Monday, August 8, 2011

Rupert Murdoch: Narcissist?

A reader sent this great profile on Rupert Murdoch from the Economist, detailing how he couldn't quite bring himself to remain penitent and remorseful amid jeers and other provocations directed at his ego:
"THIS is the most humble day of my life," Rupert Murdoch told members of the House of Commons, after the media, culture and sports select committee summoned the global media tycoon before them to explain the phone-hacking, police-bribing, politician-bullying ways of his British press titles. Having established his humility, Mr Murdoch then spent more than two hours telling the MPs that he was—in essence—much too important and busy to have known what his feckless underlings were up to.
Some have written that Rupert Murdoch came across as a frail, diminished figure, comparing his appearance to the final moments of the Wizard of Oz. I disagree. Thumping the table with the palm of his hand for emphasis (despite nervous signals from his wife to stop) Mr Murdoch showed flashes of something I can only describe as raw power, notably when any MP seemed about to patronise him.

Thus when an MP suggested employees had kept Mr Murdoch in the dark about the phone-hacking scandal, Mr Murdoch came to life, growling:

Nobody kept me in the dark, I may have been lax in not asking, but [the News of the World] was such a tiny part of our business.
And during questioning by MP Louise Mensch:
Mrs Mensch, looking and sounding like a clever young prosecution barrister, reminded Mr Murdoch that he had said Les Hinton, a former chief executive of News International (News Corp's British newspaper subsidiary), had resigned because he was the "captain of the ship" when wrongdoing took place. Is it not the case, sir, that you are the captain of the ship, she asked the elder Mr Murdoch? The magnate's pride seemed piqued, and he rose to the bait. "Of a much bigger ship," he rumbled.

Mrs Mensch did not blench. "It is a much bigger ship, but you are in charge of it. And as you said in earlier questions, you do not regard yourself as a hands-off chief executive, you work ten to 12 hours a day. This terrible thing happened on your watch. Mr Murdoch, have you considered resigning?"

"No," said Mr Murdoch.

"Why not?" said Mrs Mensch.

"Because," Mr Murdoch replied. "I feel that people I trusted, I'm not saying who, I don't know what level, have let me down. I think they behaved disgracefully and betrayed the company, and me. It's for them to pay. I think that, frankly, I'm the best person to clear this up."
To me, this is classic narcissist. He hates that anyone, even the highest levels of government or law enforcement, would dare impugn his moral character and his infinite wisdom about how the world should be run. If you're a narcissist, the saddest part about being surrounded by idiots is that they don't realize how much stupider they are than you. I can almost guarantee that he feels absolutely no remorse, not even that he was caught. Probably the only thing he regrets is that he lives in a world in which morons elect imbeciles, who then try to keep the real movers and shakers from getting on with important business.


  1. The media reality we experience will only ever be the media reality that we're shown *yawn*

    Of course it's only the tip of the iceberg of fiendish deeds within Mr Murdoch's propaganda empire - and within all other propaganda empires too.

    That said, the propaganda mogul Mr Ex-KGB being accused of threats, bribery, espionage, and seduction would make a far better story.

    But I guess he's just better at his job...

  2. sinics r so very borning

  3. I prefer the term "realist" to cynic, dear.

  4. I love it. This guy has balls the size of Texas. Humiliating and growling at his prosecutors, laying blame where it's probably actually due instead of acting like a whipped puppy, and basically giving them the finger and saying, "I ain't going nowhere, kiss my ass."

    The whole ethics, morals, and honor of an age-old tradition represent an age that is outdated. Money, power, and influence reign supreme over being honorable, especially when it comes to business. He's not some noble, or politician. He doesn't have to worry about votes. He runs his own empire within an empire. For him to step down and say he was sorry, that would make him despicable, not having a pair, no matter how much in the 'wrong' he may be.

  5. He is God Damn ugly.

  6. He fits the traits of psychopathy to a t.

  7. people are stupid, they think that a man like murdoch couldn't be as bad as saddam hussein, because he hasn't visibly murdered anyone. in truth he is just as bad, but he has to use a different strategy in his social setting.

  8. guys like rupert murdoch, don't only want power, they have an agenda against the common man.

  9. The funny part is, he's going to die a sad lonely and bitter man, like all narcissists.

  10. He who rules the media rules the world - now more than ever. That the mass media's daily distortions and delusions are still largely unchallenged, and unquestioned because they're deemed unquestionable, is a tragedy.

    Intellectual dependency on the mass media for 'the facts' is a rampant disease. And why wouldn't it be? People who believe what they're told with a minimum of resistance are deemed 'a success' - such brainwashing is enhanced with the teaching of 'media studies' in schools.

    The mass media is also the mouthpiece of the popular, and populist, religion of consumerism and a religion unto itself. It's a self-perpetuating machine that generates its own justification for being.

    That people are looking to the mass media for an explanation of Murdochgate, and to the words of the propaganda master himself, is not just absurd – it's farcical. Obfuscating the facts through lying, hiding them, or spinning them is what he and all propaganda empires do. Truth is sacrificed for necessary and unnecessary illusions.

