Sunday, July 21, 2013

Unleashing our power of seduction

Seduction gets a bad rap, as argued by Chen Lizra in her TED talk "The Power of Seduction in Our Everyday Lives."

The goal of her talk is to get people to see seduction as a valuable life skill. She thinks everyone can learn how to seduce, particularly when they start young. She talks about how the term seduction has been so sexualized that most people do not think that it could be a positive skill set. People think that seduction is a less honest or acceptable form of influence. People who have been seduced feel like they have been manipulated. Men are given more leeway to seduce and when it comes to work and seduction, people immediately think that you are sleeping your way to the corner office. These negative aspects of seduction are not inherent in seduction, but rather is neutral -- seduction can be used for all sorts of reasons, according to Lizra she uses it to be "classy" and "add to it" her sense of loyalty and integrity. At it's most basic, it is power. "Seduction is about charm, connection, vulnerability, pride, self confidence, and appeal."

Seduction formula

  1. Desire -- knowing what you want and having the courage to go after it. "Keeping the maybe alive is a skill of presenting potential possibilities and then fueling them with desire. It's about learning where the emotional buttons are and then triggering them." The key is to look for what the other person is missing, then give it to them, and it's almost impossible for someone to say no to that.
  2. Confidence -- Our self image is formed at an early age and is deeply affected by environment, e.g. since there is no advertising in Cuba their self image is not distorted. "Cubans grow up feeling intense pride and self confidence no matter what body size or shape they might have." Because, it turns out, that there is no objective beauty and to the extent we enforce particular standards of beauty we have allowed ourselves to be influenced into doing so by external forces
  3. Body language -- "It makes it really easy to seduce and be seduced because you know what the other person is feeling."
  4. Arousal -- You must "wake up in them the desire to give you what you want and lure it out." "You must give it your undivided attention in the moment." Fearlessness is key, because then a "no that was a maybe turns into a yes." 
"Everyone has the power to seduce in them" "Seduction is a skill no matter how you look at it. You can call it wooing, persuading, winning someone over, charming, it doesn't matter." The key is to "build the connection that gets you what you want." 


  1. don't mind if i do )

  2. But M.E. you're a fat woman from the vivid video I've seen of you when being interviewed...

    1. quick hint: if the meanest thing you can say is the sort of insult an elementary school boy uses as his trump card that will make his eighth grade sister cry, then I suspect that your unsophisticated efforts to shame a "mean girl" have just revealed you to be the sort of man who is destined to marry his gym sock.

    2. Oh Mach, its so delightful when you get mean.

    3. Seems to be someone trying to imitate a sociopath by being an asshole.

  3. Leave M.E. alone!
    It's common for people to make assumptions about another if they don't
    get a clear view of how they look. I saw a little snippet of M.E. on Dr.
    Phil and she looks very fine thank you.
    "Love" is the motivation behind all human endeavor. It's the reason why M.E.
    devotes so much time and careful attention to this blog. I, for one, DO
    appreciate it. I want to appreciate things while I have them, because I
    won't have them forever. From what I can see, M.E. should have no difficulity
    at all attracting lovers, be they male or female.
    In recent years, various books have been written about the "art" of
    seduction. One popular book was titled "The Game" by Neil Struss. Mr.
    Struss is not a particularly attractive man, be he claims to have honed
    a foolproof seduction technique. Apperently, you give a woman a minor
    insult, like picking a piece of lint off her clothing that you delibertly
    place there, and that's suppost to interge her? Sounds like a lot of
    mumbo jumbo to me. I think it's just a matter of realizing that female
    sexuality can be gauged on a bell curve from women who would be perfectly
    content to be nuns to skanks like the Kardisians.
    An Astrological chart is like a pie cut into 12 wedges. Each of these
    individual wedges or houses pertains to a different part of your life.
    The 5th house of your chart has to do with sex, children, gambling, and
    creativity. It's called the house of pleasure. If you've got planets in
    this house that are condusive to pleasure, you can have an active, enjoy-
    able sex life. If you have planets that detract from pleasure, you won't
    have any. Casey Anthony has a Mars/Uranus conjunction in her 5th house.
    Mars is an agressive planet. Uranus is a planet of explosive surprises.
    A Mars/Uranus conjunction is known for it's impulsive temper.
    Not only was Casey Anthony a woman who "had to have it" very frequently,
    she was also unfit to be a mother. The 5th house being the house of
    children; When Cindy Anthony grabbed Casey around the throught and said
    she was taking away Caylee on June 15th, the baby was dead on June 16th.
    Casey must be living in absolute torture now, unless her "needs" are
    being tended to in secret.
    In my own case, having Saturn in the 5th house (The worst possible
    placement for pleasure), I can attest that I have absolutely no enjoyment
    in life. Like a can of caffiene free 7-up, I've never had "it" and never

    1. Would you like me to open the door to you padded room now?

  4. that womans cheesy as hell.

  5. Tweet:
    "Survival brings out the ugly in all of us,"


    "Our inferiority complex brings out the ugly in all of us."

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  7. Desire is another term that has been highly sexualized,however it doesn't fundamentally need to allude to desire of a sexual nature.Regarding seduction,your desire for what you need and the other individual's desire is similarly vital.Awakening the desire in others in a key part of seduction.Desire is about comprehending what you need and being willing to follow it.This is frequently a problem for a large number of us.We all recognize what we need out of life,however fear of failure regularly keeps us from following it.You must have the capacity to overcome that fear in the event that you need to be successful.
    ~Laura Smith.

  8. Her saying that there is no advertising in Cuba made me think that the sociopaths there must be missing on such wealth of data. I've always been fascinated with the advertising industry -the insight you get from it into the desires and insecurities of average Janes and Joes is unparalleled. It's data cornucopia for a sociopath - how to dress, what to project, which sides to play up.

  9. People who have been seduced feel like they have been manipulated. Men are given more leeway to seduce and when it comes to work and seduction, people immediately think that you are sleeping your way to the corner office. coaching seduction


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