Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Female sociopath

Female sociopaths are more hated than male sociopaths? I stumbled upon this post on LoveFraud from Lianne Leedom, psychiatrist, sociopath victim, and author of "Just Like His Father?" She also infamously threatened her child with going to "the dark place" as a punishment when he had an incredible phobia of the dark. Let her never be accused of being too soft on sociopaths (including her own son), she has plenty of vitriol and anecdotal evidence to spew about female sociopaths:

There is something inherently more repulsive and unbelievable about a female sociopath. Women by nature are preprogrammed to learn empathy and care-taking, the antithesis of sociopathic behavior. Indeed, one of the best indicators of sociopathy in a women is seen when the woman fails to care for her own child. It would seem then, that we would all be revolted by a female sociopath, so why do men become victims?

My own theory, which has been corroborated by many men who have written to Lovefraud, is that men accidentally fall victim to sociopathic women when they have sex with them. You see, normal men experience bonding just like normal women-especially when the sex is good. The sex with a female sociopath (I’m told) isn’t just good, it’s better than most mortal men have ever hoped for. Once hooked on the female sociopath, men become victims just as much as the women who become hooked on the male sociopath. Many male victims feel ashamed and emasculated. But, take heart guys, she actually preyed on the more masculine side of your nature, your enjoyment of sex!

So there you have it feminists, women who aren't natural care-takers are repulsive and revolting (because women are preprogrammed to learn empathy and care-taking), and it's a little shocking that men fall victim to them (because men are pretty clever, otherwise), but easily explainable because these women are obviously whores. Apparently most women either aren't good at sex or don't like it, so it's easy for sociopathic women to ensnare men with sex. But guys don't take it as a threat to your masculinity that she ultimately denied you ready access to sex because she's just a whore. Did I say whore? She was probably just after your money or something anyway, because that's how whores operate, and she's clearly a whore.

Leedom's focus on the female sociopaths is almost entirely on their ability to raise children, please their man, and/or extract money or privileges for sex. If this is not the definition of anti-feminism, I don't know what is.

What about other aspects of a female sociopath? My guess is that they can be very successful in their careers. Not only would they have the same potential advantages of male sociopaths (ruthless, fearless, power-hungry and ambitious), but because they don't fully identify with their gender, they might be less influenced by some of the defeating (and self-defeating) "lessons" that young girls are taught about a woman's place in the world. They wouldn't be socialized to want particularly things and not others like a lot of women seem to be. Also they might not readily seem themselves as a victim (as society is so quick to portray women), but rather someone who acts and accepts responsibility for herself, empowered? We really don't know what female sociopaths look like in general because there has been next to no research done on female sociopaths. But it's very disappointing to see bald stereotypes perpetuated such little obvious personal slant and moral prejudice by someone claiming to be a medical professional and expert on sociopaths. 


  1. "Women by nature are preprogrammed to learn empathy and care-taking."

    "By nature are preprogrammed."


    My mind is full of fuck.

    1. I'm 62 and what life has taught me is many women are lying, devious, worthless gutter whores. I was one of those "nice guys" who was treated with contempt from women when I was young as I was not an "alpha male". Later on I was conned into thinking that was over, that girls had "grown up". No what I got was constant rejection
      until I married out of need, sadly, to a woman who was a controlling, violent “Feminist”
      (woman’s lib in those days) who liked to whore around on me and abuse me and just got tired of me sticking up for myself and divorced me. Wife #2 was even worse, this time it was a humanist sociopathic whore who excelled in the art. Had 2 husbands before me, first hus divorced her for cruelty, second one was driven to suicide (he slit his own throat). I only learned this after her death. She died of cancer before she could destroy me. Kudos to the MRA and MGTOW philosophy. Be very wary of relationships and marriage. Don’t let women tell YOU what YOU are worth

      I'm 62 and I learned a valuable lesson in life, most women are worthless whores. I commend men for starting the MRA and embracing the MGTOW philosophy. Today's woman believes she has every right to control and destroy a man and has gotten political and legal power to do so. Paul mentions in scripture is is better if a man not "touch" a woman. Amen. Means much more than just the physical thing. Better be sure it is God's will you love and marry a woman and not Satan's. Avoid evil women, there are way far more of them than good women. Remember Soloman's warnings about women in Proverbs: "who can find a woman of virtue? Her price is far above rubies" and other warnings about the female of our species. Woman is far more skilled in evil than man, as Eve has brought the downfall of the human race by courting Satan's empty promise if she obey him we would be like gods. Where do you think the word "evil" comes from? Eve. I do not paint all women like this, but I don't exaggerate when I say "most".

    2. What a useless old fuck you are. Accept that the fault is your own- you were weak, and fell for women couldn't help but take advantage and now you are bitter at yourself. You'll look for excuses for why it wasnt your fault. The secret is that those women were just women. A female sociopath would have eaten you alive and you would have enjoyed it.