    I personally am allergic to the mass media and, while I have no idea whether Murdoch is a narcissist or a sociopath, the propaganda machine over which he reins is sociopathic by nature: glib, manipulative, grandiose, exploitative, remorseless, parasitical, shallow and so on.

  11. The funny part is, he's going to die a sad lonely and bitter man, like all narcissists.

    A popular myth, I'd wager.

  12. "he's going to die a sad lonely and bitter man, like all narcissists."

    Doubtful. He's going to die rich, powerful and happy and leave an empire behind him. People like you like to think that all powerful people end up like that because you're jealous. What's he got to be sad or bitter about? This guy is a success story but I don't have much respect or admiration for him because his accomplishments arent mine. His success has nothing to do with me.

  13. People like you like to think that all powerful people end up like that because you're jealous.

    If it's not jealousy, and I believe it's not always, it's an inverted belief in the Just World Hypothesis that fuels such generalisations – if you do 'bad' things, 'bad' things will happen to you.

  14. "if you do 'bad' things, 'bad' things will happen to you."

    Oh shit. Karma. Lol. If you do good things bad things are just as likely to happen to you. There is no order or set consequences in life and there is nobody looking out for the little guy. It's all a game of chance. You're either lucky or you aren't. That's how simple it is. If you do bad things and you do them well chances are that you'll find success.

  15. I was thinking about power in the life of Princess Diana.
    She was self effacing when she met Charles.Later, she had great power as a result of her position. She could not wield it.She did not have the emotional,mental or character maturity to handle it and it killed her.
    It takes certain personal qualities to handle power .If not ,power will destroy you . You will end up a bitter old man even if the world and Misanthrope can't see it.

    The people who have worn power well have compensating personal qualities for the great privledge power affords.
    You always come back to the basics in life no matter how much things like Ukan and Cossette like to fight it.

    If man does not have humility and a moral compass his life becomes piss running down the side of a urinal in a bus station.

    I don't care if you are Murdoch or David sucking the cock of his smelly man.
    You guys think you are scamming the earth.You are scamming yourselves.

  16. Narcissism is necessary for someone in Murdoch's shoes. Detaching is almost a need.

  17. This sentence rang a bell for me:
    'If you're a narcissist, the saddest part about being surrounded by idiots is that they don't realize how much stupider they are than you.' It appears that everyone here feels that way about the rest of the SW characters, if not the rest of the world. I certainly do, but I also recognize that no brain has all areas working at high intelligence. If intelligence is defined as being able to do the best for your true assets (body, mind, spirit) as opposed to acquiring cash and concrete, Murdoch could well be an idiot, just as I am an idiot when I leave money on the table.

    Balls as big as Texas... That rang a bell, too. I guess when one's world is defined by the states of the US of A, the largest state would be the one that tells you what big is. I would have picked something round and big, more of a three dimensional concept as opposed to a relatively two dimensional large surface area. Aspie, what did you think of that analogy?

    Erin, looks like you had an amazing run yesterday. How did it feel then, how do you feel now? I have not read all of that yet, starting a work week, but certainly will. I did see Eden give you a good mark, that was cool. If we are here to look at progress, you sure are on a very speedy run, soon to have balls as big as Texas (strange analogy, lol). Enjoy.

  18. Idiots cannot make progress on this site, ever. Erin is a lost cause.

  19. @Sceli
    I appreciate you a great deal. Thank you <3

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  21. @Cosette
    You are like the former Eden-- a retard who it is not worth even engaging.
    You are like the obese LPN who steals the watch of the patient in the nursing home.
    Your words are like dribble coming out of the side of the mouth of an idiot.
    Who in Hell cares what YOU think?

  22. Why do you even try Erin? You look stupider at each attempt.

    I remember an anon saying that unintelligent people string the same shit over and over again because they are incapable of anything more. Well, you are clearly unintelligent, a waste of space here.

    Have you contemplated suicide? What do you have to lose?


  24. i mean ruthlessly vindictive. dat is wat i meen.


  25. @Cosette
    Actually you are a "type" it is worth engaging for one simple reason.
    I cannot believe that trash like you really exists.
    I have lived a sheltered life. There really is TRASH from the inside out like you that walks around in the world,no redeeming value,everything that everyone would hate to be,all there in ONE person.
    There have to be other people like you.
    I like to watch it from afar.Thank you for being my Anthropology lesson on the category of Human Trash :)

  26. You wanted to fight the molestation Erin, but you couldn't. Unlike you your mother wasn't an idiot. She controlled the whole thing. She knew exactly what to do to make you completely submit to her. Your were helpless. You sat there dribbling while she fondled that pink tootsie. You didn't know what was going on, you couldn't comprehend it until years later.

    If hitler were still alive, you would have been dead a long time ago. You epitomize what it means to be pathetic.

