Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quote: Blame

“There is only one means of salvation, then take yourself and make yourself responsible for all men's sins, that is the truth, you know, friends, for as soon as you sincerely make yourself responsible for everything and for all men, you will see at once that it is really so, and that you are to blame for every one and for all things.”

 ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov


  1. The "unawakened mindset." or EGO, is responsible for
    99% of the heartache in the world.
    We are assigned "slots, labels, and designations." "Sociopath" is
    one such designation.
    If one believes in the valiadity of a label, they behave as if it is so.
    Both the "sociopath," and the people who believe that sociopaths
    are "bad." Attitude is EVERYTHING.
    The key is NOT to believe in labels, or that your personal survival
    is dependant on labels. Then you won;t have to seek aid for a
    nonexistant condition.

  2. I used to think I was a good person, but my true nature was never taken, even after all the ``education``(another word for torture). I just recently discovered what an mri is, and found out that doctors used to test me with it, trying to guess what was the problem, why I was so strange and different, not even needing my mothers love. (they said it was because they thought I had a rare disease, bastards!) I remember making her cry and trying to understand what it was, merely being curious because I just didn`t get it. My favorite game was hiding from her, perceiving her reaction from afar, her change of mood that was gradual. She would become angry at some point, but in the end I waited patiently for her to come to the conclusion were I would be welcomed back as a gift, the final stimuli to end her nightmare.

    Responsibility has been my prime value since I was a young adult, I even carved it on me with my butchering knife(which I lost damn this). I hate people for believing that responsibility as something to do with doing your chores, this is servitude not responsibility you fucking morons.

    High Functionning, I like that label, it mean something: that my condition is not an illness, but rather a boon pushing me toward enjoyment of my existence.

    1. sounds like your different brain functioning caused you to experience ostracism, hence your change in self perception.

    2. shrinks bribing :) You want a special drug sir? Why not I need a new lawnmower for my mansion up the hill. hahaha easily fooled on all level, corruptible and also they make errors when they are tired or just stupid like anybody else. Its true what they say, knowing more doesn`t make us more moral... sad I once frequented a ``bipolar``, actually just a sociopath shoping for drugs (entertainment). She Kept making stories and manipulated shrinks into trying all sorts of new drugs, then sometime she framed identities, another diagnoses more drugs in another town. There`s no end to the bullshit we can feed people to get what we want

  3. This quote makes me think about original sin (within the context of the story of Adam and Eve and the fall of humanity). Perhaps the root of human suffering is the human desire to externalize blame. When the serpent offered Eve "the knowledge of good and evil" it was offering her the choice to judge versus observe. When Adam was confronted by God about eating the fruit- his first response was to externalize the blame by placing responsibility on Eve.

    With this understanding I read this quote with the perspective that perhaps "Blame" in this context is shorthand for our modern understanding of the word "Responsibility". (wish I knew Russian so I could go back to the original translation to affirm or debunk my suspicion- any Russian speakers care to shed light here?) I also see the word salvation less in a religious sense (as in "Praise Jesus") but more as relief from suffering through transcendence.

    Bearing those interpretations in mind, what this quote says to me is that the way to salvation (transcendence of suffering) is through the recognition that every negative dynamic in your life is connected to your personal responsibility- not in a melodramatic "it's my fault that babies are starving in Africa!" way that compels one to despair- but rather:

    If you take responsibility for the fact you have the power to influence every negative dynamic in your life by taking responsibility for your current and future role in that dynamic you change the game of suffering and become unstuck. Externalizing blame leads to passivity and a victim mentality. Accepting responsibility leads to transcendence (or at least some positive change) in any situation involving human suffering.

    1. 1. When I think of the original sin from Adam and Eve; it was about "addiction." The serpent said, "eat, eat."
      2. Cain killed his brother because of favor of the alter.
      3. In the last days the Bible speaks that it will be like in the days of Noah, "eating, drinking and giving in marriage." (sex) Look at sex addiction.

      Addiction from beginning to end. Just a thought...........

  4. Save yourselves!

    Retain your humanity.

  5. Yes, take responsibility. I do. In my profession I shoulder huge amounts of responsibility for the well-being of others. And I take it very seriously, and I do the best job I can. In my personal relationships, I look at my side of the street and take responsibility for any harm I may cause and am willing to change if it will make me a better person . Even in the most painful personal relationships I've had, I'm always willing to try and improve myself to be a better friend, mother, sister, etc. Yes, even with the sociopaths I've loved. If it were possible I'd do what I could to be helpful.

    Like the quote say's; 'were responsible for everything and all men'. Yes, they way to shoulder that responsibility is to first take responsibility for yourself, then take responsibility for others, first, by not harming them. That's a great quote! We should all take the responsibility to live up to it.

  6. This reminds me of Sartre's statement that men are "condemned to be free." That we are responsible for every choice, whether we make it or not. This freedom means we bear responsibility for everything we do, and everything we don't do. We despair because we never know what the results of our choices will be, yet we still bear the blame for the results stemming from our choices.

    1. Hieronymous, I like a lot of your comments. Did you say you are in academia? What do you do?

    2. I'm a lawyer, but don't hold that against me. I studied philosophy in undergrad.

  7. I wuvs this site. I always feel like I'm in an Adam's Family movie when I come here :):):):):)

  8. It's as easy to tell right from wrong as night from day. In choosing to do the wrong thing, or allowing others to do wrong, I prevent the world from becoming a better place.

    I find it interesting that so many problems could be solved so easily, but they are not. If I weren't a member of the most privileged group of people in the world, maybe I would care enough to be an activist. As it is, most of the what I consider to be objectively unfair and imbalanced directly benefits me. I live at the expense of most other people, and I accept responsibility for the sins of all men, because they truly do belong to me.

  9. I like ME's latest tweet, but that's what we love about her...we love her delectably evil side, but I do respect the fact that she tries to manage some of her symptoms.

  10. I so agree with this quote. Totally. You have to. Because blame is just a memory. If you blame, there is no end to the blame. Let go of it, and anger too. Resentment is also a memory. Don't forget you are responsible for everything you experience in your life. All of it. There is no one out there. It is just the memory of the other person. Your life has NOTHING TO DO with other people. It has to do with you.


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