    3. @AnonymousDecember 11, 2013 at 8:27 PM

      "The secret is that those women were just women." That's your justification? That they were "just women"? In that one sentence, you affirmed everything he said - women are all sociopaths. Can you see how incredibly backwards your thinking is? You just affirmed that all women are sociopaths. Idiot.

    4. i agree with anon no. 1. dude, you're clearly some kind of overly frustrated misogynist. if you really have that much of a problem with women, start using them. if you weren't the alpha male, become it. learn to love/appreciate them, or rather " fake " love / "fake " appreciate them. or continue ranting about how women are so satanic and evil and keep living miserably and beating your meat till it breaks off. the choice is yours.

    5. Alright so riddle me this. If ALL women are inescapably lying 'gutter whores' as you put it, explain me.

      I am a normal, nice, young woman with a normal, nice, boyfriend. I have never cheated on him or any partner I've had. I enjoy sex and we engage in it monogamously, frequently. On a day to day basis, I am told I exhibit nothing less than a positive, friendly attitude. I am interested in the development and growth of those around me. I love animals, and people. I would never purposefully hurt somebody, and am an active participant in eliminating those evils from the world. My boyfriend and I have traveled together, volunteering in third world countries, and we have never experienced any lies, manipulation or hardship from either side in our relationship. I am studious and hardworking, and have many close personal friends whom I have maintained long-term relationships with. I cherish my family, and they cherish me. My boyfriend is the type you describe. The nice guy. The warm and friendly type. He, himself, is a feminist. I was attracted to his personality because it so matched mine. He is intelligent and caring. Many people like him, and women are frequently disappointed to learn he has a girlfriend. He has had nothing but good experiences with women, despite being 'the nice guy'. You grew up in a time of intense patriarchal values. I am sorry for the experiences you have gone through, and I am saddened to know you will most likely die with your twisted perception of the world. It is amazing to me that in your long life, you have come to a totally backwards conclusion of "women are evil." I have been oppressed, attacked, cheated on, lied to, and abused by men. However, I do not sit here and think all men are evil. Men are wonderful! People, however, can sometimes be evil,
      Your problem is with people. The human condition. Not women. I hope you realize this before you die. And when you are on your deathbed, I hope you look into the warm and loving eyes of your statistically likely female nurse as she cares and tends to you warmly and compassionately in your last minutes, and say "I'm sorry."
      And just as a side note, maybe it's time you look in yourself and see what about you attracted you to bad people and what compelled you to keep them in your life once you realized they were bad.I had to do this myself, and the changes that happened after I came to this realization were astronomical.
      I hope you are well and wish nothing but the best for you.

    6. Anon 1 and three. Take your dianistic spirituality and shove it up your cunts. I'd like to know your reaction if your sons hang themselves due to a personal depressive mass. Was he not " Alpha" enough? Die you motherfuckers!!!!

    7. @Dennis Stewart- You're so pathetic that I had to chuckle. Women are weak as a whole in comparison to men, with a very small number of sociopathic ones who can break free of their societal bonds and compete with the best of men. If you truly believe that women as a whole are stronger than you, then you deserved the treatment you brought upon yourself. Weak women are the norm; weak men are shameful abominations. You can tout your Bible verses as excuses for your failure as a man, you can bemoan the injustices of our so-called justice system- but at the end of the day, each person reaps what they sow (see, I can quote the Bible, too!), and you my friend are enjoying the spoils of a life well squandered. You were given the privilege of being born male, but you'll die a weakling because you could not take control of your life and shape its outcome. I hope your god castrates you in the afterlife. You don't deserve the title of "Man."

  2. Children don't have antisocial disorder unless its neurological, or you introduce it to them. And ADD, please, feed your kids something other than dye, corn syrup and bromated flour, maybe play outside with them and they won't be bouncing off the walls.
    This woman sounds like a quack, her poor kid.

    1. I'm antisocial an I was antisocial
      Now I'm 13
      But I'm not a sociopath ^^

    2. "Blah blah bromated flour blah blah...play outside with them and they won't be bouncing off the walls..." Wow, how amazingly insightful! I wish ALL people with ADD and related issues had YOU for a parent! I only feed my poor ADD son candy and have him smoke cigarettes--is that wrong?

    3. Umm yes they do. Stop thinking you got screwed 7 trillion times, gave birth to every kid and somehow knew if they were all not antisocial.

  3. One way to convince yourself and others that you're a good mother is to define what is a bad mother and separate yourself from that definition. Also, why all the hate towards women that do more than play dead in bed? People's negative opinions of others say a lot about themselves, and very little else of value to anyone that listens to them.

    1. I am starting to wonder if that is not in a nutshell was "the psychopath" is all about. Is something available, some type of history of science perspective on the term and it's development.

