Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A prosthetic moral compass?

Like many sociopaths, I have my own way of organizing the world and coming up with shortcuts for good decisions. I like to use economics and the principles of efficiency. Most of the time my method tracks what the majority think is the moral thing to do. Why don't we kill? Because if it were really more efficient to take another person's life, the murderer should be able to pay enough money to the victim that he would consent to the murder. Along the same reasoning, murder of animals is fine because animals don't have the access to capital markets or earning potential to be able to buy their life, right? Wrong. Because otherwise that would also apply to slaves. See? It's complicated. Hard to keep track of things. But it's only a prosthetic moral compass, so what do you expect?

Here's an oft-asked question: If there were a cure for sociopathy, would I take it? Or do I really believe that sociopathy is just another way of navigating the world, an acceptable variance in human behavior? Would it be a betrayal to "my people" to accept a "solution" to a "problem" that they don't think needs solving? A significant portion of the deaf community feels that cochlear implants are an affront to legitimate deaf culture. What if there there were a cochlear implant for the heart? Wikianswers seems to think there's one coming:
In cases where brain damage is too severe to permit [normal therapy], new developments in technology in the next decades will bring implantable devices that may be able to be used in the brain, along with other means including synthetic replacement neurotransmitters, to carry nerve impulses along paths formerly silent and unused in the sociopath's brain.
I'm not one to get my information from wikianswers, and I haven't been able to find out what new technology this person was referring to, but it still is an interesting idea. Particularly if it stopped being evolutionarily advantageous to be a sociopath, I think I would seriously consider getting a mechanical device to "fix" my "broken" brain.

At the very least, I think it would be interesting to experience what others experience, even for a limited duration or in a limited capacity.  I was just reading in the NY Times about how John Elder Robison (Aspie and author of the memoir "Look Me in the Eye") underwent some experimental treatment that "had given him a temporary insight into other people he had not had previously".  If something like that were possible for people like me, I would almost certainly choose to do it.  I feel like that sort of insight can only be a good thing.


  1. It's not the "sociopath" that needs a "cure." See Reich's material on the "emotional plague." It is the "normal" person that views the world through a distorted lens and projects his own neurosis onto the world in the form of perverse moral judgements.
    Buddhists call this "samsara," but view it in a more ontological sense.

  2. Neuroscience is bullshit, btw.

  3. here's an oft-asked question -- if there were a cure for sociopathy would i take it?

    That is just plain silly in my case, I certainly wouldn't; but wouldn't mind encouraging others to do so as it thins out the hunting party a bit (more prey for me). LOL, joking.

    But seriously, would you change if you could? I wouldn't, not today although that hasn't always been true. When I was much younger I really hated it a lot and would have gladly changed and tried to do so. But today I am done with all of that and quite happy with who I am and what I do to people.

    Fuck'em, we all have to live and it just so happens that living well for me involves hurting others a little bit.

  4. I don't think a society of sociopaths would function. A functioning society requires people to often do things that benefit others but not themselves. Research 'the tragedy of the commons'. Society can support a few sociopaths but too many would cause it to collapse.

  5. OK, a much longer bit of speculation regarding this blog entry:


  6. I had sort of a pivotal moment with my shrink a few months back. He asked me if I could throw my sociopathy away, would I?

    I was kind of dumbfounded, and for some reason, offended. I said to him in essence, that is me. Those things you're asking to throw away, that's me. You take those things away, and what am I know? Just another person that can feel normal emotions, like the 6+ billion other dipshits wandering through life. All those life experiences, all those lessons learned, all that self knowledge and self power, sacrificed, so what, I can get the butterflies when some broad smiles at me in Starbucks, or shed a few tears when some relative dies?

    I was actually laughing. He didn't understand why it was so funny. I had to explain that he was basically asking me if I would commit personality suicide for something I'm not even sure I'd want.

    He seemed really disappointed in me for the rest of the session, like my answer made him sick somehow.

    I'm not fucking Pinocchio, wishing upon a star to be a real boy. I just don't want to randomly rip someone to shreds on a whim. I don't think that's too much to ask, you know?

  7. "How does it feel to be schizoid? I have get behind the eyes of things before I can understand them, in any real way."

    Can't say about others, but personally I always feel fine, especially when I'm all by myself. I can be around people as well, but if I have to endure it for hours and hours it starts getting to me and I need a lot of time alone in my head to recharge. Basically socializing feels like a chore - I imagine most people would find it the same way in certain situations, like when they are doing telemarketing. For a schizoid personality all socializing is like that, even with close family and friends.

    I don't even have the feelings of loneliness schizoids are supposed to have. I used to when I was younger - I used to feel bitter and a failure and wonder why the dating and other stuff would never work out for me. One day it occurred to me that it was me all along who subconsciously sabotaged them - because I didn't want to have a relationship in the first place. After I realized that and let go of the futile efforts other people wanted me to pursue after I have never felt depressed or lonely. Now I can focus all my energy towards things I want to accomplish.

  8. Do drugs or alcohol change your condition at all? Reverse it? Heighten it?

  9. Cannabis makes me even more withdrawn to the point where I'm almost unresponsive. Alcohol doesn't have much effect on my behavior unless I drink a lot. When I'm really drunk I tend to get more outspoken but also tiresome and repetitive like all drunks. These days I prefer drinking only beer in social settings because I don't like the moron I become when I'm drunk. I sometimes drink a bit of hard liquor when I'm home by myself because then I don't have to drink so much to feel the mental effects - it heightens some things and for example makes watching television more enjoyable. Cannabis would be even better for this but it's too much trouble getting it. Usually I find television boring and have hard time concentrating on it, my mind is constantly wandering somewhere else.

