Monday, October 15, 2012

Educating children sociopaths

This was an interesting article about the delicacy between not wanting to diagnose sociopathy in children because it can be such a damning prognosis, but also wanting to do it to possibly put at-risk children in some sort of early intervention program. As researcher put it:

To me it seems a no-brainer,” says Essi Viding, professor of psychology at University College London. “Nobody’s going to get psychopathy as a present when they turn 18. Of course you’re going to see some precursors."

What might early intervention look like?

“If you’re labelling someone a psychopath, it does seem to assume that there’s nothing we can do for them, that they’re going to grow up to be a criminal, and that you might as well just lock them up,” Frick says. “But you can teach a child to recognise the effects of their behaviour.”

The lack of success in educating children sociopaths to recognise the effects of their behaviour may have more to do with using the wrong methods than it does a sociopath child's inability or unwillingness to learn:

“What [people who use social shaming as a method of punishment] assume is that children have the motivation to shift their behaviour. That their primary social motivator is the relationship,” says Warren.

She interviewed more than 1,000 children with behavioural problems, aged eight to 18. “I was beginning to see children who weren’t responsive to these interventions, who weren’t interested in what adults, parents, educators, think,” she says.

“If a child or group of children isn’t interested in pleasing someone, doesn’t care about sanctions, what they’re driven by is pleasure or reward. They will take the pain of the consequences but won’t change their behaviour.”

What does work?

The programme, called Let’s Get Smart, replaces sanctions with rewards. Some teachers were uneasy. “Some teachers felt that punishment happens in the real world; if they misbehave in the real world they will still go to prison. Why are we setting them up for unrealistic expectations?” says Jones. “Our point is that it doesn’t work.”

By offering regular rewards, perhaps three times a day, controlled by the adult in authority, it aims to provide a rational, self-interested motivation for pleasing adults where that motive is emotionally absent. “The adult becomes the clear intermediary between the child and what the child wants,” Warren says. The rewards are tailored to each child’s interests.

These children often have a strong desire for control and teachers have to resist attempts to negotiate, because any concession just leads to more demands. “I teach parents and teachers to say, ‘It’s not open for discussion, go away.’ Adults don’t like to dismiss children,” Warren says.

All this is backed by role play and other exercises that are intended to build children’s capacity to pay attention to and respond appropriately to others’ emotions. Video playback helps the children to see their behaviour as others do, often to their surprise. (“I do swear a lot,” one girl told Warren.)

What sort of results can you expect?

“These kids are still having quite significant problems: they are not cured. But they are improving. Some have gone back to mainstream school, which is incredible,” she says.

Whether children ever really learn greater empathy or just learn to manage their behaviour is not clear. “My personal gut feeling is that you can modify behaviour perhaps more readily than you can improve the empathy response,” Viding says.

There are a couple of other interesting tidbits, like this one about "circle time" type emotional sharing activities:

“(In circle time) children say what makes them scared and children who have callous-unemotional traits think, ‘This is a useful piece of information to have’,” she says.



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  3. It just means that you have to get up earlier than a sparrow's fart to beat me.

    Better luck next time Blades ; )


  5. Good Morning Sociopathworld! Goopd morning Mindless Pleasures!!!! I missed u this weekend! Hope u had a great friday night! I figured u were probably just hungover ;)

    How is everybody doing today?

  6. ''Circle Time" was one of my favorite times for that very reason, so useful. Plus you could actually see how different people were from yourself. Quicker and easier than befriending people. Even older, when you have to do seminars or team building crap I appreciate the whole wagts your name and tell us something about you shit.

    1. I HATE that get to know each other circle shit. It makes me self conscious. I never want to say anything, I just want to listen and hear how other people talk about themselves.

    2. Me too, but it can be great for picking up information on someone you want to get to know better. Listen to them talk, then throw in something that shows you have a lot in common and flash them a nice smile doing it. They fall all over themselves to tell me everything later, buy me drinks, whatever. Nobody said you have to tell the full truth about yourself.

