Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's talk about S, baby (part 2)

My response:

If your friend has been outting himself to you as a sociopath then he has really done all of your work for you. Now you just continue the joke with him to see what else he says -- e.g. when he mentions something about sociopathy or if he exhibits some of the traits, you could make a small little observation or joke like "that's just the sociopathy talking."

I wouldn't tell him anything about what you know. He will be able to discern it eventually, but it is best for you and your own self interest to watch him for a little while knowing what you know but without him knowing what you know. You need to do your own method of datamining on him because as much as you read, there is still so much to learn, particularly about things specific to him.

After you are sure that you are committed to being supportive to him despite who he is, then you can start to be more explicit about things, still joking but painting them in a positive manner. For instance, maybe when he does something positive or particularly cunning or powerful you can say something like "go go super sociopath," or something similar to make it sound like his sociopathy is some sort of super power and not anything to be ashamed of.

But be careful before you make any commitments to him, because it sounds like you are the type to keep your commitments and you may think you know him and can stomach him right now, but I've had friends try before and fail and it is much worse than if they had not tried at all (see the recent post on rejection).


  1. Where is everybody ?

  2. The approach seems too simple. Something seems off about it. I do not think encouraging his Sociopathic behavior while actually mentioning his condition will help. It empowers him to act out in front of you. Giving him good feedback will not hurt but be careful about stroking his ego in regards to his condition. He might start acting what he considers more Sociopathic than he actually is for attention or praise. I stick to my advice from yesterday. Just accept him and enjoy the relationship. If you do not or if you indulge him he might start using it as an excuse for everything he does that might hurt or irritate you. Respect him but do not let him use you like a plaything. He will value you less if he sees you as weak willed or too accepting of his acting out. You will not be a friend at that point. Just another toy.

  3. I've been reading my old journals the past couple of days.

    This is from when I was still a teenager, a long fucking time ago:

    Quote from "The Joker in the Pack", The Shakespearean City, W.H. Auden, on the "practical joker", namely Iago:

    "He manipulates others but, when he finally reveals his identity, his victims learn nothing about his nature, only something about their own; they know how it was possible for them to be deceived, but not why he chose to deceive them. The only answer that any practical joker can give to the question:

    ""Why did you do this?" is Iago's: "Demand me nothing. What you know, you know.""

    It also says this however: "The practical joker despises his victims, but at the same time he envies them because their desires, however childish and mistaken, are real to them, whereas he has no desire which he can call his own."

    When I first read this second passage I despised it, but no that I've had a chance to think about it, it is actually rather interesting. Actually the book is called The Dyer's Hand.

  4. And this, a couple of months later:

    The only people I like are S____, E____, and my family. The rest are just inconsistent troubles for me. I don't like them at all. It's funny, all of a sudden I am feeling this intense HATRED for all of humankind. God, I despise them, I do. I feel it is going to be difficult to look at someone and not feel so sick. Oh God. Here come some. And there they go. Little dolls in a dollhouse are they, clothed and discipled by the unknown, all powerful force that leaves them without souls. Why do I have to suffer so much pain for their pretenses? Why!? Is this the only feeling I have that I know is true? This intense hatred? Do I live for this?

    (Three days later...)

    I like to sit here and just watch people. I am trying to think of a good metaphor for them: They're like a bunch of abandoned experiments or rather they are all attempts at the same experiment. (Unsuccessful, if I might add.)

  5. And a couple of months later:

    I wonder what life is like for a lecher. I wonder what kind of power he feels. I wonder if his behavior is due to his lack of respect, not unlike mine, of humankind. Interesting.

    I picture myself donned in a leather military jacket and long black boots, reclining coolly behind dark sunglasses. Sitting in silence, befriending and expression with no clue into the processes of my thoughts.

    I could make myself in whatever I please, couldn't I. I could experience more than what I'm limited to now, couldn't I? It means control. I want control. I want sureness. And what about words. I want to use less of them (thus minimizing the inherent damage of language), only what is necessary.

