Sunday, July 7, 2013

Song: Pigeons in the park


  1. Better pigeons (or possems) then babies. Is the point
    of the song that many people get thier start with
    pigeons and progress to humans? A person doesn't have
    to do any of this. They can forget what was done to
    them. See how negativity affects them and live in the
    present moment. People may be carring a load but they
    CAN disgard it.
    I think sociopathy is a trendy "fad" disease. Many
    years ago, everybody was a hypoglycemic.
    Now, the fad disease is sociopathy.
    We've got dozens of site dedicated to this topic,
    from (whose owner, who has no profesional credentials, offers consulling sessions
    for $40.00 an hour) to the crime blogs. Sociopathy
    is stick. The T.V. talking heads are like wind-up
    dolls that repeat "Sociopath! Sociopath! Sociopath!"
    People should accept the fact: A) That they ARE
    going to die, and B) There are many different ways
    to die."
    Jesus said, "Whoever tries to save his life will
    lose it." And whoever loses his life will save it."
    This means we shouldn't even give thought to the way
    and matter of our death. We should be like a man
    named Macavoy from N.Y.C who, when his son was shot
    dead point blank on a street corner said, "I have no
    feelings of bitterness or animosity against the
    person who did this."
    problem. Now it's sociopathy.

    1. WTF dude? 'Fads' like this exist because neurotypicals always want to be more special than the next snowflake.

      Thanks M.E. for the post, this one song is what got me into Tom Lehrer.

    2. Poisoning pigeons is just as evil, because another animal might find and eat the poisoned bird, causing that animal to also become sick with the poison.

      And what if a baby somehow ingests the same stuff?

      Same thing.

    3. Michael Martin PlunkettJuly 7, 2013 at 2:52 PM

      its not a fad disease its a safety crutch and retreat to fantasy for sad lonely bitter people who have failed in every other aspect of their lives

      the sociopathy label they give them selves justifies their failure in life

  2. Chill, dude. It's just a song, and a very funny one. No need to have a meltdown.

    Tom Lehrer is very witty. If you get over yourself you might find a song or two of his on youtube that you'll enjoy.


    1. I don't really see anyone having a meltdown.

      Did something unsettle you?

      You shouldn't take things too seriously, especially around here.

      You'll find that most of the visitors are actually quite friendly.

  3. Did something unsettle me? Why thank you for asking.

    I was perplexed by this post:

    "Poisoning pigeons is just as evil, because another animal might find and eat the poisoned bird, causing that animal to also become sick with the poison.

    And what if a baby somehow ingests the same stuff?

    Same thing."

    Seems like the poster was having a quasi-meltdown to me. Too emotional, too messy for my tastes. Emotions do perplex me but do not unsettle me unless somebody is in my face crying and asking me to save the pigeons.

    Perhaps I was a little callous in my response. I really don't know if I was or not. If I was, I am sure you will forgive me since you seem to be one of the "friendly" ones.


    1. I understand. I assure you, there is no need for concern.

      The poster quoted above, actually seems quite sensible and level-headed, offering valuable perspective on the matter at hand.

    2. Michael Martin PlunkettJuly 7, 2013 at 3:16 PM

      what the fuck anonymous

      r u actually posting all the crap here on ur own and even arguing with ur self ?

      sad place this has become of late

    3. You seem lost, friend.

      'Sociopaths' are in fact, deeply sad, troubled individuals.

      So, it would make sense in a way, that a blog centered on this condition might seem somewhat dreary to a normal visitor.

  4. Michael Martin PlunkettJuly 7, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    what is a normal visitor ?

    few posters in the sociopathic blog i do respect a bit

    the other 95 percent gives me a good laugh

    so whats not to like ?

    1. Michael Martin PlunkettJuly 7, 2013 at 4:35 PM

      its like the muppet show when u think about it

    2. i wonder what personal tragedy might have inspired the anomynous above to self diagnose as the sociopath

      my guess is a rejection from a high school crush

  5. Martin, Are you so clueless you cannot figure out that many posters are posting under the user name "anonymous" and therefore nobody is arguing with themselves?


  6. Anonymous,

    I assure you I am not deeply sad or troubled.

    Actually, I feel pretty. Very pretty. I think you would find me very pretty too.

    I can look deeply into your eyes and immediately find your gentle, delicate soul. I will know exactly how you wish to be held, caressed.

    My touch will be tender as I run my hands over the soft swell of your adorable derriere. My lips moist and yielding. My tongue hot and seeking.

    You will want to consume me, but I will consume you.

    Now that I have your attention, please take note: I do not want or need your pity, unless, of course, I can use it to my advantage.


    1. You seem to be experiencing a bit of sexual frustration.

      Give online dating a try.

      I'm sure that you'll find someone on one of the many dating sites out there, to answer your desperate plea.

  7. @Anonymous 0457:

    LOL. Thanks for providing my morning smirk.



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