      It started with the study of criminals, no? I guess it's fair to assume studied by people firmly convinced they would never get themselves into troubles like that?

      I couldn't finish read that. The use of a passage from proverb is highly funny, I think.

      "lest strangers take their fill of your strength,
      and your labors go to the house of a foreigner"

      Some type of mixture between witch and vampire? And additionally the other, a stranger. Interesting.

      P.S: lately there seems to be some type of women around that are guided by the "pure desire" to protect the males collectively against other women. I guess I would be interested more in a study of that phenomenon than in her book.

  4. Being a transgender sociopath, the fixation of Leedom on what ultimately comes down to gender roles is both infuriating and intriguing at the same time. The ability to 'escape' the roles that society has placed upon people belonging to a given sex is one of the greater treasures of being human and is a blessing that is relatively recent in the grand scheme of things. However, the ability to adhere to gender roles is undeniably important for the transgenderist that does not want to be discovered as a 'fraud' in the eyes of many as society matches appearance and behavior, taken together, as a synonym for biological sex.

    With a few components of sociopathy being a lack of empathy and the presence of callousness, it heightens or hinders the ability of transgender people to 'pass'. Self-interested and power-hungry? Congrats! You would make a fantastic man, CEO material if I may say so myself, bud. Non-empathic and wanting to stay far away from raising a child? Well, I hope your gender identity isn't female. What I write should be hyperbole, but as seen in Leedom's words, these gender stereotypes have huge implications for the sociopath, especially a transgender one.

    Now, I do believe there are certain biological urges that may or may not be muted in the sociopath. I would love to see research on this front. The biggest one being the need to procreate or otherwise obtain a child. At one point, I wanted a child but I realized that I could not be one to raise that child. I would not be able to afford it the care and love needed for it to be molded into a properly developed human being. I would want to be done with it as soon as the effort required on my end outweighed the joy of having a child. Would I make a bad mother or father? Yes, yes it would. Does that fact make me any less of a man or a woman? No, it does not.

    Leedom seems to drift into the territory that one is only a good female if they uphold the stereotypical, and society-mandated, traits of being female. Depending on their internal view of themselves, I suspect the female sociopath may own their gender and sex far better than most of us can. I suspect they often lack the components that society, and Leedom, associate with traditional femininity and that they are comfortable with that fact. That does not make them any less of a woman than the empath who submits to her husband or stays at home raising her 2.X (whatever we are down to in western society these days) children. To think otherwise is not just anti-feminist, it is anti-human.

    1. "However, the ability to adhere to gender roles is undeniably important for the transgenderist that does not want to be discovered as a 'fraud' in the eyes of many as society matches appearance and behavior, taken together, as a synonym for biological sex."

      Discovered as a fraud for simply being who you are?

      In the early eighties I took a series of psychological tests with the help and advise by a professor in psychology. One of these tests, the most interesting, if you ask me, and very influential over here in Germany it seems shows the results on an axis using a pattern of opposite poles.

      The center is defined as normal. Think e.g. extrovert versus introvert. All these opposite aspects have a slightly wider center column or row that is defined as "normal", or if you like average, no tendencies one way or the other.

      It also has a normal column for female or male self-definition. Notice there are no separate tests for males and females. I happen to be female and was slightly off "normal"/average/no strong tendencies into "male self-perception, definition, traits".

      The results of a test I took a little after with a very good male friend showed the opposite tendency. He was off center into the female field.

      So, at least over here psychologist seem to be aware that not all people necessarily must fit into their specific gender roles. why would they add this opposition set otherwise.

      What exactly does adhering to gender roles mean? I decided with 17 or 18 that I would never give birth to a child. not because I thought I was a sociopath by the way. With 21 I had an abortion. I never once changed my mind. I simply could not see myself as a mother, I hated to play with dolls already at the age of four. And according to my more anecdotal experience all women with kids loved to play with dolls.

      A girl friend once told me, giving birth to a child is one huge orgasm. That would be wise of nature. Wouldn't it be?

    2. To answer your question about gender roles: gender roles are the essentially the expectations of someone based off of their gender (sometimes purely their anatomical sex, but it really comes down to adherence to behaviors based off how people perceive you).

      For example, men are traditionally the breadwinners. The concept of a stay-at-home dad is boggling to many. To stay at home with the kids and not be working makes a male 'less than a man' in the eyes of many, especially social conservatives. Women are expected to stay with the kids, provide emotional support, do the sewing of torn clothing, so on and so forth. The idea of gender roles can be expanded to gender norms which encompass the mannerisms used, the clothes worn, the way one walks, the way one writes, and so on based on traits that society associates with a specific gender.

      Leedom is implying that the stereotypical sociopathic female, who is callous and unempathic, is less than a woman. M.E. sums it up well.

