Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pink is a narcissist

In Pink's new video, "Sober," she gets intimate with herself -- particularly around the 2:25 mark:

Now I know people are a little weirded out by the self-on-self action, but I have to admit that this has always been a little bit of a fantasy of mine... does that make me a narcissist as well? Or are sociopaths naturally a little narcissistic because we think as highly of ourselves as we would anyone else who wasn't us but had our same characteristics? Which is very highly, of course, because sociopaths have some pretty great features.


  1. You are obviously an emo , who obfustify the term sociopath and narcassism to rectify the poor self image of yourself. What's the difference between yourself and the teenage emos reading twilight or the older generation goths thinking anne rice is 'hip'?
    Self love perhaps was perhaps taboo when divinyls played the song "everytime I touch myself" and when masturbation lead to blindness was not an urban legend, but today it's a commonly accepted behavior a lot of humans do. Indeed if masturbation was a narcasstic behavior, every dog which licks itself would need psychological treatment, let alone every schoolboy.

    True sociopathic people are visionaries who priotise their own goals/visions ahead of everyone elses views. Exhibitionists , emos (kids lacking self confidence) are more concerned with how others perceive them. Whether they want a negative image or a positive one, is a moot point.

    Having said that, the only thing you display in your posts is ignorance of what sociopathism is. A little girl trying to perpetuate false idioms is not a sociopath, simply an emo trying to add more adjectives to her own description.

    South parks latest episode exemplified this behavior perfectly. In that show , goth girl stopped wearing black due to black being overpopularized. After she starts dressing up as every other girl her age, she isn't labelled a goth, she's labelled the fat girl.

    Likewise , unique people know they are unique and use their unique perception to coerce people/situation around them for their own specific agenda. Professional killers don't post up pictures of themselves on the net with guns, they blend in with society. Historical figures such as Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Augustus didn't go around preaching disunity, they preached unity.

    So what exactly is your agenda? Most intelligent sociopaths if not all do formulate an agenda simply because they realize the concept of existionalism, absurdity.
    Of course there are many sociopaths who couldn't refute kafkas arguments , but know instictively that the meaning of life is what one makes of it. Some choose greater goals, others simply pursue vindictive/petty pursuits.

    There are many intelligent sociopaths in the world, and we call them 'politicians' and 'leaders'. There are many emos with self confidence issues and we call them 'bloggers'.

    Perhaps your goal is to make sociopaths 'hip' but with such poor understanding of psychology the only other people you will convince are fellow emos who need to find a clique to seperate themselves from the twighlightards and the annericetards.

  2. i am watching southpark now.

    when i first started reading this site, i thought it was a little dark.

    but im starting to realize, i think we might be in the same boat.

    i only want to fuck myself.

    ive thought about it for a long time. i went through this period where i thought i was gay, i would fuck men (or rather, let them fuck me)

    but the more i think about this, and read this blog, the more i realize, i only ever wanted to fuck myself.

  3. Who wouldnt want to see Pink get intimate with herself? Even straight woman would probaby want to see that as well. Shes a goddess.

  4. i am wondering if that would be masturbation or what would you call that haha she is pretty good looking

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