Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What if sociopaths looked like foxes?

A reader sent me this link to a review of the movie Disney animated movie Zootopia, in which this question is at least impliedly asked:

There’s something inherently weird about the “talking animal” genre, especially once it gets seriously anthropomorphic. What if some people in real life were goats and others were alligators? Would you still feel the same way about crime policy and immigration? It raises all sorts of ugly questions, that don’t have proper answers—because in real life, people aren’t easily labeled as pigs, wolves, geese, or tigers. Art Spiegelman’s Maus pushes this weirdness to its limits, with its Nazi cats and Jewish mice—but he makes it clear these roles are not intrinsic, by showing one of the mice turning into a cat in one panel.

Minor spoilers ahead...

The “talking animal” story is, in some sense, a fantasy both about being able to identify someone’s character at a glance—the wolf is visibly not the same as the three pigs—but also, about people having an essential nature that cannot be changed. (That second aspect of the fantasy also helps explain astrology, personality tests, and a million self-help books that divide people into types.)

I think a lot of people naturally think that sociopaths are essentially a different species -- the foxes of the human world. And I think a lot of people would love to be able to recognize them right away for that. But is that an accurate viewpoint?


  1. Interesting.

    The book A referred me to, The Gift of Fear, talks about how we essential prediction is and how implicitly we conduct it, how very powerful and rapid our subconscious is in detecting signals pertinent to our safety.

    Prediction. That's why we want to classify: it makes prediction easier.

    I certainly ignored signals from my own subconscious because I had no prior conception of a human acting in the way **-* did. So when I look back, I understand better; it's a learning experience.

    On the topic of anthropomorphism: I think this imaginative capability - tendency, I would be so bold as to say - relates to empathy. It is projection of our own experience onto other actors or even objects. We do it all the time.

    1. Hey North-

      Would you say that we are "sheep", and that psychopaths/sociopaths are "wolves in sheep's clothing"???


    2. PS North-

      Like the Taylor Swift song/video "Out of the Woods", that I said should be our "Theme Song"???


    3. I think I may have said before that I like to look up the definition of words-even everyday words that I believe I know the definition of. I always find there is a new way to look at it. I found it interesting that the word monster is derived from the Latin word that means to warn. The word monster seems almost insufficient to describe the sociopath I knew. There really is no word or definition that I know that can describe what I saw. There were many instances of the mask slipping to reveal the monster or warning underneath. But they were soon followed by behavior I understood and so I ignored the warning. I can only describe what I finally saw as more of a psychic vision-a final overwhelming warning of something that has no definition because I still don't know exactly what it is.

    4. Hey Vegas:

      I like MEs post which uses that analogy to distinguish between narcissists and sociopaths.

      Christopher S Hyatt says we all feed off each other constantly and I think this is a realistic view of humanity as whole. Sociopaths do it in unpredictable ways; unpredictable because we haven't yet achieved cultural awareness. This is why we call them monsters... as Anon 8:04 writes, we are warned of some unknown danger.

      So I think the wolf in sheep's clothing metaphor is great - if only we can help people understand there *are actually* wolves in sheep's clothing.

      Anon 8:04 An overwhelming warning - though I didn't see such s glimpse, your words make sense to me. I saw only an all-engulfing blankness: physical, isolating, depthless yet complete. I thought this man cannot connect to another human.

      Your vision sounds more sinister. Have you found other clues from the context? Perhaps your brain was piecing these together to form a view of his/her intentions. Perhaps it's not something your conscious mind can grasp but your subconscious mind has grasped it because it motivated you.

    5. Of course, there's understanding intentions and understanding motive - and it's the latter, the why, that is so intriguing and takes time and research to comprehend!

    6. "I saw only an all-engulfing blankness: physical, isolating, depthless yet complete. I thought this man cannot connect to another human."

      Sounds exactly like someone in the grip of deep depression, struggling to hide it so they don't get fired.

    7. North I have thought about the "vision " I had. I knew there was someone else before I "knew" and they never admitted it despite proof. I got the proof after I just knew. I had no real reason to know though And I do think this was my subconscious piecing things together. The main thing that made me say goodbye was something I can't explain. I saw from far away-meaning I wasn't physically with them when I saw "them" I wasn't even trying to. It was like I saw the most disgusting smirk with an infinite void behind it. It still makes me ill to think about it.

