Saturday, April 19, 2014

On blogging

It is possible to see everything we write as a letter to ourselves, designed to convey to one portion of ourselves the lesson that another portion has already learned.

- Lawrence Block


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  3. 'Oh most certainly. Lots of bloggers write tothemselves.'

    ur just saying that coz nobody reads ur shitty ass blog.

  4. The quote is well known fact to many people who write on many levels. Lots of bloggers write to themselves. And before the Internet people kept hand written Diary.

    And after all, how can you possibly express anything, if you didn't know it already at least at some level? Those who ask are not completely clueless. Forming a question is part of the answer. It's those who don't even bother forming a question who're the real powerless.

    Yet I have often found that once I put words to something I thought I knew everything about already, new levels and aspects reveal themselves and I gain understanding I had never anticipated.

    Since I began writing my own blog... about the same topic as yours - only more specific, since it focuses on psychopaths, and on the whole spectrum 2.nd... I have experienced this almost on a daily basis.

    And whereas I thought I already knew this - having written various kinds of texts (also some articles years back - yes, despite my obvious dyslexia) on and off for the better part of my life - not least during years in prison - I am finding lately that this particular kind of blogging which you and I (and a handful of other brave folks along with us) are doing, have a certain ability to absolutely surprise me in this regard...

    It is amazing the kinds of new angles I see, as new layers of veiled knowledge unfolds. It's truly an amazing journey, as much as it is most frustrating a lot of the time.

    Almost everyday I find myself at the brink of frustration that I can't handle, and I think to myself: How do others do this? How can anybody keep doing this with such consistency?

    But of course, there's always a prize. Knowledge is power, and knowing oneself is as crucial as knowing the world around us. I actually see the two as two sides of the same coin, interwoven and intricately linked in everything we do, and everything we are.

    And there's so much to learn, so much still to discover and turn into something useful.

    On that note: I always have a clear sense of awareness about that 'other half' which is knowledge already learned. I also think that awareness is what guides me when I find a subject has run dry for content that has specific value to me or my situation (and therefore potentially to others).

    Thinking of which: If we were so shallow and barren as the professionals say, how come we can keep learning about ourselves day after day, week after week, and still not become 'bored', which we're supposed to do very easily?

    Ah, discrepancies and inconsistencies. But that's empirical scientific 'objectivity' as it works in the hands of the modern day's leading class, the representatives of the neurotypical empath masses!

    It's a good thing to have in mind, this quote. I didn't know it originated from Lawrence Block... '^L^,

  5. The idiots are back.

    Well, was fun having a few intelligent posts while it lasted. ;)

  6. zwang, what causes you to defend m.e when he is criticised? your conscience?

  7. A minimalist post in 3 points.

    1. Who needs therapy at $200 an hour when one can find a free projection screen.

    2. Careful of the message in the hate mail, its like the pointing finger; one finger toward the object of strife and three pointed homeward.

    3. "A court is an assembly of noble and distinguished beggars." Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

  8. I agree with this quote. Half the reason I keep my blog (beyond the attempt to be informative) is to work through things myself; to look back on my experiences, my perceptions, conclusions, thoughts, ideas... so I don't forget them. Knowing, understanding, remembering all are necessary for personal progression. I can hope others gain insight from my writing, but when it comes down to it; I write for myself.

  9. True writing starts when you do it for money. Unless someone is willing to pay for what you wrote indeed you are writing for yourself.

    There are publishers who eye every blog. Why do you think ME does not have a book deal yet? I know two bloggers who already have their lucrative publishing deals.

    This blog's success is more due to the comments than the original ME posts. Publish any of my stuff posted here anywhere and watch how I sue your ass, collect some of your money. Even if I cannot prove it at the end you are bound to lose money in the process. Imagine a class action suit, no publisher would approach a risky situation like that.

    ME is more of a facilitator than a writer. Could even be called an educator.

    If you want your blogs to generate money, put some original content and occasionally go back and revise what you write for grammar, and voice.

  10. I think ME should aggressively pursue a book deal!

  11. That's the thing with blogs. You don't aggressively pursue, you put it out there and start praying. I suspect ME had enough time to be found out by aggressive publishers. She can always self-publish, of course, but why go cut the trees.

    Her other money-making opportunity could be the ads she could get to the site. But, as no one has come so far, you can tell no one wants to associate with a site like this other than socios and alike?