    3. That's why I love it, I usually bashfully go first and claim nervous and happy "to be there" smile. Going first no one expects much. Next spend the rest if the time catagorizing the useless from the useful.

  7. To the anonymous user that thinks me and Monica may not exist did you see my response to you yesterday? I think it might open your mind in comparing your love addiction to my drug addiction........

    1. I have read it, Mr Kuklinski. Normally I wouldn't take advice from a serial killer but hey, what the hell.

      I do need people. I need them badly.

    2. Oh I didnt see this, Iam sorry I re-posted it today! LOL, Iam no serial killer!!!!! We just HAPPEN to have the same first name, and I LOVE his book by Phillip Carlo, the one By Anthony Bruno was good too but Phillip Carlo's was above and beyond good.........

      I need people too, thats why Iam an Uber empath in this sociopathic realm ;)

    3. Iceman was an awesome book.
      I got a little turned on by what he did to that rapist. Shame he didn't put him in the cave with the other rats. Carlo's other books are average at best, but this one is a must read.

    4. OMG that one has to be my favorite, tying him to a tree..... and doing all he did, while smilin..... BRILLIANT!!!!

      PS- I dont know if I can email it to you but I have it all on audiobook in 11 parts, they have since taken it off youtube for violating copyright laws.

    5. You are such a sweetheart, Rich, but no need. I have a copy of the book. Thank you.

    6. :) Thanks! No problem! Just thought you might like it!

      For anybody who likes to read I also have on my computer, The mask of sanity, The 48 laws of power, The art of seduction, Psychopathia Sexualis, The textbook of insanity (with cases of Moral Insanity Aka Psychopathy), Snakes in Suits By Robert Hare and Paul babiak, and a few more I cant think of right now that are all on PDF files........

      If anybody wants one or two just let me know and leave an email and ill send em right over :)

  8. For the person who wanted to know about cognitive dissonance

    CD is when you think a certain thing about yourself or life. It can be something, such as you think you are worthless. The human being does not want the dissonance of being wrong. Being wrong in one's basic thoughts is very jarring to the human being. So, one will act on reality such that the idea becomes reality.

    In this case, the person would act in such a way, as to draw experiences to himself which "proved" he was worthless. Thereby, he would not have to change his core beliefs.

    This is unconscious to semi-conscious.

    CD explains a lot of unexplainable things such as why someone gets screwed in the same way from the same type of people.

    1. I think that girl is the same one who I was writing to about the drug/love addiction but iam not positive........

    2. Yes (I am the girl w the cd.

      I think I am not worthy and I have fear from going forward but I know that I am very, very worthy.

      And yes there is a compulsion to go for unavailable partners even though I know that I need love.

      In both cases I know what is good for me but I cannot stop injuring myself with the dissonance in my head. This serves no purpose except to make me sad for myself and depressed.

      I understood this from the link. THank you for explaining it further.

    3. Haven
      We all repeat our inner stories. The trick is if you know it, or not. Without a simple understanding of this fact, we have no hope of change.

    4. Anan, Here is the post I left to you yesterday, dont know if you have got to see it:

      Yes, the drugs addiction for me is exactly what your love addiction is to you, an excape, a feel better (even temporarily, a "cure all"........

      Methadone dosent bring me down, it doosts my life up, and it isint like I use it illegally, I go to a methadone clinic and get a supervised dose daily...... If a woman cannot deal with me TRYING to better myself than I wouldnt want to be with her anyway most likely.....

      Just like you wouldnt choose a man over your compulsions, I feel the same way for a woman, and one of my compulsions is my use of methadone I guess........

      So basically what Iam trying to say is we are both using the same parts of our brain to achieve pleasure, just by different means...... BUT, whe you TRULY and DEEPLY think about it, we BOTH need something OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES to light that part of our brain up and make us feel good....... Your addiction is love to men, my addiction is my love of methadone....... Both are outside sources of plesure that we cannot get by ourselves, we need other chemicals, and people, to put us in the same place, basically......