  10. I don't quite understand loneliness either. Best time of my life was driving NY to LA alone. The more remote the places I passed through, the better I felt. Nirvana happened somewhere in the middle of the desert in New Mexico.

  11. Long lonely drives in the countryside where you don't have to concentrate on operating the vehicle are very inspiring. I think it's the constantly changing scenery that stimulates my creative side the way the blank white walls of my apartment don't. After a long drive I am full of ideas.

  12. I took the personality disorder test in similarminds.com to kill some time. I've done it before, but if I remember correctly, the results were pretty much the same.

    Paranoid 86% (49%)
    Schizoid 90% (53%)
    Schizotypal 42% (53%)
    Antisocial 26% (47%)
    Borderline 14% (47%)
    Histrionic 10% (43%)
    Narcissistic 26% (41%)
    Avoidant 62% (39%)
    Dependent 22% (37%)
    Obsessive-Compulsive 18% (40%)

  13. what has been seen cannot be unseen the love for oneself the need to pursuit beautiful things in order to satisfy the sadism
    who in their right mind has never wanted to destroy something beautiful? the more you know about it the more elegant it becomes.
    feeling powerful is good but the feeling one gets from seeing their power in action will take you a step further thats when you reach control
    i either see no control here or too much usually none at all

  14. Paranoid 70%
    Schizoid 66%
    Schizotypal 66%
    Antisocial 78%
    Borderline 30%
    Histrionic 50%
    Narcissistic 66%
    Avoidant 39%
    Dependent 30%
    Obsessive-Compulsive 38%

    funny test

  15. Michael Martin PlunkettDecember 27, 2011 at 5:38 AM

    this test is wrong i have no disorders i have the attention deformity i refuse to believe this

    Paranoid 26%
    Schizoid 26%
    Schizotypal 26%
    Antisocial 90%
    Borderline 10%
    Histrionic 90%
    Narcissistic 74%
    Avoidant 26%
    Dependent 26%
    Obsessive-Compulsive 26%

  16. I want to tell ME that I am very grateful for this site. I am starting to claim myself, as Nothing Man talks about. I did not even realize I had not. I was on auto pilot.

  17. Harv's results (it's accurate)

    Paranoid 54%
    Schizoid 54%
    Schizotypal 22%
    Antisocial 90%
    Borderline 14%
    Histrionic 74%
    Narcissistic 90%
    Avoidant 78%
    Dependent 22%
    Obsessive-Compulsive 54%

  18. Giving up your psychopathy, would be like a young billionaire giving all of his money to charity. Except psychopathy is incurable, because psychopaths see their traits as advantages over other people.

  19. sociopaths are the winners of this world. most people would do anything to not have the pest they call conscience.

  20. Individuals with these disorders have intense, unstable emotions, distorted self-perception, and/or behavioral impulsiveness.

    Antisocial Personality Disorder - individual shows a pervasive disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others.

    Borderline Personality Disorder - individual shows a generalized pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image, and observable emotions, and significant impulsiveness.

    Histrionic Personality Disorder - individual often displays excessive emotionality and attention seeking in various contexts. They tend to overreact to other people, and are often perceived as shallow and self-centered.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder - individual has a grandiose view of themselves, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy that begins by early adulthood and is present in various situations. These individuals are very demanding in their relationships.

  21. I never invented any kind of moral compass. My thoughts are superficial. There is no such thing as right and wrong when you think of it. I related to what Vaknin said in "I, Psychopath" Life is just a giant supermarket and you stroll along taking what you want. Nothing is planned.

  22. I dont think any of us here really need the pd lecture, anon.

    I wouldnt trade my bpd. While mine has mellowed quite a bit and I am no where near as impulsive and clingy, I still feel like a lot of it is a part of who I am and I am not ashamed of it. I doubt I would be happier as an uptight soccer mom.

    Like most self aware pd folks approaching middle age, I have learned how to moderate myself so I cause myself less stress, and often for me, that is partly by causing less stress to others.

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  24. Paranoid 14% (49%)
    Schizoid 46% (53%)
    Schizotypal 58% (53%)
    Antisocial 50% (47%)
    Borderline 14% (47%)
    Histrionic 38% (43%)
    Narcissistic 54% (41%)(
    Avoidant 14% (39%)
    Dependent 10% (37%)
    Obsessive-Compulsive 42% (40%)

    *scores in brackets are the average web score

    funky test

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  26. I accidently took some other personality test. Now I know why I've never got hired after taking one of those.

    Paranoid 62%
    Schizoid 10%
    Schizotypal 50%
    Antisocial 90%
    Borderline 42%
    Histrionic 58%
    Narcissistic 90%
    Avoidant 66%
    Dependent 10%
    Obsessive-Compulsive 34%

    Narcissism 100%
    Unconventionality 100%
    Empiricism 83%
    Identity 66%
    Othercentricism 0%
    Independence 22%
    Integrity 11%
    Intellect 88%
    Stoicism 100%
    Orderliness 11%
    Hedonism 72%
    Dynamism 100%
    Activity 55%
    Romanticism 16%

  27. what was the other test? it looks interesting.


  28. I wrote down many aspects of my life on this blog, but never truely went into detail. Should I go into detail about my feelings, wishes and the way I used people - and wanting more of that - it would be a source of information of increcible value for researchers and people interested in sociopathy.

    You have got to be kidding me. You are so delusional David it is ridiculous.

  29. The first one on the site

  30. Paranoid 70%
    Schizoid 42%
    Schizotypal 74%
    Antisocial 62%
    Borderline 54%
    Histrionic 58%
    Narcissistic 42%
    Avoidant 66%
    Dependent 74%
    Obsessive-Compulsive 22%

  31. Vaknin is a douche without real credentials who has amassed an internet cult and does nothing for anyone except for his own ego.

