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Iceland: Nation of sociopaths?

From a reader:

Thought you might find this interesting @ 21:10.

Iceland was originally largely founded and built by a large number of outcasts, sociopaths, murderers, and those that were allied with loosing warlords. They fled from the other parts of Scandinavia, largely Norway. Many names of places in Iceland are exact replicas of norwegian west-coast locations. Since much of the Viking population in Norway at that time was located there, it was only natural to see these names replicated.

Further in the video right after that time stamp I am showing you, they speak of how women from the British islands were enslaved and right out simply kidnapped and taken to Iceland, forming much of the initial female population. Needless to say, they picked the women they liked best. Perhaps a good step in evolution.

Here it is explained how 60% of the women were British while mostly the men were Scandinavian. I read once that genetic research suggests that 90% of male Y-chromosomes in Iceland are accurately Norwegian, while 80% of the women carry a marker in their X-chromosomes that is traceable to accurately Ireland and Scotland. But I guess they have been mixing a bit on these Islands, so I would not know how accurate that science is.

The whole of the Icelandic population is genetically mapped(ref: DeCode genetics). If you brain scan them as well, you could always do research on sociopathy and psychopathy looking for genetic- an brain signatures. Then write another book. I would read it.

And lastly, if you like slaughter, betrayal, manipulation and cold bloodedness you should read the Icelandic sagas. They are about real people in real places, a long time ago. I especially recommend "Egil Skallagrimsons saga", and "Saga of Grettir Asmundson."

"Some say he felt nothing when his father died, some say he cared." I remember that sentence from "Saga of Grettir Asmundson." I remembered it again when I read your book and you explicitly mentioned that this trait helped you get a diagnose. Grettir Asmundson was a sociopathic bad guy. Not because he was evil, he was also both a national hero and the oppsite. I identified with him alot, even though I am an empath, his trouble with society rooting in non-empathic traits were identifiable to me. I think you would identify with him too. Same goes for Egil Skallagrimson, however, he was never and outcast. Especially note the tone of the story telling as the violence takes place. It is ver un-emotional and straight forward, the way I imagine a sociopath would relate to anything, violent or not.


  1. And lastly, if you like slaughter, betrayal, manipulation and cold bloodedness you should read the Icelandic sagas. They are about real people in real places, a long time ago. I especially recommend "Egil Skallagrimsons saga", and "Saga of Grettir Asmundson."

    Well, well, well considering the time they were written and the time they write about as much as obvious patterns and characters, I somehow doubt the "real places" and "real people". This is not really my specialty, quite the opposite in fact, but I doubt one cannot approach other lores or the "matter" of whatever place (e.g. Matter of Britain) with comparative literature tools and find out the patterns and characters are not so surprising.

    In any case the above do not feel to me.

    killjoy, I know.

    1. The sagas of Iceland is a bit different then the usual folk lores you find here and there. The Icelandic family sagas describe places that later have been identified and excavated in an attempt to verify the stories. The findings were coherent with what the sagas tell. The descriptions of places, theyr names and locations can still be found today. Also the family trees that are described to detail in the sagas are coherent through the different books, written at different times by sometimes different authors. These family descriptions are also coherent with later church books that again also describe family relations/family trees. All these findings are detailed down to a family database over all Icelanders at

      Also, the findings of the Viking colonies in New foundland and the escavations done there are a direct result after the stories in the Icelandic family sagas. One of these sagas, the Saga of the Greenlanders, describe how Eric the Red fled Norway to Iceland, then later from Iceland to Greenland. His son, Leif Eriksson from there later discovers Canada/New Foundland wich they gave the name Vineland.

      Several attempts to settle Vinland(Vineland I guessa) where made, but they failed.

      More here:'Anse_aux_Meadows

    2. Also, the findings of the Viking colonies in New foundland and the escavations done there are a direct result after the stories in the Icelandic family sagas.

      Why shouldn't writers centuries ago choose real places in setting their stories for their audience?

      Do you think Homer faithfully recorded Odysseus involvement in the Trojan war and all his adventures afterwards? Or that he relied on an older oral and partly written tradition that preserved legends of earlier heroes?

      Yes, deCODE is interested in the Icelandic genetic database and sponsors genealogy for this reason. Goes back to the 17th century, as far as I know. Not am not saying there weren't any power struggles, obviously there were. But as far as the "saga-age" (page 3, Introduction:

      "The sagas are written in a sparse but sophisticated style and are filled with highly believable characters, events, and settings. One might think, therefore, that the history, culture, and society of saga-age Iceland would be well known. To the contrary, the available sources are few and contradictory, and thus our knowledge of saga-age Iceland is limited. Something as fundamental to the stories as the nature of the settlement and the divisions of the settlements and the divisions of the land by the early settlers remains unclear. The litarary sources and archeological sources do not agree on important points."

      I would prefer to ignore Vinland/Vineland if you don't mind. Did "Thomas Pynchon" have it in mind when he wrote his novel, I actually think he had, vaguely. There have always and will always be people that try to find their respective Atlantis. And yes, Troya existed.

      That's it from me on this thread, dear Anonymous.