    Starting now.

  6. Around the same time:

    Why must all of the buses always smell like Ben-Gay in this town? I sat behind a man today who shaved his head bald. It was just there, right in front of mine eyes. His head was like goatskin pulled over a drum — I had suddenly a very powerful urge to puncture it, to let the air out. His bald head made me want to slash it open, right then and there. If I had a bald head, I would indeed feel very exposed.


    Someone called me a "satanist in funeral black" yesterday. She said she was from heaven.

  7. All this written in intricate calligraphy, of course.

    tl;dr for your pleasure. Makes up for my lack of posts lately.

  8. I found that book of Jon Ronson, The Psychopath Test though i might leave it here...

  9. Medusa, just from the first entry I can tell you are very intelligent.

  10. Hi Medusa. A lot of intelligent teenagers feel that way. Dealing with people who are both immature and lower intelligence than your level can be very aggravating. Have you calmed down now that you are older? Sometimes misanthropy is rooted in deeper issues than disgusted observation. Did someone important in your life betray you or let you down?

  11. I've calmed down only somewhat.

    But yeah, people were shit.

  12. Do you still resent these people? Are they still affecting you?

  13. No, I do not. I mostly just think they are idiots who are all now bald and fat and bored with their lives, and in the case of family, forgave. They do not affect me.

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  15. @jason

    *epic facepalm*

  16. Of course not because while you are walking the street you just notice that motherfucker starting at you and you feel the urge again.
    You dont need an identity to hate you labelled them humans they are your enemy you hate them all.
    But it's cool because you have the best disguise anyone could have ever though of.

  17. oh, good you deleted it. that was the dumbest comment i've ever seen.

  18. Who does affect you Medusa?

  19. If you do make a commitment, just know what you are signing up for. Forming a pact with us is like forming a pact with the an incarnate of evil. We are cunning creatures of logic, and will seek to actively exploit any weakness we find in you.

    Strap on your seat-belt. You are headed for a wild roller-coaster ride honey.

  20. Anyone else had journals?
    I still write down some of my thoughts theories and ideas.
    I know son or later i'll forget about it, so once in a while i spare some time to remind myself of who i am of who i must be.
    I have to remind myself of the rules i created.

  21. I had an insight in to how the Socio sees people as objects and then goes in to a rage when the people do not move as HIS chess pieces.

    Vaknin talks about the Narc mother cathcecting(think that is the right spelling) her children.
    She thinks of them as her arm or leg not as separate people with needs,desires and an identity of their own.

    That is why she flies it to such a black rage when they disobey.

    It is like her own arm disobeyed her.

    I have read many times how the Socio sees people are objects but could not understand it until now.

    @ The article about the Socio husband and uber empath wife

    I suppose this is one of the very rare cases when it works.

    What may have been the factor was that they were childhood friends,I think.
    The Socio has such an intense need to trust and to feel loyalty.

    Maybe, that factor was a crucial one and one that most people could not duplicate in regular life.

    Most people do not have long term relationships like that that turn in to marriage.
    Just my two cents

  22. "I mostly just think they are idiots who are all now bald and fat and bored with their lives"

    Yeah, right, and you're not fat at all. We've seen your picture back in the days Medusa, you're fat too.

  23. Who affects me? Me. And a few weirdo dudes.

  24. I'm fuckin' obese, motherfucker.

    Also, what did Jason say that I missed?

  25. "If you do make a commitment, just know what you are signing up for. Forming a pact with us is like forming a pact with the an incarnate of evil. We are cunning creatures of logic, and will seek to actively exploit any weakness we find in you.

    Strap on your seat-belt. You are headed for a wild roller-coaster ride honey."

    That's what Jason said.

    Jason = cossette?

  26. I've kept journals since I was 12. I find they're incredibly insightful if not disturbing to look back upon.

    Thanks for sharing Medusa

  27. Do you even know how to write Jason?

  28. @Anon 6:34

    I have my bitches type it out for me.