  32. It seems it's impossible to score highly on antisocial without a high narcissistic score.

  33. Ironically, most of Vaknin's fanbase consists of victims of narcissists. They've got to be masochists.

  34. Paranoid |||| 18%
    Schizoid |||||||||||||||| 62%
    Schizotypal |||||||||||||||||| 78%
    Antisocial |||||| 26%
    Borderline |||||||||| 38%
    Histrionic |||||||||||||||| 66%
    Narcissistic |||||||||||| 46%
    Avoidant |||||||||||||||| 66%
    Dependent |||||||||||||| 58%
    Obsessive-Compulsive |||||| 30%

    That should surprise Monica. I seem so normal.


  35. It seems it's impossible to score highly on antisocial without a high narcissistic score.

    Sociopaths are obviously going to score extremely high in both. I don't find it surprising.

  36. Narcissism in a component of sociopathy. Vaknin's definition of narcissism lumps just about every personality trait that isn't kittens and rainbows in with it. He tells his fanbase they are victims of narcissists, even if they aren't.

    "He ignored you when you tried to have a conversation? He must be a narcissist."

    Vaknin gets off on scaring all these women suffering from varying degrees of abuse and ptsd and makes them believe they are better off at home on his forums (which he controls) than in the real world where a "narcissist" is hiding around every corner. He has even admitted to basically this in interviews. He hates women because he feels they control him, so he is fucking with the vulnerable ones. Such a saint. Then he tells them they are hopeless and will only ever be attracted to "narcissists" and basically talks them out of even atempting therapy.


    Too bad the majority of people are gullible enough to eat that shit up and never really bother to consider the source. Just goes to show how if you stick fake credentials beside your name you can get people to trust you, even when you come out and admit to being one of the "monsters" you are claiming to help protect them against.

    He's not even pretty. No wonder he gets his "supply" on the internet. He has the magnetism of a fish.

  37. sarah, i disagree. most of sam's views on npd are very much accurate. such as - narcissists hate happy people and narcissists have no friends (only victims)

    he does know what he is talking about. when he said that narcissists become enraged when a person expresses affection towards the narc, this is when i knew he had great insight.

  38. sure sam is no pretty boy, but he has a haughty look to him, along with his big penetrating eyes. it wouldn't match his personality if he were different.

  39. This narcissism age is something else. People do want to know they aren't alone in it. My friend's dating one who's being healed. He's a shrink. I know my friend's an inverted narcissist/narcissist. She looks up to this guy like mad. She's no masochist, she's just incredibly self centered. All her friends get annoyed with her inconsiderate behavior. When you call her out on it, she gets really defensive.

    I think she'd actually benefit from Vaknin.

    I don't have the energy or patience for her. She asked me if I thought the relationship is "good" for her. She was on the edge of her seat begging for my approval. I didn't know what to say because I actually think he might be teaching her to be more self-loving. The guy wants to be cured and shares the process with her. It's sort of sweet.

  40. sam is not an average narc. he is a psychopathic narcissist. which means he is malicious.

  41. @ Missus I was just looking and I have to take it, too.
    Which one is it? The Personality Disorder One? I assume so. I took the wrong one and then didn't feel like taking the right one. I am curious, now, though, after yours lol

  42. I think vaknin thinks about whether he's doing a good job everytime he puts out a video. you can see him mentally patting himself on the back. It's very obvious to me how much he needs validation.

  43. Anonymous said...
    he does know what he is talking about. when he said that narcissists become enraged when a person expresses affection towards the narc, this is when i knew he had great insight.

    so he has great insight means he has your best intentions in mind? that he wants to help you?

    and how do you know he has great insight? wouldn't that require insight of your own?

    i thought his site was ok, but seemed slightly "off".

  44. what is his malicious intent?

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  46. people cannot BECOME true narcissists progressively, in adulthood. true narcissism is created from prolonged abuse in early childhood. being adopted could create npd (steve jobs)

    the child's emotions die and the true self gets locked away in shame. the true self is vulnerable, weak, needy, everything the npd (false self) despises. you could say that that narcissists is possessed. the true self died.

  47. sam is not extremely intelligent. he is very cunning though. therefore he can easily create an facade of intellect.

  48. he does know what he is talking about. when he said that narcissists become enraged when a person expresses affection towards the narc, this is when i knew he had great insight.

    this is spot on my experience with my ex. I couldn't show him affection because I saw the light go out in his eyes every time. He only wanted me to be ..there. But not loving. He didn't seem to be interested in that. He knows it about himself too.

  49. okay so i have to ask. what does sam actually know about narcissists that you guys don't?

  50. just because someone puts themselves on a pedestal doesn't mean you have to worship them.

  51. his malicious intent is to get the women to stay home on his forums...?
    ah that makes sense. eew And on that note, see y'all later. I got shite ta do.

  52. ZOe I think it's the cunning stuff people have a hard time with. I feel bad for them and have to continue to remind myself that if they're indeed self-aware, it's time to leave.

  53. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    people cannot BECOME true narcissists progressively, in adulthood. true narcissism is created from prolonged abuse in early childhood. being adopted could create npd (steve jobs)

    the child's emotions die and the true self gets locked away in shame. the true self is vulnerable, weak, needy, everything the npd (false self) despises. you could say that that narcissists is possessed. the true self died.

    This sounds really true, to me.

