Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Empath hypocrisy?

This was an interesting recent comment on an old post:

as an almost permanent tourist in western society, i notice that this particular civilisation is clearly built by and for ppl referred to as sociopaths. Most of the DSM defined traits are essential in the practice of business, law etc as defined by the western cultural model.

Clearly the western media/propaganda machine is either responding to or encouraging widespread worship and admiration of ppl who can kill, fight and act without the accepted social and moral restraints.

in fact, the main difference that i can see between western 'empaths' and 'sociopaths' is that the latter are not inclined to the (mostly) hypocritical displays of 'caring' that the former use as evidence of their so-called humanity.

i know empaths who will readily cry when watching poverty porn, and will discuss starving children with other similarly emotive empaths....but have absolutely no problem chowing down on, say, chocolate produced on plantations that exploit slave children. The majority of westerners buy and wear clothing made by enslaved children in sweatshops, because the pleasure of a killer discount and convenience outweighs any bad feelings over tortured children.

i hear that sociopaths use compartmentalisation to deal with contradiction, but it seems that empaths use cognitive dissonance...and i think the latter may actually be more effective.

So-called empaths can cry about little kittens and cute doggies being hurt, and can weep as heart-rendingly for a fictional, cartoon being as they would for one in real life. Perhaps more so, because they are often without any discernible discomfort when consuming, say, meat that has been produced by basically torturing hundreds and thousands of animals as a matter of course. The inhumane conditions of factory farmed animals well documented, but the western business model is concerned purely with monetary profit and loss.

in fact, the most extreme empaths, called 'sensitives', would rather be shielded from the truth of their hypocrisy, rather than endure the material inconveniences involved in facing most moral dilemmas in this culture.

Being seen as 'nice' and seeing themselves as 'nice' seems to be more important to them than taking actions that actualise this 'niceness' they seem to feel is part of their nature.

i notice the glaring hypocrisy most when i think about the holocaust the nazis created and the western democracies' historical responses.
Americans, for instance, complained about the cruelty of the nazis, the heartless torture and genocide endured by jewish ppl (those who were gypsies, disabled, african and so forth incurred less sympathy for whatever reason). Yet in their own country AT THE SAME TIME they were still up to their elbows in the blood of the African descendants who had been forcibly brought over to that country hundreds of years earlier.
The torture, rape, bio-terror and abuse the status quo of american culture enacted against African and Native american ppl are well documented, and yet the cognitive dissonance employed to ignore this fact and cast euro-americans as the 'good guys' is amazingly still in place.
Western empaths say things like 'never forget', but only when it concerns those they have been programmed to care about.

Right through until the sixties (described as the swinging era of peace and love in this culture) black americans were being publicly lynched, and those events were captured in postcards that were sold door to door and still feature in the family albums of many white american families.
[this links to many of these images http://withoutsanctuary.org/main.html]

in these postcards, you see men, women AND children looking at the bloodied, castrated corpses hanging from the trees....and their expressions register the kind of gay pleasure, excitement and convivial community spirit you might expect at a neighbourhood carnival or block party.

i recently read a news article that could have described this macabre atmosphere perfectly, but it was in fact talking about 'islamists', the new fabricated boogey man of the morally bankrupt west.

From the Metro, February 5th:
""crowds cheer burning death on big screen.
Jubilant crowds of IS supporters have been celebrating as big screens reportedly showed the jordanian pilot being burned to death." The article laments the "sick celebration in the face of international outrage" and marvelled at " a smiling boy aged about six talking excitedly about the killing."

Now, i mentiion this in this forum, because it at least purports to be full of ppl who dont get all emotionally defensive, illogical etc, and who dont have strong attachments to identity etc.

i am interested in a response.


  1. I am not a sociopath, but i would be very surprised if this individual turned out to be one. They clearly have a very strong emotional investment in the plight of african-americans judging by the language and hyperbole they use - Empath who hates other Empaths maybe?

