Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why not prey on the weak?

I think it's a myth that sociopaths tend to prey on the very weak. I typically don't, at least. I don't have a categorical rule against preying on the weak, but unlike the mighty lion I just don't tend to go for the weakest wildebeest. And why is the lion always going after the weak? It must be because eating is more or less a chore for him. He must not get much additional pleasure in taking down a fast wildebeest and eating it then just settling for the slowest one. Eating's more or less a chore for me too. I also will not go out of my way to make eating more difficult than it needs to be -- for instance won't travel to the grocer in inclement weather. Not to say I don't enjoy eating or even sometimes the experience of eating/acquiring food, but like the lion I just don't see the point in making it harder than it is to achieve my endgame.

If the endgame in eating is largely consumption of calories, what is the endgame of interacting with people? It's not pure consumption, although that is certainly part of it. No matter how you describe "consumption" with regards to people, whether number of sexual partners or number of friends or people that love you or who would do anything for you, everyone has some level of standards. You don't want to consume just any person, you want to consume a particular type of person, a particular quality of person or for a particular reason. Consumption isn't just about numbers for anyone, including sociopaths. Yes, I could target more people if I only went after the weak, but I don't need to do so, nor do I want to do so. I don't see the point in mindlessly stacking up conquest after conquest, it just doesn't appeal to me. My endgame is not adding another name to my list of conquests, it's the process and pleasure of making the attempt.

In fact, if I see someone weak, I usually just ignore them. If I see someone emotionally limping along in front of me, most of the time I make like the Levite priest in the good Samaritan story and cross over to the other side of the street so I don't have to even look at them. I like my prey to be strong with a tragic flaw, like Achilles. My dream prey would take every ounce of mental strength, agility, and ingenuity to conquer. My dream prey would keep me up at night wondering how I was going to win. I would suffer setbacks and wonder if I would ever recover. I would experience small victories and feel the exhilaration of attaining some progress, however incrementally small. My dream prey would take everything out of me, and that would be the value of it -- all of me.

I wonder if lions ever hunt for pleasure. Other animals certainly seem to:


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  2. I wonder if those who prey only on the weak are on a proverbial diet of Chinese food, always hungry 20 minutes post hence. Can't play an attenuated game if your meal is easily conquered, and doesn't the longer and more complex game offer the greater excitement? Might be the Higher functioning S that draws out the play as they enjoy both the discipline and intellect to pursue more challenging prey. To be sure,cheap takeout has its place. It does not seem to offer quite the satisfaction as the pique of hunger, sated by a banquet or a meal meticulously prepared. Curious to know your experiences.

  3. I think this is the first post that I've read here with MEs "voice" as female. Hm.

  4. Hands down M.E. that was the MOST HILARIOUS video I have ever seen you post, especially given the context. I cannot stop laughing, literally. It is your self-reflective wit which is making you more a sexual magnet.

    Self-knowledge, self-honoring, shining a light on one's own Achilles heel (inner honesty) always creates an authentic power no one can resist. People want to feed on that inner integrity. (little do they suspect what your favorite meal is)

    What was that line in first Spider Man film . . . "with great power comes great responsibility."

  5. Haha, I love your responses Soulful.

    However I think the Spiderman line would be better paraphrased as "With great power comes greater advantage" ;)

  6. I wounder if ME is really a women or is it just projection working here.

  7. Manipulating the weak is too easy and boring. I enjoy devising magnificent plans, this would be wasted on a weak person. big-headed people are obviously the best and most fun choice. I enjoy slowly crushing their ego and seeing the realization in their eyes that they are no different to other normal people.

  8. i was in a car crush this morning. the car didn't make it.

  9. that's a drag Wet.

    nice video. i think the whale was saving that last pup for later. ;)

  10. I'm currently dealing with your "ideal" situation right now, ME. Not only that, but this person is my better, so the stakes are even higher, and danger too.

    But the payoff, the payoff will have me set for life, for the most part, if I navigate the situation with tact. It's not a one versus one dance, there are other players, and one faux pas from either of us could end the game. So, do I try to outlast him? Or do I try to get rid of him? That's the question.