      Do you understand what Iam trying to say?

    5. Well said, Rich.

    6. Haven, How to Heal, why did Haven put her head on the desk ? What is nonsensical about exchanges between how to heal, Rich, and the girl who says she has the cognitive dissonance?

    7. What is nonsensical about it? Haven complicates things until they reach absurdity.

    8. Haven doesn't complicate things unnecessarily, but she also doesn't try to reduce them to issues that shame people into thinking their easy to get over.

      Deeply ingrained issues take work. It's not easy. It's not simple. The words may be simple to say, but the work is far from it.

    9. Haven do you think that a person can be healed from crying?

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    2. Anon who thinks Rich and Mon are fakeOctober 15, 2012 at 9:31 AM

      A HA! See I knew something was fishy about you the moment you steeped in here, Mr. Kuklinski.

    3. LMAO!!!!! Seriously though, Iam as real as they come :) It's just a coincedence that me and mr.Kuklinski have the same first name :) lol

    4. LOL @ my theme! You crack me up Themes!!!!!!

    5. Better Version
      Theme for Mr Rich Kulinski

    6. LOL! Damn themes you know like EVERY SONG ever to exist on earth!

      It's pretty cool........

  10. The man with the spatial mind waved his Tesla rod defiantly in the face of the oncoming horde of alien sexdroids. He opened his heart chakra and hummed, the pitch perfectly tuned to the pulse of mother Earth herself - the Schumann resonance. And she answered him, the Tesla rod conducting both voices and heartbeats in a low frequency pulse of such amplitude a bolt of sheer vril force shot from his rod! The onrushing horde of mechanical abominations were halted in their tracks. The man smiled and said a prayer of thanks.

    1. you are one horny yogi

    2. Careful or you'll get the fapping cum eaters from yesterday all excited again :)

    3. I'm here again. Your story turned me on, tell me more.

  11. I think I have come to the end of my quest.

    It is simple, not easy. One must touch the ground. What is that, you ask?

    One must be able to see reality, as it is.

    One must be able to see oneself, as one is.

    That is the answer in the Teacher's Book. The problem is, you have to know how to get there, not just peek at the answer.

    Therein, lies the problem.

    1. "therein, lies the problem."

      Omgosh your writing is.. it's just..
      I . AM . Swooning ...

      Healy, I have helplessly and hhhopelessly fallen madiy in *LOVE* with you.

      I. I. I. I..

      Oh lies... I cannot tell any more LIES, GODDAMNIT !! I confess, I am OBSESSED with you now and there'e no telling.. no telling ..

      I simply cannot tell you what will happen next.

      W T F ??? My urges Oh my urges .. This a disaster, I tell you. And I NEED you my love.

      Therein lies the problem.

    2. LOL is right! Wow! That was intense, I need a cigarette after that one ;)

    3. Oh Richard. Richard Richard Richard, you are too. Too kind.

      Here, have one of my Virginia Slims.

      *puff* ...*puff*

      That dreadful healing person is so, so ...I pray, let's not talk about healing...

      Not tonight, Richard.

      i love that photo of you. Yo

    4. Well thank you!!!!!! I dont know if you mean my REAL photo, or Rickard Kuklinski's photo, but either way its a compliment!

      Virginia Slims arent bad, Ive smoked one before, not my preferance, but they are okay :)

  12. There is no need to diagnose anyone to incorporate the kinds of teaching sociopathic indiviudals could benefit from. The reason being all students would benefit from education in that direction. At least you'd give them the tools and the vocabulary and see how far they take them.

  13. Why don't Me's tweeter posts appear on this page anymore?

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    1. :) LOL! I wonder where my buddy Monica Moo is today? I miss her :(

    2. All you have to do is look in the mirror.

  15. Meh. I always thought it was amusing when people shared fears or excessive emotions. I guess I'm just not hostile enough toward the existence of others.


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