    As an Empath i have started thinking about my own self-awareness, and i wonder if there isn't that much of a difference between Empaths and narcissists on the one hand, and Empaths and Sociopaths on the other. The OP compares compartmentalization to Cognitive dissonance, but i believe these to be the same thing. Sociopaths have ego, self-interest, and delusions of grandeur? Guilty as charged. Narcissists are incapable of self-awareness, assuming responsibility, lie to themselves? I have felt all of these impulses at some point.

    I have a theory that the most fundamental evolutionary skill of human beings is lying. We are all selfish, we can all be emotionally disconnect ourselves, be ruthless in our pursuit of objectives, but we tell ourselves lies about how great and moral we are. This is no doubt about impressing OTHER human beings more than anything.

    In fact there is a new theory about the lying arms race, liars vs lie detectors, that suggests an inevitable winning strategy will be those who are good at lying to themselves.

    Perhaps we are not quite so different after all - but Empaths tacitly assume the rules of thier society, no matter how 'sociopathic' those might be. It's only when you break those rules that they come after you.

    1. You decide to let the world know you are very against leather and leather products. If you found a leftover leather couch near the dumpster and took it up to your house, cognitive dissonance would be this "uneasy" feeling empaths get when they realize they're going against their own strongly held beliefs.

      Meanwhile, I have stated I dislike when people lie to me. I lie to people all the time. It is okay for me to do this, because "me" and "everyone else" are two separate things. I compartmentalize how I act in one situation vs a different one. I don't view myself as a hypocrite whatsoever, whereas an empath supposedly might.

  2. Could someone tell me of the signifacence of a comment that was directed at
    me yesterday? You sociopaths are more experieced and "worldly, then this 56
    year old virgin, (NOT 58 year old virgin, that was claimed the other day. I don't
    expect to make it to 58.) meanings often escape me.
    I said yesterday that interest in sociopaths was dying out. I wanted M.E. to
    transistion into some other field, or come up with a new gimmic, so she could
    stay "vital." The respondent said, "It makes sense that a 58 year-old virgin
    would tell a female L-A-W-E-R, she would wither on the vine."
    My postings have nothing to do with M.E.'s "private life," through I do notice
    like much of today's generation, she is very callas when she DOES meantion
    this topic. There's no love and tenderness any more, like there was in prior
    generations. Basically, it's just about casual "hooking up" and "Friends With
    Benefits." At lest, I'm old enough to recall a time when there was REAL love.
    After I die (One or to more years at the outset.) I will be weighted on by 7
    feminine Angels for all time to come. THAT is why John Chapman (Johnny
    Appleseed) refrained from having sex.
    For a preview of what my new life will be like, just listen to "The Best Of
    Bread" on Google.

    1. "I don't expect to make it to 58", and you wouldn't my dear if you ever had the misfortune of crossing my path ;)

    2. 3:22 Anon, somebody talked shit to on the interwebs. That is the significance. Woopty fuckin-doo.

    3. My point was that while teh menz are so worried about whether their peepees are tingwy, women are in the background taken over this mother effer. Yes Yes, make way for the matriarch :D:D

  3. One thought that strikes me as I read this is to wonder if one of the differences is that noms (people with intact affective empathy) tend to do horrible things in large numbers (i.e. submit to mob mentality) whereas "paths" (those of us who's affective empathy is blunted) tend to do horrible things in small numbers (mostly "lone wolf" types or small bands of like minded types; gangs).

    In the case of noms, they justify this bad behavior because of the carnival like atmosphere - that's what "protects" them from "feeling the pain" of the "victim." They are awash in the group high. There are so many people "feeling good" about what is happening that it drowns out the signal of "bad feelings" from the person (or small group of people) who are expressing..."not so good feelings." They then support each others narrative with something along the lines of "they had it coming."

    "Paths," on the other hand, justify their behavior with logic and/or selfish motivations. We don't need or want the approval of others - we take care of that for ourselves. No need for external discussion (unless one needs to feed an inner narc).

    Can mobs of noms be manipulated by paths - no doubt. History is writ large with the likes of people who have used who societies to commit all manner of horrible acts on people. These guys figure out how to tap into the feelings of the vary large groups and manipulate them - the media has only made that easier I believe.

