Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quote: self-doubt

"I've never joined any organization—not even the ones I've organized myself. I prize my own independence too much. And philosophically, I could never accept any rigid dogma or ideology, whether it's Christianity or Marxism. One of the most important things in life is what Judge Learned Hand described as 'that ever-gnawing inner doubt as to whether you're right.' If you don't have that, if you think you've got an inside track to absolute truth, you become doctrinaire, humorless and intellectually constipated. The greatest crimes in history have been perpetrated by such religious and political and racial fanatics, from the persecutions of the Inquisition on down to Communist purges and Nazi genocide."

-Saul Alinsky


  1. XK and Anonymouse Collective;

    There you go, jizzing in your pants. Just like **-*

    Nothing constructive, just the hollow sounds of voices in blank minds. Fuck you.

    1. Peace. Listen.

      He will always think like this. Do you want to be around *this*?

      The minds aren't blank. They are too full.

      Listen to OldandWise.
      Even though you are a narcissist.

    2. I have thought *a great deal* about how sociopaths seem so tightly intertwined with religion and morality. I believe it comes down to this. They desperately need rules and structure as a guideline. Lacking their own compass they must be reliant on society. They hate being reliant in Society-but it's all they've got. Without it they would be completely clueless about how to survive in the world. They need rules, structure. I think a lot of this calling out the sins of others is baby behavior. Meaning but whahhh they do it too. See!!!???

    3. Anon @ 5:01-

      I agree with you.

      It has been mentioned before, that "emotional maturity" ceases to develop for psychopaths/sociopaths, fairly early on in life...


    4. M.E.-

      Regarding your tweet:

      "Enjoy the sociopath in your life as you would enjoy a movie. They provide a departure, transient in most cases, from real/regular life."

      I completely agree.

      In fact, I used that exact analogy, when I was talking to my husband-that being with him, is like being in a movie.:)

      It is absolutely a "departure" from "real/regular life", even if only transient...

      Not being with him, feels like after the ending of a great movie (the NT's will understand that feeling).:(

      It's funny, that you use the same analogy.:) I have found using analogies quite helpful, in communicating with my husband.:)


    5. The saying on the T-shirt I am wearing today is:

      "Be A Voice, Not An Echo"


    6. ~Vegas, that quote ME tweeted was from me as well *blush*! April 29th 2014. I am glad you can relate to it. You seem to be in a good place.

    7. Anon @ 5:01

      Lol, you know I've thought about religion a bit lately. It's mostly because of my current lack of progress at my job. I think religion appeals to sociopaths because lets face it - it's a way to get people to give you money while you give them nothing. It's a con and socios are drawn to cons like a moth to a flame.

    8. Scarlet religion and God are two different things to me. I've had problems with religion since I was a child. It just never seemed quite right to me. But God -outside of the constraint of religion seemed very natural to me and still does. I understand the concept of God to be something very innate and personal that would exist without religion. Is that how you see things?

    9. Sorry to intrude but I agree with Anonymous 7:40. Belief & trust in God is what ultimately counts. The original & sole purpose of true religion is to direct people back to God - NOT to itself or it's self-proclaimed chiefs.

    10. OldAndWise-

      I loved your quote, and am glad M.E. tweeted it, as I wasn't visiting this site yet.

      You know it's a good one, when M.E. tweets it!!!

      I can definitely relate to your quote, and yes-I am in a good place-thank you.:)


      It's funny how much you can appreciate the little things in life.:) Like the peace and happiness I feel, by just putting on my Birkenstocks-my favorite shoes!!!


  2. The greatest crimes in history have been committed by psychopathic maniacs who lack self-doubt. One can also be sure that any affiliation these guys had with religions or political organizations were almost certainly a façade. The only people who truly lack self-doubt in most, if not all aspects of their lives, are real psychopaths. That's why they APPEAR to be so confident and attract others with their false pride.

    Someone with firm belief in God does eventually lack self-doubt but only with regards to the existence of God and an objective foundation for moral truths. In everything else they gain a level of humility which would be detrimental, almost like a disease, if God did not exist.

    1. In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate.

      "When the hypocrites come to you, they say: We bear witness that you are indeed God's Messenger; and God knows that you are indeed His Messenger, and God bears witness that the hypocrites are liars indeed.

      They make their faith a pretext so that they may turn (people) from the way of God. Verily evil is that which they are wont to do."

      Qur'an 63: 1-2

      Using religion as a pretext for ulterior agendas is as old as religions themselves. A rational and sincere mind can distinguish between the original message and it's false claimants. It's not hard.

  3. Where's my Lord Adam?

  4. Jonaid pray for me, use your scruples to pray for me! I feel my slut play coming out! :D

    1. You'll be okay. Listen to this:

      It's only a minute & a half long so go all the way.