  54. Paranoid ||||| 74% (49%)
    Schizoid ||||| 50% (53%)
    Schizotypal || 74% (53%)
    Antisocial ||| 58% (47%)
    Borderline ||| 90% (47%)
    Histrionic ||| 78% (43%)
    Narcissistic | 34% (41%)
    Avoidant ||||| 66% (39%)
    Dependent |||| 34% (37%)
    Obs-Comp ||||| 58% (40%)

  55. Frankly I think the Paranoid assessment is skewed. Just because I'm cautious doesn't mean I don't have a reason to be.

  56. Fuck people, by giving Vaknin any credence or validity you are giving him the ego strokes he wants. The guy has a fake PhD and has declared himself an expert and the retarded masses just go along with it. I could call myself Dr Sarah and make up terms like he does (there is no such thing as an inverted narc, they are just co-d's who were probably raised wiith abuse so they are used to it or bpds) and set up searches to always point to my work so I could sell crap ebooks and get a bunch of sad sacks to hang on my words...

    The guy has some insight, yes, as an asshat. That doesnt change the fact that he has reinvented narcissism to suit his definition. Just cuz he wants the attention and money for nothing. The fucker is a socio, not a narc, and is taking everyone for a ride. His narc diagnosis came from his time in prison from being a snake in a suit.

    Zoe, you are right. Just because he says "worship me" doesnt mean you should. Any of you self respecting narcs and socios should see him for the crock of shit he is.

  57. Amen, Haven! Paranoia is thinking everyone is out to get you. Awareness that there are people out there who are in it for themself and could be out to get you (or others) is perception, not paranoia.

  58. Lol. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean everyone's not out to get me. My husband used to say that about drug dealing.

  59. Vaknin's true talent is not so much his insight as it is his ability to convey it. His talent is his writing.

    He's lame everywhere except his own main website. When he is in a situation where he is responding to someone it seems like he scans their questions for keywords and a copy/pastes stuff from his website like a bot. He doesn't even allow anyone to comment on his forums except himself. He doesn't offer anyone any insight except into himself. He doesn't care about offering anyone insight; it's more like everything he does is, "Look at this brilliant shit I wrote!"

  60. I think it's BS. I'm very aware of peoples motives, and figuring out whether people are after something and what all the time, since I learned how to see those aspects of people. But I'm not paranoid at all. I don't constantly search for peoples motives. Or what were some of the other questions? Being suspicious of people? You just have to be aware of stuff like tthat... not paranoid about it.

  61. Lol... yet you all read it. I havent seen anything about him since the video me posted years ago.

  62. How was everyone's Christmas? Ours was awesome!

  63. where is this test?

  64. Paranoid |||||||||||| 46% 49%
    Schizoid |||||||||||||| 54% 53%
    Schizotypal |||||||||||||||||| 78% 53%
    Antisocial |||||| 30% 47%
    Borderline |||||||||||||||||| 74% 47%
    Histrionic |||||||||| 38% 43%
    Narcissistic |||||||||||||||| 70% 41%
    Avoidant |||||||||| 34% 39%
    Dependent |||||||||||||||||| 74% 37%
    Obsessive-Compulsive |||| 14% 40%

    @ Missus How did you determine what was normal ?

  65. MK, that's originally from:

    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you."
    — Joseph Heller, Catch-22

  66. Ok so I called his book crap without reading it. I dont need to. Ive read some of his other drivel and it was enough to turn me off. I dont remember who brought him up today... just seems like people still think he is a reliable source. Its totally lame.

  67. Lol... yet you all read it.

    It's near impossible not to if you've ever in your life googled "narcissism".

  68. Monica, "normal" is scoring low in all the categories.

  69. Anon The test is on similarminds. com

  70. ^ and therein lies the rest of his brilliance.

    He put himself all over the net on purpose so you can't avoid him. The master of modern PR.

  71. Pardon my intrusion, why so much interest in Sam Vaknin?
    If he is a real narcissists then he is just like all others stuck in his own head with his own reality there's no telling what's going on in there, unless you build up a solid relationship with him to try to find out what his game is all about, in the end it is probably what all narcissists want, to make their imaginary worlds come true.
    Since I know nothing about him perhaps someone could answer this question: What kind of world does he want?

  72. I guess I never cared about Vankin. I thought the I,Psychopath was amusing because of the dynamic between the pathetic documentary maker and Vankin. It's funny how someone so weak was drawn into investigating that type of person. It reminded me of that stupid college student turned investigative reporter who tried to get in the minds of serial killers on death row and ended up killing himself. They are like moths to a flame.

  73. Sarah is correct that people take him way too seriously, though, as if he is a qualified expert.

    He is the one who invented "inverted narcissism" (codependency) yet people talk about it like it's truth, as if comes from years or research by qualified professionals.

    If I'm not mistaken that just happened here within the past week. Someone claimed themselves to be an inverted narcissist.

    I think Vaknin made it up because he assumes everyone has the same worldview as him.

  74. "Any of you self respecting narcs and socios should see him for the crock of shit he is."

    Or we could admire him for having so many suckers doting on him.

  75. Ukan, I just watched the movie Dear Mr Gacy about that guy you were talking about. It was a decent indie film.

  76. He even has a whole subcategory to himself in the "codependency" wikipedia article.

    Hence why wikipedia should be read with an entire salt mine.

  77. Anything sociopaths do that is a major part of their life has to do with creating their part of the world in their image. We are always trying to shape the world around us. We are pretty well convinced that we have the right way and the rest of you are idiots that we are trying to help get with the program.

  78. Global Personality Test Results

    Stability |||||||||||||||||||| 86% Orderliness |||| 20% Extraversion |||||| 26%

    Stability results were very high which suggests you are extremely relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.

    Orderliness results were low which suggests you are overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense too often of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.

    Extraversion results were low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.

