Wednesday, July 3, 2013

White collar criminals

A reporter for a national TV outlet is looking to interview assessed sociopaths who have committed white collar crimes. Please email me if you or someone you know fits the bill and would like to talk to him.

I can share some of my own thoughts on this topic later (I don't want to taint anyone's opinions before he has a chance to talk to you), but I've explored the association between criminality and sociopaths many times before.

It's true that there is a higher proportion of sociopaths in prison than there are in the general population. However, the same could be said of males -- there is a higher proportion of men in prison than there is in the general population. There is a higher proportion of African Americans in prison than there is in the general population. No one really (legitimately?) makes the argument that African American men are inherently criminal or that there is something innate about a man or an African American that predisposes them to criminality. But you could. Men have higher levels of testosterone than women, a hormone associated with higher levels of impulsivity and aggression. Much junk science has been historically written about the inferiority of the African races (although it is true that everyone but Africans have Neanderthal DNA, who "possessed the gene for language and had sophisticated music, art and tool craftsmanship skills," so there's at least a difference in genetics), but most people seem to feel that the higher proportion of African Americans in prison is due to environmental factors like social disenfranchisement than a genetic predisposition to crime. Similarly, there could be multiple factors connecting sociopaths with criminality, including that most sociopaths who have been studied happen to have been criminals.  

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  1. ru not afraid all that npd supply will get you addicted ME ?

    1. i know when i indulge in supply it can get bad

  2. Shes gotta be horned up like nothing else before

  3. From the time we are born we are "programmed" with pre-fabracted assumptions
    about "reality." This biased disinformation is passed down from one
    generation to the next.
    If the pain of these falsehoods is not too great we can limp along in our
    lives and consign ourselves to a life of quiet desperation. It usually
    helps us to associate with others who are equally deluded with us. People
    who share our race, religion, nationality, perference in social and political
    viewpoints, from our economic class, educational level etc.
    After a time, we develop a hardened picture of ourselves called the ego.
    We will go to any lengths to defend and protect this ego, because we
    believe it is "us." This can be expanded to our family, clan and nation-
    ality. If something doesn't feel right who go to some authourity for
    reassurence. Someone who has been just as propagandized as we have been.
    We are given platitues and reassurences (And increasingly medications.)
    and told the situation will improve with "time;" that time heals all
    wounds. This is untrue. The solution to our problems does NOT reside in
    time. It resides in discarding the concept of time all together.
    Happiness is NOW or NEVER. In our emotional lives there isn't a single
    thing that we should have to wait for. You can't be happy/sad at the
    same time. It's one or the other.
    M.E. DON"T live your life in two year intervals. If you're still alive
    two years from now and don't effect the apporate spiritual changes it
    will be two years wasted!

  4. Baby steps to revealing yourself. Good for you. And my question of which famous people you think may be sociopaths was finally answered. I think you're right about not assuming. You really do have to have access to anyone's mind to really know who they are. Sociopath or not.

  5. I was raised by black people.

    Blacks are stupider and more criminal. That's a fact - that's the "what". There's no disagreeing on the "what". E.g. blacks generally commit more crimes, but they can generally play basketball and jazz better than non-blacks.

    As for the "why", there are a variety of competing explanations.

    A sociopath, unimpeded by emotions, can consider more "why"s than the average person. This is why M.E., in her talk with a Jew, had the temerity to explain the persecution of the Jewish people by the Nazis as a logical consequence of their behavior. The typical Jew's sense of self is tied up in being a member of a race of exceptionally talented and wonderful people, who despite that, get persecuted by stupid and immoral people. A sociopath doesn't believe that, and additionally doesn't get upset holding "politically incorrect" thoughts like, "maybe the Jews did something to bother the gentiles".

    You can blame white people for black misbehavior. But that doesn't explain why Africans (where blacks run things) is so screwed up, or why even when you correct for class, blacks commit more crimes.

    Some people think that blacks have evolved to be more criminal than non-blacks, in addition to having more kids, caring for the kids less, etc. J. Phillipe Rushton argues that East Asians (Chinese/Japanese/Koreans) are less criminal, have fewer kids, put more money into their kids and abide laws more than whites, who likewise act more that way than blacks. He isn't a white supremacist - he's a realist.

