Monday, October 7, 2013

Song: All of you

It's interesting how the concept of desirable love has changed over the decades (or has it changed?).

I love the look(s) of you,(and) the lure of you
The sweet of you, and the pure of you
The eyes, the arms, and the (that) mouth of you
The east, west, north, and the (that) south of you
I'd love to gain complete control of you
Handle even the heart and soul of you
Love at least a small percent of me do
'Cause (Because) I love all of you


  1. What do you think the possibility is of Jennifer Lawrence being on the sociopathic spectrum? Charismatic, a self-professed habitual liar, very little shame, thrill seeking, etc;

  2. This lyrics seem rather more 'lustful' than romantic, to my perception, but perhaps that is because 'love' is so often a euphemism that songwriters use when they can't express naughtier sentiments. It's all chemicals, essentially, and good music is supposed to stir the emotions, I understand. I've noticed that some songs seem to do that quite successfully, especially whilst the audience is inebriated, for example. (National anthem, anyone?)

    Jennifer Lawrence is simply darling, if you ask me. Her Dior ads are gorgeous! I quite enjoyed her performances in "Winter's Bone," and "Silver Linings Playbook" as well. I couldn't begin to speculate on her personally, except to say aren't all really good actors a bit mad? :D

  3. Everything depends on the type of "love" you're talking about.
    Some "love" is tinged with lust. One wants to posess the love object.
    Other forms of love are somewhat more understated. The love for
    a sibling or one's child, for example. You don't (Or shouldn't) view
    them as your personal property.
    The other night, I was thinking about a bumper sticker on a psychopath's car: "If you love someone set them free, but if they
    don't come back to you, hunt them down and kill them."

  4. Hi, just discovered this site, very interesting.

    I got a couple of questions if i may. I used to be a Scientologist and Ron Hubbard the founder said 2.5% of the population are as he called it 'suppressive people' aka sociopaths. Hubbard came up with 10 characteristics he said all sociopaths had and to identify a sociopath he/she needed to match all of those, also you need to compare the suspect with the ten characteristics that social personalities have that anti-socials don't.. It'd be interesting to see E.M's thoughts (or any other sociopaths) on this - the characteristics can be googled. Also, Hubbard maintained that the basic modus operandi of the SP is to suppress, hence the name. He said the SP thinks that to survive he/she must keep others down or under control lest they be a threat. Hence being unknowingly connected to an SP is always a very bad thing for ones physical and mental health. (Hubbard thought every health problem could be traced to such an association). This seems to depart with what E.M says. Any thoughts anyone?

    Just to mention also, I personally think Scientology has some workability in it and I also believe its possible Hubbard was himself a sociopath. A colleague of his from the early days of Scientology said there was something odd about him - he liked to help people with his techniques but more out of curiosity about the techniques rather than the pleasure of helping another for its own sake - he seemed strangely detached from that. Many ex-scientologists have a very hard time reconciling some of the well-proven bad actions of Hubbard with his charm and his apparent interest in creating a positive effect in others.

  5. Indeed? I don't think you're supposed to have those opinions, lest you become branded with the SP label! I do hope you don't disappear :D The tales of what his successor likes to do to dissenters are truly dreadful, the work of a real sadist.

    Personally, I'd rather not be lumped in with the likes of any Scientology leader. We sociopaths/psychopaths are bloody SWEETHEARTS compared to that lot!

  6. Hi, I'm afraid to say that you are not a sociopath. Self-absorbed maybe but definitely not a sociopath.

    1. Oh dear, I meant to say "THANKS Xenu!"

      Now, in your professional opinion, am I a 'suppressive person?'

    2. Hi Fred, i posted the Scientology post but not the anon @ 2;43.

      Many interesting stuff on this site but many wannabe socios too imho! I dont know you so I cant say if you are or not. Have a good day anyway :)

    3. It's like spotting the real fruit among the wax fruit in a bowl. You can do it from the other side of the room.

    4. Are you calling me a "fruit?" Flirting, I see :D

  7. To say that modern ideas about love have changed is to forget the whole Twilight phenomena... (actually, go right ahead with forgetting. probably a good call)


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