    Can you imagine Coca Cola or Nike or even Goggle advertising here? Well, maybe some drug companies could find some audience here, but even those would not come to this, they would first go to Love Fraud.

    So, pretty much enjoy it till ME realizes this is a dead end and gets bored.

  12. Of all the people here zhawq has the best shot on a book deal, because he is original and he does a good job of taking me to his brain.

    He is not like UKan or Note or Res. The times I have a hard time following what he is trying to communicate are very interesting, because he really tries. It is like appreciation of a ono-sophisticated yet very original painting by a three year old at times. Takes me to his world.

    UKan is some basic hustler, no originality, but could become a speaker who inspires people. Truck related conferences could be the kind of places that could hire him. Inspiration for blue collar, but can't sustain anybody's interest or stay around longer than an hour. Nobody would listen to his bs more than an hour. Zhawq would be unbearable to listen to for even five minutes, but his book could literally best sell.

    As for Note, he'll be good at business scheming. Could possibly have something to teach after he turns fifty.

    You all know who's talking, right?

  13. I think there are some ads that could work here, filet knives, balaclavas, “I’m just like Dexter” T-shirts, “I hate aspies” T-shirts, defense attorneys, Facebook should really put an ad on here “Facebook: Trolling for victims has never been easier”. I can’t see why an escort service wouldn’t put an ad on here, since odds are with all the pent up teenage aggression here someone needs to get laid, kill a hooker or both not necessarily in that order. How about Nike, “Chasing down a running woman has never been easier, JUST DO IT” or Cialis “When the moment turns into the right moment….”

  14. What does this mean? "You all know who is talking, right?"

    And how do you know M.E. doesn't already have a book deal? How long does it take for a book to get written and published?

  15. :) anon@10:27 am. You are right on. Great ideas but no buyers.

    anon 10:54. If you have the original content in your head a publisher can get that down on paper and out to the stores under six months.

    They would even write it for you, all you have to do is tell your story. Writers with no original stories work for little money and get hired for speedy jobs like that. We're talking about commercial success here (we're still on a socio blog, right), of course, not literary success.

    As for your other question, don't worry about that.

  16. Stop putting you and ukan in the same stories notable, you fucking idiot, he hates you, owns you everytime he comes on here.

  17. Anon, he means it's not able., what a dim witted person.

  18. “I’m just like Dexter”

    so what? you are proud of being the biggest empath on the planet? because that is what dexter is. how about, "m'm just like clifford olson" wait, is that too much for your conscience?

  19. learn to read, idiot. don't blame the anon for an interesting title. wait for not me to come out and explain for the benefit of likes of you.

    thinking, I am notable, yikes...

  20. auteur - I had two questions that you didn't answer. Which one was I meant to not "worry about"?

    (1) What did you mean by "you know who is talking"?
    (2) How do you know that M.E. doesn't already have a book deal?

    Also, how lucrative are your friend's book deals and what types of blogs, if you don't mind verifying a few of your blanket claims.

  21. Keep up, mate. I wear my 'I'm Just Like Clifford Olson' t-shirt as an ironic fashion statement and my kids do too.

  22. It was your first question.

    So cute that you are persistent. Good virtue.. So, will address the second one:
    One is a travel blog where the writer has excellent photography (his originals) combined with a very original take on the way he chooses and observes the global locations he visits.

    The other is someone who can really draw. Original drawing and story telling.

    No further specifics, sorry.

  23. Oh, before you come back, how lucrative? Not sure what the dollar value is, but enough to pursue along the same lines and drop all other supporting nonsense work just to survive.

  24. as for whether ME has a book deal or not? Till she tells me she does I am comfortable assuming she does not. She announced eagerly when she got the highest traffic, I am sure she can't wait to tweet when she has a book deal.

  25. Anon 11.31, it was in reference to the tendency of self-described socios to write in a similar tone and voice to that of the Dexter character, which doesn’t really work when speaking to people who are familiar with the topic, but is highly effective for the mouthbreathing masses who tend to think psychopath = Dexter.

    You appear one of those who attribute intelligence to conscience, wearing a t-shirt professing “I’m just like this serial killing pedophile” may present some issues such as a problem approaching playgrounds to hit on nannies with daddy issues and vulnerable single mothers, I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t be able to talk your way out of a speeding ticket or an unprecedented amount of fistfights, which would undoubtedly lead to time locked away, and I seem to remember having read something about the reception pedophiles get in prison at which point I doubt you’ll feel empty inside ever again.

