Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jack Donaghy's guide to manipulation

I've written before about television show 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy character and his skills at manipulation. I stumbled upon this other video and thought it was a pretty useful addition:


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    1. A-

      I like this song, for smoking out.:)

      Milky Chance



    2. A-

      It also makes me want to go on vacation and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!


    3. M.E.-

      So, when is the "Book Signing/Pool Party", at your place???


    4. PARTY!!! PARTY!!! PARTY!!!


    5. Hey Vegas, I like that song. Thanks for posting it.

      I'm sorry to hear that you were assaulted. Hyde gave you good advice. As a woman, never hesitate to fight dirty. Go straight for the groin.

      Better yet, invest in a basic self-defense class. Look for a course with a focus on techniques that do not rely on strikes, or brute strength. I can take an untrained person (the majority attackers) down with a finger, now.

      With the proper training, if someone grabs you, he'll unwittingly transfer all his power to you, and you'll have him exactly where you want him, so you can finish him off with a swift kick to the head (or gut, if you are feeling more charitable.) ;)

      I hope you're feeling better.

    6. Hey A-

      I'm glad you liked the song.:)

      Thanks for your condolences, on me getting assaulted-I appreciate it.:)

      Mr. Hyde did give good advice, in going for the groin-we girls know "the weak spot".:)

      It's ironic, because I have been thinking about taking a basic self defense class, for a few years now. It's never a bad thing to know, and I could "acquire some skills", as Socioempath likes to say.:)

      When things calm down for me, I'll have to look into it!!!

      Thanks for the advice, on trying to find one, that doesn't rely on strikes/brute strength. Growing up, I was a gymnast and a swimmer, and I naturally have decent upper body strength, for a woman. When my husband and I wrestle around, I can "give him a run for his money", at least for a little while.:) HA!!! LOL!!!

      "With the proper training, if someone grabs you, he'll unwittingly transfer all his power to you, and you'll have him exactly where you want him, so you can finish him off with a swift kick to the head (or gut, if you are feeling more charitable.) ;)"


      I meant to tell you, that I also think it's SO AWESOME, that you are getting your lifeguard certification!!! You've got to be in "top shape" for that-I know, because I've been certified before. At the time, I was doing a combination of gymnastics and swimming 4 hours a day. I was certified but it was still a challenge, and I don't think I would've been able to do it, if I hadn't been working out so much and in such good shape!!!

      YOU GO, GIRL!!!


    7. Hey A-

      PS-Thanks for the well wishes, and saying you hope I feel better, too.:)

      My back is less sore, and the softball-size bruise on my left shoulder, is now changing from it's original purple/blue, to a beautiful green/yellow.:)

      I'm glad I had my Birkenstocks on, and not heels, that's for sure!!!

      The Birkenstocks actually worked out well this time-unlike the time I was wearing them, smoked out, and went to a Soundgarden concert-not a good idea.:( I obviously wasn't thinking about it, until I found myself in a mosh pit, of a bunch of big dudes in their Doc Martens.:( I was getting smothered/smashed, and I'm lucky no one stomped on my feet-otherwise, I would've had broken toes/feet.:( I almost lost one of my shoes, too.:( Luckily, my husband and another male friend, fished my friend and I out of the mosh pit, before anything bad happened.:) HA!!! LOL!!! Smoked too much weed, and poor planning-what can I say???

      PSS-If M.E. has a pool party, and I drink/smoke too much and go for a swim, will you save me if I become distressed???


    8. Hey A-

      PSSS-What is your take on mace, guns, etc.???

      I've been thinking about getting mace, a gun license, and a gun for my purse, before any laws change.

      I know you have to know how to/be willing to use them, if you have them-lest an attacker get them from you, and use them on you.

      Your thoughts???


    9. Vegas -

      If you need help, I'll send the cat army. I'm sure they won't do anything but it will let me claim plausible deniability.

      That assumes I go. I'm not really bathing suit ready yet.

    10. Hey Damaged-

      I love seeing your posts.:)


      I really appreciate your offer, in sending the "cat army"-that was thoughtful of you.:)

      You don't need to be "bathing suit ready", but you have time. M.E. has yet to confirm the party, and it'll take time to plan.:)

      I know you've been busy-

      Hemingway House 6-Toed Cat Count: -8


  2. Watch this even if you don't have weight issues.

    Addictions don't start off as addictions. You start indulging excessively and gradually, without even realizing, you become an addict over time. Then you'll pass a predisposition to your condition on to your children. This video highlights something very important: where there's a genuine will to change, change is possible, indeed guaranteed and in a relatively short period of time. Notice that no one in the film said "It's NOT my fault I'm fat I just can't help but eat." They do admit to having trouble controlling their intake but they take responsibility for their condition.

    "Sociopaths" who inherited their sociopathy or were abused into it can learn from this. Here's a good idea to become famous: make a similar documentary. Stop all manipulation, lying, deceiving, overindulging etc for a few months and do the opposite. Be charitable, empathetic (do what you do but without a selfish motive), helpful and giving. I would not be surprised if the results are similar to those in this documentary. The hardest part is the motivation...but if one had that there would be no challenge.

