Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meet my hero: steak

Sociopaths give off a lot of signs. They don't get nervous, they don't have normal emotional reactions, they laugh at inappropriate things, and they don't understand things like heroes:

Either this kid is an aspie or sociopath or something. I like how the kid obviously struggled with this assignment, given the faint pencil and eraser markings under steak. I can imagine the conversation that led up to this.
kid: what are we supposed to be doing?
teacher: write down who you really like and why
kid: (not registering the difference between humans and a meal) ok.


  1. I'd argue that sociopaths don't so much get nervous (or scared) but rather feel stress without the associated emotional quirks an empath might have. I can certainly get stressed (and angry), but I can't say I ever get nervous or worried.

    What do you think?

  2. Almost exactly. For a while I've noticed that the only feeling I can say I truly exhibit is cautiousness. When something intense is happening, there is a hightened amount of stress, or cautiousness, in order to make sure that nothing in the environment of the sociopath is overlooked, rather than nervousness.

    I think of nervousness as worrying about the things we can't do anything about. Sociopaths know not to worry about these things. Sociopaths instead are cautious not to miss particular details which might allow one to further act upon a situation.

    Once a consequence to a situation is realized, a sociopath will cease to act upon it until something changes. Most others will continue to worry about outcomes they know will happen, even though they can't do anything about it.


  3. lololol "laugh at inappropriate things"

    I was 17 or 18 when Sling Blade came out and there was some violent/shocking/sad scene [maybe the kid was being beaten and BB Thornton killed the dad to protect him or something]and I was absolutely tickled! My boyfriend, in front of four or five other people watching the video with us, said, "It's not a comedy."

    I didn't know what to say and I didn't want to say that I'd been beaten as a kid so it was okay if I laughed, but I was annoyed he wouldn't let me enjoy the movie as I saw fit.

    Thanks ME ,)

  4. This post makes me chucle. It reminds me of all the completly idiotic things I said as a child.

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  7. HAHA this is a win, not a fail.

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