    So, where I seem to be coming down on all this is that people of all empathic stripes do shitty things. The difference seems to be in the story we tell ourselves. From my perspective (to be clear, my affective empathy isn't very good), noms seem to lie to themselves to avoid feeling bad about what they have done, which is why it looks and feels hypocritical. My narrative is much more selfish - I do things because they feel good or because they "discharge" some sort of pent up "feeling." The less I try to find external reasons for my actions, the better off I am -

    But we all do shitty things -

    1. You lack empathy, and you have kids? god you're such trash

    2. It is so much worse than that - I'm teaching them all the skill I had to figure out on my own. The next generation is doomed!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

      You are a chooch.

    3. I'm sorry :/ Will you forgive me? I definitely don't want to be called a chooch :/ It's not your fault that you don't process empathy for your children :/

    4. HI, HLH. Very good observations. I agree with you completely and had not thought about it before. That whole sheep and wolf story is really working. Wolf can push sheep to stampede easily, and whatever dies on the path of the sheep will surely not make the sheep guilty afterwards.

      What's nom, short for normal?

    5. Hi Sceli,

      Hmm...who is to blame in your scenario? The wolf, who likely knew the stampede would kill or a self aware sheep that didn't speak up and divert the stampede?

      Nom = nominal or normal ...shall we have a chorus of, "what the hell is normal anyway?" 8)~

      @ Anon: pick a name and we'll talk - though I get the feeling we've met...

    6. "@ Anon: pick a name and we'll talk - though I get the feeling we've met..."teehee

  4. Hypocrisy is universal human phenomena, though, I tend to agree with Harry that much depends on one's inner narrative. If you're honest with yourself about being a snake, I can see how you wouldn't fall into cognitive dissonance; even so, don't we all hide wee bits of ourselves, from ourselves? Don't we all secretly lust to re-create the world in our own image? I think that the black seed of rage (our thwarted will-to-power?) hiding in every human heart can dress itself up any which way, fooling us into believing that our rage is divinely justified and 'good' for the whole of society.

    ISIS and the West both use and justify torture. Both believe their actions are blessed/chosen by god. Both tar and feather others for even thinking outside their ideological boxes. (Visit Alabama, Texas or Georgia to experience this firsthand.) I wonder how many socios versus empaths from each side foster this hate-fest . . . . does it matter? What difference does it make to the person who was murdered and tortured? Whomever is the more responsible, whether socios or empaths, the results are the same.

    All people everywhere need to own the hate. Own it and live it out vicariously through comic books, boxing, joining the army or else find a way to transform it. It will not go away by itself. Even falling in love is no guarantee; with love often comes jealously and hate.

    The reader made one point that I think about a lot: Our hate combined with our hypocrisy is torturing and killing millions of creatures a day and extinction for many eco-sustaining species looms large. Those hyper-rational socios situated at the top of the political food chain are actually better poised to do something to stop the destruction, through logical discourse and through manipulating the system. Don't most socios love animals more than people? Then please, if you're powerfully situated, step up to the plate. Save the frigging tigers before they're all turned into throw rugs.

    That's about it for now. I'm off to re-direct my hate toward my employer . . . via worker's compensation.

    1. Hi Faust,

      I agree - people do have a need to sublimate their aggression (I see "hate" as something that's a bit different) in socially acceptable manners. That is, I believe, the reason for the popularity of sports like football (all types), But there are examples of festivals in Europe that look more like annual brawls than any sort of game (they say there are rules...). And, yes, all manner of media - movies, gaming, books - you name it are all ways we "keep our powder dry."

      Some of us find careers that we are particularly well suited to. For me it's consulting and start up companies (though I may give a square gig a go just to be able to enjoy my kids more...we'll see). For others it's lawyering or journalism or fire services or...

      On a national and global level the capacity for human hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.

      Yes - I think most people "on the spectrum" are more fond of animals than people - that seems to be a theme. But if you're not too fond of either to begin with, killing and torturing doesn't really depend on who or what is being harmed. The scale of it has more to do with gaining and holding power.