  27. @Cosette's New Name
    Human Trash :)

  28. @Human Trash
    You better try harder than that Biaatch

  29. Changing are names won't make people respect you anymore. We aren't going to give a damn about you until you come back and tell us how you beat the shit out of your mom.

    Until then you can shut up and take this abuse.

  30. @Human Trash
    SW is on the verge of teaching me another Erin's Law.
    I thought *I* was human trash cuz I had bad thoughts and feelings.Then I meet REAL Human Trash and I realize I got it going on.
    I am refined and intelligent. I do think bad thoughts like everyone but there actually ARE people like Cosette and David out there.
    That is human trash.
    Thank you Darlink for Anthropology Lesson number one
    I am staying tuned for more
    Have more to share Darling?

  31. @Human Trash
    Don't try the RUSE that you are trying to be a mentor now.

  32. @Human Trash
    If you have more to share by all means do so :)

  33. No Erin, you aren't intelligent, I don't even consider you to be unintelligent.

    You are just retarded.

  34. @Human Trash
    I will be back and forth today.Leave me your cogent replies and we will discuss them all.
    I love Anthropology. Here I have a whole new tribe--Human Trash :)

  35. Now I will leave you to make a fool out of yourself.


  36. @Human Trash
    Thank you for teaching me about this particular category
    You and David--the old man cocksucker are member of this fine tribe :)

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  38. David do not think for a second you are any better then Erin. Even tho Erin is a complete tool, she has never stooped to your level. She never voluntarily got on her knees for anything. You on the other hand, are a MALE prostitute. Female prostitutes are considered scum, but male prostitutes are considered mere objects. You are like fresh meat in prison, nobody would even acknowledge your existence as a human.

    Erin is better then you. No actually, everybody with an ounce of respect is better then you. You are at the bottom of the food chain.


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  41. It's all a game of chance.

    Oh, indeed, Mis. I didn't say that I believe in the Just World Hypothesis, but I do believe that thanks partially to the propaganda machine, it's the dominant 'faith' of The West.

  42. Erin... prostituting her mind
    David... prostituting his body
    UKan/Cosette/Mis... prostituting their soul

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  44. @Cosette
    We agree
    You never sucked the cock of a rich man with Vaseline in your nose and the stole all his money and humiliated him.

    You are Human Enema

  45. Human Enema
    You need Vaseline for you ass in an enema too
    Perfect :)

  46. Human Enema
    Just COVER yourself in Vaseline and be done with it
    That way you are prepared for every eventuality
    Someone can do you in the butt, the mouth, the ear or the vagina
    Yes Darlink, Cosette and I should make you an hononary woman cuz you are a Pussy as much as anyone born with one
    Since she is discerning about YOU I will even take her out of the Human Trash Category and leave it for you alone :)

  47. "I use people"

    You are a prostitute. You are a toy. People pay to use you. That is your purpose.

  48. white trash would be more specific, white trash who just will not lower himself to black, lmao

  49. To All
    I am honest about who I am, what I have done and the many horrible mistakes I have made.
    That is why you cannot wound me.
    You want to keep yours on.

  50. Does when does sucking cock mean you are conning someone. Most of these guys go home and forget all about you David. You are just that guy that finished their Friday night.

    Prostitution is not a con. It's even legal in some areas. Use that brilliant knowledge of corporation embezzlement schemes to leverage yourself.

  51. So Erin, yesterday you claimed the moral high-ground over Ukan because he made fun of your dead son. So now I'm curious, how are you justifying mk=aking fun of a male prostitute? And don't say "Because he chose to be a prostitute." because so did your son. If you replace 'a prostitute' with 'dead'. Obviously.

  52. The only way you can hurt someone is if they are lying to themselves
    *I* want to face truth.If someone shows me truth wittingly or unwittingly like Eden did I applaud that.
    I will be back.I have to go

  53. a 34 year old prostitute that listens to Chopin and reads Nietzsche.

    Is this how you comfort yourself?

    "I'm a worldy intellectual!"

    Or are you trying to be a Bret Easton Ellis character?

  54. anon 6:17.. time for a logic class.

  55. What to do when ur bored medusas

  56. Erin, I read what he said, he's a low life and a tool. If you read past posts where he brags about being used by a revolutioary group, they used him to take the fall for them all by useing his gigantic ego and can't even see it. LOL

    Your a lady that needs to use her charm and grace which I'm sure you come into. The name calling over and over is too much and doesn't make anyone look bad that your doing it to. Please stop, use your intellegence when answering. Rise above their childish insults and make sure their insults were aimed at you.

    Think about the answer to their question on Christianity, history verses theory. No contest there.

    Your okay and moving foward just don't let them lower yourself to their level.

  57. I'm also starting to see a sort of Pop-Psychology assumption fallacy that appears to be emerging, if it isn't already at the fore.

    Thugs, Killers, Drug King Pins = Psychopaths

    Politicians, Businessmen, Celebrities = Narcissists

    This reminds me of sugar coating madness. Lunatic is to Eccentric as Psychopath is to Narcissist.

