Thursday, July 18, 2013

Senseless violence

Under the headline "Teenagers arrested for decapitating homeless man, playing soccer with his head":

Two teenagers have been nicked for allegedly decapitating a homeless man before playing soccer with his head. The pair, who were said to have taken a dislike to the man before killing him, then allegedly left his head in a bin.

"Allegedly" played soccer with his head, The Sun clarifies:

The suspects could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of murder. A spokesman for Russia’s Investigative Committee later cast doubts on reports that the teenagers had used the head as a football. He said a “full picture” of what had happened was still being established.

Humans are capable of every sort of barbarism. Why? Beth Johnson


  1. Yeah. Why doesnt anyone stop to question why humans are even capable of killing each other.

  2. Evolution. We come from Apes. Up the chain...

  3. Proof that indifference is more cruel than hate.

    1. Agreed. They say the opposite of love isn't hate; it's indifference.

  4. Where did the forum go?

    1. If you can't access it, you've probably been banned.

    2. What could you possibly do to get yourself banned from a psychopath forum?

  5. Many atrocities are commited by groups. The group setting lowers individual
    inhabitions and lets people act out in a less restrained manner. It's the
    principle of "social proof" enacted. "Wilding" teenagers and Nazi Germany
    are examples of this. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
    Have any of you seen a movie called "The Collector?" It was adapted
    from a novel. It's the only movie I can recall seeing about a person
    with Aspergers syndrome. It is a known fact that the novel is in the
    possesion of many sociopathic killers.
    It's about an alienated young man who can't relate to others in an
    empathic way. Because of his wierdness he is abused at work, which he
    grudgingly accepts. One day, his odd ball mother shows up at his job
    saying, "We won! We won!." What did they win? The football "pools."
    If you sucessfully predict the scores of soccor games you win a fortune.
    The man buys a home in the English country side. He has a specific goal
    in mind. He has his eye on a vivacious woman, a vibrant art student that
    he thinks he "loves." He has no social skills to approach her in a normal
    way, so he gets her from behind and puts a rag of cloraparm over her face. He takes her to a specially outfitted cottage on the grounds of the
    mansion. He knows she's an artist so it's stocked with art supplies.
    The woman is obviously bewildered and terrorfied. He assures her that his
    motives are honorable and that he "will show her every respect." He did
    it because he wants to get to know her.
    She resists him at first and begins to cooperate when he tells her she
    can leave in a mounth. He allows her to write a letter to her family
    which he intercepts. "How dare you call me a madman?!" Would a madman
    set you up like this, treat you with kindness?!" She knows she's got to
    calm him down quickly, so she reassures him.
    The man renegs on his promise to let her go. The rest of the movie relates to how she tries to escape him. In one scene she comes upon a
    display case filled with pinned butterfies. "Look at all the living
    beauty you've put an end to. You think you can posess and collect things.
    You've collected me!"
    Since all efforts to escape fail, she decides that she will show him
    affection. She offers herself up to him but it makes no difference. He's
    stiff and unresponsive. He pushes her away. "It's no good, he says.
    You're not sincere. She mananges to flee into a rainstorm. He catches
    her and returns her to the cottage. She hits him in the head and he is
    away for a few days getting treatment. When he returns he discovers that
    she is very ill with penmonia. He proclaims his love and says he will get
    help. He doesn't.
    At the end of the film we hear his voice over narration. "You see, I
    tried to show her my love, but how could it work with such a cold un-
    responsive person like her? "I buried her under that tree over there."
    At the end of the film we see him gearing up for another kidnapping and
    we get the impression that it will go on and on until he is stopped.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Let's try this again...

      Aspie Hater, I agreed with the part about the power of the group. Americans sacralize individualism, but they are no immune to the power of the mob than any other group of humans.

      But then you move right into misrepresenting Aspergers again, associating it with violence. It's not that I believe those with Aspergers can't be violent. What I object to is the assumption that Aspergers=violence, as if the two must go hand in hand, by definition. There is no evidence for this assumption. I'm also willing to bet that the movie you reference is not an accurate portrayal of Aspergers.

    3. Thank you Daniel. Anonymous is mistaken.

      Aspies are not people who kill because people don't like them.

  6. Those Russian youths, man… If I’m not mistaken, it was a few Russian teens who gave the world “3 Guys 1 Hammer”. To make a broad, sweeping generalization, they must be very, very bored over there. What, they don’t have video games and drugs and sex?

    1. Lol!
      But you can help curb the violence. For just $30 a month you can provide a bored teenager with a porn subscription that will keep him happily masturbating the day away, rather than relieving his boredom and frustration with murder and mutilation.

