Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Handling sociopaths

The same guy from last post also suggested some ways to deal with sociopaths. Things that don't seem to work are"Insight-oriented, emotion-based therapy should not be provided for offenders. Making punishment more severe, or trying to "scare 'em straight" are also ineffective." Things that seem to work better are: "Effective programs [which] teach offenders something useful -- academic, vocational, social or personal management skills. Effective programs are firm but fair." He also mentions the possibility of pharmaceutical solutions in the future, including possibly lithium for violent offenders. His main suggestions, though, are for people that deal with sociopaths:
If they knew how to recognize psychopaths, and how psychopaths operate, people might better protect themselves and reduce the harm psychopaths cause.

An important part of such education would emphasize that people should not trust their intuitions and impressions of strangers, and should rely instead on reputations earned over time. The more that people did that, the harder it would be for psychopaths to exploit others. Theoretically, at least, young women comprise the group that would benefit most from such "anti-psychopath" training.

The idea that psychopathy is not a disorder but is instead an adaptation leads to this notion of "anti-psychopath" training which is a way of reducing the environmental niche for psychopathy. What else would make that niche smaller? Theoretically, psychopaths should thrive when resources are scarce and when there is a lot of social instability so that people frequently have to deal with strangers.

Thus, a typical North American urban environment may be just the place to foster psychopathy not because that environment causes psychopathy directly, but because such an environment provides a large niche for its expression.

Conversely, social policies that increase social and economic equity, and enhance family and community cohesiveness, while decreasing social isolation and anonymity might be exactly those that make it difficult for psychopaths to prosper. Over generations such policies might actually reduce the incidence of psychopathy.
This sounds like an argument for conservatism to me. Anyone else?

More on "America's hidden infection":


  1. Does anyone knows about some good movies? Movies like "The Tallented Mr. Ripley", "American Psycho" and "The Shape of Things".

  2. I can picture it now. In primary school, next to the sex-ed class, psychopathy awareness program.

    Not only that wouldn't make people be aware of sociopaths but it would also make the teenage little girls act rebellious and look for sociopaths to fuck intentionally.

    One other thing would be a public service announcement done by our beloved black president outing one in a hundred people as a psychopath and creating distrust and chaos between the citizens of small communities. That would change the way the world works.

    Maybe there will be riots like in UK here and there. Who knows.

    Long live free access to information.

  3. "..I want you to wash your vagina"

  4. Shrinking the environment of a psychopath and somehow leveling the economic playing field reduce the incidence of psycopathy? A very strange assertion to me. A psychopath may be less emboldened but based on yesterday's post, will still be a psychopath. Given this theoretical it would stand to reason that the psychopath would just be a more cautious psychopath with a short reach but a psychopath nonetheless.

  5. I read somewhere that in places like Taiwan or Japan the occurance of psychopathy/sociopathy is much lower, probably due to social differences. In western societies individual freedom is valued more than "the group" so it is (game theoretically speaking) more beneficial to be a sociopath in these societies.

  6. Bette, Do you liken justabadpenny to Ukan too?

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  8. @Tik
    I owe you a "You're right" .
    You were right that Vagina wars are not the answer to most things.
    It took 5 Vagina wars for me to see that though.
    I am sure my war days are not over.I have yet to see my mother as a sadist.I will learn that in a coming one I am sure.
    However most things do not demand nuclear Vagina.
    An ape turd like Bette demands simple ignoring
    You were right Tik :)

  9. I'm sure it had a purging affect for you, but it was counter productive for the blog.

    It's their blog, thats what I try to keep un mind. And I try not to be surprised when they attack, it's their nature. They don't see right through empaths, they have preconcieved notion's about us. We have them about them.

    This is a learning experience.

    Calling names or insulting over and over is low level to start from one that some socio's are stuck at. You need to move past that.

    You did just call bette a name, please don't, ignoring that erge would be a major step foward.

    Remember how they taught for nervous spearkers to invision the audience as naked? If you need to see people a certain way, try as children but keep it in your head. Your point would come across much clearer.

    And I am in no way insulting you. I see that things are becoming more clear to you.

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  13. Good point David!

    I beleive the ones i have known to be S/P have had to blend better so to keep from themselves from being caught in their own webs. But also saw how their private homes were where they let it fly as long as the secret could be kept, useually through intimidation or violence.