    Not to denigrate the danger or behavior of the Narcissist, I just find it funny, sort of the same way that the term Sociopath was coined to be a less stigmatized word for the Working Man's Psychopath.

  58. At first I thought Murdoch should have played the penitent for a while in an attempt to manipulate some portion of the British public into sympathizing with him. But then I thought, why bother? He doesn’t have anything to gain by that. Without evidence that he was directly involved in any of the “skullduggery”, he doesn’t have to worry about jail time. Sure, News Corp stock is down, but his empire is so diversified that I doubt it’s in any real jeopardy. All he needs to do is weather the current storm and find a way to ensure that his son succeeds him.

    Like Mis already pointed out, Murdoch, hell big business in general disproves, the “just world” theory quite nicely. I bet many professional victims die as they lived: pathetically. I also bet that many who were good at the game of power, who played it to the hilt and enjoyed themselves every step of the way, die without any regrets. No judgment, no karma, no so called justice.

  59. And, other than stating the obvious, your point is notipath?

  60. make that nuttipath...

  61. Karma-like constructs are simply tools used to control people. What goes around doesn't come around, otherwise most of us here wouldn't be ticking.

    People who like to provide examples of how this good deed or bad deed led to some other good or bad deed are banking an entire life-governing concept of collaboration off of coincidence. Laughable.

    Observationally, it's pretty simple. If you're going to be a dick, be smart about it. Otherwise, expect backlash.

  62. @not able or a 'path


  63. from Post@ "He hates that anyone, even the highest levels of government or law enforcement, would dare impugn his moral character and his infinite wisdom about how the world should be run"

    Yet we all run our households, businesses, internal worlds and opinions on this level, perhaps not only with hatred, but with a clear territorial agenda.

    To run a tight ship, an iron fist, a very stubborn nature, or a very clear mission statement is required,

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  65. Did someone mention Karma? Yeah its a racket. And then again its a wonderful explanation for the repetitive nature of human nature.

    I like the template theory. Yes, there is a cookie mold for everyone on the blog.

  66. I like that. A social construct on karma that is based off of coincidence.

    In the real world, there are usually professional studies done to show that one thing correlates with the other. What proof is there that karma exists?

    If I steal from someone, who says that something bad is going to happen to me because of that action. I would just as likely have something bad happen to me if I was a saint. If someone is going to rob me for money, would it matter if I were a good person or not?

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Yes, it would for me. I'd be jumping up and down if you are a bad man robbed.

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  70. Anon, but would it be because of karma? Or because of me being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  71. Anyway, out of town guests are coming to my abode. So I will not be on line for a while. And like Cleopatra, I must prepare my barge for the barrage.

    She crawls back into the mists.

  72. And then again its a wonderful explanation for the repetitive nature of human nature.

    I call it the “merry-go-round” Soulful. They go round and round in small circles and call it living.

  73. Jason, sweetheart, call karma being in the right or wrong place, and there you go. What the hell do you think when we say karma?

  74. That's not what most people think when they say karma. They usually think that bad people have bad things happen to them, and good people have good things happen to them.

  75. because that makes them feel better. you want to believe you have a better chance if it is all just random only because you believe you are leaning towards bad more than good.

  76. @Tik
    Sometimes a well laced Vagina is needed more than a literary quote
    One must use wisdom in such matters

  77. Mixing logical actions with magical thinking. This is too rich.

    A person does a very bad thing. They get hit by a car later that day. The victims rejoice and call it justice, divine vengeance, or Karma.

    A person does a very bad thing, prospers, gains more power, does more and more bad things for control/wealth/power, and eventually dies at a ripe old age with a legacy, riches, and an empire. The victims call him a lucky son of a bitch, and a dick, and secretly (or not so secretly) wish they could do what he did.

    Yes, the house usually wins, but when it doesn't, people notice but wish they didn't, because denial is a much easier pill to swallow.

  78. As I was saying before someone came to my door ,I am different than many of you on here.
    You are all caught up in being each others bitches.You want to keep your masks on.I want to take mine off.I want to expose myself so *I* can see who I am.
    I want to be REAL.
    Whatever can get me there I welcome
    I was explaining about Eden.Eden was a hair up my butt.
    She made me cry NOT cuz I cared about her or that she didn't like me but cuz THAT was my life ; being around people like her.
    She taught me about myself by my INTERACTION with her.
    She played me and then laughed at me.
    I cried bitter tears that night.
    Then I said "Screw it" and came back.
    That is what I learn from SW.
    Those kinds of lessons for anyone who cares .

  79. someone repost the end of yesterday postings. There is a news story regarding the helicopter ordeal which ties into this debate on karma

  80. Yeah, if karma existed Erin would have died a while ago.

    But she hasn't, so clearly Karma doesn't exist.

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  82. @Human Trash
    Are you late for your LPN shift?

  83. David, being someone's bitch doesn't make you strong.

    You say you feel stronger when someone calls you a whore, while claiming not to know the meaning of the word.