    2. You have restored to me thy salvation, thank you.

  5. XK, do you identify as a sociopath? If so do you see yourself as low or high functioning? Can you expand on what you said about Borderlines?

    1. @O&W:


      There are highly elevated personality traits conforming to the clinical definition of primary psychopathy; aspects of secondary psychopathy also exist. It is not a self-diagnosis.

      'High functioning' *is* probably the correct paraphrasing when describing a successful and happy life of a reasonably intelligent human being.

      What would you like to know about Borderlines?


  6. You said All angry people should Adopt a Borderline as their anti-rage therapy.
    Then you'd kill two birds with one stone.

    Can you explain?

    1. Reply is misposted one down

  7. When Jonaid mentioned that sociopaths are religious, that's the best observation he's made to date. I have a family on my husbands side, I spent the last 13 years figuring them out. Would I say there full blown sociopaths -of course not - but the traits remain strong within. I also think it's just a genetic makeup - not just all environment. Specially in a part of area they come from. Seems to me there is a higher innocent in these parts. And what Adam said about dignity and honour, he makes a point. But they fail to remember the narcissism that bleeds through on the flip side of things. You got to stay humble not puffed up. I honestly believe they don't see because there is a strong sense of pride within the family dynamic. It goes way back. I can spot them like flies. The intense eyes, the passion, but the disregard as well when things don't go quite there way. Adam mentioned he's a step ahead, funny I've heard this observation within my own extended family. They are in an aspect, in another, they aren't. And I observe and observe and let them believe there the step ahead with me. My motto: it takes one to know one. Lol. Probably the best type of people though. My analogy: I look at a coin and on one-side of this family, they have set me apart, set me free to be he best version of myself, but in another sense I endured bullshit and had to learn to stand on my two feet quickly. I believe I stayed in my borderline traits as a result. The emotional shit don't work in this family. It's not in the makeup. I'm not saying it's not there. You just don't go on about stuff. Mention it a few times and move on. But the son I married was always rebellious in a good sense some he looks oppositional because from the outside it looks reactive but on his inside he's the most sensitive of the clan. And very masculine. Bringing out his feminine side takes work but I see it and nothing to be ashamed of. The men are patriarchal in a sense, some women choose to live this way it's a safety net. I don't, won't put up with it. I choose to stay with a man who puts me in high regard within his level or else I would have left a long time ago. If he treats me like a princess , I have no problem submitting and role playing at night. ;) I actually look forward to it. But I'm fiesty and I rule this rooster! Hahajaja kidding.... Well ;))

    1. Your husband sounds like're lucky to have him ;).

      I had trouble with psychos in the family because they knew I always meant well, was sensitive on the inside, but more than willing to fight for what's right. They knew I blindly trusted them (before I discovered they were psycho) and they used that against me. It is indescribably disgusting & painful when you - and only you - know how much you trusted them, how much you cared and how pure your intentions were. So much so that it nearly crippled me and turned me into a psycho worse than I met.

      I can care less if it's a family member or my enemy - if one is clearly in the wrong I feel compelled to call them out on it (if I have a say on the matter that is...I don't go around interfering in other people's business). Likewise I can praise someone I otherwise detest if there is a quality I find worth praising in them.

      Okay enough narcissism and self-praise for one day. Don't hold me to it.

    2. I like this side of you Jonaid, thanks for sharing. :)

    3. Believe it or not this side is my dominant side. I hold myself back a lot on this website...because I'm here for serious reasons.

    4. I like this side of Jonaid, too.

  8. Double meaning; true and joke. Either they'll kill each other, or each will be therapeutically helpful to the other.

    One takes nothing personally, the other takes everything personally.
    Psychopathic detachment can diffuse Borderline reactive rage; Borderline extreme emotion can be sufficiently 'loud' to penetrate psychopathic flattened affect; the non-judgmental approach of a psychopath can counter the black/white thinking of a Borderline, in the 'quiet' times when they're receptive to logic. The self-confident psychopath won't care about any Borderline accusations or insults.

    Psychopaths [no fear] aren't bothered about the 'walking on eggshells' aspect of Borderline. And Borderlines usually appreciate the optimism and drive of the psychopath.

    The only downside is the abandonment issues of the Borderline, since the psychopath....abandons, eventually. Although if the borderline is 'stabilised' by that point - they usually breathe a sigh of relief as they wave goodbye 8-)


    1. @Old&Wise: this ^^^ one is your reply

    2. XK I like your observation and I agree with many aspects, but why call them psychopaths. A psychopath has no conscious and would probably kill their own flesh, a sociopath would protect their family AT ALL costs.

    3. Again you're observational skills are quite good, not to take away from that.

    4. @ Anon 9.48/50am:

      I call 'them' [LOL] what is clinically correct.