    Another author goes deep into the black issue. He shows that blacks really are a lot dumber and more criminal than non-blacks.

    If you can consider these ideas and not get upset, and if you are inclined to believe your eyes, you might be a sociopath.

    If you got really upset reading this, and can't for a moment consider logical arguments that just as golden retrievers, while still dogs, behave a lot different than pitbulls (also dogs), you probably are neurotypical.

    1. "AnonymousJuly 3, 2013 at 12:09 PM" - I have been on this forum several times now, and I usually state that I am not a sociopath. Cutting the text short, no more explanation.

      Despite that I have a lack of moral attachment to some degree and posess somewhat moral ambiguity that allowed me to befriend people that have and had the opinions you state.

      The fun part was that they were nazis. They were poor nazis in some sense, but they still were nazi followers, liked Hitler, hated jews and blacks, so on and so forth.

      All the aspects you debate are discussable. Even thou you might be right to some degree, you are not right in picking a soul factor as the only one in the equation. Generalizing is the simple mans attempt to understand a complex world, and simply generalizing does not allow you to see the whole picture even though you for the most port might be right to some extent under certain circumstances.

      And this is cominmg from a person who has on this forum been claimed to be out right dumb. "Walks like as duck, talks like a duck, yada yada.."

    2. "AnonymousJuly 3, 2013 at 10:04 PM" - "This is why M.E., in her talk with a Jew, had the temerity to explain the persecution of the Jewish people by the Nazis as a logical consequence of their behavior."

      Adding this text to my last reply: I am no expert on jew behaviour, but I would like to spice things up a bit with some information.

      During the second world war, Hitler sieged Norway. As we all know, he was fond of the arian race and where was not the arian race as pure at that time as in the northern Scandinavian countries? So, he ordered his troops to treat the norwegians well, considered they were at war. Some sources I have read claim that he actually ordered his troop to seduce Norwegian women, and impregnate as many as possible. Theyr offspring would be the next generation of the human super race "√úbermensch," as the arian race was believed to be. They were supposed to populate the future "dritte reich" with more arians. But the germans lost the war.

      In contrast Hitler ordered his troops to treat theyr opponents mercilessly in most countries, and certainly never ordered them to start relationships with them. The super race was inherently believed to treat theyr victims like they wanted, like the wolf that eats the rabbit - it was only natural. But in his eyes the norwegians were different. This bread a high number of "after war children" or "tyskerbarn" as the norwegians called them. A much higher number then in most other countries that the germans conquered.

      Empathy was wiped out in the rage after the war, and these children were treated very poorly. In that rage, even intellectuals(we can always discuss how inteligent they were) stated on the radio that germans were believed to be an agressive war prone race that should be despised. These children were put in homes and schools for the the mentally retarded, they were systematically bullied and abused by other children and teachers in school. They were in all ways persecuted even though they had nothing to do with the war personally in the first place.

      Most of us today understand that "wiping out the germans" would be a bad idea and that things are not that simple when considering conflicts.

      The same goes for the jews.

      Obviously, as with the german "after war" children, we repeat our mistakes.

  6. M.E. - I'm sorry that people harp on the baby opossum so much.

    It isn't like you stuck the thing with a BBQ fork, like my grandfather.

    He had raccoons in his backyard. They were pests. He did the responsible thing and called the city, which was amazing, given that he was a redneck.

    They gave him traps and said he should call them if he caught any. So he traps a raccoon and calls them to pick it up. They don't come for a few days and he gets impatient. So he takes his BBQ fork and sticks the raccoon with it, in front of his kids.

    However gross it was to do it once, once he'd done it, it was no big deal. In any case, he probably told himself it was the city's fault anyway, for not coming to pick up the raccoon in time.

    So from then on, he'd just catch the raccoons and stick them. It was easier than calling the city.