    My theory is that you do not have the ability to be anything else. You are trapped in the lowest form of existence.

  84. Dining with a Hindu friend who appologized for her mood by noting a friend had just died in an accident. "Cheer up" I said, "You believe in reincarnation, she's coming back".

    That was not well received.

  85. Whore is a job description David, wear it with pride.

  86. @Anon who asked about how I feel about David

    Cosette is a human ape, an idiot you have to avoid like a wind up robot mentality.
    I don't care about that type of person but David is another category entirely.
    David is revolting.He is an emetic. He could be used as an emetic cuz he is vile like flesh crawling vile.
    Feeling him even over the computer is like seeing maggots in an animal you are dissecting in the lab.
    David is a maggot. He may appear human but he is not even an ape like Cosette.
    He is dog crap on the floor dressed up in a Brooks Brothers suit but rotting from the inside.

  87. LONDON: twitter users face arrest for inciting violence...

    Something to think about... Especially for those who suggest any killing/suicide in SW.

  88. David, you think it's weak to be a Christian because......?

    That's how prostitution looks to many others.
    Not doing things that undermine yourself by taking chances of harm and disease to yourself for the want of money is not weak.

    Saying no to yourself to things that degrade you and others is not weak.

    Enjoying your life and the ones in it, priceless.

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  90. @David
    You do have some things of value to say such as that.

  91. Doesn't matter how you feel dave. It's all about what you're good for and you're not good for much. Why would it make you angry? You know that you're a filthy whore. There's no point in you getting angry because you don't know what to do with your rage. You wish that you could stand up to people like your ex witch is why you resent strong willed "macho men". You wish you could live a solitary existence because other people look down on you and can see how inferior you are to them. And please stop with all the moral nihilism bullshit.

  92. @David
    I am trying to figure out WHAT is so vile about you.
    Cosette is an ape.One would have to avoid her in a China soup cuz she would break the valuables.
    You on the other hand are PURE VILE.
    I am trying to figure that out.
    It has something to do with "People of the Lie" by Scott Peck.
    You want to throw up around lies;lies that are so big and so pervading like a wound that cuts to the bone.
    The lies are so big that you could fall in to a hole and not stop until you got to Hell.

    You have that feeling about you as a few on here do.
    If you looked in to their eyes you would fall down the hole to Hell.
    Maybe cuz there is nothing there that we identify as human.

    Maybe it is revolting as a snake is revolting.Snakes make one's flesh crawl, most people.

    Anyone ever read People of the Lie. It is my mother.
    A Cosette ape or even Ukan trying to puff himself up as a blowfish is not this.

    This is something that is so bad that you could go insane if you looked in it's eyes long enough.
    That is David and 3 other people on here.

  93. The 3 other people are Freaking Bore,Daniel Bird Dick and Medusa.

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  95. @David
    You are so stupid

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. @David
    May we stop throwing things for a minute so I may ask you some legitimate questions :)

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. @David
    Well I want to ask them one by one--no bravado on your part or mine :)
    Are you happy in still small moments ,looking at a sunset drinking coffee in the morning on a porch etc
    Inside are you at peace?

  101. Yeah because you have to live your life in your head to feel like you're worth something. In the real world you're nothing. In your head you're an expert con man, an elegant and refind upper-class gentleman, a philosopher and whatever other bullshit you can come up with. In the real world you're just a whore who has to trick himself into thinking that he's all of these things so he doesn't wake up one day and top himself. Enjoy your delusion's.

  102. In my last moments I felt nothing but agony. Why didn't you stop him, mommy. I looked to you for help, but you didn't care. You hurt me so badly I couldn't live anymore. That's how much I suffered.

  103. @Erins Son
    Whoever is doing that is pure vile. I hope you are happy you are doing that to someone.You are behind a screen but still "Who would want to be you? " Not I

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. David, I see how you look at it but that doesn't make it so.

    Religon is oppression, but a relationship with God is not.

    Religion is a bussiness created by humans to control others for their own gain and ego. A power trip. That is a perfect Socio deal.

    I won't be perfect on this earth and will do things to others that I don't want done to myself, thats a fact and a part of life.

    Suffering is not a requierment to being a Christian, in fact it's not even a valuable thing to human existance.

    We don't coner the market on that one.

    If you get a STD you will be suffering. But if this is the way you want to live your life then the God I have will be still be right there if you ever need him.

    There is no other price for what you do on this earth but consequences that are natural to everyone doing whatever they want.

  106. @David
    Do you have to medicate yourself to have peace like with drugs,drinking etc

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. @David
    I have everything in life.I live in a wonderland but I can't feel :(

  109. I felt, mom. I felt so much I couldn't taje it anymore. Why did you abandon me all those years to his perversions?

  110. Erin, you should read the book "The Shack" by William P. Young

  111. Mommy? Are you there? You said you loved me? Why didn't you protect me?

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. @David

    I am gonna think about all you said and come back
    Thank you

  114. Anyone that impersonate's a dead son to his mother to cause unbearable guilt is the lowest loser.

    You have nothing but your own filty self in life.