    And I have no interest in nnarcissists. They don't intrigue or interest me in any way, so I guess I remain untrapped by the vankin narcissism propaganda Machines. I guess its a type. Narcissists are simple, to me.

  79. i love personality test! I love how simply eeveryone breaks down into little categories.

  80. Lol Anon 125

    Doesnt admiration for someone mean they are better than you? Doesnt that go against the whole grandiosity thing?

    Although I know plenty of conservative narcs who adore their narc heroes like Beck and Limbaugh and OReilly...

  81. @Missus Dare I ask, but how would you interpret mine ?


  82. Ukan, I just watched the movie Dear Mr Gacy about that guy you were talking about. It was a decent indie film.

    Yeah that kid was such a retard. He was just like that documentary film maker. He came in there thinking he was so clever. Once he got intimate with one sociopath it wasn't enough for him. What a twisted addiction he created. Not just does he have an affinity for sociopaths, but he has a affinity for the most twisted ones. They fucked his mind till he couldn't take it anymore. Morbid curiousity turned into a fatal fetish.

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. I've taken most of these tests several times. Sometimes it feels like I answer pretty randomly, and all the questions are always relative when it's not true/false so there is no way these tests are very accurate, but I suppose they can give you a very general idea at best.

    Your results:
    Narcissism |||||||||||||| 55% 60%
    Unconventionality |||||||||||||||||| 77% 64%
    Empiricism |||||||||||||||| 66% 61%
    Identity |||||||||| 38% 48%
    Othercentricism |||||| 27% 58%
    Independence |||||||||||||||| 66% 54%
    Integrity |||||||||||| 50% 53%
    Intellect |||||||||||||||||||| 88% 70%
    Stoicism |||||||||||| 50% 49%
    Orderliness |||||||||||||||| 61% 48%
    Dynamism |||||||||| 34% 48%
    Activity |||||||||| 38% 52%
    Romanticism |||||||||| 38% 52%
    Hedonism |||||||||||||||||| 77% 50%

  85. You have low emotional iintelligence, you're fearful of interacting with people too deeply, and for good reasons because you're dangerously dependant on people. I'd say you have a natural tendency toward people who will use you and that'll level itself out when you've been burned a few times and learned to harness your emotions a little better... otherwise, avoid people like narcissists and ssociopaths, but you'll naturally be drawn to them because they'll inflict the most pain to help you develop emotionally and independently.
    I'd recommend you try to spend some time alone.
    Get a job, or move out and spend time by yourself more often. But by that I'd also guess that you're young so i think you won't listen but that you'll learn this stuff on your own in time if you are able to make the effort.

  86. Lol Missus your reading of Monica is spot on, I think. I wasnt surprised to see her bpd score so high. Ive been meaning to ask her age.

    As Ive taken that test over the last decade, my scores have gotten lower and lower. Even my bpd score. Age (and the experience associated with it) does help.

  87. "Doesnt admiration for someone mean they are better than you? Doesnt that go against the whole grandiosity thing?"

    No. It's admiring traits you see in yourself.

  88. Medusa, I actually know where the quote is ooriginally from. My father used to jest aabout catch 22. I didn't find the reference ssignificant. I think the general silliness of the quote comes across independently of the reference. As do haven's paranoia defenses.

  89. @Sarah Did Missus look at mine? I did not see where she did.

  90. Just sayin', your husband didn't come up with it.

    Heh, why did you delete your previous comment?

    I have a pretty good idea why...

  91. Monica, she deleted it. It was right before Medusa's results.

    She basically said you need to stop sucking up to people who will only fuck you over and spend some quality time alone. She also said that time would take care of some of that once you've had your hand slammed in the sociopathic cookie jar one too many times.

    Personally, I just recommend taking omega 3, getting a good therapist and an even better vibrator and dildo.

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Why do you think Medusa? Because it is advice she should probably follow herself?

  94. She pretty much described herself in interpreting Monica's result.

    (Don't get your panties in a bunch now, MK, I'm not being judgmental.)

  95. WHERE are my results lol
    Will someone put them on a new post for me with my name on it? Thanks

  96. OK She deleted it. I see lol
    I was not happy with mine.

  97. why do you hate women medusa?

  98. Theme Songs for SW RegularsDecember 27, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    Missus Theme Song---ONE and only he he


  99. Did I delete it? Shoot, I thought I posted it twice. And Medusa, don't flatter yourself. I find your iinsults to be insignificant now.

    Monica, Im sorry i deleted iit. It was something to the extent oof your dependence and emotional unintelligence mmakes you gravitate toward sociopaths and nnarcissists, who I advised you avoid but I don't think you will cause they'll make you grow anand I'd guess youre young, so youll be fine. Unless you aren't young in which case you should try to grow emotionally and spend more time alone mmand develop hobbies.

    Medusa, I don't see too mamany similarities between her test and mmine, so maybe you misjudged. Maybe it makes yyou feel better to bbelittle bullies. I'd advise yyou tto spend more time with ppeople. To open up more, and to take more risks. To confront your fears blindly, and to release your shields.

  100. Ooh, how fun. This again. Why did I delete it, Medusa?


  101. Just sayin', your husband didn't come up with it.

    What's your point?

  102. why do you hate women medusa?

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. Monica, get a dog. A puppy will teach you how annoying it can be to have a "love me love me love me" person around all the time. That way you can empathize with your socio girlfriend.

  105. Mmm hmmmm.... so says the little girl who says she's reclusive, reserved and a schizoid.

    You're not a bully, dear, you're the Lady Gaga of SW. A xerox.

    I am really not interested in getting into it with you, nor was I even trying to. In fact I've been avoiding it and trying to be neutral, as I do not hold grudges, and having an actual discussion with you is a waste of time for the most part.