    I never learned how to write. Guess I have to call in Misanthrope again.

  29. are you trying to sound stupid, jason? you know that you're the most pathetic person on here don't you?

  30. @Anon 6:47

    My Iq is measured at 87

    So I guess I am stupid.

    Took a WAIS-III

  31. Have a question on the article on rejection.
    Does the Socio feel rejection in the same way that the empath does?
    I was trying to figure out if it was talking about that point and could not.
    What do you all think? Is rejection felt differently in the empath vs the Sociopath?

  32. Why don't you read the article.

  33. @I know who this nasty Anon is
    No names will be mentioned
    It is NOT Jason
    Jason is a kind of prank type Anon
    This one is major nasty :)

  34. Hi Medusa. Thanks for sharing those! I started writing down my musings when i was 15. It was like a love letter to myself or something. I don't anymore. I believe strongly that the things that preoccupy our minds from a young age barely change, but if we're lucky most of those hard edges become softer with age, or at least they change in form in terms of where we concentrate our energies. But nonetheless, I think we generally are just maturer replicates of our innocent selves, which I think is kinda sweet. :)

    I would have shared some of mine, but i don't know where they are, plus i threw one book away in a fit of rage. lol. Hmm.

  35. i forgot, i also would occasionally write in elaborate calligraphy. I don't know why, lol. The artist in me.

  36. People who have Scholarly intellect, usually lack at being manipulative. Manipulators are primitive.

  37. Yup, that's true. anon 7:49

  38. notme added.

    notme = faggot.

    that shits official.

  39. Jason is going to start a journal? That's so gay.

  40. i've obtaining a court order to send jason to faggot camp.

    a place where all the ultra faggyness will be crushed, beaten and tortured out of him.

  41. I understand why you despise people in general. Most people are worthless to me till I find a use for them. They yap on and on about their pointless existence and their petty feelings. Its ridiculous. I hate having to sit through it to form a 'connection' with them. I do need peoples labor.
    I think that's why I like robberies. You put a gun in their face and tell them what to do. Its like a one night stand. No need to cuddle, or to be nice.

  42. faggot camp doesn't succeed in destroying his faggyness we'll put and to it for sure with a dose of high velocity lead poisoning.

  43. @Haven
    Did not mean to be rude when you were kind enough to offer your e mail.Sorry if I came off that way.

  44. notme=not a faggot
    zwhaq=not a faggot
    Medusa=not a faggot
    haven=not a faggot
    UKan=Jason's muslim bitch
    Misanthrope=Jason's low-functioning bitch
    Kesu=jason's beeper bitch

  45. can we just skip straight to the high velocity lead poisoning?

  46. Dudes, what's with the utter silence around here. Aren't you supposed to talk ?

  47. what can I do to stir up the conversation around here?

  48. May I suggest, M.E., that there be some sort of place on this site for all the inane commentary not related to the post at hand? Or that you moderate your commentary? It takes these discussion from a 10 to a 0 very quickly.

    That said, I'll leave my comment and hope I don't have to wade through hundreds of Jason-is-a-faggot posts to see the responses.

    I too have had the experience of a sociopath outing himself (also a "friend" and occasional sex mate). I've seen this behavior before with BPs, so it didn't take long for me to figure out what was going on. It's like certain PDs have a compulsion to leave a cookie crumb trail for you. I started taking notes on this guy's behavior, and of course there was a lot of overlap with other disorders. But once he borrowed money from me and told me he did time... bingo, it all came together. In retrospect, there were other clues that made me think he wanted me to see him for who he is, i.e., obviously bad lying, inconsistencies in his stories, over the top braggadocio about infidelity (Don Juan-esque), etc. He engaged in other behaviors that were confusing to me (intentional or not), such as saying it killed him to see me sad, taking responsibility for "fucking up" in his teen years, etc.

    My questions for you or the readers:

    - ASPD is technically a spectrum disorder. What do you think about the term "sociopath lite?" I don't mean a high-functioning S, which is another thing entirely, but someone who has most of the traits of an S, but much lower on the spectrum.

