Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sociopath song: John Wayne Gacy Jr


  1. Happy Turkey Day you pimps, players, hustlers, geeks, emo-freaks, goths, criminals, pedophiles, murders, chronic-substance-abusers, oh and you too socios.

  2. Same to you. And...empaths too. Or do we fall under emo freaks?


  3. You could never be a freak Princess Grace.

  4. Agreed. You're too much of a darling, Grace.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the States.

    Pogo the Clown, you would have done us proud, entertaining guests today.~

  5. happy quiet-revenge-on-the-family day. and good turkey dreams to all.

  6. What's the personality disorder diagnosis when you stand up the two friendly invitations to Thanksgiving dinner when your family is too afraid to have you over?

    Watched American Psycho, then The Talented Mr Ripley, now Punch Drunk Love for laughs...

    Having a blast =) Maybe I'll make some cheesy mashed potatoes later: a bit of chives & garlic, salt & pepper, taste of horseradish, butter and evaporated milk blended with boiled red potatoes, skins on, then baked in a bread dish with medium cheddar on top. Yummmmm

  7. Scary Bastard Personality Disorder.

    It's ASPD, minus proper Impression Management.

    I do so very love Patrick Bateman.

  8. I have a question. Is it called empathy when you look at someone eating something and your mouth gets watery ? Or when someone yawns and you yawn back, is that empathy ?

  9. @TNP:

    Impression Mgmt is just toooooo taxing right now... My mask of sanity is about to slip =)

  10. only 40-60% of people yawn when others do.

    i hear that sociopaths are less likely to.

    on yawning:

  11. What if you're a sociopath that enjoys yawning? I just yawned and no one is nearby... is that selfish yawning?~

    @Mike: Not empathy.

    @Dreamer: Cute.

  12. i just yawned too. twice.

  13. i just farted... any takers?

  14. I'm with my family right now and every time I am around them I act like I did when I am 15. It borders on abusive, instead of the cool Zenish calm way I carry myself in adulthood.

    It's Pavlovian, I suppose.

    It's really annoying and I'm trying to control it.

  15. Thanks giving means nothing over here in England, but you guys have yourself a good one. Has anyone else here read American Psycho?

  16. i wonder if that means both socios and autistics are less prone to classical conditioning... or is it about non-empathy... or is it both.


  17. Conditioning is fun, but can sometimes bite you in the ass.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I'm sleeping in tomorrow.

  20. I guess I'll go to bed some time during the morning, when the shoppers return home.

  21. do sociopaths feel the effects of E?

  22. Someone in the past remarked about her use of MDMA and several other drugs.

    Like most drugs, it has different effects from person to person.

    I'm sort of lucky, in that most drugs I've had, I didn't like or had bad reactions to. Probably helped me dodge quite a few bullets. Haven't tried E yet.

  23. @Misanthrope

    Yes, I own a copy of American Psycho... I'd bought the DVD, then read the book, then was affected for about 2 months, feeling rather raw and exposed and slightly insane to ...sanctioned in my weirdness like the time I took mescaline at a masquerade ball =) Exhilarating!

    Why do you ask?



    Cute? Why aren't you blogging?

  24. *insane to perception

  25. I am blogging, actually.

  26. hey people

    to anyone here moaning about the recent wave of empath convo. i suggest you settle down.

    personally, when someone asks me a direct question, i am happy to oblige.

    but i also don't forget that it's a blog about sociopathy.

    there's room for everyone here.

    chill and smoke a cigar...

  27. Dreamer,

    Standing up two invitations doesn't say anything about whether you have a disorder. And your family being afraid could stem from any number of reasons.


    Pavlov is about reward conditioning, but I understand your association.

    That movie, American Psycho, I think it's one of the most boring movies I've seen. I don't get why people think it's so awesome. And the lead role's make up is annoying.

  28. @Zhawq

    You take yourself far too seriously.

  29. The movie in itself wasn't as remarkable as it was almost a standalone in its own class.

    In that case, it is interesting.

    When I was referring to Patrick Bateman, it was more about the fact that the man sure knows to to dress, quite the sharp fellow. Heh.

    @Dreamer: I am so very thankful right now. I had an absolutely charming evening.

  30. Anon: "Happy Turkey Day you pimps, players, hustlers, geeks, emo-freaks, goths, criminals, pedophiles, murders, chronic-substance-abusers, oh and you too socios."

    Please don't imply emos are humans.

  31. Wow no one is actually commenting anything relevant to the video


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