      Having said all that, I think as a species (all empathic stripes) we haven't figured out that we shouldn't shit where we eat. The wanton destruction of the environment is evidence of that - but, then we get back to that internal narrative (usually, "if I didn't do it, someone else would").

      Our so called "democracy" (we have a one party system: the money party) is a joke and most people seem cowed into believing that it's either the environment or "our way of life" (which I think is bullshit). Counting on anyone at the top is, sadly, wasted energy.

      By the by, I don't know the how or why, but for a few months when I was a kid we had a polar bear skin throw rug and a leopard skin throw rug. I remember enjoying laying on the bear skin using it's head for a pillow while reading. It felt really nice.

      On the other hand, my father insisted that we (his kids) slaughter and butcher at least a few animals so that we have an appreciation for where meat comes from. Chickens weren't too bad, but the pig was rough - we used a knife to bleed it out and it fought all the way. Put me off pork for a few years - but it was more about the smell...

      Give the bosses hell!!! 8)~

    2. Hi Harry, I agree with your comment.

      I just hate watching wild creatures going extinct, for nothing much, seems to me. I'm afraid that psychologically, I'm rather like Diana-of-the wood: Don't mess with my beloved critters. There's an asshole inside all of us, and mine is triggered by wild things getting the short end of the stick.

      Butchering meat, growing gardens, sewing your own clothes, knitting and carpentry, building a cabin, the essential skills of survival, etc., should be taught in school, I think. I've met kids as old as 15 who don't know where bacon comes from. When any animal gets that distanced from their own food source, trouble awaits. Oh well, I hear earth is over-run with humans. Thankfully, I still remember how to hunt, gut and skin, so if civilization crashes, give me a shout and I'll send you and ma and the spawn a hind quarter. Mind you, I'm a rather sloppy butcher so expect there to be a few rough edges.

      I'm happy to report that I love giving my CEO hell -- she deserves to be roasted over a worksafe pit for all the pain and suffering her mismanagement has spawned. It'll been interesting to see how the agency deals with this situation. Wish me luck.

    3. Faust, I completely agree that essential skills need to continue to be taught. Unfortunately, it is deemed a worthless skill since so many people live in cities (right now, my entire yard is covered in shade year round from the apartment building towering beside me, which makes gardening very tricky) and can just walk a block to a store to pick up whatever they want.

      And sadly, to many of the people around me, the closest they've seen of a farm is the petting farms near the city, with a corn maze.

      We have relatives who farm though, so we've been able to take a couple children out to a slaughter so far. And hopefully I've mastered gardening and sewing before we move out to the country.


    4. Hi Red, Sounds sensible to me. Being a country girl myself at heart.

      I wonder how long most city folk would last if they had to provide for themselves; it seems like the majority are naïve, physically out of shape and skillfully unprepared -- a deadly combination. The uber-rich, with their hi-tech gadgets and paid goons to protect them are also reliant -- on that same hi-tech and those fickle human enforcers, who, as zombie movies prove, often turn on their masters.

      Guess that's why Bill Gates is enthusiastic about engineering super robots. So he can turn off rebellious robots by remote control.

    5. First, I'm a little taken aback by the reactions - in a good way. I'm used to people giving me big eyes and "oh that must have been awful" statements. Then I'm having to go through all the monkey motions of "yeah it was hard, but I'm OK." So, thank you for that! 8)~

      For this group, I can say that the dead animals didn't bother me - however, it was unpleasant because it was messy and smelled bad. But I wasn't particularly disturbed by it (getting charged by the mama pig was...exciting...).

      From a practical standpoint I have to figure out how and where to do such a thing for my kids. Hunting and fishing sound like work to me (nothing against them; just don't enjoy the activities). Where we live has a lot of agriculture but not much in the way of animal husbandry.

      I'm with you - the extinction of species to me is a drag. If for no other reason, the world is a little bit less interesting with each species lost. I think it would have been cool to see a dodo (not the usual ones in Washington DC) among other things.