    - Sometimes it almost seems like he's trying on sociopathy, pretending to be an S. I've read of subcategories of sociopathy where it becomes an adopted behavior as a defense mechanism later in life, e.g., in abusive relationships, prison, etc. Thoughts?

    - Do you think most Ss feel a need to out themselves to someone, like BPs? If so, how do you decide who? Am I just more perceptive because I've had multiple relationships, in virtually all settings, with a host of PDs?

    Right now I kind of take this guy day by day. Some days I (admittedly) self righteously take him on his own terms, internally pitying him. Other days I play back with him a little, and he seems to like it. I think he lets me play with him because it's fun, it's liberating for him, and because it's not ultimately threatening to him (he still feels in control of the relationship).

    He seems very stuck with where to go next with our relationship. I can't figure out if he is stymied by me, back burnering me to pursue other more profitable relationships, or feigning indecision as part of his game.

  49. You know a great cure for sociopathy ? World Of Warcraft.

    Play that sociopaths all over the world and your sociopathy will be forgotten and cured...

  50. the only cure fore sociopathy is a 100 ft drop off a cliff or a bullet to the back of the head.

  51. I'm just saying that that game will brainwash anybody. If a sociopath plays 24 hours for a year, he won't be a sociopath anymore, he will be a geek.

    That's if he won't die from exhaustion.

  52. Erin, come on, SAY SOMETHING...

  53. all we have to do is find the 'paths and brand their foreheads with 666 the mark of the beast. then we implant a wasting device in their brains that explodes the moment they get an impulse to maliciously fuck another person over.

    that's how neo-hitler rolls.

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  55. @Jason
    NOW you are officially out as the Fake me
    Announcement :--if I ever sound funky in ANY way it is Jason

  56. The July 2011 Erin is a fake.

  57. @Reader

    If your friend is really a sociopath, he's pretty much outted himself to you already, and you are willing to accept him as is... what more do you really need to do than to continue to be his friend/lover? If he mentions it again, tell him 'regardless you are his friend' and continue on. I don't see why it need be some big production or event.

  58. Also, WoW may be a valid cure. I've lost friends to WoW. It eats souls.

  59. @Jason
    If I can break my depression I am gonna have to figure out how to put a picture in.Then,you are gonna be screwed :)

  60. @Haven

    i used to play WoW all the time to escape my socio boyfriend.

  61. @Jason

    stop copying me, letz b friends 4evea.

  62. @Jason
    You are LUCKY I am in a paralyzing depression

  63. ignore anything that has skanky erin in it. :D

  64. I am a depressed skank and jason doesn't wannabe my friend.

  65. noone wants to be your friend

  66. i use to fuck my socio boyfriend and then he left me.

  67. Gosh M.E. You forgot to suggest she give him undaroos with a big "S" on the chest.

  68. Anyone want me to figure out their gayness sign?

    Free Bjs

  69. Faggot list guy. Am i or am I not a faggot? Make up your mind. I NEED TO KNOW IF I'M A FAGGOT! ;)

  70. @Notme

    Nah, you aren't a faggot, you are just gay.

  71. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyatch!

  72. Why are you depressed Erin?
    Maybe you could tell us all so you can feel better...

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. @Anon 12:29
    Thank you for asking. I don't want to just take up space with blah blah blah so I am gonna wait until I can put it in to words.Thanks so much for asking !

    @Are you " the A"

  75. Hey, what's the matter? Did you change your mind? C'mon Erin, what's the problem?

  76. I am the anon that asked the question BTW...

  77. @Anon 12:45
    I don't have the words right now.It would be on and on word soup so I will wait and see if I can tell you later.

  78. I am wondering if no one is talking cuz they all hate me and want me to go away :(

  79. Lol, you really are depressed aren't you.

    I'm just really bored so, whenever you're ready...