  11. You guys know, after you die you have a life review, and in that review you not only experience your life over, but you also experience the feelings that you caused others to feel as a result of your actions. The more people you hurt, the more pain you will have to feel. This is based on very solid evidence obtained by the study of near death experiences. And besides, how can hurting people physically or emotionally be fun or bring enjoyment, I personally find it to be revolting. The deep fundamental nature of the universe is based on love. You guys need to do some serious praying that your brains can be healed of the disorder of sociopathy.

    1. You're so naive and its just cute. It just sounds like you just came from church, like you pulled that life evaluation crap right from the bible.
      I just don't see how people can believe praying is the cure for everything. Praying wont fix our brains... Why would you think it could...

    2. You are right but you socios are naive too. Very naive.

    3. I don't believe that you are on the right track with the praying but you are probably on the right track with brain healing if sociopathy is brain damage. I don't think you'd go to a website for people with traumatic brain injuries and tell them to pray the damage away. Maybe science will one day come up with the answer. Right now there are a lot of people doing experiments with things like ibogaine and ayuhuasca to get into the subconscious. I have had an experience like this with a legal dissociative and uncovered a horrible experience from when I was a three year old. I am not sociopath, my brain either created an alter or I lost a good deal of my brain capacity and became high functioning autistic. I don't know which and I probably never will know. All I know is I am not the same as the child that this happened to. I had no knowledge of it before the drug experience. My mother even attests to a complete personality change. Until I met the other 'person' I did not know they existed. Needless to say all of it came as a completel shock and does to this day. The problem is if it is damage that neural pathways are established and whatever is overridden possibly atrophies from misuse. My mother has strongly sociopathic traits, she is a covert sociopath. I have a bit of knowledge of her childhood and it is very clear to me how this happened, it is a miracle she survived it at all. Her brain is damaged and the damage is permanent. She is devoutly religious like many sociopaths because something in her wants to have a semblance of morality and goodness. I understand now she also thinks the rest of the world is like her which is why she clings to religion and looks down on the non-religious, I would too if I believed that.

    4. Lets face it. People suck. We ruin the world for the rest of the species. We are only part of it and acting like true narcisstic. Overanalalizing our problem as a species just doesn't matter. The earth doesn't care. It will continue on and we will be the virus it had to contend with. The world will not be healthy until it is read of us. It honestly doesn't matter what you post or do not post. We are here for a blink of an eye in history. Make good of your blink.

  12. I think i'll cope Truth Seeker, thanks for the concern though. if it's true it's only a few seconds or so anyway. Then i'll be dead, so it wont matter.

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  14. who cares, its not an electrical storm caused in the temporal lobes by a lack of oxygen. The case of Pam Reynolds proved that the NDE's can happen after the brain is physically dead.

    Pam Reynolds had a blood clot deep in her brain, and the only way to remove it was to actually kill her. The operation was called Stand Still. They had to stop her heart and lungs, drain the blood from her head, and chill the body down so that it would not decay. Anyway during this time she had a full OBE, and NDE. All which took place while her brainwaves were completely flat.

    I am not arguing for any particular religion, just pointing out that there is something more to life than physical reality. I am no saint, but I do know that if you can connect with those deeper feelings of love then if will really make life more meaningful for you.

    1. They can't connect with love. They can't connect with anything.They can't connect. They can't. They are exactly it: people who can't connect. So what are you asking for them? I don't get it.


  16. That sounds about as scientific as scientology.

    Anyway, the type of emotional pain I've caused others, a lot of that I can't even feel myself, I know that from experience. So, to argue that I would be assailed with something completely ineffectual against me is a weak argument at best.

    You find hurting others is revolting?

    What does it feel like, to be revolted?

    That's something that I don't know, personally.

    Perhaps you feel pleasure, but your guilt outweighs it. There is virtually no pathologically good people with enough built-in defense mechanisms that doing bad things causes them all to be sick. Otherwise this would be a very different world.