  26. i didn't say i'd wear one, i meant why wear a dexter t shirt when he isn't even a psychopath or a narcissist, put a real og on your shirt instead.

  27. dexter is mainstream kiddy shit, put the fuckers on your shirt that society tries to erase from history, stalin, mao or serial killers, that will get a reaction, not friggin dixter.

  28. i don't blame you though guy, you aren't as intelligent as i am so i don't expect anything from you.

  29. Very true quote today.

    My blog is mostly introspection, actually. Sometimes it's educational too, though, simply because I get a ton of emails asking the same damn questions, it's easier to break it all down in one article (hopefully).

    After 50, eh?

    Who says I'm not already teaching people about business and making coin off it? :)

    But you're right, I do enjoy a good business scheme. The corporate world is still this lovely grey area where what is legal is not always what is ethical. Hey, you have to seize the moment, or hope the lobbyists do it for you, because the collar only gets tighter year after year. Have to make it while you can or die in obscurity.

    I never thought in a million years growing up I would be a businessman. Then I realized, everything is business and politics, so why not go somewhere that the bullshit isn't hidden and just thrive in it? It's what I've had to do my whole life as it is. My own personal inner-CV just gets better and better with every person I meet, every deal I make, every client I pick up. It's all a game, if that's your perspective.

    Life is so much more fun when you're trying to win. I can't imagine just trying to exist, to just be. That must be hell.

  30. it's hot in hell

  31. The Gift of InsultsApril 30, 2011 at 2:00 PM

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    One day an infamous young warrior arrived at the village. He was determined to be the first man to defeat the great master. Along with his strength, he had an uncanny ability to spot and exploit any weakness in an opponent. He would wait for his opponent to make the first move, thus revealing a weakness, and then would strike with merciless force and lightning speed. No one had ever lasted with him in a match beyond the first move. Much against the advice of his concerned students, the old master gladly accepted the young warrior's challenge.

    As the two squared off for battle, the young warrior began to hurl insults at the old master. He threw dirt and spit in his face. For hours he verbally assaulted him with every curse and insult known to mankind. But the old warrior merely stood there motionless and calm. Finally, the young warrior exhausted himself. Knowing he was defeated, he justify feeling shamed.

    Somewhat disappointed that he did not fight the insolent youth, the students gathered around the old master and questioned him. "How could you endure such an indignity? How did you drive him away?"

    "If someone comes to give you a gift and you do not receive it," the master replied, "to whom does the gift belong?"

  32. misanthrope as a baby

  33. Haven after a breakupApril 30, 2011 at 2:21 PM

  34. feels like I'm on poisoned adrenaline, agrotoxic amphetamine!

    this one goes out to the ones I hate!

    poisoned, adrenaline, social terror on endorphines!

    come join my philosophy! absolute misanthropy!

  35. Being "connected" has its advantages.

    As far as putting ads on socio blog, I think not. After the book, though?

    Maybe. But even so...

    MUSIC videos. Ah. Already being done..


    Now ur talking. Who does congress listen to?

  36. Musicians, dumbass!

  37. Celebrities are criticized for having personal agendas.


    Without Borders?

    Insurance companies?



    STORIES. REAL STORIES all these stupid stupid empaths will read.

    Who reads these days?


  38. Do she and Montel know each other?

    U bet.

    Who knows him?

  39. NO one is listening to you. You're the dumbest empath around, anon

  40. Block is spot on.

    If you are forced to express your thoughts, you usually spot connections you overlooked when you first had those thoughts. Debate is better, but that's.. debatable.

    People often become too defensive in those and try to stick their prejudices.

    My fathers knows this, so I know far more than I'd like about stuff like banking information systems. Those are the software world's equivalents of soul sucking horros from beyond spacetime.

  41. lanius, what is with the corny name? what is wrong with your normal name?


  43. Haven after a breakup said...


  44. lmao, johnny is hilarious.

  45. A bit on language,

    So many of you have a resounding essential nature, inclusive not in-spite of your flexibility. I can hear you in the way you use language and how you structure and pattern your thoughts, there is a consistency of tone, a hum and darkness. When we’re in proximity, I note contagion, because your words (the aggression- is unique) vein through and armor populations.
    Past mirrors and seduction, there are those whose voices I would recognize through adaptation, across time and still, find stunning.