  80. @Anon
    It is kind of weird that no one is on.Is this natural.It is like a ghost town

  81. I am gonna be pining for the Bad Frank pretty soon.

  82. You might have a fault in this. Until you came people talked for like 100 comments max. When you came people talked for like 600 comments. Now that you're not talking, no one is...

  83. Well what should I do--leave?

  84. This place has really really helped me. I feel this weird sense that I am hated like when the leper comes to town everyone crosses the street.

  85. What, does that make you want to leave even more?

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

    I am gonna get a picture.I did not say that to you Anon

    Jason I am gonna get out of my depression by shoving a fist down your throat!!!!!!!!!!

  88. @Erin

    People wouldn't stop coming just because of you, you would just be ignored.

  89. Lol, Mania dude or whatever said:

    Don't be an idiot, if everybody hated you you would know...

  90. Thank you Anon for your kind words.
    Jason is freakin messing with me all the time.Now, I have to spend time away from my depression and get a freakin picture to stop him.
    Leave me alone you moron or I am gonna come after you like I did Frank and you are NOT gonna like it!

  91. Lol. Ok, so tell us about your depression.

  92. @Mania
    Thank you!
    I never hassle people unless they mess with me.
    I am just like that. I am very peacefully oriented even though I could break Jason's neck right now.

  93. Is that Erin at 1:12 or Jason?
    I know he would like some masochism from you Erin...

  94. @Anon
    I want to put it in to words so I don't waste your time. I am afraid people are gonna laugh at me too so I have to be in a good frame of mind for that
    But really,it is that I can't find words but I will try if you promise not to laugh at me afterwards.
    Around here who knows?

  95. Yeah, I bet that you'll get some bad responses, but you can just ignore them. I'll talk to you.

  96. Anon
    Jason asked you if you were a Socio. Am *I* that much of a dumb ass?
    Jason you are really a moron sometimes.
    I don't know how to put the picture in.My friend set up my account and then dropped me when I actually wanted to talk on here and not be an AH insulting people.
    I don't think people on here are AH's.Some are but not everyone.
    Even the ones who are are not all bad-usually.Now, there are exceptions

  97. Ok Anon
    If people laugh,they do!I will try but I may be wordy but I will try to condense it :)

  98. That is me at 1:12 Anon

  99. Ok Anon
    I am numb.I can't feel.For every inch I make out of this numbness, there is a seeming ocean of more numbness.
    I feel discouraged.

    Last night something really big happened.I started to feel.It was from being on here and forcing myself to be real
    That is the way to come out of disassociation.
    I was so happy to feel better.I was so excited.I feel at home here.I am so grateful to be here.I really really am.
    I feel overwhelmed with gratitude.
    I am crying cuz I need you guys and I am wondering if you are shunning me cuz you could not run me off.

  100. I want to be here but I don't want to be hated cuz you could not get rid of me

  101. I have nothing to say but it's good cause I have something to think about.

  102. Anon
    What it is also is I could never have an identity.I could never have a voice.
    I am starting to have a voice and it is strong and I like it . I feel afraid I will be shunned like I was when I was a child and all I wanted was to have a voice.

  103. I just want to repeat what I said above. I can't help you but you can spill it all out. I'll listen cause it's interesting.

  104. K this is my real profile!!!


  105. I don't want to take anyone's voice or space here or in life. I just want my own.

    I had to make myself small for my mother would not hurt me.
    I got 36C breasts at age 9(Don't laugh #@#@ ) and was so afraid of myself that I never took off my jacket.
    I am afraid to be me and I am starting to here and I feel terrified.
    I had really bad consequences for wanting anything,needing anything.

    I paid for wanting my own identity and wanting to honor myself.I was humiliated badly.

    I feel like that might be happening here.

  106. That is not my picture.Jason you are such a freakin little baby!!!!!!!!!

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. So who's the real Erin really ?

  109. Thank you Anon
    Want to hear something?.When you said you could not help me but you would listen THAT meant so much to me cuz it was REAL!!!!!
    Trite words are fake. My Socio was real like that!!!
    He did not lie. I loved him for that.
    He told me he would never say trite words!!
    Thank you for being so real Anon.