    You seek truth? Here is truth for you: You are not a good person. You are not a herald of knowledge, nor wisdom. You are not sage and knowing. You are just parrot, mimicking what you hear, not truly understanding any of it.

    There's your truth.

    1. This I find fascinating, namely your reaction. I'm an atheist and a skeptic, so naturally, I have reservations about Truth Seeker's claim. Now, when a theist tries to use their beliefs to bludgeon others, I have no problem using logic to attempt to decimate their arguments. However, in the case of Truth Seeker, I saw no malice, and while I find Truth Seekers claims to be dubious, the idea that my query might cause him/her emotional distress and take something that Truth Seeker sees as valuable, and thus relented. I did this because I could feel, though admittedly not to the same degree, the pain that truth seeker might experience. Now, I understand that you do not feel this way, but why the angry reaction? I'm not understanding why what Truth Seeker said upset you so?

  17. Truth Seeker

    "more to life than physical reality"

    So you are delusional.

    "I am no saint, but I do know that if you can connect with those deeper feelings of love then if will really make life more meaningful for you."

    You don't know me

  18. I will admit that I have had very mean feelings before towards those who have hurt me on purpose, but I always feel bad about having these feelings later.

    I don't know how to describe revolting to you without a common frame of reference.

    There are many good people in the world. There is no one who is perfect or is pure good, but there are those that come close to it.

    TheNotablePath said "You seek truth? Here is truth for you: You are not a good person. You are not a herald of knowledge, nor wisdom. You are not sage and knowing. You are just parrot, mimicking what you hear, not truly understanding any of it."

    Your very flattering.

  19. There are many, many, many more people who are not 'good', and I don't believe you're one of them either. If you are, you are a piss poor representative.

    You can't describe a simple, everyday emotion to me, at all?

    Can you not articulate it?

  20. Truth Seeker

    "There are many good people in the world. There is no one who is perfect or is pure good, but there are those that come close to it."

    Here is a thought experiment. In the future the andromeda galaxy destroys earth when it collides with the milky-way. And then time continues to go on. Human existence is nothing but one drop of sand in a desert. When all the humans have died would there by any good acts or evil acts? If not than isn't good and evil just concepts you have created in your mind? Does two people have the exact same concept of good and evil? If not what mechanism are you using to determine good and evil, since you seem to be able to know what perfect good is?

    1. "good and evil"? Doesnt exist. Its all about sympathy and lack of sympathy. A lack, a deficiency. The games socios (have to) play are cheap substitutes for this lack. They must bungee-jump their whole life. Not bad, but not really good eather.

  21. If love is the binding life-force, then Truth Seeker you have a point. If you stand upon a love which is differential then you are limited in your understanding.

    In order to hurt another, they have to respond. Jesus turned the other cheek and claimed his place in his epic tragic tale with dignity. Now that's love, in this famous story, is coded with the human ideal of honor.

    As an elemental wave this life force brings destruction and renewal. Good and evil need not apply to a hurricane, forest fire, tsunami or for that matter the likes of Stalin or Gandhi.

  22. Note said "You can't describe a simple, everyday emotion to me, at all?"

    I can't either but I know when that unseen bugger called an emotion is not there.

  23. Why are these out of body experiences always treated so mystically? The brain takes in huge amounts of data constantly even while asleep. The conscious part of us or the part that we think of as ourselves is given only limited amounts of the data. It cannot process all of our sensory perceptions. It is simply too much for a piece of the brain that is meant to deal with sentient thought and higher level thinking to handle. So why is it that if a piece was shut down and we are left to just the general subconscious, which takes in the data that we cannot experience for sensory overload, that it could not reconstruct a setting, events, and objects in a fashion that the conscious mind can understand, a memory. Even with a different vantage point. The fact that such things are even given a mystical appear is absurd and stupid. We know there are more than five senses. You have a kinetic sense a small ability to feel differences in electromagnetism and a variety of other senses that allow you to do things such as know where your hand is from your body even when it is not in visual range. The mind can be tricked into feeling things that the body isn't actually experiencing. The brain has no way to differentiate between fact and fiction(illusion, hallucinations). If you imagine an apple in your head see it with your imagination the same places light up on the brain that light up when you actually see the apple. The image in your head is just as real to your brain as the physical object in the material realm. So again why is all this chalked up to mystical ideas.