      'sociopath' has no clinical meaning or even definition, so why use it.

      "A psychopath has no conscious and would probably kill their own flesh, a sociopath would protect their family AT ALL costs."

      Are you borderline btw? That sentence is a good example of black/white thinking [splitting].

      [Self-important lecturing tone: ON. Monotone droning voice]:

      'Like any other category of humans, psychopathic personalities will range from those willing to 'kill their own flesh' [extremely rare eg. Christian Longo] to those who protect their family at all costs [much more usual].

      BTW it's 'conscience' [spelling]. Example:
      Successful psychopathic people might have no conscience, but have conscious self-awareness as well as conscientiousness.'

      [Self-important tone: OFF]

      They're not 'observational' skills. Observation is but the poor relation of action.
      [I know, that was pompous too. Sigh.]


    5. Haja ! Nice. Powerful. I sometimes wonder if this is Dr. Gspot impersonating her XZ marks the spot. I'm just playing here. No offence intended. What ya did back there in some other post you wrote "How the doc was funny & had a way with the sociopaths opening up....." Blah blah

      Nice :D keep validating you're on the right track. If it's you - you fuckeen know I have traits of borderline like you do. Nice projection. How's the book writing going? Any accidents lately? ;) I know more than anyone knows ....remember that. See doc I have nothing against you, you can have your little piece of glory! You can have it all. After all I kinda had a soft spot for you because I saw how borderlines used shit against you. I saw how nasty they got. I fended for you .....while everyone dragged your name in the mud. I never wished I'll on you. I understood there nasty little splitting games.

      I'll microwave the bowl of popcorn. It's full moon tonight. Kinda miss seeing Doc around since she kept the thread going from convo to convo. Don't let that get to your head now blondie if you are the XZ marks the spot of impersonation. ;)

      I do it from time to time as well. Everyone does, and whoever thinks they haven't on social media is a liar.

    6. @ Anon 6.35pm:

      "Dr. Gspot impersonating her XZ marks the spot. I'm just playing here."

      Replying with no sarcasm or snippyness, but with Respect:

      No, I'm not Dr. Ginger. I'd like to know how she swung not getting 'filtered out' during her shrink training, being Borderline though.

      "Don't let that get to your head now blondie"

      Blondes are ditzy, aren't they? Am I ditzy? 8-)

      There are no deceptions here, no impersonation. I am just an extremely pleasant person, usually, who enjoys humour a lot; so never any need to impersonate that.

      "used shit against you. I saw how nasty they got."

      I haven't read that part yet in the archives. I'm afraid I would have stepped in on her behalf. It would have been a pleasure. Nice people need encouragement not nastiness.

      Re Borderline traits; just take it at face value that I'm very used to them, but I don't have them. Cold aggression is me, not hot.

      And I don't seek glory. Maybe in real life glory could be OK. Temporarily. [I'm more the you don't see me until you do, kind of person.]

      Infamy however, would be quite nice. 8-) Eventually.
      I realise that's being very presumptuous. But hushed awe *is* nice to walk into a room to, though, yes?
      LOL in delight.

      So. Nothing to prove here, nothing to gain except laughter [at myself, mainly].


  9. It's Superchick , I'm just posting as Anon because I can ...but I'm sure some rare people can figure it out. Haha :D I like to play :) till next time...,, I'm outta here folks. And remember Not All Anons are Superchick, for the love of God...., so many people play on this site and impersonate ,lol . I come here occasionally. Later!

    1. @ Anon Superchick:

      "some rare on this site and impersonate"

      OK. [thinks]. Superchick huh? Prove it. Go on, prove it. What, you scared? 8-)

      [pleeeaze don't take this seriously or I *will* lose the will to live 8-)] No that's not a promise.

      'Impersonate' huh? Maybe It's Time To Talk About 'Adam_2016'.....

      "I like to play"

      8-) Tennis? No, Anon/Superchick.

      This here site is serious business. People here Do Not Wish to Play or Laugh. They're pompous, like that upstart XK. They're all narcissistic. Morally self-righteous. Self-deluded even. How dare you make fun of, with, or to anyone? What *are* you? How are you? Where are you?
      [there's that 'ADHD' again....LOL]

      Don't you dare come here and have 'fun', you miserable excuse of a non-human being! [oh no, that's just 'them' 8-) that are the non-human beings. Sub-human being then.]

      Who *do you think* you are. Don't answer that. [reproving look].

      8-), OK?

    2. For the record, I like to play, XK.

    3. Hahaja! You're quite the entertainment. Crutches popcorn :D

    4. @ anon 6.50pm:

      [puzzled look]
      'crutches' popcorn???