      Billy can have his bots -

    6. Harry, your comment, " I think it would have been cool to see a dodo (not the usual ones in Washington DC" brought forth a big laugh.

      Thanks, I needed it.

      I'm glad you're consciously seeking out venues to expose your kids to where our food comes from, and so on. That's a great thing and your kids will thank for you it, when push comes to shove. We're all too distracted and stressed by modern life to see and recognize the essentials. I have fond optimism for you and the gang surviving the 21st century.

    7. Thanks Faust!

      I'm glad to bring a chuckle to you - I think we see the world in similar ways. 8)~

      All we can do as parents is try as best as we can to prepare our kids for that which is to come - and that is getting tougher every generation. One of my regrets about having kids as late as I did is that I can't look my parents in the eye and tell them "I get it. I didn't until now, but I do appreciate what you did." I was an terrible child -

      They did they best they could - and that's all any of us can do.

      I do think there is value in being able to take care of yourself and your kin and kith. Teaching my kids to be able to take care of themselves seems like a "low bar" for someone interested in passing along their genes.

    8. I'm listening to Ma and Jr negotiate on the rest of the night (I am in another room) - "when is bath?", "who will do it?", etc. and I can't help but feel some pride in the "grief" he is giving her - he is so trying to game things - cracks me up...

    9. You're welcome, Harry. ;) I enjoy your posts, too.

    10. Only the Paranoid SurviveFebruary 11, 2015 at 11:11 AM

      "Those hyper-rational socios situated at the top of the political food chain are actually better poised to do something to stop the destruction"

      Survival 101: Don't the the fox guard the chicken coop.

    11. wait...thought yall got divorced...

    12. you wouldn't know a real game if it smacked you in the face

  5. There is only so much time to learn things.

    I can't research every single brand that stores have to offer, and I can't be held accountable for the actions of other people.

    It is preferable to purchase meats from a small farm, and we often do. Even better would be to own the farm and raise the animals myself. But I can not be blamed for the way others treat animals to feed masses of people, and I could not change the way things are done either.

    As far as clothing goes, I do not know where the clothing I am wearing right now have been produced. I have not bought clothing for myself in several years. It has all been hand me downs.

    As for Nazi's or slavery: That was before my time. I cannot answer for things I have never done. I can promise I've never watched with glee (or any other feeling) while someone was publicly murdered, nor privately.

    Hold me accountable for the things I do.

    I do avoid the news for the most part. There is so much happening in the world that I have no control over, cannot add to in a positive way, and can't change. Every person has to decide at some point and time when to stop or risk destroying themselves. Every person has to develope their priorities.

    Right now, mine are with raising my family. Helping them grow into successful adults. Providing them with the nutrients they need, clothing, and home. When I screw up there - then by all means, hold me accountable for that. But don't put blame on me for something happening in another part of the world that someone else is doing.

  6. The author doesn't seem to have come to terms with the fact that although people of African descent have certain advantages (musical improvisation, basketball handing and breakdancing) their much lower average IQ means other groups with higher average IQs will treat them like farm equipment.

    As for the hypocrisy of empaths - indeed, they don't think about the big picture and apply a consistent evaluation scheme.

    I can remember when I was in my mid-twenties and I considered the unfairness of the world. It occurred to me that the taking of the New World by Old World inhabitants was arguably a great crime.

    To motivate contemplating this, imagine if aliens came down, declaring that they would impose fairness on our planet, starting with the conquest of the New World - so the Indians had all-powerful alien backup, and an obvious claim that their continent had been stolen, and they'd been completely dispossessed.

    It occurred to me (in typical psychopath fashion) that it wouldn't be unreasonable for the descendants of Indians to insist that all non-Indian people (99% or so of the population, right?) leave the area. If the 99% protested that they had nowhere to go, it would be completely reasonable for the Indians to say, "too bad. Leave or we'll kill you. Your continued existence is not at all our problem; blame your ancestors for your predicament."

    The blacks would complain, "but we wuz brought here by whitey," and the Indians would say, "go back to Europe or Africa, or the moon. Not our problem, Blackie."