    We are not always taken with your many garments, Some do see the beasts who wear them.

  46. Jhonny an me, we had ourseves a fight. i killd im

  47. the relatively stress free blogger

  48. that doesn't look like lawrence block

  49. @Anon 6:06

    Although I can appreciate the artistic way you articulated that, I do understand what you mean. It is in a sense that although we may enjoy anonymity, there is definitely a way to rip through the layers with a keen blade and know exactly what is hiding beneath.

    Even with the many mind games played here, seemingly on a daily basis, you'll note that even those who prance about as 'new' ex or current victims are nothing more than charlatans trying to have a laugh.

  50. That's the challenge Note.

    The exquisite tension of the game offers some approximation of an empath’s lens, the possibility of connection, of transcending biological interlude. The game is finite though. Thus the wish for formidable players to attenuate the hunt. The longer harder play, tells you most about who you are, as an animal. You test our pressure points, gain the advantage and assert your superiority. The game is tangible; often played in mind and surfaces in flesh, yielding an immediate sense of hierarchy. What it can never offer, by definition, is transcendence, a sense of something greater than the players. I suspect this is one of the reasons so many call themselves soulless.

    I have thought of offering a meeting of old familiars recognition, acknowledgment without judgment but here is the odd part: that is the mirror of what I was given, of what I had clearly been so starved. I don't imagine you (I'm being general here) who find enthusiasts in every bar, minions, supplicants...) find it very often. To be honest, I would also desire retribution for some of the suits we are forced to wear in social intercourse, but my anger has a tendency to travel inward.

    My sense is that the offer, come as you are, would be received as invitation to a house of mirrors, and in doing so, the point would be entirely eluded. On occasion there is value in simply being seen and I am grateful for the knowledge of my darker facets. (I found it a rare and generous gift). I do see my old familiar here, it is natural, that when the predator adopts a less threatening pose, I creep back out…I too would hide my wingspan and talons, prior to alighting. So yes, inevitably, there is a game, in that I respond to some characters and not others.

    There is one last offering to make, my sense is that it is completely in vain. (With all that entails.) Moving on.

    Best to you Note.

  51. notable, calling others charlatan... so funny.. oh, goodness, can you wipe your ass properly, your undies are soiled all the time, do you get caught by your gf with soiled undies, have soulful wash them for you, or are you actually licking your own bottom, you dog you.. lick soulful a bit too, she is tight for you.

  52. I think you're right, Zhawq. This quote does apply to you. More specifically, I think you write to prove to yourself that you're intelligent. You already know you are, of course, but you have these lingering doubts that cause you to go into completely unnecessary rants. It's like mental masturbation, and reading it is like having you jizz all over my face. Please show some courtesy dude.

  53. I agree with you on that. We need to expose them all. Expose the asspie menace!

  54. Its also possible to see many thing we write as messages to others, to, inform these beings of things we wanna tell them. Sometimes these beings don´t thank us for our goodness but instead call us brown turds, but we still care enough about them to enlighten them.

  55. Most people's personalities have many layers like an
    onion. Once the excess baggage is shed, they discover their
    authentic selves which was always there to begin with.
    They "uncover" themselves.

  56. When we articulate truths we have already intuited we bring them to consciousness and then can access the wisdom they offer to navigate present realities.

  57. Yes, uncovering ourselves like peeling an onion. Revealing new aspects of ourselves as we grow, learn , and mature. And observing others in this same process. weaving a tapestry together that hopefully is bringing us all closer to our highest selves, and closer to each other.

  58. This post is being reposted 3 years later and it seems there's been some evolution taking place.

  59. I hate gypsies. I think all gypsies should burn in a great bonfire because they're all just worthless scum. I have this one gypsy that's somehow become a guard. No doubt through some relatives or connections, he's left the puddle of shit he was born in and managed to get a job in the real world. As all gypsies do when they get a real job, they still keep connections to the puddle of shit they get born in and they try to bring that puddle of shit out for normal people to drink from it. Except they don't know that a puddle of shit is a puddle of shit. I fucking hate gypsies and I think they should all just fucking drown.

    1. P.S. The world would be a better place if all gypsies would die.

    2. well, i never...



      FUCK GYPSIES !!!!


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