    8. After I "saw" them I began reading. It was a while before I really understood. But despite being confused and sad I couldn't unsee. That "feeling " was too much. Like an invisible barrier I couldn't cross.

    9. North I think listening to one's gut feelings is something that has been nearly systematically erased from humanity. I personally found that psychology and religion has done an excellent job at making us pause when we should react.

    10. I guess I could say I feel my doors of perception have been cleansed

    11. Anon, thanks for sharing.

      Yes, we've systematised our "safety" and lost sight of the fact we regularly clash with each other. We've wrapped our understandings of humanity in those cultural layers that jam a wedge between us and our genuine animal capabilities.

      I once relied on logical systems but even these are vastly inadequate given the full powers of our mind.

      Regarding your vision - I did have something similar but it was after I realised. I was playing rugby and his face haunted me, it was floating before me and I was crying the whole game. My teammates stood either side of me at half time; they had no idea and never asked me why I was crying but that was a singularly powerful experience.

    12. North I'm so sorry! It is extremely powerful. It all hit me at once. But really I still had no idea and I it's still hard to grasp. I only knew initially the person I thought I knew was gone baby gone... And I knew in that moment it wasn't my fault. I knew they were a liar. I knew they were beyond cruel. I just could have never imagined why

    13. And the "thing" that was in its place. I don't even know what to say about it. I wonder what the real story is. Why not just tell me the real story? I just can't imagine the level of willpower it must take to be that completely fake

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Socioempath-

    I beat you, again...


  3. I've thought of something similar what if you could see the very essence of a person in the form of a unique picture or aura which, summed up that persons entire being. 99% of people are lucky we don't have a device to reveal ones entire being in one intricate painting or what have you.

  4. "I think a lot of people naturally think that sociopaths are essentially a different species -- the foxes of the human world. And I think a lot of people would love to be able to recognize them right away for that. But is that an accurate viewpoint?"

    I think it's foolish to put people into fixed categories because there is no way of determining who is a *real* psychopath vs someone who fits the diagnosis but is essentially a good person struggling against their genes and environment. Labeling someone a "sociopath" says nothing more than "lacks empathy" - it doesn't say why or how they ended up that way. It would also be an invasion of our true privacy - our inner self - if that occurred. No one should want that.

    1. You can define people by labels according to Brain plasticity , seen via fMRI scans

    2. get a life nigger

    3. @ aspie:

      I'm not going to repeat your racial slur.
      But you should be ashamed of yourself. You f*ckwit.

  5. I saw the word "tangerine", and it reminded me of this song:

    The Wallflowers


    I love Jakob Dylan.:)


  6. Even though I'm quite public with my psychopathy, I still use my "acting scripts". Apparently my scripts are not as flawless as I would like to think, as some people seem to pick up on something that is perhaps slipping through the possible cracks of my scripts. On rare occasion, they seem to notice something isn't quite right; they become fearful, they won't maintain eye contact with me. If I recall correctly, M.E., you wrote a blog post talking about that topic. In that sense, we do walk around looking different from the rest, perhaps it's simply a matter of someone being perceptive enough to see when the script is flawed.

    ESTP Sociopath

    1. A thought came to my mind last night. I think he said he started to lie and cheat and thought it doesn't matter when he was 13. Wouldn't that coincide with when his family officially became atheists after being deeply religious Christians for a long time?

    2. You're right, ESTP Sociopath. There are noticeable flags, but until one has experience with a sociopath it's difficult to gather those signals to create a picture. In other words, Most people don't have a conceptual framework to pin those signals to - we don't conceive of there being an element of society who operates in a sociopathic mode, posing risks of various sorts. So those flags often fall softly to the ground. We think we are mistaken to be concerned. The trick is to trust our intuitive perceptions even if we don't cognitively understand them.

      The benefit, however, of going through such an experience is the opportunity to develop and hence share cognitive models. The difficulty remains that people primarily learn by experience... still, it may help, it may help. My book is aiming for an immersive, vicariously emotional experience to facilitate learning.

    3. "My book is aiming for an immersive, vicariously emotional experience to facilitate learning."

      "Immersive, vicariously emotional experience". Like Reality TV, but in print!! Can't wait!!

      Lets hope you get a good editor then. Mind you, the book will end up being a pamphlet.

    4. Within days of meeting my sociofriend, I told him there was something different about him...

      It tooK me a long time to crystallize it as North would say. Reading ME's book helped and sharing ideas here on SW also did.