      To answer your first question without going too deeply into it, yes, society, by and large, views the transgenderist as a fraud. A lot of it goes back to gender roles and gender norms which many in society equate with behaviors belonging to a particular sex. While western society is evolving, albeit somewhat slowly, full adherence to gender norms and roles is no longer required to be a legitimate member of one's gender. However, the more and more one deviates, the more and more one risks alienating themselves (arbitrarily, I may add). Think of how many in western society equate deviation from traditional roles as an indicator of 'deviant' sexual orientation. Yes, such categorizations by society are completely arbitrary.

      I've been learning a lot about myself lately and I realize that I wear two masks. One to hide my sociopathy and one to hide my sex from the gender that I 'perform'. To be a sociopath is to be less than human, society says. To be transgender is to be less than male or female. I don't even know the full implication yet of what it means to be both. But, as people like Leedom point out: sociopathy alone can make one less than the gender they are. There is so much to learn about the female sociopath, pushing them into the mud over gender roles and norms is not constructive to obtaining that knowledge.

    3. thanks, for the answer. Interesting. Psychogendered.

      It's hard for me to understand completely what makes one decide to define oneself as a psychopath. I have to look into the history of the concept. I cannot start with the assessment of the latest hype or developments.

      I always need a historical basis.

      But yes, there seems to be a trace of evidence that it may have a gender angle too:
      Unfinished man; a scientific analysis of the psychopath or human degenerate (1910)
      Whoever this Albert Wilson may have been.

      Interesting time context.

      But before I look closer into the "psychopath" and the history of the concept, I first have to read Leon Wurmser's Mask of Shame. I wanted to read it for a long time. And your comment above for whatever reason finally made me order it. For whatever reason your comment reminded me of it.

      Oh, by the way. Some of my best friends are not "normal man". E.g. one of the most interesting people in my high school class plays that part. His wife is professor and he does whatever he likes. Mind you he was the top student the school ever had, straight A's. So strictly he was expected to be in her position. But his mind was not set on career, he only wanted to get out of his little village in the Black Forest.

    4. Absolutely, Brilliantly, written!

  5. Speaking from experience, there is an enormous pressure on mothers to conform to the prevailing "mommy code" of their particular community. Women get shamed and marginalized and called "bad mother" for surprising things. The baseline "ok" of parenting is much more difficult for a woman to achieve than a man to achieve because there tends to be a prevailing expectation of "maternal nature".

    Raising a child is full of moments- some thrilling, but mostly monotonous. To be a "good" mother a woman is expected to tolerate the constant dependency of another person and to self sacrifice. For a man, it's understood that he can come and go, but he gets a gold star for willingly taking on the dependency needs of a child. The same culture that expects women to be relentlessly self sacrificing in the job of raising children tends to shame stay at home dads because men are "supposed" to be independent.

    What a load of crap. This woman, under the guise of morality and science, has just urged gender stereotypes back to the Victorian era.

    1. I like your aka. ;)

      "under the guise of morality and science, has just urged gender stereotypes back to the Victorian era."

      Could there be a trend? See below: The rise of woman and the fall of men". ;)

  6. You are mistaken M.E. there have been books written about female
    sociopaths. "Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters"
    by Peter Vronsky, and a certain chapter in the book "The Raise Of Women
    And The Fall Of Men," (I don't recall the aurthor's name.)
    The upshot is that men are attracted to Fem Fatles for the same reason
    that women are attracted to "bad boys"-stimulation and excitement.
    Variety is the spice of life. I wish a could say "The way to a man's heart
    is through his stomach." but has most women learn at a young age, that's
    painfully not so.
    It's the empath man's lament that women like "bad boys." They say "I do
    what society expects and I still can't get a girl." Lot's of men are
    smouldering inside. Why do the abusers, ruffians and bums get the girls?
    Could it be that such men have more swagger then the hand wringing
    empaths? Or is just that these women have "daddy complexes"?
    Many women likewise are puzzled about how Travis Alexander could be
    addicited to Jodi Arias. Aren't there plenty of attractive Morman girls?
    M.E. might have been good for Travis, but she came along later.
    There was a song from the play "My Fair Lady" called "Why Can't A Woman
    Be More Like A Man?" The man is lamenting the communication gap between
    the sexes. He thinks if only women could be more like men, many problems
    could be solved. He should be careful what he wishes for. When women
    become more like men they become sociopathic, just what the acidemic
    wussy singing the song would NOT want. They become promicious sex machines that compete with and displace men on their jobs. Their boredom
    threshold becomes low. They cease being domesticated and look for
    excitement ANYWERE. They don't want to be moms-at least not at a young
    age. They'd just as soon smother thier child as mother them, and disgard
    them in swamps. Or they'd stab thier boyfriends 29 times after he's"been
    there" and done that. Or, they take up with other women or men from other
    races because they're more masculine then their own race. In England
    50% of marriages are interracial. The U.S. is catching up quickly.
    Oh, well looks like emasculated white male losers will have more reasons
    to cry in thier beer.

