Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sociopaths the conspiracy theory

From a reader:

It's been a long time. There's a lot going on in my life right now, and I realized that I kind of missed your blog.

I was looking through some articles on the Tikkun Magazine website, and I was surprised to see no less than two articles about the psychopathic percent of the population on the front page. I'm not sure what your perspective would be, so I suggest you take a look for yourself:

It was an interesting experience to read them for me. While the second article, at least, is less alarmist than most such narratives, the mention of 'containing' psychopathic behavior, as opposed, presumably, to working with it, coming up over and over again is rather telling. It seems that in both articles antisocial thinking is something not attributed to people the reader may know, but to some mysterious class of demi-human way out there in the economic wilderness. Apparently, both the article-writers seem to be thinking that while possibly 1% of the population has antisocial tendencies, those tendencies couldn't possibly be attributed to the reader or anyone the reader knows personally and has contact with on a regular basis. It's subtle, but I found it intriguing.

I think this sort of thing has become a kind of elephant in the room in society at large. There's a lot of talk about sociopaths, but not really much examination of them as ordinary citizens. Do you get an impression like that?

Both articles are interesting in different ways. The first one seems to equate sociopathy with a list of social ills, without much proof. The second is more thoughtful but is also alarmingly alarmist. But I agree that sociopathic traits are not exclusive to sociopaths.


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    1. "Hi everybody"

      LOL, I just heard Dr. Nick Riviera's voice in my head.

    2. " cooperative behaviors that embody the altruistic and compassionate aspects of human nature that are expressed through the remaining 99% of us." I find this statement unbelievable. 99% of the population supposedly altruistic and compassionate? Not buying that philosophy.

      and this *plan* of action made me laugh, "Diagnose the current global economy to reveal pathways where psychopathic tendencies are expressed. Target these areas for policy reform as a “damage control” measure while engaging in broader debate about how to build replacement structures.

      Yes this 'war' on Sociopaths, incorporating the Obama slogan and *plan* of action geared toward "Gross National Happiness", perhaps inappropriately, has me chuckling.

    3. Soon kids in schools will be checked for sociopathy like they are checked for fleas...

    4. dogs will be trained to pick out drugs an sociopaths

    5. Found sociopaths will have to wear golden stars on their arms.
      This is fucking serious guys!

    6. It's ridiculous. That entire article. Pfft

    7. "Found sociopaths will have to wear golden stars on their arms"

      No, no... the stars are going on their bellies and then everyone will want one so they will have to take them off and then everone will take them off so the sociopaths will have to put the stars back on agian...

      Wait, that was Dr. Suess.

  2. :) Good Morning Sociopathworld!

    How are you all doing today?

    PS- TO Virus and Anon that I was talking to yesterday, Iam sorry I didnt get back to you, I think I have a tooth infection and iam sick at the same time so its a REAL bitch. Last night I went to bed at like 12 and woke up at 2 because the pain was so SEVERE and I couldnt sleep since, so Ill probably take a nap today.

  3. To get nack to yesterday and answer your questions Monica, Virus, and Lunar, I will start right now

    Monica- Thank you for all of your support and being so kind to me. I do want to be a drug counselor one day.... I have the experience, and I have my associates degree, which means I would only have to go back for a couple of semesters to get my certification to be a drug counselor....... But I wouldnt be a drug counselor until the ONLY think Iam taking daily is methadone (because it hardly effects me.

    Thank you again for your kind words and I love ya!!!!!

    1. Virus- Yep, that is what I want for my life, to help others not make the same mistakes I have and try my best to get them onto the right track in life, even if they have to take methadone or suboxone everyday, that is a success story to me.......

      When I was only taking my methadone and smoking weed my counselor at my clinic told me that Iam one of his "Success stories" and he brings me up to other patients of his (Not by name he says "Another patient of mine" when telling them stories about me).

      Thank you too for all of your support Virus! You are an awesome person! I appreciate you taking the time to help me!

    2. Lunar- Iam aware iam one of the most fucked up people. In fact, iam one of the most fucked up people I HAVE EVER MET MYSELF! But I have to detox off the xanax in 2 months so at that time I will only be taking methadone and the occasional glass of beer or wine...... I really dont have the urge to get sloppy drunk like I did everyday in the past, maybe once in a while at wild parties I will but besides that Iam not gonna be drinking like a i used to, like drinking a bottle of gin every day by myself.

      Is there anything you think you can help me with or did you just want to say that "Iam one of the most fucked up individuals you have ever met online"?

    3. Sadly, Rich, you are not the most fucked up person I have ever met... not even the strung out part;-]

      I know/have known quite a few people like you. My cousin comes to mind, but he's in his 40s and still fucking worthiless... no initiative what-so-ever to get clean. No desires to be anything other than the drugs. Most the guys I did know didn't make it. Dead before 35. I don't mean to start the day sour, but perhaps you can take some motivation in knowing you are head and shoulders a better person than those fucks. You have a goal... something you would like to see yourself doing. I want to see "Rich the Uber Drug-couselor". Rock it, buddy.