  111. Well under all these layers is me.
    All the layers that I had to barricade myself under cuz I knew my mother molested me and I was afraid if she did anything else I would go insane so I am under layers and layers of cotten batten

    I can't feel the outside.I am like in a prison of this numb and I want to break out.
    I hate this feeling of being numb.

  112. That account with the pic is fake.I will have to get my own pic pretty soon if idiot boy does not stop

  113. "I hate this feeling of being numb."

    Well, I guess you'll just have to keep being REAL, as you would say. Nothing more. Why don't you go to a psychologist? You can tell her that you want to be REAL and tell her everything.

  114. I have my own program to come out of the numb.It is working but it is so slow.
    It leaves a millimeter at a time.Some just left when I told you this Anon.
    Thank you. I am done for the moment.
    Thank you so much for listening
    What is your address and I will be right over :)

  115. I just googled 36C bra. Omg Erin, at 9 years old? That must've been something...

  116. Well, I'm an anon so I can't give you my address but we can talk on IM or something...

  117. I hate shrinks Anon
    My mother is one--still practicing.

    Tell me about you if you care to say anything,that is :)

  118. Anon
    I was just kidding about the address. It was the kind of thing that if anyone is sweet to me ,I ask them to take me home :)

  119. Nope, I don't have anything to say about myself.

  120. Anon
    OMG having that size breast at 9
    I got my period at 9 too
    My mother was astounded. She said"Only peasants get their periods at 9"

  121. I don't see anything bad in it but I imagine how the kids your age must've acted towards you.

  122. I mean'" Where does someone get peasants out of the thing?"
    I was super afraid of my sexuality--like super cuz I was afraid my mother was gonna become a lesbian on me.
    I mean I don't understand how I am THIS sane which is not much.

  123. Anon
    Well I hid them like the Titanic under the rock beds.
    I pulled them down so flat and wore a huge shirt so no one saw

  124. My Socio made me feel so accepted about my body.Socio's SEE you and he gave me that gift of thinking I was beautiful and my body was not something to be ashamed of but natural.

  125. He was so REAL. He was not fake.Even when he was a jerk he was not a phoney
    I had to be real with him cuz he saw through hypocrisy.
    That was very special and very rare
    That is why I am here---in a word.
    I want a place where I don't have to be fake

  126. you ar FAKE erin. there's no way you're REAL. i hate FAKES like you.

  127. You are an Anon and you call ME a FAKE.
    Good one.I bet you have bosoms and are not a girl

  128. why are you so FAKE erin? are you trying to hurt ME? i feel like i'm gonna cry when you talk cos I know you're not REAL! why cant YOU be REAL!!!!! :(

  129. I bet anon 2:03 and 1:57 is Jason.

  130. Anon
    I have to get a picture in cuz that Jason is such an immature baby.
    I just hate it when he does stupid dumb ass stuff like ask you if you are a Socio.
    That could be stupid enough for me to do.People don't know that.
    Jason got a LITTLE subtler cuz big dumb ass was too obvious.

    I wonder where Frank is.Do you know Frank ,Anon.
    I will introduce you

  131. shut up anonymous with the account, we all know you're jason.

  132. You come on here to repeat yourself every day. You talk about the same things every single day. How you don't like 'fake'(note: those who constantly talk about not being fake are the MOST fake). Then you wonder why people are mean to you. You wonder why people dislike you. I pity your supposedly socio, friends and family. Must of been hell for them to put up with you. No one believes the crap about your son being 20 and killing himself. What person over 30 types the way you do. You poor excuse for a woman, attention seeker imbecil.

  133. @Sarah
    What do I talk about the same every day?If you have a real beef, tell me?
    How is my typing bad?
    Ok---the comma's

  134. @Anon
    Thank you again.I just needed someone to listen and give me a kind ear.