    1. Hey, at least you aren't married with children, while you're crying in your beer.

    2. you think the anonymous beer crier above is male? Crying in one's beer suggests a male to me. But the above sounds female. But maybe you are right? A male looking for a cook?

      Soooo funny: "I wish a could say "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." but has most women learn at a young age, that's painfully not so."

      Imagine the pleasure of being able to cook for some male over decades. ;)

      "Many women likewise are puzzled about how Travis Alexander could be addicited to Jodi Arias."

      Not so sure about who depended more strongly on whom? You either return and marry me or I'll kill you?

      This gets my first prize for confusion. What is someone that is apparently is pretty emotions look for here?

      Show a little empathy. Will you.

    3. pretty emotional, that should have been. Was first: pretty much driven by emotions, but then I don't think that's too bad if it is balanced, Sometimes emotions are slightly wiser than my slower linear thought.

      So yes, interesting article yesterday. I could not agree more. But the responses disappointed me, at least the ones I saw.

      I'll shut up again.

    4. A relationship isn't a cure for depression, and it won't take away those feelings of emptiness.

    5. I have a big tool & i can use it. That's why I can control sociopathic women. Yes, they get bored eventually and go to other men. But they all come back because I'm the best in bed. I make sure I hook 'em and use 'em good.
      That's because I "was" a victim. It's fun. I guess you could call me sick. But I'm just like most men.... addicted to sex!!! I don't cry in my beer like a wussy. I drink & laugh & then give it good to the whores!!! Ha!!

    6. 10:01 am

      Good sex is free medicine without the side effects.

      There is a place in heaven for sex addicts, Whitey.

    7. Oh, Whitey. Do you honestly expect anyone here to believe that rubbish? I really do try to be polite, but you sound like SUCH a wanker.

    8. Thanks Fred. As long as you're thinking about wankers, I believe my job is done here.

    9. Historically speaking, the final stage of a society headed toward total collapse in the rise of feminism. Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), when that stage of collapse occurs, women and children are the last in the life boats. Ironically, in the end, women dig their own graves.

  7. The white Christian male. Marginalized, crushed, by popular culture.
    This Gerorge Zimmerman garbage only emphaises it.
    Women being propagandized by the media to behave like skanks to destroy
    civilation. Just watch a new T.V. show called "Ray Donovan." This isn't
    the United States of America anymore. It's the United States of Disgrace!

    1. They have only themselves to blame for tolerating, even approving of that kind of behaviour.

    2. Yes, well, adapt or die: it's the nature of the game. So the pendulum's swinging, is it really such a surprise to anyone? Eventually the sun set on British Empire, too. So be it.

      You won't see this (white) fellow boo-hooing in my cup or otherwise. I'm nothing if not adaptable, after all. :D

    3. Fred do you wear a bow tie and seersucker suit with a carnation in the lapel?

    4. Carnations? I can nick much nicer flowers from my neighbours than that! >:D

    5. but they stay crisp all day. I put your practicality ever so slightly ahead of your snobbery.

  8. It is so hard to be a white boy.

    Media attention that draws attention to racial bias (rather than let the pro- white male bias stand) does some terrible injustice that is difficult for me to understand. "Emphaises" sounds ominous.

    Women have been "propagandized" (I am unfamiliar with this terminology) by the media to behave like skanks to DESTROY "civilation". Not sure what that means, or what exactly is being destroyed. Also I am confused about how woman are able to be skanky without the participation of willing men.

    I have a theory. This particular white Christian male really wants his mommy to kiss away the boo boos that this big bad world has inflicted upon his superiority complex.

    When the fantasy of omnipotence that is held by one who has a very great feelings to intelligence ratio (feelings > logic) comes tumbling down in a poorly conceived rant, there is only one thing left to say:

    Poor baby.

  9. Out of curiosity, I looked her up. Leedom seems to have some issues with taking responsibility over her own actions: www.ctpost.com/local/article/Wife-of-convicted-fake-doctor-can-practice-again-4443457.php

    That is, there is a bit of a self-serving aspect to her campaign against "sociopaths," in that it would alleviate her of some of the "blame" she might share in this past medical scandal. That would make me wary of her account of such matters.

    I wouldn't, however, generalize her attitude to those of all "empaths," much as I wouldn't generalize, say, criminal sociopaths to all "sociopaths," etc etc. A number of folks who "feel" others' emotions do not necessarily hold the gender stereotypes to which Leedom here seems to ascribe.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. How many Anonymous people are around here. Wonder if one can recognize them after a while.

