Monday, September 23, 2013

Sociopath quotes: hunting

"Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter.

Ernest Hemingway, "On the Blue Water," Esquire, April 1936


  1. surely your quote is out of context?

    What has parasitism have do with hunting? When do parasites go a hunting for bunny wabbits?

  2. This is a sociopathy blog, not a parasitism blog.

    As a sociopath, you can view yourself or be viewed as a parasite and/or a hunter.

    Two of several options.

  3. Damn, I see a sociopath as a mastermind. I'm waaayyy lost in my vision

  4. I think life is pretty much "Hunt or Be Hunted".

  5. Great quote. I'll watch for it when I read "On the Blue Water".


  6. There have been many movies made about this concept: "Most
    Dangerous Game," "Open Season" and the "Dexter" show.
    It all comes down to "power tripping." Holding the power of life and
    death in your hands.
    Sociopaths begin by asserting their "power" over animals. Henry Lee
    Lucas would commit acts of beastialy on animals while simultanasly
    cutting their throats. Casey Anthony disgarded her daughter's body
    in the same location that she buried her other pets. Jodi Arias abused
    a dog an so on.
    The sociopath then ups the scale and "graduates" to humans. That
    provides a special thrill that no animal can equal. Easy sex becomes
    part of the equation as well. Sex is a base animalistic act, that people
    have to be purswaded to engage in. When you have the power to
    intimitate people to engage in such an activity it does much to
    inflate the ego. You take by illegitimate means what the average person has to beg, or work for, and they might not even get it then.
    The best actor who ever played a sociopath was the late Robert
    Mitchum. He played sociopaths in two movies that had hunting themes. The first, was the original verson of "Cape Fear" (1962),
    where he "hunts" a D.A. who put him away. The second was "Night Of
    The Hunter" where he plays a manicale precher who hunts down two
    children who abscand with stolen money.

    1. Thanks, interesting. I see the character has evolved slightly over the years. Just as Dexter, the ethically assimilated psychopath, seems to the fit the US post 911 Zeitgeist. Targeted Killings.

      You can't fight evil with the "good?".

      Dropped from the Edgar list since it turned out he had published under a pseudonym too? That's not that uncommon. Odd, a pity there is no link.

  7. Wow What a quote. Hi Medusa :D

  8. Kind of puts a new spin on why it's so difficult for soldiers to readjust to civilian life.

    Predatory behavior is not exclusively a sociopathic thrill. Any power addicted individual (especially vengeful narcissistic and borderline types) could easily make this statement.


    1. If you hunt for clue on how to catch a man for your bf and you figure out their personality so you can arrange a situation where they will come to you, is that predatory??is that kind of espionage work considered predatory??

      I did it with someone but i did not see it really till later. Someone made the mistake of trying to take advantage of me and abandon, then leaving me to pick up the pieces of myself and i became obsessed with them. It was a mess.

      i recounted it here a long time ago and someone suggested it was borderline predatory behaviour. I did not think i was doing anything wrong. I just got off being sneaky and torturing a lil, nothing hrrible.

      I felt like i was on a mission to have and to win and to get love. I FELT Iwas trying to stay alive/desperate. But if it was thrilling at all, that makes it predatory?

      Later i wondered ..had i actually succeeded and made them mine would i have wanted to release them. The challenge was over. That disturbed me.

      That is "hunting" behaviour? as long as it feels primal it's hunting behaviour?

    2. Nope. You sound like a desperate Kate Middleton trying to entice her Prince WIlliam. Enrolling in the same school as her target, following him around for years, hoping and praying that one day he would marry her. You so called sociopaths make me laugh. Get a grip on yourself and realize that you're not a predator, you're human. When someone wrongs you, you want revenge. When you win someone over and feel secure that you have them, you no longer want them.

    3. At one time in the history of homo sapiens, hunting (and gathering) was synonymous with living. Agriculture changed that. It doesn't mean the predator within left. This is a trait we all share, but entirely different factors may have a person express differently.

    4. i didn't know kate middleton was bpd.

      yeah, this is prob sthg i should ask Haven.

      dont think you understand bec i didnt give details. I didn't really want to. when i did it the first time here, some cunt told me im not capable of loving. She was dead wrong. Another cunt told me sthg else that embarrassed me a little. a little. But that's her job here. It made her famous here for a while. Now she hides out like a pussy. Like me. Dont know why that is. Oh well we must be a sea of pussies here.

      Carry on.

    5. If you hunt for clue on how to catch a man for your bf and you figure out their personality so you can arrange a situation where they will come to you, is that predatory??is that kind of espionage work considered predatory??

      That's an interesting scenario. I don't agree at all that it is necessarily predatory borderline. I would put in the usual games people play category. May give you my own admittedly anecdotal impressions?

      I once did something similar once. In my case the bf was one of my closest "platonic", as I call it, friends at the time. I invited this friend and a girl apparently longing for him, who had searched me out for only that reason. I realized that pretty fast, when she started to suggest a dinner in my place.

      The young man was a musician and strictly it was nothing else but a groupie event with a little help by someone else. The girl apparently had problems to do it as straightforwardly as other girls.

      What is much more interesting, for me, was the emotional turmoil it triggered in me. Peculiar, rationally it shouldn't. The sexual encounter, I should add took place in my flat. She was so so obviously longing for it.

      My friend must have found the encounter with this girl odd too. I got some late night saxophone serenades. Weaving a sound pattern around my flat from the most different areas. I liked him a lot and saxophone no doubt would have been my own choice of instrument, had I not chosen visual arts. We remained close friends while the story with the lady remained a one night stand.

      I could imagine that that a third my work in some sexual relationships too. At least from observing it, occasionally it could be a turning point, if there are not other issues involved, and it is ultimately only the kid realizing something could be taken away from them, and thus desiring it more than ever. That's more a general impression.

      Where it usually gets very problematic seemingly is, is the triangle scenario over a longer time. Although admittedly I do not know much about the dynamics, never watched it up close either. But I watched some such scenarios in which at least the parties I knew needed a lot of rationalizations and had problems to deal with the emotions involved.

      All I know is a really stable asexual relationship with the guy acting out all his desires. A basic contract somehow and it seems to work without much troubles. Although in that setting it occasionally results in highly emotional scenarios with "suffering" ladies returning pregnant assuming this would be the start of a new and wonderful relationship. I met two such ladies, both knew of the state of affairs before, but that often does not help them much.

      I found the triangle-manipulation-evidence for psychopathy in M.E.'s book interesting. But what I asked myself, could it be she only deals with this type of matter more honestly. I have plenty of evidence for comparable scenarios in my wider circles. Not one psychopath involved as far as I can see.

    6. I would put itin the usual games people play category. May I give you my own admittedly anecdotal impressions?

      I slipped this in in the end, hope I did not make any other late check changes, I left unfinished.

    7. Some one only wanted me, briefly, and then they threw me out like a piece of trash. Twice!
      If I would have said "yes", they would have done it a third time. I love them. They told me they were unable to feel love. They told me a lot of things, and then got mad when I listened.

  9. The worst psycho surely has to be the "jealous type" which targets folks that has done nothing wrong & has nothing really the psycho wants; the "mark" is chosen just so the psycho can humilate or harass or worse somebody with qualities the psycho envies. If this is not malign Evil, then what is..?

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  11. I think the take home message is not about killing but more about indulging in pleasures that will make everything else dull.

  12. I think the take home message is not about killing but more about indulging in pleasures that will make everything else dull.

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