      Years later I am still fascinated. A might want to comment on this...

      There is a different quality to the relationship. Can be very utilitarian when it needs to be. I can call him and ask for the ONE thing I need from him right now without having to chit chat. And he won't mind. It is refreshing.

    5. "Within days...I told him there was something different about him....There is a different quality to the relationship.... It is refreshing"

      Can you expand?

    6. On that, I mean. 8-)

      Not, get fatter.

  7. People don't fit into categories very well, I think that includes sociopath and psychopaths. I most certainly don't fit most peoples image of a psychopath, yet my brain inherently thinks that way. Even people I have told, sometimes don't see that side of me. Sometimes I don't either (until I look at motives, or my lack of regret). The way that my psychopathy effects my life comes out in completely different ways than the way my friend who is a sociopath's life is affected. In some ways I feel inherently different from others I am around, even enough to say I might be a different species. But in other ways I can say the same for other affecting disorders. I am also a different species because of my lupus. Things in my life are significantly different from that. I don't react the way a "normal" person would, I don't do what a "normal" person does. My psychopathy is the same way.

    I do find that being a psychopath and being aware of how it affects my actions and thought patterns makes me extremely observant to others actions. I am easily able to identify sociopaths, psychopaths, or narcissists.

    1. "I most certainly don't fit most peoples image of a psychopath,"

      Me neither. People immediately say something like 'Oooh you can't be - you're so nice/kind/non-criminal!'
      Especially psychologists.

      The stereotyping is really annoying. Just like the 'they're all pathological liars' broken record stuff.

      "I do find that being a psychopath and being aware of how it affects my actions and thought patterns makes me extremely observant to others actions."

      That's so true. But friends really appreciate that astuteness, especially the ones that are too well-intentioned and could end up being taken advantage of by third parties.

      "Narcissists". Yum. LOL

    2. I agree that many of my friends appreciate that I know what is going on And explain situations to them.

      As a side note, I love the "yum" when talking about narcissists. I have such a bad perception of them, but I don't know if it just happens to be the ones I know

    3. "I have such a bad perception of them, but I don't know if it just happens to be the ones I know"

      Nope. I mean this sincerely. The only good narcissist is an expired [or if you're attempting altruism this year: a comatose] narcissist.
      They are the scum of the earth.

      Why? Because they pretend to be strong externally when they are weak inside. They give everyone a bad name. They are embarrassing, trivial, superficial, unamusing, spitefully malevolent, cowardly - did I mention they all deserve to die [I did? Oh].

      Outrage aside; you aren't mistaken. There are no 'nice' narcissists. I'd actually like to meet one of those, to see if such a thing could exist.
      It'd be like: "I met a really clever goldfish today. Walking in the local park. And they wore shorts"!!

      Most people aren't worth getting annoyed about. But someone narcissistic? It's one's duty to destroy them, and provide a very worthwhile public service.

      At this point one could make a joke about dirt, job, someone, got, doing etc....

    4. Glad to know it isn't just me. Their dependency and weakness is the one thing that really annoys me in life.
      I take enjoyment in tearing them down, and showing the world who they really are

    5. Or that's how you justify your disease to yourself...

    6. "I take enjoyment in tearing them down, and showing the world who they really are"

      I believe psychopaths and narcissists are 'natural enemies'. The trouble starts when a narcissist imagines their external bluster is a match for unemotional disinterest.

      Still, it's good hunting, albeit the outcomes are predictable.

    7. I have far more experience with narcs and I do wonder if sociopaths are easier to deal with for the reasons floating around here. Their aggression (I'm speaking in the most general terms) and flamboyance comes from a place of internal discomfort, a lack they perceive in themselves.

      It seems different for sociopaths, as if the drives to dominate or manipulate are from an utterly different place. Less conflicted. Is that close? How does it feel for you?

      Sociopaths are certainly more interesting and capable of conversation.

    8. I agree that it comes from a different place. Im usually not conflicted and very self aware of my actions where most narc have no idea why they are doing things. That's probably why I hate them so much.

  8. "demon" is the best description of socios: inhuman & with no bond to their so called fellow men. And "cat" remains the closest animal to a socio: scary eyes and creepy indifference. But somehow rather likeable, magnetic & interesting..

  9. Most of the time I think everyone I meet is out to get me attack me and humiliate me and it's true. The masses of people are monstrous. Out of 100 people only 1 will be of pleasant character.