      Hmmm! her experience didn't exactly result in any type of empathy women? Only led her to the evil female seducing witch type deep down in the mythical history? The women's faults only? I guess the dependent women her second husband allegedly misused must have been of that type too.

      I now understand the allusion to Liane Leedom in Thomas' "Confession". Escaped my attention. Parenting has never been one of my special interests. Beyond my own history with my parents, that is. ;) They just celebrated 65 years of struggle and troubles. Seems to keep them alive.

      I took a short look at her book on Google. So her boy's core duty in life is to "make the world a better place", repeated over and over again on the first few pages. Poor boy. PhD? I wonder what her thesis was, or maybe why the first man fled the scene? Scared by the type of family life envisioned?

      An advocate of electroshock it seems: Liane Leesome, Enpsychopedia

      I watched the results of that type of treatment. "Love of exerting power over others"? I have to admit that the stereotypical hearts in the book's cartoons or photos make me sick. Yes may be the publisher, but anyway, she must have accepted them.

      So the difference between educating a "normal" child and raising a "psychopathic one" is you need the future psychopath learn how to love, first of all how to love her? He needs to be taught the "Butterflies in the stomach", don't remember how she puts it, type of emotions connected accidentally? ... while the normal child needs to feel accepted and guided only? It can develop everything else naturally while the psychopath cannot?

      Like his father?, page 2, if I remember correctly (compare cartoon 3 and photograph or montage on 5) Uaaghh!

      It is hard to find specific parenting guidance because of the difficult scientific terminology found in research articles. The literature is full of technical terms ("psycho babble"). Among the countless and somewhat humorous examples is the use of the term "MRO." What is MRO? Since love is not a precise scientific term, scientists use initials like MRO (mutually responsive orientation) to mean love.

      What pseudo emphatic non-sense. What's wrong with the idea that love is ideally a mutual affair, "mutually responsive" does not sound bad to me. Not "romantic" enough?

      Poor boy, this may turn out as a disaster for you.

      How about her already knowing he will be one? Genetics? love, love, love does not need to be defined but is all over the place Could that turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, could the child grasp something not expressed? What if he does not feel the stereotypes she tries to teach him?

      Realize that you are still the center of your child's life and he should still love you intensively. Stop a moment to think about what it means to love. When you love romantically, don't you jump up every time the phone rings hoping it is that special someone? That is the way your child should feel, or perhaps used to feel, about you. He should be elated when you show him attention and affection.

      Thomas, I agree. Maybe a "psychopathic child" is better brought up by a psychopath. Although I don't really grasp by now what that may be. Did you really read this?

      So, now I try to shut up again, promised: "hand to heart!" ;)

  10. The sex with a female sociopath (I’m told) isn’t just good, it’s better than most mortal men have ever hoped for.

    ^This might be the only accurate statement in her victim's tirade. We're damned good in bed. :)

    1. Are you a sociopath again alterego?

    2. Just between the sheets. ;)

    3. You're only good in bed when you do what you're told. Otherwise you're like rabbid dogs or men that only care about getting themselves off. Any sex that takes less than 20-30 minutes is lame. 3 minutes??? I still can not comprehend that. 3 hours - no joke!!!!

    4. Uh, speak for yourself, one minute wonder. You only have yourself to blame for not clearly asserting your needs assuming responsibility for their satisfaction.


    5. men think they are monsters in the br after. I like it that way. When they walk like naked drunken sailors to the bathroom, then flexing muscles giving themselves a high five in the mirror.

      i was asking a male friend if i should bring up some important issue straight after sex and the male friend said " oh i see,, you want to hit him when he is weak, huh? " He did not seem to think that was fair. (Like most guys don't manipulate females into the br...)

    6. Alterego i will sort you the fuck out

  11. After some basic research on Leedom she appears to have some personality problems, such shifting blame, playing the victim, and expecting perfect obedience. Sounds like narcissism.

  12. You go, girl! I'm all for ya'!

  13. And see, here I thought I was good in bed because I actually LIKE sex, rather than seeing it as something icky, which a lot of squishies (read "empaths ") seem to view it as. Turns out I'm just a whore...whew, glad I figured that out....

  14. After reviewing the American women who is brainwashed and entitled by a criminal justic system that gives them no or lesser sentences for the same crime a man would commit.....

    Women awarded lifetime alimony,child support,no fault divorce...divorce settlements...Women now close to initiating 75 percent of all divorces.....Women throwing men out of the home willfully for divorce settlements and or welfare....

    Women having millions of choices for boyfriends or husbands through social media...boyfriends spoiling women...fathers spoiling women....Men denied jobs for having penises....

    You can see the scope of the narcassism and entitlement monster syndrome that is created in America....almost like America is a sociopath factory....

    Its how we ended up a country with 400 pound women with the same attitudes as a supermodel ...these same women refusing to date obese men themselves which to me is proof of literal brainwashing...

