Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sociopath quote of the day: principles

I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world.

-- Oscar Wilde


  1. So... why would he like people without morals? isn't that what a sociopath is?

    so if it is, wouldn't he like to stay away from socios?

  2. Sociopaths are not the only ones without morals. To have morals is not important. Having ethics is what is important.

    I'm an amoral empath with ethics. Morals can lead to irrational behavior which does not benefit the individual or the individuals beloved network. Ethics such as utilitarianism are the pursuit of happiness.

    You want to be happy so right and wrong is based on what makes you happy, but if you are not a sociopath right and wrong also is determined by what makes the people who love you happy. Morals are important for children, principles built upon morals such as those found in the bible aren't always right. As in these morals don't always make you happy, or your loved ones happy, but they are followed because it's tradition and generations before you thought it was important. This is what I don't have and I don't see why anyone should have principles unless they truly are living to protect those principles.

    If you live for it, would kill or die for it, then you can say you have principles. Most people wont kill for or die for an idea, they put security over principles. The rest put happiness over principles.

  3. There is an exception. Liberty for example is a principle which allows one to pursue happiness. So the Constitution defends liberty so that one has the right to pursue happiness. The pursuit of happiness requires utilitarian ethics, which often is a situation of the ends justifying the means.

    The end is to make/maintain happiness for you and your loved ones. The means are any action which leads to that result. This means there truly is no objective right and wrong, it's entirely subjective. The only way to have an objective right and wrong is in a military context where you defend liberty for all, such as with the Constitution. This allows everyone to have the freedom to make themselves and others happy and it's necessary that select individuals kill and die for this principle.

    So I'm saying that most of us do not have any principles. And people who claim to have them usually are hypocrites. The people who really do have principles are willing to kill for or die for them. It has nothing to do with being a sociopath or empath. The typical sociopath or empath is irrational, only in different ways.

    To be completely rational one would have to be utilitarian because if you want to have the best possible life for yourself you have to conclude that it's most right to make yourself (and others) happy. OF course you have to respect and follow the law while you do this because you have to be capable of weighing the consequences. This is something sociopaths have problems with because they don't fear the consequences, and this leads to a complete lack of intuition.

    Most of us won't break the law because we know we'd get caught and the risks outweigh any potential reward. However if the reward were great enough and risk were low enough then everybody would be breaking the lawsand it wouldnt matter if one were a sociopath or empath. The difference is the empath feels scared of going to prison, afraid of dying, afraid of the consequences of that lifestyle, and also the empath feels empathy for the people they wrong. Empathy is completely logical because without it we wouldn't have a basis from which to form a legal system at all.

    Somebody felt bad about harming their neighbor to survive. Probably a thief who finally got tired of having to steal from others to survive and figured out that if we keep living that way that his offspring will have to deal with thieves and that it will affect his loved ones just as he has affected other peoples loved ones. This is the logical conclusion that whatever you can do to someone else, someone else can do to you just as easily and if you don't declare it wrong and make laws against it then everyone will be preying upon everyone and no genius, no cultural advancement, no positive growth or evolution will happen for the species.

    So empaths have a species level logic. Sociopaths have an individual level logic where they do not or are not considering the consequences for the species over generations intuitively, but it's necessary for civilization that we consider these things. We cannot survive as a species of sociopaths and sociopaths if they give it deep though over a period of decades figure this out.

  4. Savagelight: "Empathy is completely logical because without it we wouldn't have a basis from which to form a legal system at all."

    Pardon my pendanticism, but I would agree with this statement in a certain way. I think empathy is only logical in that venue, but not logical as a whole entity.

    But then again, seeing as I lack empathy and quite love myself, I am a bit biased here. :P

  5. sociopath & principles = oxymoron.

    The only principle(s) a sociopath/parasite has is to gratify themselves at the expense of all living things.

  6. I'm shocked at the level of critism and hatred directed at M.E. No one
    is compelling anyone to visit this site, or to buy M.E.'s book. And you
    have to admit, for a sociopath she IS very high functioning. She has
    principles. I seriously doubt that M.E. could hurt anyone-except to break
    thier heart-and you don't have to be a sociopath to do that!
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