  24. The answer is in your own words early on, M.E.: Why not prey on the weak?

    The reason we don't go for the obvious, easy prey, is because of the human factor: Intellect.

    We need to feel there's a challenge, because our gratification is intellectual. Unless you're a cannibal, in which case you also have better prey on the strong - or the infants.

    That said, it isn't a myth that most psychopaths go for the weaker (if not necessarily the weakest). We just don't think of them as prey, and our targeting happens almost without thinking about it.

    I think, when they say we always go for easy prey, they think of how we "victimize" people in passing, because it's easy and it's natural to us.

    But I also think they have another thing in mind: The way we make our living.

    And here it is quite obvious that most would choose to do a con or theft from the easiest possible prey. It is merely a question of doing what is sane, what any normal person would do. Nobody puts themselves at unnecessary risk. - So I do believe to some extent they're thinking about our 'work' here too.

    Towards the end you write as if you never meet a challenge in regard to this article's subject. Is that actually the case? If it is, you only have yourself to blame!

    It's up to you to do the proper hunting, and in order to do that you must first choose the hunting grounds. There may be obstacles, but that is all part of the whole.

    You just made up your mind what kind of game your're after - more specifically, set yourself a few standards for starters, find out where such can be met - and go seek it up!

    If you don't, you'll end up letting dissatisfaction eat you up from within. And that's not what you want, I can tell that much!

    Good luck with it!... '^L^,

    Ps. A propos, I'm about to set myself if not a new goal entirely, then at least a whole new set of method structure (I write about it in today's article on my blog).

  25. sociopathworld

    your emotions dont function properly

    so basically you YOURSELF are the weak

    you are the prey

  26. Been Bullied by BossJuly 23, 2013 at 1:58 AM

    im reading this stuff- looking through this site and i like whats going on here. i was an active addict for years. my "boss" had me into all sorts of stuff. im on my way out of that "life" now- i left my boss in the dust and he's since "fired" me through a new girl who had her mother do it for her. This "boss" is a wimp and was a bully. So glad I can see now. Im 45, and i have to start all over. i made 30 years of my life there- and i just traded it all off for my sanity. what do i do now?

  27. Animal predators take the weak because its less effort & risk, morals are not involved. They do this to survive in a harsh environment where the slightest mistake can be the last, even for beings with claws and fangs. Does the world crave a "sanitized" psychopath? One the gives christmas presents & think of Jesus as a supernatural action hero? Maybe this will satisfy the world. But the truth perhaps will suffer. Cold facts may be "slightly" distorted?

  28. Speaking of lions, It is the lioness who does the bulk of the
    work. She brings in the food (usually) and raises the cubs.
    The male acts as sperm contributer and strong-arm enforcer.
    Lions sleep most of the day and tussle with hated hyenas.
    Remember in "The Lion King" "Scar," the villian steals the throne
    and makes a pact with the parasitic hyenas. Something disquiting.
    Disney was a conservative company.
    There IS more of a thrill in taking down a powerful victim.
    In Danvers Mass. Philp Chism was simply a lowly 9th grader.
    His sexy teacher welded ALL the control over him. He sucked at
    math, and like many psychopathic killers, decided he wanted a
    taste of power coupled with the sexual fringe benifit.
    So he carefully planned her rape murder and robbery.
    As with all black on white crimes the media is in no rush to
    proclaim the crime from the rooftops, so you'll have to research
    it on Google.

  29. When it comes down to my social standards, or who I choose to socially consume, I don't necessarily have any specifics. When I was younger it was generally people with low self esteem or confidence (the weak), because I didn't want the battle for alpha male that came with the more confident people. Now it can be anyone, whether it be the weak, the quiet, the intellectuals or the alpha males (as I described them before). I tend to be the leader of whatever pact I place myself in, but I would have to say its something in the chase. Its just something I get out of catching stronger 'prey' than just going after the weak. As ME said I like for them to keep me thinking about my next move almost like a puzzle. It gives me a gauge sense of accomplishment and superiority over certain people when I capture said 'prey'. But sometimes I'm not always up for the chase so I settle for what's easiest and right in my face.