    The system so toxic in everyway.....the American woman and system so toxic....the only choice is to avoid women altogether...Some men have been made to pay child support for children who arent even theirs and jailed....sperm donors made to pay child support.....judges throwing out prenups...

    With the privelege women have over men and nothing close to equal rights for men....I come to the conclusion that if roles were reversed...the streets would be filled with screaming women....but men I dont know if they are too prideful or realize the extreme uphill battle that is before us....In the short term simply avoid women and keep to ourselves...

    I often wonder how deep the marriage strike goes....The system so against men at this point...for many it is not even a conscious decision to avoid women....but just literal self preservation which is proof how corrupt the systerm is against men and the family....

    Woman can do no wrong in this society...Most women are not independent at all....Child support,welfare,divorce settlements....stealing mens wealth,no fault divorce...lifetime alimony....

    I myself know that even if I fell deeply in love with an American woman would not have children or marry her....because of the misandric laws that discriminate against men....and the sheer number of men I have literally seen with my own eyes destroyed by women and marriage....That wall that women constructed themselves....that most men have now....Unless it is torn down by women....men will continue to go their own way...and avoid women like the plague....

    I believe by the time women intervene in the anti-men marriage laws themselves.....it will be far too late for marrige by then....Marriage I believe in the coming years will be something that only a very small amount of people do for completely religious reasons....

    I believe we are in some sort of societal moral collapse....We are tired of the miley cyrus's.....the britanny spears....the madonna's who will still be on stage half naked in adult diapers...lololol

    I have found nothing....close to a true princess or lady in this country...at all....

    Our only choice is to go our own way....and pull out of the marriage women and the game altogether to protect our financial and emotional well being....

    1. Well said bother

    2. The most true post the internet has ever seen.avoid women.

  15. there are tons of female sociopaths out there , you can clearly see their violent reaction when men talk about the their behaviour. If you red the female side its a support group for sociopath women who lostbto sociopath men. this entire site is ran by a female sociopath .

  16. She sounds like a sociopath herself - deciding that men can't love someone but that they're just "hooked on the sex."

    That's a sure-fire way to tell someone who has never loved in her life.

  17. I've been wondering if I qualify as a sociopath....my ordinary life is boring and dull, others around me seem uninteresting and just plain stupid, the days seem to never stop being boring, it feels like no one can understand me and how I think. As a child, even in play, I liked to dictate what everyone else did and disdained simple, annoying small talk and social cues. Even now, I find myself alone and even being among smiling people just makes me angry. I hate having to act happy when I'm not, and so many people around me are just so upset about insignificant things....I'd much rather observe people than interact, because chances are they'll wind up being disappointing or boring me to death. I wouldn't say I'm a fast-talker because I hate talking to people and hate the banality of society and I suck at persuading, but I can sure as hell overact and overreact at times. I have empathy for animals, but for people, sometimes they get on my nerves with their petty whining. I could never see myself hurting anyone, though, but I just am unnerved lately at my feelings of disdain for the human populace. Is it normal to feel like this? Before you ask, I am a female, but I've never shown any interest in romance or things like that....they annoy me more than anything, and are just shallow things. I do hate it when things don't go as planned or when they don't go my way. So do I count as a sociopath, or am I just normal for despising half of the human population?

  18. I was in a relationship with an sociopath for 2 years caught her cheating 2 times. Once with My best Friend in the next room when i was takng a nap. This was 6month into our relationship. Foolishly i chose to believe her over my best friend of 20years…over someone I knew for 6months. I was heads over heel for her. She said my friend led her on and I believe her. Everything was fine for awhile after I forgave her.
    Fastfoward to 6month later. One time we had a huge argument and she threw the phone I brought her toward me..she left and thought it was broken, but yet she didn’t realize it wasdidn’t. But sheonly still working but it was logged in on to her face book account…only did I realized she was flirting with handful of guys and inviting them over…I don’t need to go in to details about that…during the next three days I was seeing her talking dirty to multiple guys…I was devastated… Eventually I confronted her with the proof and she finally broke down and admitted she was diagnosed as class a sociopath…she begged for forgiveness telling me sob story about her dysfunctional childhood…and like a blind man in love gave her a last chance.
    She then offer me her fbook password and told me i can monitor it and only did i realized she had unbelievable amount of admirers or groupies if u want to called it..she got three different guys believe she had a imaginary baby with each and one of them after a random previous encounters which was before i had met her, so i gave her the benefit of the doubt and still forgave her.
    Her story to these unknownly guys were so convincing it was so crazy, they brought it…anyhow she ceased contact with them…she had made so many internet friends fall in love with her that it was unbelievable…but she told me, your the only person that knows who iam. And that she will change for me. She told me everything you would need to know about a sociopath. How she couldn’t control herself from surfing on craiglist sexual encounter ads..how she would respond to those ads and only tease those gullible guys and make them fall in love with her, sometimes meeting them, most she didnt. But she told me she get a thrill and satisfication controlling these strangers heart and played with them….she shared everything to me, how she think …how easily bored she would get…I didn’t know what a sociopath was at the time. But after she told me I went online and did a research and it was scary…she fits the description to the t…
    But yet I still gave her a chance. Why? Maybe I was so intrigued… I thought I might be the first person to change a sociopath… Lying to myself she admitted to me, so maybe a sociopath finally let guard down because she truly loved me? She was a mirror of me. She made me feel so good about myself…she molded herself to whatever emotional needs I have. She says I love you at the perfect
    Time at the right moment each and everyday when we are together. I loved her to death. I never thought I can love someone so deep. She made me feel so good about myself that I overlooked this again…but I told her if I ever catch u again its over for sure.
    Who am I kidding…1year later, which was two days ago. I caught her again…red handed….theyre was so much inconsistency even before this day which she destroyed my heart again. But this is the third strike….i need to be strong. I have to be. That is why i pass thru this blog and decide to share my story. I need support to get away from this unhealthy emotional cycle of relationship…i blocked her number, but im still scared she will call me thru private and yet i will succumb to her powers….god help me. I know i can get out of this relationship or is it illusion…alive. Wish me luck everyone.