  7. I come here when I need to be honest and know I will not get any BS.
    I have a horrible depression. It is because I SEE how much I was betrayed and I hate my father.

    When I was in an abusive relationship, he became friends with the abuser and met with him and had dinner with him etc and did not tell me.

    I was nothing to him, I guess.

    Anyway, I have cut off all contact with him and my mother but he calls another family member, maybe to contact me, I assume.

    I hate him so much but I feel guilty because he was good to me when I was young and my mother was a Mal Narc and was a horror.

    He was kind and he was a source of comfort but I feel guilty because I have rejected him and he is old.

    1. No point in guilt. Do _only_ what benefits _you_ in life. Those who defy you should see only your back, and you should only welcome those who benefit you.

      It is not uncommon that people have hard social relations in disfunctional families, which also are common in societies all over the world. The only thing to do is to give these a cold shoulder and raise yourself above them. Even your parents.

      First rule of a good life is to take care of yourself. Forget the rest.

      Second rule of life: It is not be good and get good back at you, but do what benefits those you want to benefit you. Belief in being good is childish belief and gets you no where.

      Third rule of life: never depend on anyone or anything. In worst case, that is a ticket to ones grave. This rule means never giving power to others. In this case you are clinging to your family, empowering them to do whatever you want.

      It does not matter who we are in the eyes of others, but who we are in the eyes of our selfes.

    2. In the spirit of acting in self interest- You may want to reconsider this decision or at least put a time limit on it. He won't be around forever. Forget guilt- it's not about that. What it comes dow to is answering the question of whether there is enough good in your relationship with your dad to merit "doing the work" of forgiving him for betraying you.

      Your question brings up a lot for me because my father did the same thing to me during my divorce. The level of betrayal was very hurtful. He has since apologized, but not until quite a bit of time had passed.
      That being said, he (like your father) was kind when I was younger and (for me anyway) was probably the reason I survived having a mal narc mom.
      There is no doubt both of our fathers have made a sort of deal with the devil to continue being married long term with a personality like this- YET- this is not all of who they are. I suspect that the betrayal you are feeling now is reminiscent of the betrayal you felt as a powerless child when he allowed your mother to act destructively.
      I have no answers of absolution to offer- only the personal experience that making a new relationship apart from my mother as an adult with my father is something I have glad that I have done. However, it is not a typical parent/child relationship. He lost the right to ever act as or advise as a parent and I will not accept his interference in my life that way. But at the same time, as long as those boundaries remain in place, I am willing to see and interact with him on my own terms (away from family home, time limits, without my mom)
      Having him in my life is a net positive, and I know that when he is gone I will be glad for it even though my relationship with him definitely complicates my life.

      What it comes down to me is this: can betrayal be forgiven? Yes. Can it be forgotten? no. the relationship that comes after betrayal must forever be negotiated between those two realities.

    3. to clarify- it's that i will be glad for having a relationship with him (even limited)- not glad that he has died. Death is so final, and it is after death's finality that regrets can not be addressed anymore. Best to resolve ambivalence and put the relationship in order when my dad is still alive is the place of resolution I arrived at.

    4. Hi. Monioa my Dad did kind of the same thing but with his favorite nephew, who hurt me in order to get narcissistic supply. He did not come to my rescue and as a matter of fact outright refused. Later on , after confrontation , he cried and felt guilty that he showed himself to be just as useless as in my youth.

      I talk to him but he knows he is meaningless because i am distracted and bored speaking to him, faking interest sometimes, and just ...not, other times. He deserves/gets only the energy i have for him, nothing more. Yeah, it's sad. But it is what it is.

  8. Thanks Mach and Anon
    I love this place because aside from the crazy stuff, it is an awesomely honest place.
    My heart tells me to write him off because the lies with him and my mother are so deep that it is like stepping into a viper's den. They MUST keep their reality intact.
    Their reality is totally crazy.

  9. I think the key is to see them for what they are. Never expect "Lucy" to do anything other than pull the foot ball away. If you can manage to relate to your dad without your mom contaminating the environment, perhaps there is a chance. You know best.
    Separate from her he might be different, but going back to "People of the Lie", I find the idea of the partner who is "in thrall" to the map narc to be consistent with my experience.

    For what its worth, I confront this issue constantly and have yet to figure it out. It sucks.

  10. Thanks Mach
    You are a bud!
    I think I feel a peace about cutting them off.

  11. Am I the only one who asks the big questions? If the average human head weighs between 10 and 11 pounds and a regulation soccer ball weighs 14 to 16 ounces, how the hell do you play soccer with a human head? You can't shoot it and trying to head it would hurt.


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