    Yet you got your panties in a bunch anyway.

    If anyone in the world is actually an 'inverted narcissist', it is you.

  106. why do you hate women medusa?

  107. @Anon with dog lol

    @Medusa One for you :)

  108. The paranoia thing is the most difficult to admit to oneself I think. Even though I am aware of being constantly suspicious about other people's motives and trying to figure out how they might screw me over it doesn't really feel out of proportion or 'crazy' in any way. Just common sense. I don't have any problems admitting to other people I'm paranoid, I do that all the time, but I don't really feel it myself.

  109. Paranoid |||||||||||||| 54% 49%
    Schizoid |||||||||||| 46% 53%
    Schizotypal |||||||||||| 46% 53%
    Antisocial |||||||||||||||||||| 82% 47%
    Borderline |||| 18% 47%
    Histrionic |||||| 30% 43%
    Narcissistic |||||||||||||| 54% 41%
    Avoidant |||||||||||||||| 70% 39%
    Dependent |||||| 30% 37%
    Obsessive-Compulsive |||||||||| 38% 40%
    *scores in gray are the

  110. David, one could explain it easily. If you had a desired outcome, you fit your responses to suit it. Thats why the tests are hogwash. I could take it right now and score low on everything and take it tomorrow and be a raving nutjob.

    And if I had a desire to be a sociopath, then I could easily manipulate my answers to get a high score.

    Not to mention that any of you can be making up your scores entirely and we would have no way of knowing.

    I do find it interesting that all of you who pride yourselves on independent thinking jumped on the meme train. Guess even socios like to follow the pack sometimes.

  111. I think I had an emotional fork in the road. It was unconscious. I think I had to get too dependent or close down. I chose the former.

  112. "Thats why the tests are hogwash. I could take it right now and score low on everything and take it tomorrow and be a raving nutjob."

    that's because you are unstable and you change constantly. a person with a strong sense of self (such as a sociopath) would continue to score the same.

  113. Monica eat my shit n dieDecember 27, 2011 at 2:40 PM

    Monica eat my shit n die

  114. Lol. Medusa, I think you're cute. And your passive aggressive bullshit is you trying to get into it. You can just hide it that way and maintain your white night vigilante complex.

    I'm glad we're stopping this here though, as i see no value in getting into it with you either. You're indirectness amuses me. And I just like Fuckin with you on the bully thing. I like bringing iit up. I know I'm not one. And the image you've made of me in your head is also cute. Lets look at your labels, shall we. :-)

    I can see your weakness and you make sense to me. I have no interest in pplaying this game with you a ymore. I understand you aand yyou arent iinteresting. You can't bother me in any way, anymore.

    On a fun note, one of mmy career recommendations for an intp personality type is an assassin! Freaking awesome!

  115. Blah blah blah blah

    Saw the word 'Medusa' and just skipped the rest. Which is what I will be doing from now on. Because it always does just equates to "blah blah blah blah bullshit blah blah lol lol blah blah cute blah blah posturing blah blah."

    Don't waste your time, unless you really have nothing better to do or say.

  116. I agree that tests are only hogwash to ppeople who aren't developed enough to have aa consistant sense of sself. And even then theyre accurate for whatever personality type you're trying. On for the moment, you just dont feel iit or believe the accuracy of it because you ddon't know who you are. It always amuses me that people try to sell the fact that ththey arent what tthe ttest says they arare, thereby adding ssignificance to the answers it gave them.

    I like people... this is fun.

  117. Lol. Medusa I love it!
    You're so cute!
    What a fun sociopath day! I dont eeven know why, but I'm having such a bblast hhere today reading what people are saying. Its giving me energy to go look at our new place.

    I think its the tests. I love tests!

    "I'm in the zone... pulling up some big numbers!"
    By the way, that quote isn't me, its from monster's Inc.

  118. Paranoid...................38%....49%

    My PD score recommends I get a tinfoil hat, a chill pill, and a high definition mirror.

  119. 90% schizotypal. so you are a lunatic?

  120. Remember what happened to you the last time you fucked with Medusa he he

  121. I never said I wasn't, and schizophrenia does run in the family.

    I've never considered myself schizotypal, though. Then again, I don't know much about it.

  122. why do you study people like insects mk?

  123. shes likes to pretend things dont effect her especially things people say about her. they affect her immensely. so obvious her over compensation.

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. lols


  127. I see why you ignore MK, Medusa. Her stuttering typos make it difficult to do anything but laugh in response.

    David, I never said socio and schizo are contradictory. Only that I think you may have purposely skewed your results in your desire for a lower narc score.

    Monica, you didnt hit a fork in the road. Most likely, your co-d behaviors were modeled for you by your mother. Daddy issues is so trite, but its often true. Was daddy not around or just neglectful when he was? Also, surviving rape trauma will exacerbate whatever underlying patterns you had developed. You still havent said if you are a wee lass or not. Im thinking no older than 22.

    And not that I give a flying fuck, but my scores change, yes. My bpd score even changes sometimes. Im stable a lot more often and days like today I score low across the board. Actually, if I bothered, today I would probably be higher on schizo than usual. I am thankful that I am having more frequent mentally stable days. I do not see it as not having a center. I see it as most days I have mine, and some days I slip into old patterns and yes, my borderline, narc and antisocial scores are higher.

    Regardless, my main point is that depending on the current mental state, there could be deviations for anyone. Unless someone is completely static, their scores shouldnt be either.

  128. aspie alligator best of






  129. paranoid....26
    narcissistic 50
    ob-compulsive 46


  130. My bad I meant schizoid, not schizo.

  131. Tic gets the prize for normal. I hate you Tic :)

  132. But I love you Monica.

    I knew I didn't have a PD but i was suprised at the Narc and OCD thing. Oh well, whatever.