    3. Sorry, Troy or German: Troja, but not Troya, which makes it something completely different it seems.

    4. If you ignore facts, such as Vinland/New Foundland and the excavations done do support the stories told in the sagas, then you are not reaklly being honest in your discussion. I have the impression that you are forcefully fighting something that does not fit your picture of things.

      deCODE is not just interested in Icelandic genetics, it started and based much of its activity on Icelandic gene research.

      I am actually an Icelandic citizen, and have access to It goes back far beyond the 17th century. Again you are ignoring aspects of our discussion. I tell you that the saga family trees are coherent with the later church books, and that it is all documented at You tell me that only goes back to the 17th century. My earliest forfathers that I have counted back in time according to is year 800 or so.

      I will post you a sencored picture soon.

      I am not trying to be rude, but in this case I think you should gather a greater impression of the subjectr and absolutely not ignore any aspect worth of consideration.

    5. By the way, I think it is important to mention that I do offcourse not believe that every word told in the stories are documented facts. The people that told these stories were sometimes liars, they might be bragging, and they were also superstitious.

    6. LeaNder, I know you are out of this discussion, but I still want to show you a part of and my own family tree. This is not to "be right" about the topic, but to share my enthusiasm over this topic and information related to it:

      Born year 910:

      Born year 996:
      Grettir "Sterki" ├ůsmundarson is not in direct relation with me according to this, but the mother of his grandparents are(born year 890):

      These two characters are famous through theyr sagas(they have one each of theyr own), but there are other individuals found in the database that go back far before the years mentioned here.

  2. The Bible says, "To him that overcometh is granted the prividlege to
    sit by my side."
    Life is an obstical course. It was specifically designed to be that way.
    We are subjected to all manner of hardships that we must prevail over.
    Only the hardy can do this in a strange, undeveloped land. Many
    pioneers are sociopaths. Israel wandered the desert for 40 years so the
    slave generation could die out, to be replaced by the youthful
    toughened generation that took Caanan with horrendous genicide.
    Austrila was started by convicts of the Bounty Bay colony.
    The technological era has permitted the weak to survive. They can't
    attain anything so they get very bored. So they say, "Let's shoot the
    first cracker that jogs by." That's how we get what happened in Oka. the
    other day.
    The final frontier isn't outer space, it's "inner space." But how can we
    expect animalistic dummbed down scum who can even count and who's sole
    desire is to debase and impregnate as many females as possible to
    comprehend that? You should see the movie "A Clockwork Orange." (1969)

  3. If you take out all sociopaths from the equation, this would be a peaceful world. There would no longer be a mass of imbecile thrill-seekers that cannot find a place for themselves and seeks to dominate/destroy everything and everyone around them while appeasing their vapid 'selfs' by telling themselves that they are necessary for anything other than the gods of destruction and decay.

    Every nation founded in blood was founded by a sociopath. Would that they never existed, because 'normals' that existed before they were enslaved and tyrannized by the 'socios' would have lived in paradise and shangri-la.

    1. You funny, funny person... How I would love to chop off your fingers and feed them to you for ten consecutive days (just lil' thrill-seeking peace-disturbing me:D)

      You know what "crimes of passion" are? All of that domestic abuse by jealous husbands and wives...? Neither of the two are exactly sociopathic tendencies.

      Speaking of Paradise: you know Adam and Eve worked themselves out of Eden? So if sociopaths are the root of all evil, then Adam and Eve would have had to be the first sociopaths; making every single human in existence since then predisposed to sociopathy.

      You should spend some more time on your equation...

    2. Anything can be debated. There is always an upside and downside to anything. War drives technologic evolution, selective death drives evolution. An aspect more debateable is that todays most competitive and successful nations are also those who in the past have been the most dominating in warfare.

      I do not think anything in this world is easily distinguished as a black and white picture, thus creating debateabilty. Just because someone has empathic abilities, does not mean that this person os going to be your friend. He can be a total asshole if the right reasons arise. Reasons like fame, status, money, sex, whatever makes that person happy.

      We live in a dangerous world where the worst consequence is death. This fact is true regardless of thew classifications we give each other.

  4. Icelandic women are beautiful in their own right.
    As dubious as their desires might be.

  5. I think the Icelandic sagas do record some actual history, just as the Odyssey describes real events.

    Look at your Bible, Christians. An allegorical telling of some real events.

  6. Check out the good Icelandic film, "The Seagulls Laughter", or "The Laughter of Seagulls". It's set in Iceland, post-WWII and is quite good.

    Is main character Frayja really a widow? How conniving is she? What about the young girl whose eyes this movie is seen through?

    Even a sociopath might enjoy this film.

  7. I know I promised not to do this, beside this is completely off topic. But in any case America is much more important now than are the Vikings and Iceland.

    America the empathic sociopath? Or simply Machiavellian maneuvers?

    1) Nethanyahu's Red Line cartoon.

    2) Mr faster please Ledeen's desire after the Iraq invasion, lets move on, first take Syria then take Iran.

    3) Max Blumenthal on Mondoweiss, Dubious Intelligence

    4) Former Intelligence officer and Arabist Pat Lang's Syria tag

    Great one can use so many links here, makes me sulk less about not being allowed to use blockquote. ;)


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