    1. Dogs are most like sociopaths. Innocent Don't hold grudges outgoing don't care about anything but having a good time

    2. Empaths and normies are most like cats. Unforgiving, petty, always looking for a weakness, passive and cowardly, not masculine or honorable, gossiper. When I talk to people I have no hidden agenda and never put someone down or make them uncomfortable because I'm a MAN. Most people sociopaths included are dominated by their feminine side I'm 100% masculine.

    3. The only other human comparable to socios is zodiac-sign Scorpio, similar in so many ways. But somehow closer to "wildlife" than sociopaths are. Less interested in human interaction and perhaps more aggressive, more "raw".

    4. "Out of 100 people only 1 will be of pleasant character."

      That's stretching it a bit don't you think. More like 1 out of 100,000?

      Adam you are too generous. You have too kind a nature. You must be careful that you don't find yourself taken advantage of, maligned, and cast to those dogs.

      Stick with cats. Cats are true psychopaths. I know. There are no gossiping cats. They respect no-one but themselves. It's dogs that hunt in packs, barking as they trot about in their ramblings.


  10. Adam is a noble and great person. His ideals appeal to our more Good nature. I nominate him for saint hood.

    1. Dr. Sockson, you're obviously extremely discerning, wise and objective in your assessments.
      You are to be congratulated, as all here would no doubt agree.

      And Saint Adam has a very gratifying ring to it. Straightforward, direct, to the point. There's certainly no mistaking his ideals.

      Those socks sure come in handy.

  11. This is powerful and far more beautiful in the original Arabic. No other book speaks so boldly and confidently, going as far as God Himself swearing to the veracity of His message (which happens frequently in the Qur'an).

    In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate.

    "When the sun is overthrown,

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    For whoever among you who wills to go straight.

    But you shall not will except as God wills, the Lord of the Worlds."

    Qur'an Chapter 29: The Overthrowing


      This is chapter 81, not 29. The title is the same: "The Overthrowing."

    2. The "honored messenger" mentioned in verse 19 is a reference to the angel Gabriel. It can be confusing so I thought I should expound.

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  14. Socioempath-

    Where are you???

    I'll let you win, next time.:)


  15. I think Bernie is the only Non-socio / non-narcissist left in the Presidential campaign. God bless him - whether he wins or not.

  16. I'll tell you how to spot a fox: watch the eyes.

    The socio I know has the most unsettling gaze. I felt it right away. Like he was seeing right into me. And EVERY conversation is a staring contest. He doesn't look away until I do.

    I noticed this once and tried to "win." I lost, badly. It was like a storm in my brain, complete with adrenaline. He noticed my distress, of course, and was amused.

    Was it Cleckey who wrote about the reptilian gaze of the psychopath or Hare?

    What say the smooth criminals? Is this something you do? Anyone else notice it? Is this guy a socio? Or does he just have a staring problem?


    1. Yes, I have noticed it. Most potently just before he made his move on me.

      I held his gaze for so long, so long. I wrote in my journal that night he was never planning on looking away.

      "It was like a storm in my brain..."

      Thanks for sharing this; it's something I have since wanted to try.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Interesting, North. So in your opinion is the staring contest a sociopath seduction strategy?
      Is it something a socio does without realizing it?
      Is it about dominance?
      All of the above?
      I don't see him anymore but I still think about it. Bewitching.


    4. I can only comment in my case :) He also looked at me that way during sex; it was hypnotising. The Dance of the Hunger of Kaa.

      It is a fascinating phenomenon. I've talked about it here before with others who've experienced it; I wonder if a sociopath or two might share how they are experience it?

    5. It is a common trait for intense eye contact. But I actually have the opposite. I don't make eye contact. Unless I want something, or they are the person I've chose to target. Then I make it selectively. Its a seduction technique that I chose to employ rarely, but many use it all the time and I think a lot do it by instinct, not choice.

    6. "I don't make eye contact. Unless I want something, or they are the person I've chose to target. "

      Are you my long-lost twin, TPI?
      [No I'm not stalking you across threads; but] that is *so* true. I know why that is, in fact. I read research papers for fun. [Well, someone's got to do it.] 8-)
      I bet if you did one of those 'Which emotion is this pair of eyes [ie. just that strip of the face] showing?' psychological tests [~35 eye strips] your score would be as low as mine. LOL
      Fear: couldn't tell at all, even once.