  133. Paranoid |||||||||||| 50% 49%
    Schizoid |||||||||||| 50% 53%
    Schizotypal |||||||||||| 50% 53%
    Antisocial |||||||||||| 50% 47%
    Borderline |||||||||||| 50% 47%
    Histrionic |||||||||||| 50% 43%
    Narcissistic |||||||||||| 50% 41%
    Avoidant |||||||||||| 50% 39%
    Dependent |||||||||||| 50% 37%
    Obsessive-Compulsive |||||||||||| 50% 40%

    here are the results you get when all the questions are answered half way between inaccurate and very accurate. a normal profile?

  134. Regardless, my main point is that depending on the current mental state, there could be deviations for anyone.

  135. why do you come on here like a know it all bitch from hell sarah?

  136. The Most Normal PrizeDecember 27, 2011 at 4:22 PM

    Goes to Tic

  137. I took that test about a year ago. Gonna take it again to see how different I see myself.

  138. Because the test is set up in a way where you shift from the 50% mark depending on how you answer the questions.

  139. I like Sarah.

    Except for her pride in talking about getting her face fucked and throated and such.

  140. Lol Medusa. Its not pride. I discuss those things like going shopping or going to the bathroom. Its been "normal" for me for years. Ive just recently started even contemplating that it might be "abnormal". Guess Im starting to grow out of being a sex toy. Im just not self conscious about any of that shit. When it comes to the various facets of sexuality, I feel right at home. Its really the simplest, easiest form of human interaction. Most people are socialized to overthink it.

    And I can be a bitch from hell, anon. That goes along with the whole pd thing. Duh. You're welcome.

  141. why are narcissists so uncomfortable discussing sex?

  142. they are sexually repressed?

  143. David's narcissistic enough to ignore the fact he scored higher on avoidant than antisocial, so he's definitely narcissistic enough to fuck with the other results. Just sayin'.

    I liked how the test didn't give away which question corresponded with which disorder (much), but the 'neutral' option is just amateurish and messes with the results.

  144. Idk? Is it because they find out the truth... that their cock isnt really 8 inches and you cant actually get a woman off by giving her a three minute pounding?

    Or is there a real punchline?

  145. The sliding scale from 50% with a neutral option is usually poor test structure, not because it's so much not accurate as it is difficult for most people to accept that 50% = normal as opposed to 50% from 0%. That's why it's a lot easier for most people to gauge themselves from a 0-100 scale.

  146. why do you lie about liking some women medusa?

  147. Why do you ask Medusa annoyingly retarded and pointless questions, anon?

  148. idk i tried to discuss sex around my narc dad and he became extremely uneasy. he said - change the subject you have a filthy mind??? i never heard him speak of sex.

  149. why do you think my questions are annoying and pointless sarah?

  150. True, TNP, it is why I find this one particularly annoying. They're all pretty silly though. These internet tests remind me of the annoying Cosmo quizzes my friends insisted on goading me into in high school. I was always like "duh. The best way to catch his eye is to 'forget' to wear panties". Stupid Cosmo.

  151. Anon 5:26 is Ukan cuz that ass Ciara got her ass kicked by Medusa he he

  152. A neutral option is less accurate because it's very easy to click it when you don't immediately feel strongly either way, in stead of maybe taking a few extra seconds to think more thoroughly about the question. Of course, having an even number of possible answers only increases the accuracy if you measure the representativeness of the results by the amount of time people spent thinking about the answer. But I don't think anyone can ever be completely neutral.

    Anon 5:24: maybe he's just British.


  153. why do you lie about liking some women medusa?

    She likes people based on if they are on her side at the time. It's typical of her inferiorty complex.

  154. I'm highly perverted anon, I just don't talk about it much.

  155. UKan that's not true and you know it.

    I'm indifferent.

  156. I thought the narc q was a joke. I was hoping for a good punchline.

    Ok first fallacy is your faulty logic. You cannot assume anything wholesale like that about an etire pd group and expect a concise answer. Each person is unique.

    Your question should be "why won't my narc dad talk about sex with me?"

    Idk maybe because it makes him uncomfortable. Thats pretty typical of a lot of people when it comes to their children. I bet if you were his buddy he would be bragging about how many times he came on his girlfriend's tits last night.

    Just be thankful. I told my narc dad I wanted to try celibacy for awhile and he scolded me for writing off casual sex. I swear his words were "let's not be too hasty..." lol

  157. why do you pretend to be indifferent medusa?

  158. Anonymous said... why do you study people like insects mk?

    I see why you ignore MK, Medusa. Her stuttering typos make it difficult to do anything but laugh in response.
    I've come to think they give me character... and I ignore you too.

    And tests are loose and useful. Its not like we're doing a dissertation. We're comparing and contrasting presumptions and adding details to our character sketches.

  159. Because I really am when it comes down to it. It's what happens when you are detached.

    It's not that I'm indifferent to the content, it's that I am indifferent for the most part to who is saying the content.

  160. You've sided with multiple people you later admitted to not agreeing with at all just because they disagreed with someone who slighted you or who you don't like at the time. I do know it medusa and sarah is another obvious one. You said it right after she said she didn't like someone you are havijg a conflict with. Other large example : Luke.

  161. You've sided with multiple people you later admitted to not agreeing with at all just because they disagreed with someone who slighted you or who you don't like at the time.

    I don't think I ever quite said that. I do play devil's advocate a lot, though. Even to myself.

    Regarding 'liking' people, or what looks like 'liking', you do the same as I do, UKan. You 'like' me when you agree with me, or I agree with you, or when it appears that I'm on your side, or you mine, or when your wife isn't around or we aren't talking about her.