  14. @Tik
    I do not agree with 85% of your last post but I appreciate the 15 % of which I do and am grateful for that :)

  15. Tik.. I do in they both have been able to find a way to "pass" and be sucessful but on their own terms.. not in a corporate setting. Ukans statement the other day about now caring about consequences due to having too much to lose struck a cord as well. They both seem to have come to some terms with their nature, have wives that know who they are and find this somehow stabilizing. They survived their youth and while either or both could have ended up locked up for good or dead, they both seem to have adapted and yes, even learned from past mistakes ( I know a trait not normally associated with socios) but after a certain age and a certain amount of experiencing very real consequences, I believe the smart ones do, if for no other reason than calculated self-preservation.

  16. @David
    May I ask you a question.
    I have been thinking about what makes you different than 85% of the people on here.
    May I explore that with you?

  17. Richard.. Movie list:
    Bitter Moon
    Bettie Blue
    Chasing Amy
    Whose afraid of Virginia Wolf

  18. Isn't this prison? There will always be social instability and scarce resources.

  19. I thought the same jason..

  20. @Tik
    IF SOMEONE INSULTS ME I WILL CHOOSE A COURSE OF ACTION WHICH IS MY RIGHT.I now have ignoring in my arsenal was all I meant not that I will capitulate to anyone here or anywhere.That is called being an abused woman of which I have been there and done that. I am trying to recover from that not push it down deeper by guilt that it it their blog.No one should treat another person in the vile ways I have been treated here and I won't accept it .I will ignore more but that is a conscious choice based on strength not weakness
    I don't care if it is on a Socio blog or at my front door.
    I disagree 1000% with you on this.
    I am cool with you if we disagree if you are cool with me.

  21. @Tik
    I don't know I can say this without sounding arrogant which I am not.I am the opposite.
    This is gonna sound pedantic and I don't mean for it too.
    I don't think it is good for someone to abuse another person. I don't think it is good for the person doing it as well as for the person receiving it.
    For you to imply that I should let people abuse me is an insult to them as well as to me.
    People strive for good things.I don't care if you are a Socio or an empath.
    There is a basic truth which resonates in the hearts of people.
    Yes,some people may be too far gone.However,most are not.
    Most people on here are not animals.
    Maybe, you will laugh at me for saying that.Maybe you will think I am stupid but that is what I believe.
    When I had that fight with Ukan he heard me as most people on here did.
    It struck him and most others.That is why everyone has been so quiet.
    I can't wash my hands of people and think they are too far gone.
    Maybe after a few more Vagina wars I may.
    I have no idea.
    I wish I knew what I was doing in life rather than have to step in potholes and bruise myself before I figure the simplest thing out.

  22. Do it your wayI won't and can't stop you. It's not my war.

    What they say dose not make it true, so i don't usually answer them if they by chance hit upon a crumb of truth surounded by a load of garbage. That's just me, it actually makes me laugh at their arrogance and mistake.

    I am here for learning.

    I have many people in my life with PD's even though not in my house.

  23. @Tik
    Yes we all are different
    I don't need people to see things the way I do for me to get along with them.

  24. A SW fan is turned offAugust 10, 2011 at 7:16 AM

    You are boring, repetitive and you suck everyone's time. I will no longer read this blog comment section or will post. You are an infection.

  25. You are boring, repetitive and you suck everyone's time. I will no longer read this blog comment section or will post. You are an infection.

    I agree.

  26. Bette, I see where a good woman makes a huge difference in their lives.

    I wonder though if it will come with a high price at some point, I pray it doesn't and I realize how stronge you and Ukan's wife must be.

  27. You are boring, repetitive and you suck everyone's time. I will no longer read this blog comment section or will post. You are an infection.

    This was not from Ukan. You can think want you want. I'm outta here.

  28. Why don't we all send angry emails to M.E. let him know that Erin is disrupting intelligent conversation. I know he likes to stay neutral in blog affairs but Erin has crossed the line.

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  30. I wonder though if it will come with a high price at some point,

    It is the children that pay for it in one way or another.

  31. @David
    I won't ask you any more questions
    I hear you
    If enough people want me gone, I will go.

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  33. TIK..... My wife is incredible in so many ways, she tolerates my ism.... Let's me know when I am out of control but in a way I can accept.

    I don't know enough about the other folks on here to say who I am like and who I am not.

    I just read your advice to Erin and think you must be a pretty decent person, it's wise to not kick lions when your in their den. Just like my not visiting lovefraud to attack the idiocy there.

    My wife has her ism's, she is no saint but somehow we mesh like a well shuffled deck of cards playing out a good hand of poker.

  34. Anon, The children always do.

    Thats with any over self person in the home, that can even be with a sibling whose sucking up the control.

    No ones perfect you just need to care and that is what S/P don't, and their never going to.

    If there are S/P parents that do care your more then welcome to say so, I don't dispute it, just quoted one that I know.