Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween costume: sociopath


  1. Many years ago I went trick or treating with my older brother in
    upstate N.Y. We didn't wear masks. An older boy noticed me and
    singled me out. I ALWAYS got singled out. The boy said,"You're not
    wearing a mask." and proceeded to hassel me in various way, shoving
    and punching me.
    You sociopaths are the luckiest people in the world. If M.E. so
    desires, she can find someone to sleep with tonight. The only thing I
    ever slept with were the unseen hands that slapped me across the
    head, tugged on my hair, and the palm that imprinted my bed sheet
    when I pulled the covers over my head. I doubt it was even female.

    1. > If M.E. so
      desires, she can find someone to sleep with tonight. <

      Implying, it's not so for ANY woman.

    2. If you get singled out more often the you should, study your body language.

      Why do you think sociopaths are lucky? Do you have a selfesteem issue? I'm no trying to bully you. Identify and correct is the methodology to go with.

      Not having empathy is something that makes you say and do the wrong things constantly, until you have learned by trial and error what gets the best results. You can't really call that people skills, which are the most important skill you can have in the long run.

      Measuring your worth by your chance to get sex is also a fallacy. Do not think that any person out there is worth it, no matter how they look. Many people out there have no decency. I would regard prostitutes as more decent then some of those who display as to be a part of the right image.

      M.E. Could propably find someone to sleep with, but then again she is a decent looking female. Any decent looking female can find a man to sleep with. Many men have no self decency when it comes to theyr dick. I also bet M.E. gets less emotional value from a sexual experience like that, even when considering the fact that most people do not get emotional value out of a stranger.

      If it doesn't work, then do something different,

  2. Well I suppose on the one night everyone else is wearing masks tonight could be the night when the sociopaths' masks come off and it would still fit with the theme!

  3. Seriously you self proclaimed "socio-paths" sound really stupid and annoying, I get that you think it's cool to identify yourself as a person in total control, like the "over-human" - the non-delusional non-romantic type - I totally get that. Nobody wants to be "the emotional neurotic fool" it's kinda ironic that people like you, as you say yourself - are in total control and are able to see directly through anyone, you know - "the social geniuses" needs that much confirmation that you are actually sociopaths - i mean what do you gain from other people to know that you are douchebags? You just keep walking around in your own smelly obsession with 'not being vulnerable.' That's just stupid. What is so great about being complete dickheads? I just want to let you know that's its totally okay if you wanna exchange your experiences with being big shits towards other peoplr. I get that it's a lot easier to just choose a personality to hide your weaknesses that's perfectly natural for everyone. It's really weak that you think it is so great to harm others, - I know that manipulation is an interesting thing learn about - and I don't say that you are not 'sociopaths' - Im sure some of you are, I'm not piss all over your identity - and you are obviously proud to be sociopaths (lol dicks). But honestly, you're kinda crappy people and I think you suck a lot.

    1. - PS: FOR THE RECORD Im aware that not all sociopaths claims to be completely self-secure and self-aware, and Im not saying that you think you know it all - you are smart people - of course you don't know it all. I just don't get why you need to act so annoying, like every single one of you is a prodigy. really get over yourselfs...

    2. Agree with you. When I see a person who enjoys hurting others who are completely innocent, I immediately think of that person as a irresponsible childish puny weakling. Being smart im hurting others? I'm sure there are alot of smart people put there that are great at theyr jobs and whatever they do, who have no drive to manipulate. When the drive is not there, do they then develop the skill to manipulate? I don't think so. But theyr intelligence is not smaller because of that.

      On the other hand, people in general should be very aware of manipulation, and M.E. does a good job sheding a light on it. I have seen so many idiotic beliefs through social manipulation and social proof throughout life. It is good someone puts focus on it.

    3. Your post contradicts itself. At first you say you get that we are "in total control" and "social geniuses" yet you think we are hiding insecurities though natural self confidence. Does it not make you a douchebag attacking a minute amount of people whom you feel you have been wronged somehow.

      Looks like your just projecting your own insecurities and hiding it behind a judgemental, braggart like attitude. How insignificant you must feel.

  4. ME, I think you would make a great cheerleader for Halloween. You are your own your own best cheerleader!


  5. Scorps are mostly ridden by fears, this is what makes them dangerous cus they can turn all that anxiety outwards in bursts of F-U-R-Y. Ever seen a pissed off cat, close to clawing & hissing psychosis? That´s scorp fury.

  6. I empathize how Wednesday feels. I am having a hateful day.

  7. Adorable!! Thank you for posting that. lisa

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