  30. This post smacks of narcissism. The sociopathic need to prey upon the strong with an achilles heel is pretty simple: it's a way to manage uncomfortable feelings of envy about what the prey is and the sociopath is not. Is it a victory? Or simply an exercise of ego?

    I'd go with ego- because to prey upon and and destroy an individual who is worthy of respect is not nearly as much in your long term self as interest as making that individual into a ally. Life is long, and having meaningful connections with other who do not share your particular skill set may come in handy someday. If you destroy this person, you've simply achieved a short term thrill that undercuts long term utility.

    1. good points, mach.

    2. This post smacks with delusion and lies.

    3. I can see your point but I don't think everyone is worthy of respect. Respect is earned and not a born right, (To me at least) and not everyone has earned that right. But, I don't think its an exercise of ego although some people take it as a time to boast; but more a fulfillment kind of feeling for me. Maybe it is to some extent but I don't place myself on an imaginary high horse.

    4. wow anonymous. That was a remarkably cowardly rebuttal. Katie owns her perspective by putting a name on it and has the ability to make a counterpoint... which is why I respect her as a worthy debate partner.

      and Katie- where do you think the satisfaction/fulfillment is rooted? It's in the feeling you have triumphed. How? Because you have elevated yourself by denigrating someone you previously admired. That strikes me as an action borne of envy and insecurity (both relate to ego needs), but I may be missing your point. Can you explain fulfillment to me outside of those two motivations if I am missing your point? I'd really appreciate any clarification in parsing out what "itch" is scratch by engaging in destruction of another person so I am able to better grasp the thought patterns that motivate what seems like a highly illogical behavior.

    5. @Mach.........
      I wasn't referring to your post; I saw the error after posting. The smack in my post was at today's article. And I'm not a coward.

    6. ok- I hear you. That said, if you levy insults it's not exactly brave to hide behind the moniker anonymous.

    7. let's prey on stupidity

    8. Actually, predators prey on the weakest out of efficiency and least resistance. Easy food is preferable to hard food in nature. Minimize energy expenditure and danger while maximizing energy gain, equating to maximized survival. Sociopathy is more based on stimulation - challenges which require solutions to stimulate an understimulated and underimpeded mind. Nature does it out of necessity and compulsion, sociopathy is out of wants and lack of emotional resistance or constraint.

      We do it because we are bored and we can (out of ability combined with a lack of mental impediment). It is the accomplishment, not the ego. If it was about ego, then we would require recognition and praise to fulfill the narcissism. However, we attempt to obtain recognition and praise to optimize the utility (the use and advantage) it brings to insulate ourselves from persecution while obtaining resources we want. Protection and more options. Keep in mind this is not about animal predators in an animal ecosystem. If sociopaths are equated as predators, you need to analyse and assess as human predators in a human society.

    9. Mach. You were missing my point entirely but its fine, because I will clarify for you.
      Yes it gives a feeling of triumph and superiority etc. over people. Although I never do it to people I admire, for me to admire you you must have done something to gain my respect. If they have my respect then they're one of the few people, you could say, I 'love'. Therefore I would never prey on them. I do believe it may stem from my young insecurities, long outgrown, but now its pure fun. I know its an overused analogy but compare it to a drug user:

      A person may use drugs to numb some pain or guilt or any other emotions they may be feeling. But after a while they do it for the high. They rush they get when they use the drug.

      That's kinda like the situation. I may have done it when I was younger from the lack of confidence I had but now that I've matured I do it for the 'high'. As for the sense of fulfillment its like a mountain climber wanting to climb Mt. Everest. It seems near impossible which fuels their want to do it. Once they actually reach the summit they feel that feeling of fulfillment I would feel.