      I stare at people only if I want to intimidate. It works well. You don't have to say a thing, which is often the point.
      [Sorry to intrude]

    7. Thanks ThePsychopathInside. It did look instinctive, primal.

    8. "I read research papers for fun"
      We may in fact be long lost twins, I seriously love research papers. There's a reason I'm in academia

      "You don't have to say a thing"
      This is why I employ it infrequently. If you do it all the time people will get used to it a little. but if you never look at them and then do its a big deal

    9. "There's a reason I'm in academia"

      I have been too, off and on. And loving research comes in very handy when needing to discover/assimilate a lot of info very quickly. I researched 'myself' recently. It was a bit dispiriting, frankly. So much assumption by so many, so little actual knowledge, by those pertaining to be 'experts'.

      "if you never look at them and then do its a big deal"

      I found myself doing it by accident at a friend over a meal, [the hyperfocus just 'happened' for some reason] I wonder which of us was more concerned. 8-/

      [BTW, if my responses seem delayed, it's not due to disinterest, but real life intruding.]

  17. Posted in the wrong spot above.

    Spent an hour with **-* today.

    1. Groan. Not again! But you *promised* you'd leave....You *said* so. Were you lying? You closet sociopath, you. more, OK?
      OK, I'll reform. I'll stop eating people. I'll stop lying about my IQ. Anything you like. Just GO.

      Deal? Pleeeze...??

      [It's OK BreathlessEmpath. We looves each other really.
      And don't encourage North with any more storms in her brain. She's had enough of those already. If you get my drift........
      Evil reptilian glare:
      ON. FULL BEAM.
      Can you feel it?]

    2. We don't always get what we want but congratulations for at least eventually spitting it out.

    3. "congratulations for at least eventually spitting it out."

      Ahh, the riposte of the humour-challenged. I can see your prim little look there, North, peeking through. LOL

      But, sadly, I have no idea what was being spat out [is it a cultural colloquialism?], eventually or otherwise.

      Except for laughter, which was spontaneous:

      "I held his gaze for so long, so long. I wrote in my journal that night he was never planning on looking away."

      Oh. My. God. [don't start Jonaid]

      Brimful of positive affect as I am, though, and thus looking on the bright side, now you're not vacating the premises there's going to be lots more pompous source material, for whenever melancholy threatens.

      Stub a toe? have a look at North's posts. Make fun.

      No chocolate left? have a look at North's posts. Make fun.

      Bored for an odd [very odd] moment? Have a look at North's posts. Make fun.

      Oh bliss, oh joy.

    4. Goodness someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

    5. LOL. No actually, I'm really cheerful at present, hence the humour. 8-)

    6. And goodnight.

  18. LOL! Who is this colourful character? Not sure I like the jabs at North; I think she's insightful.
    Thanks for the starting contest, though. I lost but it was fun ; )

    1. "LOL! Who is this colourful character?"

      NamelessReset, latterly of the Double Entendre. LOL

      "North; I think she's insightful."

      Only if you're blind, deaf and dumb. I mean that in a nice way.

      The only insights any woman needs to gain when she's dumped after an office romance, while she's on the rebound from a bad marriage, is:
      1] He's not a 'sociopath' - he's Just Not That Into You.
      2] Don't spend months and months and months and...., wailing about it online as if it's a unique and precious experience. SW is not an acronym for Therapy On The Cheap.
      3] Get a clue, and get a sense of humour about life, then maybe the next guy will stick around longer.
      4] Get a therapist, who will insist on at least a modicum of bracing self-reflection and challenge of one's assumptions, as an aid to change. North's, that is.

      I am non-competitive, so no contest, no loss and no win.
      Just phrases one can spin off from.

      But see, you've mentioned that word 'win' twice. Deliberate; or unaware?

      Maybe we'll play again sometime. Maybe not. 8-)

    2. Oh xk tommorow is another day....

    3. Thanks BreathlessEmpath, I like your posts too and think it's a beautiful thing to share our experiences :)

      XK wants more sociopathic discussion and less neurotypical explorations and she's fighting for it. I respect that and I don't expect sociopaths to enjoy my posts.

      But I don't accept her narrative regarding me because it's agenda-driven (instrumental) rather than insightful or useful.

    4. "But I don't accept her narrative"

      ...because then you'd have to stop posting reams of angst, get a life, and Move On.

