Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sociopaths in the news: Cannibalism

Under the headline "First Mr Gay UK 'chopped up man and then planned to eat his flesh,'" we read about Anthony Morley (seen here on a dating show) who killed his lover (allegedly) in self defense and then began preparing portions of his flesh for cooking and consumption. But it isn't as bad as you think -- Morley is a chef, so he does that type of thing all the time apparently. Here are the juicy bits from the article:
Speaking softly, Morley, who was found to be three-and-a-half times over the legal drink drive limit the night of the killing, had invited Mr Oldfield upstairs into his bedroom at his house in Harehills, Leeds, to watch a DVD.

He said: 'I remember feeling that he was on top of me doing what he was doing. I felt numb and out of control. I felt uncomfortable and betrayed.

'We had talked about the whole situation. I was not comfortable with having a sexual relationship when we had only just got to know each other.'

Asked if he could give the jury a rational explanation as to why he killed Mr Oldfield, Morley said: 'The feeling of betrayal. I don't know why I went on to kill him at that point, I really don't.

'I can only say at some point Damian's body had just become something I would deal with at work - a piece of meat. That's the only thing I can think of. That was my daily task, preparing meat.


  1. You KNOW that's not the first time he did that. LOL.
    Now in Romania, if you order chicken at a cafe, you will get dog. There are packs of wild dogs roaming the streets in Bucharest, and gypsies kill them to sell the meat.
    Do NOT order chicken in Moldova. You could get rat, human or dog, if you're lucky. During the Russian "austerity" program under Yeltsin, it was the same in Moscow.
    Human flesh is actually said to have properties that promote longevity, and some even say immortality. For instance, in Holy Communion.
    Not my cup of tea, of course.

  2. Come on...Human flesh... I can imagine how UNHEALTHY it is.All the toxins, cholesterol...And possibility to get a disease!

  3. Actually Maria Human flesh is a lot like pig , or bear flesh... If you cook it, it shouldn't be any worse for you then the meat of any other omnivore.

  4. I don't understand why, if someone died anyway and the meat is okay, it's any less acceptable to eat them than it is any other animal.


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