      Hope that helps and its nice that you find me, or my comments for that matter, mildly interesting.

    10. the high...
      My guess is that it comes from the rush of power that comes from realizing you are the conductor of the emotional symphony (so to speak) of the given situation you are choosing to manipulate. I guess I see that as a little different than enjoying destroying people that you ultimately respect. That just seems like random and senseless violence that (if it becomes a life pattern) will ultimately lead to self sabotage, time and again.

      And yes, I think you are very interesting. But I take nothing for granted with you- not your age or your gender. I'm interested bc I see flashes of insight and there are times what you say resonates as a window into the not fully antisocial personality who is likely to become a high functioning sociopath. I see your impulsivity as well, and think that you are very much in the process of becoming who you are. Your posts suggest a pretty fluid personality... it will be interesting to see you continue to evolve and I hope that I have that privilege.

  31. Disgusting, anyway.

  32. Regarding that video.....damn that's some fucked up shit :P

  33. Mach,
    What would you recommend for someone to gain motivation towards specific goals? Im 26 and was diagnosed with ASPD one year ago and I'm very low functioning, To the point where I don't even pick my clothes off the floor or do my laundry unless I get a random feeling to finally do it. I wont even cook properly, whatever is easiest to throw in the microwave ill eat it. I live rent free, thanks to my wealthy family, have a brand new car, and I won't look for a job because l loathe the thought of working for someone else. I can't help but laugh at people who think they can tell me what to do.

    I'm in a band and live a very hedonistic lifestyle. I play music, binge drink alcohol, instigate trouble at bars, and my favorite past time is seducing woman, that's the best feeling in the world, to have a woman submit to you after one interaction. I literally only get out of bed in the morning for physical pleasure, with the exception of music there is nothing else i care about. Anyways back to the point, I never cared about money, I don't know why, I need to though because of the power it holds. I'm of average intelligence but I know I have a lot of potential but absolutely no motivation to use it. I just dont care, but i want to care about things that can help me.

    1. If I could answer that question in a satisfactory way, I would be a much happier person myself. I struggle with motivation too. I see my best efforts wasted and ignored while stupidity prevails. That's not to say that all of my ideas are superior to the stupidity that is the lowest common denominator that masquerades as pop culture, only that it sucks to work really hard to create something of value that society seems to value the equivalent of Kim Kardashian more. It kind of makes you want to quit trying to evolve into a better version of yourself.

      Until you recognize- the lack of motivation you feel is simply the lack of narcissistic supply you are receiving. When the whole world loves everything you do you get fooled into thinking that your shit doesn't stink. That feeling of grandiosity that comes from being "properly" appreciated is grade A narcissistic supply. Since you are in a band and sound like you have a lot of testosterone, you are used to being the most interesting person in the room, which means that while you may not be a full blown narcissist you may have a little situational narcissism to contend with. (not your fault- it's a realistic response to the feedback you've received) The problem is that it sounds like that feedback is intermittent so you are left feeling blah in between the hits of narcissistic supply. You're a bit of an addict, in that sense.

      Addiction 101 tells us that whatever we are addicted to becomes primary in our minds and other priorities fall by the wayside. So if you want to start feeling more motivated them you have to wean yourself off the hit of narcissistic supply that comes from the rush of performing and/or feeling like an alpha male. Maybe this means spending some more time alone, simply to take a break from the narcissistic supply. It won't be fun, but the rest of your life will start to mean more. You may find that your creative efforts/songwriting improves greatly and you are less motivated to produce whatever gives you the maximum narcissistic supply if you take a break and do something else for a while.

      I don't know if you're a Metallica fan but I love their documentary "Some Kind of Monster" that was made over the period of time the band produced "St Anger" (2004ish) - I love it because they had hit total burnout and seriously sucked. The beginning rivals Spinal Tap for laughs. They are self absorbed idiots who aren't cool anymore. They suck so much that they are forced to attend group therapy by their producer, some of which is in the documentary. It is laugh out loud funny to see Lars' narcissism, Hetfield's temporary emasculation (post getting sober) and all the awkwardness than transpires as they morph into something better than the shitshow they had become. You may disagree, but the album Death Magnetic (the one after St Anger) rivals their very best stuff from the early days... and they're pushing 50.