    It troubled me greatly to think that there'd been such injustice in the past. It was clear there'd never be a remedy, or even acceptance that there'd been a crime deserving something of a remedy. Which I found troubling.

    Later on I paid attention to how nature works and realized that might makes right, all the time. The natural way of things is for the stronger to dominate the week. Just look out your window. Birds eat worms. Parasites use their hosts. Viruses use their hosts. Stronger groups of humans exploit weaker groups of humans.

    And later on I realized that none of us present, right now - I mean you reading this - caused what we experience. You probably imagine that you're a person, moving through time. You do things - "you" run "your live" by making "decisions".

    You think you are a female (or male) that you are black (or white or whatever). Basically, you have all sorts of thoughts, all the time, and you believe them. So if you think I shouldn't write what I write (eg about blacks being a low-IQ group) you get angry at me. If you think, "he's writing something interesting" you feel curious, or maybe guilty or smug for appreciating it. And you think that "you" formed those opinions because that's what "you" do.

    Basically, everyone believes them to be something - exactly what determined by their thoughts - but almost none of them recognize that there's a process (continual thinking and feeling) about being a particular person. The description never seems to include "I wake up and have thoughts that I'm so-and-so, and then I start living my day as if it is true" - the description misses some basic facts about consciousness - namely, none of us choose to think or feel what we think or feel, and most of us believe what we think - with disastrous consequences for our contentment and happiness.

    At that point I realized that it isn't at all surprising that most people have their heads up their ass. They don't know what they are; if you make that sort of error, you'll live your whole life in error.

    1. puppy basket was smart :):)

    2. "I can remember when I was in my mid-twenties and I considered the unfairness of the world. It occurred to me that the taking of the New World by Old World inhabitants was arguably a great crime." That....is.....so....CUTE!!! You cute wittle psychopath ;)

    3. Anon 4:21, puppy basket IS smart. Very insightful. Wish she'd come back.

    4. me too :(:( and Dev, I wuved Dev ...:D:D:D:D that whole military chick thing...all bad ass and stuff...awesomeness!!! :D:D

    5. Oh my - it sounds like someone has read "The Bell Curve."

      While the controversy seems to persist (not unlike anti-vaxers), I thought it was pretty well settled that the IQ test has a "cultural" bias. You can argue about skin tone, but the real cultural bias is income and education - if you don't teach the kids to communicate in a consistent way, they ain't gonna do well on your measures of intelligence. To my mind, it's a measurement method problem - not a "real" difference in intelligence.

      And, was I having a very delayed flashbacks (I'm talking the 1980's here...) or hasn't PB been posting in the last couple of weeks? Glad to see her chiming in as well - she gives me stuff to think about.

  7. We all die. I will die. You will die. They (everyone not reading this, you stupid asshole jerks) will die. In fact, as the 6th EXTINCTION books argue, the entire human race will die. Should we care? Why am I asking this question at a web site filled with paths?

    Or as I often say (but seldom practice, being a confused hypocrite), FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!!!!

    Happy Valentines's Day.

    1. I wuvs you radical agnostic...was thinking about you this morning :):)

    2. I wish I had someone who appreciated black humor, intellectual, tongue in cheek jokes in my life...sigh :/

    3. Anon,I do appreciate black humor -- it's the greatest defense mechanism since dark chocolate.

    4. lol noooo :P not defense.......a prosocial outlet so ya don't ACTUALLY kill people ;)

    5. RA,

      It's a tad early for Valentine's day, but what the heck.

      Happy true love day to you and your wife.

      As a friend of mine used to say, Let the suffering commence.

    6. Anon, gotcha. Prosocial away.

  8. heh that tweet with the research is my favorite to use on people when they start droning on and on about how people should be honest, and they themselves are always, 100% honest...,makes me chuckle...are humans just delusional? What's going on here? Do they live in denial? Are we just a strange, paradoxical creature?

    1. Yes, yes, and yes.

      Course, you know that.