      Hope you're feeling better today. The one pain I do not like under any circumstances is pain in the teeth. I would rather be stabbed or shot, and that is no joke.

    4. Hey guys
      Get a reality check. If Rich is the most effed up person, you forget about people who come on here raping, pillaging and worse.

      Rich has buried his emotions in drugs. That happens to countless people. It is not good and it is not easy to dig out from, but ixnee the superlatives, please.

    5. Rich what I intended by my commentary how it's a daily thing, your complete focus on your medications, drugs, they're your life. I'm wondering if you go outside, go anyplace or if you're relegated to sitting in your home thinking about the next Xanax.

      Life's short and that would be a tragic way to live. I sympathize with this possibly being out of your control. Your system's chemical imbalance - addiction can bring on some terrible physical symptoms getting through withdrawal. I have a friend who was addicted to Heroin, witnessed them go through the Methadone program and leave the program. It was very difficult mentally and physically on them. But they've been completely clean going on 9 years. Restarted their life.

      Monica, raping, pillaging are certainly not comparable to drug addiction. My commenting on Rich being fucked up was directed at his being on a continuous seeming roller coaster with the drugs. Drugs fuck you up. Drinking fucks you up. Occasionally I get fucked up. But I wasn't comparing raping, pillaging to being fucked up on drugs. Seriously.

      It's great Rich is wanting to progress to a state of not being fucked up all the time, true countless people wander glassy eyed through life numbing themselves to reality. Reality can be a harsh beast. But better to get out there and meet it face to face than hide in a bottle of pills.

      Days, nights fly fast as bird wings; one day you die. Living life in a continuous drugged out state, your past a shadow that never walked in the sunlight. Wasted in more ways than one.

    6. Thank you all for writing but I feel like I have the Flu and my tooth and side of my mouth is killing me just as bad as yesterday......

      If I feel better later I will answer today but if not I will answer all these tommorow.

      PS- Virus, I totally agree with you, I can handle most types of pain but tooth pain has me SCREAMING IN PAIN like a fucking baby........ I think I have a serious Flu with a tooth infection........ It hurts more than any tooth pain I have ever had since I was teething.

      PS- I broke down and got a 750mL bottle of gin for pain relief, yes it is stupid, yes it sucks, but in the pain iam in and the fact I cant take painkillers it is the only thing to kill the pain.........

    7. Virus is right, Rich. You did not get in this predicament over night and you will not get out, overnight. It is a marathon, not a sprint.
      Love ya!

    8. Enabling isn't a virtuous way to be.

    9. Do you really want to discuss virtue around this joint, Lunar?

    10. Virus yes. Virtues have varied intentions and meanings. I find it a challenge to integrate the various.

      Outside that I'm unafraid to discuss anything here or in my Big Real.

    11. Virus skip down I added more of my lunar commentary below. Sad, I missed the actual mark.


    Surprised you havent touched on the mother of sp conspir theor


    Be careful with this

    1. From the images on that page they certainly seem to have a hatred of Bush, Chaney and company, the pictures certainly look diabolical.

    2. That said Virus, it's Monica who is The Virtuous Kind One in this commentary blog so I just added my observations that enabling isn't Virtuous.

    3. I need to be more of a hard ass. I just stood up for myself and I thought I would lose something dear to me, but I didn't.
      It is no virtue to be a weakling. It is no virtue to be a hard ass with no heart.
      I guess, a person has to be all these things and it is friggin hard.

    4. Virtues are subjective to the culture... however, I can not think of a culture that does look at "weakness" as a virtue. Enabling is another story all together. Enablers have they nifty trick of looking like "helping saviors" at times and that is a virtue in most cultures. The unconditional lover.

      I for one don't buy into this. I am not a virtuous man. If some one sees something of moral excellence in me, it is most assuredly a ruse. Although I am working really REALLY freaking hard on honesty.

  5. WARNING: This post contains strong potty language

    Hello all. I have to say, I am very grateful for the flattering posts in yesterday’s comments section. And I've missed the witty interactions with you guys posting on this site also.

    I knew I had a big week this week which started with having to travel to a meeting where we had to secure a potentially lucrative contract with a new client. The meeting was a success and with the contract secured we all went out to an Indian restaurant to celebrate.

    It wasn't until I arrived back in London the next day that the high from the meeting and all-nighter started to fade fast.

    You know that it’s some sort of food poisoning from Indian food when your ass feels like the back end of the bat-mobile and you can shit through the eye of a needle.
    Indeed, Young William hasn't been feeling well at all these last couple of days.

    However, it did really cheer me up to read that I had been missed on this site. Of all the places, this would be the last place I’d expect where anyone would really give a damn ; )So it meant that much more. Thanks again guys.

    I’ll catch up with what’s been going on whilst recovering and will resume to business as usual as soon as possible.