    You must be miserable that no one wants to have anything to do with you and at such a young age.

  115. Religon is oppression, but a relationship with God is not.

    Religion is oppression imposed from outside one’s self while a “relationship with all-mahtay gawud” is the way people oppress themselves.

  116. @Tik
    That Erins Son Anon is Ukan

  117. @Daniel
    You guys really have NO idea what you are talking about
    A true relationship with God is the ULTIMATE freedom but it has to be true and that is very,very rare

  118. Maybe Mis.

    So sad to see how they lower themselves. Makes them nothing and I won't at this point address their nothingness now.

    But I do know how to pray for them I hope their stomach and head do not hurt too much today.

  119. @Tik
    Well it is Mis OR Ukan
    I bet Ukan cuz I threw a few good Vagina's at him yesterday and he is prolly licking his........ wounds :)

  120. Well I don't care about the "high life" as much as you do. I cant just go and relax in some village or pamper myself in a hotel because thats boring for me. I don't care about beautiful sights and amazing places. I like having money because it means I can get more of the things that I want. But in the end the only thing crave is excitement and chaos and control over other people. Truth is that If I were as rich as rupert murdoch I might not know what to do with myself. Most extremely rich people look like they do nothing. I like it when somebody pisses me off because then I have an excuse to take revenge and hurt them and I can get other people onboard with it. I live for the action and that's what my life provides. I live to cause disruption, start fights, play people of against eachother and generally just fuck things up while coming out on top at the same time. You cant compare my life to yours because we want different things. But I can still look down on you because you're a pathetic whore.

  121. I prayed every night that he would stop. I prayed that my mother would care about me. I prayed that God would care about me. In the end nobody helped me at all. I died in mental agony. Its your fault mom.

  122. @Tik
    The Erins Son is UKAN
    He is too scared to come out in his real name now lol

  123. Ukans Birth Control WifeAugust 8, 2011 at 9:41 AM

    I will never let a low life like you have my baby
    After I use you for your money I will find a man I can RESPECT for being a man ;one would would not make fun of people's sorrows.

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. Ukans Birth Control WifeAugust 8, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    What if I had a retarded baby. Would you drown it?
    What if I had Post Partum Depression would you beat me?
    When I get old will you throw me out cuz you are so shallow?
    I can't have a baby with you
    I want your money only .
    When I have that I will find a Real man
    Yum :)

  126. Don't come here with your high standards and bleeding hearts because nobody gives a shit tik. I'm not impersonating her dead boy. I don't believe her story for one second so why would I bother? If your son is really dead then I still don't care because the facts are your still using him more then anyone else here for sympathy and support. But I'm not buying your story.

  127. @Mis

    if you don't think that narcissists like murdoch are miserable, and severely unhappy individuals, then you are highly deluded.

  128. @Mis
    Do I care what you buy?
    I think the person doing the posts is Ukan
    Mis is more of a man than a turd although he is a turd in a different way.Hard to explain.
    Mis would beat up a guy but not do what Ukan did
    So,Ukan is the impersonator

  129. Yeah I still enjoy normal things. Music, TV, a few books, this site. But in the end they're all just there to fill space until the real shit starts kicking off.

  130. Erin, this “relationship” is rare you say, yet I bet you are one of the lucky few, aren't you? There are billions of theists of one sort or the other across the globe. How many of them believe with all their hearts that their relationship with gawd is both real and rare? And they all believe, just as sincerely as you do, that their slightly differing versions of god are just as real as you believe yours is. What are the odds that your idiosyncratic version is right and theirs are wrong?

    I do agree with you on the freedom part. Believing in god frees you to create any supernatural fantasy you like, superimpose it onto reality and call it good.

  131. @Mis
    What do you mean"The real shit starts kicking off"

  132. @Daniel
    Here is the thing. We all are gonna worship something even if it is our own intellect such as YOU do.
    The most freedom is in a TRUE relationship with Jesus --the one true God.
    The rest of the "gods" are fake :)

  133. @erin

    you just complimented a man who said tha he didn't care that your son was dead, and who has so little respect for you that he refuses to even speak to you most of the time... you are very stupid!

    mis i just as low as the as everyone else here

  134. @Anon
    I don't do everything linear in this crazy place :)

  135. You don't know that Murdoch is a narcissist. And a narcissist with that much power and support wouldn't be unhappy.

  136. Murdochs favorite henchman

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. @Mis
    Marcs are VERY unhappy .There is never enough!

  139. Erin how do you know that “we all are gonna worship something”? Do you base this assertion on anything other than what you’ve heard from preachers all your life?

    How would you know that Jesus is the one true god? How do you know there is a one true god at all?

    And btw, to adore or venerate (the meaning of the word worship) the intellect would be akin to adoring and venerating a socket wrench. The intellect is a tool.

