thoughts I can't express to the general public or questions I also can't pose to my peers, I come here. Typically after a search around I find what I need.

      I could say the same about some of the comments I read.

  6. Wow... So quiet here...

    Happy holidays, everybody.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq-I4orlEhE

    My favorite BPD song - Nena Peason is drop dead sexy in this one - the whole package!

    Happy Holidays

    1. 'Drop dead' you say, and she does... lol... the very end was worth waiting for, no? Am I jealous?

      She's adorable.

      You destroyed her name, HLH. I had to look it up: Nina Persson

    2. That Nina Persson video resonates a bit for me. Over 50 years ago I was attending a conference about environmental education in Oregon. An attractive woman I had never met before walked up to me and said, “I think you are very depressed. You should get some therapy.”

      As I have suffered from quite a bit of depression in my life (mental illness runs in my family), I thought, “Pretty good instant diagnosis,” and then thought no more about her or the comment. I did write down her name.

      About a week later, I learned that she had died in a head on collision on an Oregon Highway. The road was clear; middle of the day, her body had no trace of alcohol or drugs. The highway patrol suspected suicide by crazy driving. I don't recall anything about the other car (fatalities, injuries? . . .)

      Very irresponsible way to kill oneself, if that was what it was. Seems to fit this website, does it not?

    3. A bit like when aquarians (the zodiac) ask other people "when they´re going to start acting normal"..?

    4. LOL!!! I did destroy it - (blush). Wow! I'm not even gonna try to explain that one away...

      There are actually four different endings - one where she is decapitated. I think there's a "supercut" that has all four - it's been a while.

      I think that video does such a nice job of summing up the destructive glee.

      And then there's that whole dance that two PD's can get into. We have a friend that "lost her favorite game" and ended up with a kid - one of Jr's friends; an awesome kid.

      OK - the home stretch for xmas...

  8. Aaahhh... Santana. I saw him live and was so disappointed. But one of his songs always melts me to my most vulnerable self. To this day I am.not sure why. Santana song

    ME, big hugs and have a good Christmas.

    1. :)


      That's exactly one song that totally melts me too...

      I hadn't heard it for many many years.

      OldandWIse, are you European?

    2. Some guy made this remark for the song in youtube, lol.. I could imagine kissing someone for hours with this song, but 'dry-humping' not so sure about that...


      'Mike Hutton1 week ago

      Lot of dry humping on my 'make out mix' done to this in the late 70's :)
      Reply · 1

    3. OK yes. I am originally European. How, oh how am I that transparent?

    4. Nope, I'm not European. I was drunk when I wrote that.

    5. I'm Sceli, too, btw, and was talking to myself earlier. Ok, maybe I'm still a little drunk.

    6. Oops I forgot to use the OldAndWise name. But here it goes again just for shits and giggles, I'm Sceli, too, btw, and was talking to myself earlier. Ok, maybe I'm still a little drunk.

    7. Yeah I remember now. I'm American..lol..

    8. The last 3 OldAndWise comments are not mine.
      Sceli, are you also European originally and why did you ask? I am really curious to know.

  9. Merry Xmas to you all, each and every one. May dreams of omnipotence dance in your head. Happy holidays, M.E. I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more.

  10. Happy Holidays M.E., and happy holidays to all the rest of you too.

    Christmas can often be a stressful/shitty/tough time of year for a lot of folks, so take it easy everyone.

  11. Merry Christmas ME and to all. XO

  12. We are a few old&wet and old&hard UC Davis professors, with a lot of masturbatory thoughts. M.E, you have always “opened” wide, I mean really wide for us. Thank you! Anytime, my dick starts getting hard, I run and grab a pen and paper and write to you. You’ve never turned us down. Stay open. OK...I’ve found a new target, using our University’s “private” info, lol.. I’ll tell you more :)... check your email ...

  13. I like the IDEA of evil though> i think evil is heaven. heaven is fun and evil its like a playroom of insidde jokes that only you get because you made it in where only those who can "be like children" can get into.

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