      I bring that example up because the break from the spotlight coupled with a bit of self examination provided the necessary jolt to help them find the motivation to meaningfully produce again instead of just chase narcissistic supply.

    2. (cont.)

      Hope that helps. Also know- sometimes life just sucks. We all have to grapple with finding motivation that exists beyond whether or not we are being told we're awesome. But the upside to doing the work of finding motivation that isn't rooted in narcissistic supply is that you have so much more freedom to live an interesting life where you truly do not give a fuck what people think.

      I like sociopaths because at their best, they are entirely operating from an internal locus of control- that is- a motivation structure that is completely divorced from external praise/manipulation. But sociopaths who are narcissistic? They're assholes. And sociopaths who are narcissistic and sadistic? well, let's just say that if there's a lifeboat and someone needs to get pushed off so that the rest of the group can survive the sociopathic narcisisstic sadist is someone I will gladly remove with my own empathetic, maternal hands.

    3. I'm not Mach but just want to say you are not alone in your lack of motivation. I'm an empath but christ, the only thing that gets me moving at times is the necessity to make a living. When, on occasion, I didn't have to worry about that and I was about an animated as an amoeba. So your wealthy family have placed you in a gilded cage by denying you the struggle to survive. These women you're having one-night stands with will have no respect for you once they cop on you're living off your family. What's the answer? Try to go it alone maybe.

    4. I am wondering if a sociopath devoid of any narcissism and sadism could function at all in society. I would venture to say that perhaps a certain level of those traits is necessary to higher functionning sociopaths. What would be the motivation for them to get out of bed in the morning and interact with people in a manner that is engaged/engaging enough to keep them functionning in society? They have blunted emotional response to negative stimuli, so surely they need a bit of emotional response to positive stimuli (narcissism) or they need to get something out of affecting people in some way: either destructively (sadism) or constructively (back to narcissism) - Beware, tough, the constructive sociopath is probably out to get you :-)

      I actually am having problems conceptualizing a sociopath without any narcissism or sadism. Wouldn't his behavior be more akin to that of an autistic person then, uninterested in interaction with people?

      I realize I am oversimplifying things here, but I am very interested in any response, especially from Machiavellianempath and ME.


    5. You raise an interesting point. What is a sociopath if you strip away the antisocial behavior?

      My hunch that the shadow side of a sociopath is the capacity for extreme bravery and uncommon wisdom exists but is only accessed in a tiny minority of cases.

      Sociopathic brains are similar to autistic brains in that they are not affected by social pressure to conform that is rooted in a lack of empathy. Those on the autistic spectrum lack it altogether, but sociopaths seem to have the ability to turn it on and off at will, which is what makes them so maddening and beguiling.

      I'm fascinated by the neurobiology end of it and the links between ADD and sociopathy in the way that information is stored and processed. Sociopaths think differently and not always in a bad way. I'd rather rely on a well socialized person with sociopathic wiring/genes (example- Jim Fallon) in a moment of crisis than a self proclaimed super empath who lacked the ability to self regulate emotion. My hunch is that sociopaths that don't become alienated from humanity actually may be more capable of heroic acts than those of us paralyzed by conflicting emotions.

      We don't know enough about the positive and neutral traits of this disorder because our criteria for determining it have been largely based on criminal populations who are low functioning and alienated.

      I'm not trying to start a fan club here- just want to point out that I happen to like the traits that are part of being a sociopath that include being willful, nonconformist, stimulation seeking, calculating thinkers and careful observers. I think they are misunderstood and unfairly scapegoated if they are not also narcissists (many aren't). It's the narcissistic sociopaths that are vindictive and cruel by nature.

      Old and Wise- google James Fallon- he's a fascinating case study of the prosocial sociopath.