  140. @Mis

    you should realize that a narcissist is never ever satisfied, no matter how much power he will gain. murdoch and donald trump are cut from the same cloth, both have to oppress others because of they're rampant inferiority.

  141. abusers suffer from low self esteem as do the victims of abusers, but it's a different sort of inferiority.

  142. @Daniel
    I hate to argue/debate for the "fun" of it .It is not fun for me so I am not gonna continue
    If you ever want to REALLY know about Jesus you can ask me.

  143. But you don't know that he's a narcissist.

  144. @mis

    if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

  145. Karma-like constructs are simply tools used to control people. What goes around doesn't come around, otherwise most of us here wouldn't be ticking.

    It comes around. When yoi've ost money or power because some subordinate fucked you over or you have to dish oui your life savins for an unexpected mishap in your life, you may need a friend. People pretend they're your friend WHEN YOU HAVE MONEY/POWER to get them ahead. They know you're a pig and an ass but they don't say anything because hey're using he hell out of you, too. Lose all that good stuff, and people's real feelings about you come out.. A person like murdoch or our household narc isn't going to get shit/sympathy from many people. THAT is kharma. When the shit hits the fan is when you see kharma.

  146. See, that’s the thing Erin. Those weren’t questions designed to incite debate. They were just questions. If I “REALLY” wanted to know about Jesus, as you put it, you couldn’t tell me because you can’t answer anyone’s questions about your faith (whatever it is) without feeling threatened. Does not I Peter 3:15 state that Christians should “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”? (NIV) Just how free has your faith made you if you can’t actually talk about it to people outside of it?

  147. Marion BracegirdlleAugust 8, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    For David:

    I was a courtesan and fucked royalty. I called them "fop, cullies and fools" behind their back and made a fortune

  148. narcissts are little children that want to set the world on fire

  149. @Daniel
    It also says"Do not throw your pearls before swine" :)

  150. When the shit hits the fan is when you see kharma.

    For every Murdoch, how many more captains of industry have gotten away with literal murder or a whole host of lesser crimes and ethical breaches? For every Nixon, how many other US presidents did far worse than Watergate and were never even accused in their lifetime, much less impeached? How many popes knew that little boys in parishes all over the world were being routinely molested, yet enjoyed successful “reigns” while they held the keys of St. Peter? Need I go on? The shit doesn’t always hit the fan. What of karma then?

  151. Ukans Birth Control WifeAugust 8, 2011 at 10:24 AM

    Speech after she has enough of Ukans money
    You are a penile implant.I need a man I can respect.
    You can make money by being a dumb ass.
    I am glad I have your money but when a woman wants to have a baby she needs a real man not a plastic dick or metal with a soft exterior .
    I need a man who knows how to respect important things in life such as life's tragedies and sorrows.
    What if *I* had a tragedy? Would you throw me away like a used and discarded toy
    I have been screwing a real man behind your back
    These penile implants just don't do the job
    Good Bye Penile Implant :)

  152. Karma is another delusional comfort made up by empaths. It's like when empaths call a sociopath a bully for beating a smaller kid, when in reality he is being logical.

  153. This comment has been removed by the author.

  154. Jesus christ you all have been chatty in my absence.

  155. Then people wonder why I am an atheist... None of you ever actually have the answers you pretend to. All any of you seem to have are the mental gymnastics that you use to keep yourselves enslaved and not so clever evasions. Which is fine by me. It makes you more malleable in real life.

    Carry on with your religiously induced fantasizing Erin. It’s the only tool you have for facing the sad wreck that is your life. Well… it isn’t the only tool. But it’s the one most used by people who want to tell themselves they’re going somewhere without actually having to move a muscle, such as yourself.

  156. @Kesu
    I threw a few Vagina's

  157. "What if I had a retarded baby. Would you drown it?"

    Fuck yes. Retards are genetic blights on the world.

  158. @erin

    You should learn what that hole is really for.

  159. @Kesu
    You should not joke about things like that. That goes beyond.
    If you ever had a retarded baby you would not be joking

  160. Why are you barking about atheism? Do you think being an atheist makes you logical? If you were truly intelligent or manipulative, you would use religion to you're advantage, instead of trying to denounce christians.

    Everyone is a fucking atheist these days.

  161. @Erin

    No I would be drowning it in my bathtub. I'm glad we got that settled.

  162. Whose barking anonymouse? Besides you?

    Being an atheist does not make me logical. Thinking logically makes me logical. Atheism is nothing more than the result of an examination of theistic religions the world over and finding them wanting.

    By the way, haven’t you heard? Apparently not everyone is an atheist, as tik, Erin and 88% of the planet’s population indicates.

  163. Most atheists have overly analytic minds, which sociopaths don't have.

  164. @Mania
    Yes Jesus was a Jew
    What is your point?

  165. Everyones a atheist these days because of a thing called science. Religion is for the primitive. You want to believe in a god go ahead. Go dance around some fires, bang on drums, and throw your kids in the fire like the days of old.
    Throw your kids in the fire, how fitting. Erin has got that one down.