  162. For someone so indifferent, you have a poor understanding of it. You keep trying to psychoanalyze my behavior with people here like there's some deep undiscovered neurosis. I'm just a child running around an anthill with a magnifying glass and a cup of sugar.

  163. Right, TNP. That's why you had a blog and started another one. Because you have nothing at all to say about your own condition or anyone else's.~

    I fully expect your new blog to consist of nothing more than single sentence posts if what you said is true.

  164. why do you expect people to worship you medusa?

  165. Lol.
    I have to agree with tnp. Your indifference is feigned at best.
    I tend to prefer people who disagree with me. They're useful for development.

  166. and the anons were making me laugh but I have a hard time seeing the humor in that last one.

  167. Well then by transitive you must love me a whole lot, MK.

  168. why do you want to burn ants tnp?

  169. Since when does psychoanalysis require attachment to the subject anyway, TNP? Seems to me it should be the opposite.

  170. No, I think you agree with me in too many ways in some cases, you just have to be in opposition. I have no respect for that. As far as my entomological human studies go, I've moved on from the hook nosed exoskeletal dung beetle.

    Tenets. I kill myself. Just kidding Med. But I am over you... Sarah could be fun. I was hoping to catch the chosen fiasco, but I'm not too disappointed to have missed it. He seemed like a variant narcissist.

  171. Where did VM go? He seems like a silly narcissist.

  172. I like you when youre not being passive agressive and weak. I like how you call it devils advocate. Hiding in the shadows until you have someones support to confront someone for slighting your fragile ego and then running away saying you didn't want a problem when you get spanked for it. Like when you didn't want to answer my question earlier about why it was important for you to point out that I didnt make up a saying, which was obvious and which nobody here was claiming I did. Your inferiorty complex is amusing to say the least.

    We butted heads before she came here medusa. We started when you got passive agressive about you thinking I took your credit from you and continued to the point where you started diving in with Ami and David thinking I'm some guy in Galway ireland.

  173. You ARE some guy from GalwayDecember 27, 2011 at 6:27 PM


  174. Your results:
    Narcissism |||||||||||||||||| 72% 60% Unconventionality |||||||||||||||||||| 83% 64%
    Empiricism |||||||||||||||||||||| 100% 61%
    Identity |||||||||||||||| 61% 48%
    Othercentricism |||||||||||||| 55% 58%
    Independence |||| 16% 54%
    Integrity |||||||||| 33% 53%
    Intellect |||||||||||||||||||||| 94% 70% Stoicism |||||||||||||||||||| 88% 49% Orderliness |||||| 22% 48%
    Dynamism |||||||||||||||||||| 84% 48%
    Activity |||||||||||||||||| 72% 52% Romanticism |||||| 22% 52%
    Hedonism |||| 11% 50%

    Perceived reward:
    (if you scored highly) External validation makes me happy
    Being unconventional makes me happy
    Being rational makes me happy
    Being/knowing who I am makes me happy
    Helping others makes me happy
    Being independent makes me happy
    Being honest/forthcoming makes me happy
    Intellectual complexity makes me happy
    Being calm makes me happy
    Being structured makes me happy
    Change makes me happy
    Physical exercise makes me happy
    Romantic love makes me happy
    Being 'high' makes me happy

    Dangerous potential flaw(s): (if you scored highly) Elitist, snobby, lacking an internal compass/ethics

    Discarding customs/traditions that have value
    Ignoring the value of your gut/instinct/intuition (to be determined)
    Being taken advantage of, ignoring self
    No person is an island, trust issues, avoidant (to be determined)
    Impracticality (possibly) (to be determined)
    Excessive rigidity, inability to be spontaneous (to be determined)
    Exercise addiction / overtraining, narcissism
    Being codependent, lacking an individual identity
    Substance abuse problems, alcoholism

  175. This comment has been removed by the author.

  176. I tried to be better about the line breaks, but I guess I missed a few.

  177. Medusa, did you take the PDF test?

  178. Don't Fuck With Medusa---- UkanDecember 27, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    Medusa rules SW. She proved it, once. Do you want her to do it, again he he

  179. Wow, Medusa. You're not just using any straw man, but a really weak one too. You're comparing my fun here to my mental state as a whole and my interest in Psychology?

    Now you're just making yourself look stupider than before.

    Keep up the good work. Let's see how far you'll slide downhill tonight.

  180. Medusa has a strong need to be in a position of control, but she doesnt rule sociopath wworld by, any stretch. She proved nothing by her grasp at that stability. She can have it as far as I'm concerned anyways. I don't care who controls the ccomment forums.

    Tnp, it's more stupid. Stupider is improper.

  181. Kanney, where did you find that last PD test you took?

  182. Lol. I just imagined that anon as being medusa ttalking in the third person. It was a fun mental image.

  183. medusa rules. learn it

  184. Its really cute how you guys bicker about who said what and who is right... like anything here has any bearing on reality or truly effects us in any way.

    Its almost like we are real people and not just pixels.

  185. Stop eating her bait, Missus Kanney. You're ruining my fun :(

  186. Which, the last one? The first one, the one in the midmiddle? How many tests did i take? Hurray tests! Categories, and means. Sigh. I love psychology.

  187. why do you hold back some of your insults ukan?

  188. Are you as dense as that stupid retard husband of yours. Do you really want to fuck with Medusa again he he

  189. The last one you took, Kanney. What was it called? I'm curious.

  190. Lol. Ok, tnp, you can have her. I'm just ppassing time. That always makes me responsive. :-)

  191. I dont know. It was the first one on the page list of tests


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