  7. For men and African-Americans, the evidence for judicial bias is pretty clear. For example, men are 20 times more likely to receive the death penalty compared to women who were found guilty of the exact same crimes. That's not males committing more crimes than women, or even being found guilty more often (which could be another bias). That's the system sending 95% of the men on death row to execution while an equal percentage of women guilty of the same capital crimes are allowed to live on simply because they were lucky enough to be born into the right demographic category.

    Welcome to so-called civilization.

    Despite the personality characteristics associated with sociopathy that might seem to predispose sociopaths to crime, I wouldn't be surprised to find that judges and juries were far more lenient toward empaths who had been found guilty of the exact same crimes as sociopaths, once all other factors had been controlled for statistically. Empathy is hardly distinguishable from bias.

  8. Monica will you talk about how jesus makes you love yourself, how he takes you out of a shame spiral when your worth is judged negatively in front of others, and you are a person who has a very breakable self esteem?

    and how to act in front of the rest of the people in your group ===how to get through the time with grace, when all you want to do is cry to them saying i know i know i am low worth, not for compliments,but to say you know exactly about the critique and you agreee and self flagallate kind of , so they will say to themselves that "atleast she can take a criticism well" *** or have the smarts to see them as right . . . because i want the rst of the group toknow i could have fixed this problem had it been pointed out to mebecause i undestand the ctiticism, (probably unlike the person i was lumped with)

    ***but that reeally isnt the case at all ======obviously.

    1. i prefer to not pull attention to myself, but the group will all see the elephant too.

      i prefer not to do more damage to the reputation of my self esteem---it is well known i have perfectionism, very self critical to the point of obsessing and not being able to relax and enjoy my plusses (many!)
      I just want to pretend it never happened. but i am also afraid this critique will damage my next performances because i will want to take the criticism and fix myself. i think this would be the wrong choice, as it is something which cannot be fixed within one day, and all by myself , as this as a group endeavor.

    2. It is a work in progress, Friend. I never said it was not. I would be lying if I acted all great when I wasn't. That is what fake preachers do~

    3. Monica, thanks

      I feel so terrible abt mysef it is like how you said abt your mother --being so distraught that a client didnt want to use her, she went into the shame spiral. Did she bully herself and self faggellate, and hate on herself so much?

      i bashed in a door and threw my phone down,not because i git a bad critiquem it is because i have this hate insiide me for myself, that is not supposed to be has no reason.

      am i sick today? I amso fate i can sit around my huse and that is the truth.i have my esyeenm in my loooks and now i have nothing.

      Tis is why we commit suiced ist it?

      my uncle did it when he felt les than the best he thought he was. I cannot live this way.i want to have a lobotomy

    4. i amjst startig toi fel momentum and now i get a set back to myself like this, i fear the worst is to come.... not suicide, no. i hope nebver. but i do need care from dsomeone who loves me anyway. but they are gog ti be sorry they got involved with such a fucking loser.

    5. i am so sorry.

      I wish i did not stink up this place . i will try not to do it anymore, but i kep doing it. what is wrong with me?

    6. i kno what is wrong with me.i am damaged . it will recalibrate itself when i get my period. But i will never be another person. i am molded so i should just have to see my positive things like the nice person ask me to list my good traits.

      i will try that. It doesnt work the right way with me. if i was a big narcissist wouldnt i e able to just ride those things and put the other things away? Am i too self aware narcissist to live with myself? someone said that here.

      Have a nice holiday everyone, and please do ignore me, feel good about yourself knowing there are so many miserable people like me.

      i do not ditch people unceremoniousy irl if they pick me up. if they pick me up i hold onto them. If that is the niocest thing i can say abt myself today then that iswhat i will say.

    7. Aww Anon
      I understand. You are always welcome to talk to me, as much as you want <3

    8. thank you for listening to my blubbering. i hope you feel god today.

    9. I know people need to talk. I sure do! xx

  9. M>E. for God's sake, DON'T fool yourself into thinking that Big Brother is
    NOT watching. He is, I assure you. I DON'T want you to go the route of
    Zimmerman and Dean. I want you flourish. Please, strongly discourage comments
    that could be considered "bigoted." You don't know the lengths that some
    crusaders are prepared to go too.


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