  166. Then what are you trying to prove? If you had sense, you would wear the cloak of religion, like all the top guys do.

    Do you actually think that the world leaders believe in god? Of course they don't, but they want to keep the people stupid and oppressed.

  167. @Erin

    There was no point, I was just curious.

  168. Wait Erin has kids? Who the hell would have a child with her? I've heard of pity fucks, but that is an entirely other level. I always figured Erin as the lonely 40 year old with an empty house.

  169. @Mania
    Anyone can ask me anything as long as they are not trying to mess with me like Daniel
    I can answer most things

  170. 11% religious/other
    88% atheist
    1% manipulative

  171. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone here. This is sociopathworld. A blog. Remember?

    Some top guys use religion blatantly. Not all. I don’t care to play that particular game myself, but I don’t begrudge anybody else who does. That isn’t the kind of power I’d be interested in acquiring.

    World leaders don’t have to do much by way of religion to keep people oppressed. They do that all by themselves. Readily.

  172. i was not saying that i don't believe in god, frankly, i don't know, nor care. religion is boring and i have never read the bible. if it gives me an advantage, then i'll be an atheist, but why argue about nonsense that doesn't benefit you personally?

  173. "Do you actually think that the world leaders believe in god? Of course they don't, but they want to keep the people stupid and oppressed."

    I love this. You can go to college. Get an education and turn into an Obama but fuck it. You are oppressed and dumb. This is the equivalent of black people saying the white man is holding me down. When was the last time you saw a black being directly oppressed by a white person?

    There isn't some rule the world ponzi scheme that is being played in the dark. It is out in the open, if one cares to notice. The truth of the matter is you can climb your way up. You just have to be willing to drag others down and claw your way up.

    The weak will always feel oppressed. They are after all. They just are doing it to themselves though. If you make yourself a doormat don't be surprised when people walk on you.

  174. Ukans Birth Complaining about Penile ImplantAugust 8, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    I have no respect for you.On top of that your dick kills
    I was not made for a small metal rod
    Baby I need a real man one who can make a baby with me and who can RESPECT his father
    I am making a song for you as I speak about how I feel about you--My Penile Implant husband

    You need to find a woman who wants you to throw her out when she has any weakness--like a used condom extra small
    Ohhhh --your size :)

  175. 'When was the last time you saw a black being directly oppressed by a white person?'

    you are IGNORANT white trash. i'm not even black, but i can still see this.

  176. Erin HAD a kid. You fucked that one up, didn't you erin. Tell me, did he shoot himself, hang himself, or overdose?
    You admitted his suicide was your fault, why are youu angry that I am punishing you for your negligence, codependacy, and general apathy that led to your son being molested by your husband which led to his untimely death. People like you should be prosecuted for accessory.

  177. Ukans Wife Complaining about Penile ImplantAugust 8, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    Don't F@CK me with that thing

  178. that is realized, but i have many friends who are atheists, yet all of them call me inhumane or false, when i talk about using religion as a tool, or to "fit in"

    where does empathy fit into logic?

  179. Ukans Wife Complaining about Penile ImplantAugust 8, 2011 at 11:04 AM

    Ukan You are such a Pussy
    The girl shamed you last night
    I have no respect for you
    Take your penile implant and GOOOOOOOOO already

  180. This comment has been removed by the author.

  181. "The bottom line is that I've learned that most people need religion and although it's extremely irrational it can be very useful."


  182. Ukans Birth Complaining about Penile ImplantAugust 8, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    Don't F@CK me with that thing.Use your foot for Goodness Sake
    Get that thing away from me
    OUCH OUCH.............

    Ukan: "OK Honey
    You go find a man you can respect
    I will pay for hookers "

  183. I can't believe you put me here on this forum to be ridiculed, just to get sympathy. Its the last insult. Even in death you used me. Its obvious that my death does t hurt you at all. You never cared mom.

  184. Ukans Wife Complaining about Penile ImplantAugust 8, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    Well I am talking to Erin.We are gonna make up a song just for you Ukan
    She is getting her water balloons ready
    I told her how ashamed I am to even KNOW you let alone have a baby with you
    Erin is gonna be throwing a black hairy Vagina's at you

    PS Ukan
    Don't F@CK me with that THANG anymore.Sleep on the rug.Dammit

  185. i think agnosticism goes hand in hang with sociopathy, it's required for that flexibility and not giving a fuck.

  186. here is the number one key to manipulation, it's very complicated, okay? you ready? sure??? .....

    Be as normal as possible

  187. Ukans Birth Complaining about Penile ImplantAugust 8, 2011 at 11:23 AM

    I told Erin that she should throw as many Vagina's at you as she did Poor Frank who fled begging for mercy.

    Erin---when he touches me with that cold metal rod and hairy ass I want to DIE
    I think of all the money and force myself to endure
    OUCH Get that THANG away from me Ukan

  188. when you begin to rebel against society, that's when you will go downhill. become authority.

  189. This comment has been removed by the author.


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