      "it's agenda-driven (instrumental) rather than insightful or useful."

      It was all three. 8-)

      "she's fighting for it."

      Someone was having fun. It was a slow night. Is all. LOL


    5. Where's the angst, XK? Sounds like you're still suffering a whole lot of butt-hurt 'cause I had a go at you. Get over it already.

    6. The beautiful irony was that it happened in a post in which I originally agreed with what was a genuinely insightful comment on how psychopaths ought to rejoice in the capabilities they do have and quit whining.

      I then disagreed with your derogatory statements about neurotypicals.

      Unlike you, I am perfectly capable of creating space for both types in my conception of humanity and don't see the need to be derogatory about either.

      You may think it's 'fun' to reframe my comments as having a go at psychopaths but it's completely inaccurate and smacks of insecurity. You're making a fool of yourself and are almost as embarrassing as Adam sucking his own dick.

      Open your mind.

      Fun, my arse. Grow some real balls and stop hiding behind "jokes".

    7. Experiment B:

      Aim: to see if North can laugh at herself, as this is usually a sign of someone with a healthy mental state.
      Method: wind her up online:
      "Sounds like you're still suffering a whole lot of butt-hurt 'cause I had a go at you. Get over it already."
      "Grow some real balls and stop hiding behind "jokes".
      "You're making a fool of yourself and are almost as embarrassing as Adam sucking his own dick."
      "You may think it's 'fun' to reframe my comments as having a go at psychopaths" [Huh? what?]
      Conclusion: No; North cannot laugh at herself. Or bear another, laughing at her.

      General Discussion: It's very easy to push her buttons. She responds with anger and insults. She is insecure, joyless and self-important. She enjoys writing about her confused inner life at length and expects it to be respected and taken seriously by total strangers, who may be utterly callous towards her. She appears to ignore the fact that that was a risk she undertook when she chose to participate on a site like this. As does everyone. No one owes anyone anything here. No-one.


    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Meh, I don't need these silly fights anymore. I used to love escalation, but it's no longer what I want for my life.

    11. There you go.

      'Lurn, baby; lurn'.


  19. I agree fully with you, XK, that a sense of humour helps keep things in perspective.

    But come on! Haven't you ever been in love with someone you just can't have? Haven't you been obsessed?

    I would argue that lovesickness IS profound and, for some, extremely difficult to overcome. (Others have pointed out many of its symptoms are already in the DSM).

    But maybe you haven't experienced it. If so you are lucky, and yet you are also missing out. . .

    I just about quoted Shakespeare so I better stop. You're already chortling in derision, I'm sure. ;)

    I prefer to think of myself as playful, not competitive. But who knows?

    I can only imagine the blows you are about to rain down upon me.


    1. "But come on! Haven't you ever been in love with someone you just can't have?"

      Once. I acquired them. End.

      "Haven't you been obsessed?"

      No about 'Lurve' LOL.

      "(Others have pointed out many of its symptoms are already in the DSM)."

      So is everyone and their dog. Probably, even their doormat. Especially the doormat.

      "Now; doormat, tell me why you think you're downtrodden and persecuted?"

      "Well, I think, I can't be sure of course, but it might be because they wipe their feet on me"

      [Pause. Scribbling on note paper heard in the background]

      "This patient has a classic case of paranoid fantasies, passive aggressive tendencies, and psychotic schizophrenia"

      "Is there any hope, doctor?"

      "There's always hope, doormat. Just keep taking these pills."

      "Dr, I thank you. My life will now have meaning and contentment. I too am now one of the Great Medicated of the US of A."

      'Thou shalt not take the USA Medical Insurance industry/APA cartel seriously, or Thou Shalt Burn In Hell.'

      "You're already chortling in derision, I'm sure. ;)"

      Moi? Pourquoi? LOL.
      But no blows forthcoming.
      However, there's the real world to deal with at present.


  20. Breathless empath love truly does conquer all. Who cares what anyone else says. ;-)

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Yes, accurate thanks to dramatic characterization that sells movie tickets and geniuses like Bundy and Manson. If anyone made such a brazen demand as to identify me than I'd courteously ask for copies of their patient files bc this sin't the fucking movies it's a legal medical/ psychiatric disorder entailing patient confidentiality to all but the most serious of circumstance. But I'm okay sharing mine; however, in the interest of fair exchange, I would courteously ask for their patient files as well. I'm sure it would lead to some very interesting conversations.

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