    2. Hello Faust, my dark one ;):):):)

    3. Hi Anon, Lol. My dark wings are very gently twisted. Soft as a newborn raven's. ;)

  9. I think a decent person does the "right' thing most of the time. And a decent person observes and notes to himself when he does the wrong thing or does something contrary to his "values".A decent person notes that while he does not like to torture murder an animal as say your enlightening next door bed wetting animal torturing fire starting "I'm not a hypocrite how lovely" socio/psychopath, he may eat animals that have been tortured in the form of factory farms. A decent person tries to do right because it feels right, it feels good, but doesn't always do so, for so many reasons, including that they are not perfect and neither is the world. I would argue that there is a world of difference between the torture murderer, and one who benefits from a cruel system. Trying to compare the two to show hypocrisy is laughable. Sociopaths are liars by nature. Decent "Empaths" sometimes lie and sometimes when gone astray delude themselves when dealing with nature.

    I wouldn't be surprised if so much "evil'' in the world has a sociopath or his minions behind it.

    1. Alcoholism, alcohol abuse and just fucking alcohol and to a lesser extent coffee also contribute to this "evil" thought their hormonal and brain toxic effects.

    2. I was with you most of the way, until I read "so much 'evil' in the world has a sociopath or his minions behind it."

      If by minions you include normal and empaths, then I agree. If you mean only sociopaths create Hell on earth then I must refute. (Whilst I never capitalize heaven, Hell inspires me to do so.)

      One repeated word in your comment, the word decent, also struck me; it can mean practically anything, depending on your values. Even psychopaths have been known to be decent to animals. :)

      I also don't think comparing the two, the torture murderer and the person who knowingly eats animals that are being tortured, is that far-fetched. Torture is suffering by any other name, and that's the life imposed on factory livestock. Picture squealing pigs dangling from a hook getting their throats cut. Or living in a filthy pen, unable to lie down, breathe fresh air or see the sun, until one day, finally, you're hauled off to the slaughter house.

      Our society/culture is one big chopping block. Meat from all species is for sale. Due to the inner socio that lives in every human heart, and which we, the people have cherished and thus woven into our culture and society. Through our greedy imperialism and the taloned feet of war and economics, etc.

    3. All I'm addressing here is the constant you are just like me though I am honest about it and more intelligent and talented about it sociopath shtick. It's like their one mind with that shit. Talk to one sociopath you've spoken with them all (nearly). By decent I just mean it in the dictionary sense. As I do all words. I don't mean only sociopaths or even all sociopaths create "hell on earth". Only that they, like alcohol, and it's addictive nature, are responsible for a lot of chaos. And it you can't see how factory farming and fooling next door Annie and taking her money and her peace and perhaps her life is different then we can just disagree. The decent often try to improve what they can. The evil will undermine this and are all about themselves and lying and manipulation.

    4. It's a degree thing. Yes, empaths will lie and delude themselves but so will sociopaths, to much greater, incomparable degrees. It's not like sociopaths are telling their targets, hey I'm lying to you , you should know it, I'm taking advantage of what you refuse to see etc. They are lying and doing whatever they can to drain and destroy. And then talk shit about it when trying to convey that others/prey are the same just dumber. Nah, sociopaths are a different ilk responsible for much ill through their lying cheating and manipulating ways. Look them up in medical books. This is what they do all the time. It's their nature.

    5. Here is a link:

      This new post publishing routine is tedious.

  10. I agree with much of the OP. Being hypocritical, willfully blind and morally selective seems to be part of human nature for the most part.

    I used to have a much kinder view of humanity than I do now, but recent years have taught me that people are not ultimately good. They're lying, dishonest, self-serving, self-obsessed, egotistical, inconsistent, and yes... hypocritical.

    As a human being, I'm honestly no better than the rest of them. I don't have a solution for the current state of things, so I just keep to myself, smile politely and keep everyone else at arm's length.

    1. everyone has their needs, can't judge them

  11. The back and forth on this post is quite hilarious..


  12. I'm aware and proud of my infinite hypocrisy.

    - Sadist


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