  135. Who comes here for a kind ear?

    That's what loveshack is for. Or maybe try psychforums.

  136. @Medusa
    You may think I am a moron and maybe I am but I think all people are the same and need the same things like kindness and love.
    YES,there are some people who are too far gone but most are not.

  137. E R I N is a waste of human fleshJuly 28, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    how hard is it for this skank to understand that someone who is born LACKING EMPATHY is not a disease you can just cure with medicine its a damn malfucntion!!!!!!!!! Its like a down syndrome child. How do you plan to fix that huh delusional erin?

  138. @Erin is just a waste of ...
    I don't agree

  139. YES,there are some people who are too far gone

    And you come to the place where people are already "too far gone?"

    If sociopaths are not included in the "too far gone" category, then I do not know who is.

  140. @Medusa
    I don't agree.

  141. My housemate told me yesterday they used to recommend that women on Zoloft continue to take it while pregnant, because it's safer than having the fetus deal with stress hormones, but now they are finding that those kids end up fucked up or sociopaths.

    I suppose that makes sense because the child will have less a chance of being able to create it's own serotonin when that shit is already flying all over the womb, so the fetus is like, "fuck it, I don't have to do any work" and then they get out of the vagina and it's like "whoa, fuck."

    Seems like chronic depression would be more likely, but I can see the sociopath thing happening if you apply my specious "sociopathy is depression beyond depression, anger turned inward turned outward" theory.

  142. "I don't agree" does not a valid argument make.

  143. @Medusa
    I don't want to give trite words to what I think is an honest question so let me think on how to talk about it OK?

  144. I am freaking gonna kill Jason!! I have been nice to you Jason but I am gonna come down hard on you if you don't stop this!!

  145. E R I N is waste of human fleshJuly 28, 2011 at 4:29 PM

    says who? A GODdamn astrologist you twat!? RESEARCH CUNT. I wouldnt be suprised if you were just some slow teen.

  146. Thank you Medusa!

  147. @Jason
    I know you are just a kid and I don't have the heart to come down hard on you but you are pushing me bad with this fake Erin stuff.

  148. @Erin

    Jason get off my account you faggot.

  149. Jason
    I don't have the heart to come down on you.You are my son's age. I just can't lash out at you.I can't do it .

  150. @Eden

    Tell jason to get off my account.

  151. @Everyone
    if you see Dumb ass remarks it is not me. If someone asks you if you are a Socio or stupid AH stuff it is not me.
    Jason--you are pushing me bad.
    I do not want to be bothered getting a picture.If you are a little ass, people are gonna jump on you and you deserve it--age notwithstanding.
    I hate to see you jumped on cuz you are just a kid but you are old enough not to be a stupid idiot and provoke people

  152. Takes 2 seconds to add a picture.

    1. Search google images for something.

    2. Click on a photo that you like.

    3. Click the "Full-size image" link in the right column.

    2. Copy the url of the photo.

    3. Come here and click your blue name.

    4. Click the blue "edit profile" button on left side.

    5. Scroll down to where it says "photograph" and paste the url in the field.

    6. Ta da. No more fuckin' around and exploding the post count up in here.

  153. I should have a picture now

  154. oh and 5.5. Click the orange "Save Profile" button at the bottom.

  155. Thank you Medusa very much.

  156. '@Everyone
    if you see Dumb ass remarks it is not me'

  157. Actually medusa psychologists, including robert hare, are now theorizing that sociopathy is a evolutionary adaptation not a disorder. So people in here who are sociopaths are not too far gone they just have traits that are useful in getting ahead and reproducing. There are broken sociopaths like there are broken empathetic people, but being a sociopath itself doesn't neccessarily mean you are broken.

  158. @medusa.

    that's not stopping anyone from copying her image and adding it to the fake account.

  159. If Jason persists in harassing me I will have to put a personal family photo on which he cannot duplicate but hopefully he will stop

  160. put up a picture of yourself, erin.