    BTW Loved the song for Mindless Pleasures. I just wondered why it was that song in particular, and why then ; )

    1. I know. It was so sweet, Will. I have never seen a group of people say they missed someone, on here lol

  6. Yeah, I never thought I'd ever be able to say - I was touched by some psychopaths whilst bed-bound - and mean it in a really nice way ; )

    Apologies for the bad taste gag - but at the moment in the United Kingdom there is a scandal going on regarding one of England's most famous entertainers/celebrities - Jimmy Saville and that while he was alive (he died last year) he was apparently a notorious paedophile.

    I'd be interested if there are any other people here on SociopathWorld who have heard about this and hear what they think.

    The thing is - because of his celebrity - everyone trusted him and he did all this charity work - especially for hospitalised children. The facts are still be established but from what has been disclosed so far it is truly sick.

    1. Holy fuck they're saying 300 victims. "A tsunami of filth", says The Guardian.

    2. Yeah, this guy Jimmy Savile was a piece of work alright.

      He used to fundraise for England's infamous Broadmoor Hospital (formally: Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum).

      Eventually, they gave him access and his own quarters there. All the while sexually molesting inmates there. Nasty.

    3. From Wikipedia - "Broadmoor Hospital" (some information from the UK about psychopathy):

      A new unit called the Paddock Centre was opened on 12 December 2005 to treat patients with a dangerous severe personality disorder (DSPD). This is a new and much debated diagnosis or label that has two criteria. The first criterion is that the individual be 'dangerous', i.e. they are considered to be or represent a 'Grave and Immediate Danger' to the general public.

      It has been suggested that the threshold for this criterion be set at a greater than 50% chance of that individual committing serious harm upon another, from which the victim is unlikely to recover.

      The second DSPD criterion is that the individual suffers from a 'severe personality disorder', meaning that he or she has:

      A diagnosis of two or more personality disorders that meet the criteria as laid out in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM IV –TR; or

      A significant score (i.e. 30 or higher) on the Hare Psychopathy Check list – Revised (PCL-R); or

      A slightly lower score (i.e. 25 to 29) on the Hare Psychopathy Check list and with one or more personality disorders but not including an Antisocial personality disorder diagnosis.

    4. I heard about this. Frankly, if there is going to be any segregation of paedos, it needs to be, keep the paedos with the paedos, nothing more, nothing less.

      Prisons and other facilities have proven that putting paedos in populations of sexual predators that are not exclusively paedos will end up with, well, dead paedos.

      And yeah, I've heard the "They got what they deserved argument" but from a purely technical aspect, if you're taking it upon yourself to incarcerate someone instead of giving them the death penalty, it is your duty to keep them safe.

      Mindless Pleasures - I'm not sure what I think about that. Part of me is glad that they have a place like that, instead of just a high risk wing in a prison. The other part of me worries if they'll ever get treatment, or just end up sedated until they finally die.

    5. TNP, I think you’re right that they are just locked up and sedated until the day they die.

      Take for example one of Broadmoor’s most famous former residents - Ian Brady (who is definitely up there in the pantheon of English psychopathic serial killers).

      Brady began a hunger strike in 1999 and has been force-fed, against his will, every day, via a tube.

      As he is sectioned under the Mental Health Act, he is not allowed to take his own life as much as he has expressed that he would like to. Brady has been incarcerated for over 45 years, and was declared criminally insane in 1985.

  7. everyone says they wanne punch me. But i know deep down they really hate me (so it's ok)

  8. 2 things that make me the asshole i am 1st my ego 2nd the way i argue logic against emotion (and always win)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. If you see someone who is a first class ass, know this. That person is an ass to himself. That person is doing to you what he does to himself.
    His own body, soul and mind will take the hits that he is giving to you.
    That helps in letting go of people who have hurt you. It helps me.

    1. Sociopaths on the other hand have their own distinctive flavor. They not always know when they're acting like assholes. And their assholness is more due to not understanding or forgetting morals and social norms as well as having a typical taste of humour. I laugh from people because they're funny.

      If you want to heal your pd you need to know that you don't see things as others do. To stop being an ass one has to pull a different act, but it won't be easy because this way you have one more act to carry on. Asshole's shell is one of the coisyest for pd's, imo (but I'm not justifying myself, people rarely call me an ass).

  11. Yeah, those socio's sure know how to screw themselves, don't they? LOL

  12. Where is UKan go fuck yourself?? Wifey got him tied up and out of commission I bet.

  13. "I don't practice gun safety" LOL

  14. You know, M.E., I've got to say that you've really let the comments section turn into an idiot circlejerk. Not that it wasn't before, but it's hit new levels. There was once actual meaningful discussion here. Now it's just a pity party.

    1. Someone upset they are not the center of attention?

    2. It really has. I just ignore Monica and Rich, and it eliminates about 90% of the daily bullshit.

    3. They're losers, so you should feel right at home with them, TNP.

    4. Even though I don't think that we're supposed to take this sociopath conspiracy seriously, you would be doing a better job turning the conversation in a direction you want instead of whining to deaf ears, basilisk.


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