      I don't know, honestly, what the upper limits of well adjusted sociopathy look like, but the humanist within me is not willing to write an entire demographic off without first trying to understand the internal logic and patterns that make this character disturbance something that people with a certain sort of brain are prone to. It's not the manifested pathology that fascinates me- it's the underreported goodness.

      I'm not trying to play savior... rather, I think I've always been a devil's advocate so it seems kind of appropriate that I want to move beyond a binary understanding of these complicated individuals.

  34. Every sociopath/psychopath victim forum i have gone trough, is filled whit naive minded usually very religious people. Speaking about "mine" (it's always the same word being used.. mine) sociopath/narcissist/psychopath.

    I think sociopaths and psychopaths keep their ego up, only by finding people that are even more stupid than they are.

    Naive, religious, childish.. people who are not prepared.

    1. Yeah maybe, but at least they can spell ;)

      PS. Mine is just shorthand for my ex sociopath/narcissist/psychopath... No one is under the illusion that it denotes ownership.

    2. The victim forums are hilarious. Even after they get torn apart, they're still completely and utterly susceptible to any BS that will feed their infantile need to be soothed. They are manipulated just the same by various healers, counselors, spiritual folks, etc. It's a never ending cycle for them, the problem lies at their core.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. You folks are really twisted!

  36. I don't see why a sociopath would manipulate people just in day to day life. For me, it's so hard to see the potential reward in treating 95% of people I come across as more than invisible. I target the weak in overvalued positions. A different kind of imposter. The faulty foundations of high structures. This is the only sense in "preying on the weak". Just weak in itself is worthless.

    When you hear from victims of sociopaths, they're fundamentally weak people in spite of what have or had allotted next to them. They're susceptible to any ridiculous claims that support a certain world view they're currently obsessed with, they're religious/spiritual for the purpose of a security blanket, they have problems with identity, etc. To me, it's easy to sniff out the person that doesn't fit, that has a faulty foundation, is just waiting for their shit to be torn down and pillaged.

    I actually see similarities between sociopaths and their victims in terms of a pretty undeveloped, undefined sense of self. The difference is that the victim is waiting for someone to put them together. These people will always attract sociopaths. They certainly aren't stronger after any of the experiences

  37. The very weak seldom have anything worth taking or exploiting. All wildebeest contain calories. The returns to be had from humans vary both in quantity and type.

  38. The reason I like the people I do is because they provide me with some degree of emotional fulfillment. Otherwise why would I waste time with them?

  39. I really do like a challenge more than I like an easy win. Where would be my bragging rights?

  40. Their biggest flaw is that they overestimate their IQ and eventually become sloppy. Let them think they have an edge from early on, it acts like a catalyst. Do not state your bounds or that you plan to do something about their behavior, they'll adapt before you say "fast" and this only means more work to bring their mask down - make them underestimate you and keep a long time horizon, no rush, like a detective who wants a well documented case before he goes to court.

    Also let them keep too many tabs - this will also make them eventually slip, they too get sick, tired etc and then their tab keeping errs - especially when they need to keep too many tabs with too many people.

    What most people say is not 100% accurate - they do have feelings. They do get *pleasure* from being manipulative or framing people. They can't stop doing it just like a person who can't stop smoking because he/she needs to get his/her nicotine.

    They won't pick the weakest link because 1) it's too obvious 2) they like to practice their skill in what they perceive to be a no-holds-barred strategy game, so they need a skillful victim.

    and yes I know this is a blog for sociopaths, just wanted to say that most of you guys and girls are way more predictable than you believe you are. You may filter out empathy but you get stressed, you sweat, you have fears AND a craving. The craving also makes you easier to manipulate than "empaths". An empath who knows what he wants from life can rarely be manipulated. Because so many sociopaths click with power, they're the perfect carrot eaters (somewhat of an oxymoron as they perceive themselves as masters of seduction).

  41. by "they" I refer to the sociopaths being sloppy etc


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  43. What i read here is extremely stupid and childish! Are you still 18? Because if you are not you are stupid sweetie i am sorry! ;)

  44. Sociopaths like to prey on the weak. Psychopaths see everyone as weak.

    A not so subtle distinction....


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