    1. Raven Boyd from Virginia is a female sociopath. She was actually arrested in Dallas March 14, 2015 for prostitution and extortion. She actually tried to contact me from Dallas Airport that afternoon after her arraignment and release. She attempted to tort money from me in New York as well after a year of a "monogamous" relationship with her. She was seeing multiple men from multiple dating sites and Craig's list . In my last contact she was claiming drama with a guy and she needed my help, to come see me and give her money. She lied for a year that she worked at Ruth Chris in Virginia, she never was there... On her "shifts" she was meeting with other men and extorting money from them. I got rid of her finally, by telling her I wouldn't care or help her if she had cancer. She was incensed hung up and hasn't contacted me in months. I had to get that cruel to lose her for good. I know for a fact, and have spoken with other guys she's actually robbed financially and ruined emotionally. One guy in Florida in his 40s who's impotent, but who saw her when she was under 17 thus she's manipulated him with the rape card.

    2. how can i reach u i came across her recently pls advise

  19. Most of you are closed minded pigs. How terribly disheartening.

  20. The way i look at it these women do need help very Badly since they're very unpredictable and Extremely dangerous.

  21. "Leedom's focus on the female sociopaths is almost entirely on their ability to raise children, please their man, and/or extract money or privileges for sex. If this is not the definition of anti-feminism, I don't know what is."

    No, it is the exact definition OF feminism. I thought that would be obvious. Feminism is concerned, now with equality, but with the victor being the woman. It doesn't even need explaining and it's embarrassing you'd miss this.

  22. Hey bitch, I have your address. You are going to die violently today.

  23. As the only female socio I've ever known(and I was fortune enough to meet at least 5 males I'm sure of) I cannot stress enough that we aren't really different.
    Yes, we can use our sexuality way better than most women.
    Yes, we need(!) to adapt some female stereotypes because damn that's just how our world is today.
    Yes, (and only speaking for myself) I do get the feeling that I have a greater sense of empathy than the male ones I know which made me question myself a lot for a long time.

    Well, in one way it's easier to adapt because it's almost like I know already what they will feel like so I prepare myself to be the first in that mood to encourage it if it supports my goal. It's almost as if I'm mediating myself to feel in a certain way to be able to even convince myself to that point that I don't even know who my real self is because I have a whole dressing room of social masks.

    I thought for a long time, that I were eventually just a narcissist with a great ability to reflect and analyse but isn't it one of the core aspects of a narcissist that they can't see themselves as they really are?
    Putting that aside, I realized that nothing is black and white. A socio can live their whole life without killing someone but surely having killed a thousand in dreams. A socio can have lots of relationships and make themself believe that they really feel they way everyone else's supposed to. Till something goes wrong and the true nature opposes itself. So I'd even go that far saying that we are even harder to identify as we (if we do!) adept much better in society.
    (well, should I've met at least one female so far?)

    Which also means that it comes with a variety of problems for ourselves and thus supports the necessity of being even more invisible(speaking of the true self, no matter if the outer self is in spotlight or generally rather unremarkable).
    Actually it's a curse. I love being a woman because it's a lot easier for us to get people doing what we've planned to but it's also a lot harder to even be recognized as equals to form a level to negotiate on without exposing too much personal details. Plus, if you guys are acting strong, self-dependant and egoistic it is "natural" but if we were to expose even a hint of our reckless nature, we'd be damned - in every social caste. So you see, these aspects might be some of the reasons why you never hear of female socios.


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