      If I *think* I know what you're meaning [not sure though] my response is:

      You're absolutely right. Why on earth bother even attempting to be humorous in such a puerile manner when there is, lurking on this site, someone who has the capability of producing the following gem off the cuff, with I'm sure, absolutely no effort whatsoever:

      In the words of Anthony Labrecque, coupla days ago, which I just now read and which is so slick I lmao in delight:

      "My man, always a privilege to hear the religious judge the hypocrites with rationality. Although, if religious people were capable of rational thought there wouldn't be any. You've done me a service sir and I thank you for blocking half the page with your posts."

      8-) 8-) LOL x 6

      In fact I like it so much I might start posting it as a riposte to that nitwit who posts about a link to another site, so Anthony's ghost appears daily.

      Therefore, without any regret whatsoever and a huge sigh [I'm good at those] of relief, I absolutely resign, quit, and bow to the Master. It is No Contest.
      Can there be more, though? Much more?

      [And if you, anonSuperChick, complain that I've reposted someone else's post *again* - I'll be Very Very Cross.

      And if I've got all the anon's mixed up with the socks, LOL, who the *hell* cares! 8-)


    5. O, wow, you're definitely not her the more I read ur posts. So over my head. Night night.

    6. @ Anon 8.25pm:

      Now you listen to me Anonymous or whatever your name is! What do you think you're playing at, pretending to be 'Anonymous'? And 'her', who? I don't know which one you are, who the other one is, who her is and now I've got no clue who the hell I am either!!! Which considering I've spent so long and many $amounts trying to find out - is, I assure you, a HUGE worry! HUGE. I know I'm starting to shout. Panic is setting in. Hmm. Interesting. I think I like 'panic'. Kind of tingly and spicy. [Ahem] Back on topic.

      Feel me? [no don't] For god's sake, give yourselves names, I'm new here and It Isn't Fair. It's like playing tennis with a herd of cats. Now I like cats. But usually they obey me. Cause I'm really intimidating, see. [Then there's the fact I don't feed them if they Disobey.]

      I'm just asking for some consideration. Not much to ask for surely.

      This isn't the Sadists blog I've stepped into by unhappy accident is it?
      Is it?????

      Thinks: Sh*t I hope *they* know who they are. Oh my god.......
      What if they don't? What if none of them know??? How the *hell* can I respond to any of them if none of them know who they are? [well I know one of them has a head, at least.]

      I repeat, what do all you Anonymous's think you're playing at????


      night night.

  10. Vegas, sorry for not replying in time - if that means anything.

    I never watched 'True Romance' but intended to. I'm quite sure you already told me 'bout that movie.

    Much goin' on in my live right now.... My SO got together with me again (rather, I asked him to stop the shitty game with my feelings), eventually, and I had time to think about the weird dynamic between us two.

    He's manipulating me for the past three or four weeks, emotionally, which - of course - didn't quite work (my feeling don't go deep enough to control me). Playing jealous and the I'm-so-hurt-please-protect-me-Card and afterwards denying everything. Plus, making me horny on every occassion I didn't thought he would, telling me he didn't mean to, the next day. Stuff like that.

    Somehow, I came to the conclusion he must be more like me than I initially thought. He might be a psycho too... does this even have a future?? I guess I sound like him now...

    Quite confusing. He kept me walking on eggshells the last week. He's fascinating to me... An obsession, solely made by him, got me to be all possesive... Never happened before, and I had a good deal of relationships before. Quite difficult ones too.

    Thoughts/Advice much appreciated.

    1. Hey NM!!!

      I was going to ask you about your SO, and if he came back to you, when you set him free...

      If he came back to you, he is yours.:)

      If you let him go, he may be being "passive aggressive" to get back at you for doing that, and trying to make you jealous on purpose.

      I'm sure he is trying to "tease" you and make you "horny". Another "passive aggressive" gesture, for "letting him go".

      What is your SO saying he is "hurt" about, and needs "protection" from???

      Also, how does he have you "walking on eggshells"???

      I will try to give you the best advice I can.:)

      This does sound fascinating, and I can see why you feel obsessed and possessive about him...


    2. Hey NM-

      PS-I had a feeling, that if you let your SO go, he would come back to you.:)

      I bet you are "THE BEST", he's ever had.:)


  11. M.E. told me to tell you to fuck off ! :)

  12. Hi, I have been following this blog on and off for a couple of years and I find it highly fascinating...

    1. You're not Anonymous in disguise are you? Cause if you are - I'm on to it.
      You can't fool me any longer.

  13. I saw the tweet, about Prince passing away.:(

    The "Song of the Day":




  14. 2nd "Song of the Day"




  15. It's all good XK you got my consideration, ;) have a happy weekend. xx

    My name is Anomynous, we are many but one! Hahaha ! :D

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