  161. Erin...I Imagine that this has been a life-long pattern for you. You, trying to fit in and find your place, and never quite doing so. For someone who appears to honestly attempt to analyze maladaptive human behavior, you seem utterly blind to your own. Your need to be liked makes you unlikable. Your inability to see your own unlikeability makes you sad. I beg you to have some self-respect and stop putting yourself in the position to be such a willing target. Instead of being here 24/7, spend some time trying to analyze why you have the need to be the center of ridicule. It is cringe-worthy..make it stop.

  162. I have nothing to add. You've said it perfectly, M.E.

    Good luck to the Reader who send the mail!... '^L^,

  163. @betteblu
    My fake self can fit in fine. I have lots of friends whom I could call to do lots of things.
    That is not the issue. I am not at peace with myself.
    What is anything worth if you do not have peace with yourself

  164. why does sociapaths dont stop when they run peeple over?

  165. This comment has been removed by the author.

  166. Bette blue
    You totally do not get it.I can't find words to explain it.I have tried and deleted it twice.Maybe someone on here gets it.
    It is not about being popular.That is not hard for me.
    It is about having my own soul.
    If you don't get that then I really have nothing much to say to you.

  167. Well, UKan, by "too far gone" Erin (and then I, in response) was referring to the "kindness and love" that she is seeking and expecting here.

    Obviously sociopaths are "too far gone" for that, in that sense.

  168. And this helps how? Playing these games and actually encouraging these games helping you feel at peace? You get something out of being the punching bag here. I in all sincerity suggest you look elsewhere to find your soul, your peace. The game-palying can't be helpful in your quest. I think you'd be better off chatting with folks one on one..that way you can get your point of view across and ask your questions without getting derailed by all the bullshit.

  169. Why does anyone bother asking Erin such complex questions?
    Stick to easy shit for Christians' sake.

    Example: What have you put in your mouth today, Erin?


    Does the odor go away after you bathe?

    Simple. Easy to understand. Or you can just appeal to her vanity.

  170. @bette blu
    You do not get me at all.I can't explain any more.It is like trying to speak Chinese.I can't do it.Blessings to you but I am moving on

  171. @Eden
    You are a moron.I can't engage with you.I need a certain level of something whether maturity or just plain sense.
    I will not engage with you any more. You are a moron.I am sorry but my patience is wearing thin.
    I know there are intelligent people on here or I would be gone.
    I am sorry but I will not engage with you anymore!

  172. Medusa,

    Is releasing your Shaman related to this openess?You were a sharp teenager, that can be difficult.

    To answer your question. I don't keep a written record, I don't see the point. Who I was, what I become... There is context to remember, and there are photographs.  Language is a social construction, plastic on the shade, refracting.

  173. @Erin

    You've said that how many times now... and you still engage with me eventually because you have no self control.

    As far as the idea of me being a moron; you must be right, since only the smartest people get attacked by nearly everyone who visits this site. :D

  174. I can't add more tonight but I know there are people on here who make it worth something for me to be here.I can give to them and vice versa. I know it.
    There are morons too as in any group.That is life.

  175. @Eden
    This is the last time I will engage with you.
    I get fooled that you are not a low life two faced moron but then you show you true face once again.
    I am too soft that way.Eventually I learn though .

  176. P.S.

    Where is your beloved Angel Anon these days... I wonder.

  177. I don't feel like commenting today.

  178. @Eden
    I wish you well.I do but you are just not someone I want in my sphere even on the computer.
    Blessings and go in peace but I do not want to engage with you again!

  179. Fuck the angel anon I want the foamy the squirrel anon back...

    Not because of anything he said I just like Foamy.

    ~~~~Your Lord and Master~~~~

  180. sut ur dumbass up kesu.

  181. This comment has been removed by the author.


    That O yeah. Fuck coffee.

  183. Eden m'dear. How lovely to see you tonight. Thank you for the dance ;)

    It's rather quiet here without you Kesu. Just sayin'.

  184. erins diagnoses: Schizotypal personality disorder


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