  3. M.E.'s tweet:

    "the only difference between a sociopath and an aspie is intent- but you'll be hurt just the same"

    NOT true at all for someone like me and if I'm like this, others must be. I swear to God I would not be nearly as hurt, NO where close, if you acted horribly towards me but genuinely didn't mean to. I would of course expect an apology when you realize your mistake and would respect you for owning up. What hurts far beyond anything else is to be deliberately screwed over and then see nothing but indifference from the abuser. This is especially the case when you knowingly put your guard down out of affection. That, however, makes you much stronger once you get over it.

    1. For 3 years some of my closest family members abused my trust, lied to me, wasted my time & energy and made problems for me at work & home...I was annoyed but never hurt so long as I never suspected their intentions. I blamed the circumstances (sudden loss of business, ADD, inability to understand etc. etc.). When I found out they did it all on purpose (for certain) I nearly broke down. Even then I asked them to just give me closure...admit it so I'm spared mood swings and trauma. The past can't change but you can spare me the trauma. They kept screwing my mind more, seeing me so weak, like never before. INTENTIONS are everything so please don't compare some sick soul to a poor victim like an Aspie.

    2. Yes, its the deliberate intent, the complete knowledge of willful action that is the worst. Or actually, that and then its made worse when the person wants to still have some kind of relationship and maneuvers YOU into the position of needing forgiveness (because you were so hurt, you acted out) when they were the one who lied, manipulated, abused and hurt. Willfully. And in various ways, admitted to it. That is the depth of total depravity and a corrupted soul. They just don't deserve the air they breath and for anyone who would defend the 'disorder' for non-criminal sociopaths, its not that much of a leap from that depth of will full evil to murder and lord knows what else. And actually, this person was accused of possible murder but lives where no one gives a shit. No one will speak out so I am not sure if the non-sociopatthic Apaths are any better.

    3. From all the crap you just wrote, I do agree with this.
      "No one will speak out so I am not sure if the non-sociopatthic Apaths are any better."
      They dont give a fuck except if its someone close to them, or if they are going to loose sth

    4. Well said anonymous 11:24. I would add that "non-criminal" psychos are just smarter and probably worse than "criminal" psychos. Every psycho engages in criminal behavior, just most don't get caught (in this life). Destroying innocent lives, cheating people, deliberately spreading falsehood & confusion is all's just not as obviously criminal as murder or rape and much harder to prove.

    5. "Or actually, that and then its made worse when the person wants to still have some kind of relationship and maneuvers YOU into the position of needing forgiveness (because you were so hurt, you acted out) when they were the one who lied, manipulated, abused and hurt."

      A former "friend" did exactly this to me. For all the good I did him, he repaid me with the opposite + interest. That one is a narc addicted to sex. He's so far gone he either doesn't realize what his out of control libido has done to him or he's made his peace & transferred over all his decision making authority to his genitals. It nearly killed my own libido - seeing what it turns people into (and I had a potentially out of control one myself).

      I'm near certain that narcissists are primarily lust-driven apaths. The "power" they seek is in the sexual realm. Others are driven primarily by a desire for wealth, others by political power etc. Narcissism, however, seems to be sex-based and that makes perfect sense of all their symptoms.

    6. Jonaid

      Well that's where you went wrong early on.
      "I would not be nearly as hurt, NOwhere close, if you acted horribly towards me but genuinely didn't mean to....I was annoyed but never hurt so long as I never suspected their intentions."

      You need a simple formula.
      START: Is this person appearing to be domineering, insulting, irritating?
      If YES, ignore them.
      If UNSURE, test them once, specifically.
      Then, if YES, ignore them.
      If, NO, explain their behaviour is unacceptable and request an apology.
      If NO change in their behaviour, you know it's a WOMBAT.
      If YES, and they apologise, they're OK.
      END. Easy.
      Saves a lot of time. Since last November, huh?
      Assuming that people's intent towards you is by default benign, is an illogical starting point.
      Developing a thick skin isn't the answer either. It just rewards negative attention-seeking behaviour.
      Which is probably not your intent, Jonaid.

    7. K@

      You're right but it wasnt my lack of proper precautions that resulted in all this. If I could explain to you exactly everything that happened and in what context, you'd probably end up hating psychos more than me.

      It's okay I benefitted tremendously from what happened. I'm not obsessed with God for no reason. The point of mentioning all this is NOT to complain but rather to help others: both victims and perpetrators (who might really not know how it feels to be on the receiving end).

      I've taken up too much space on post. I'll take a break unless I'm compelled to because of something said.


  4. I am interested in M.E.'s following tweet:

    "female and male sociopaths present differently in the power spheres they target"...

    Female and male sociopaths-could you please expand on this???


    1. M.E.-

      I think it would be cool to see a blog post on the topic of how a female sociopath presents in the power sphere she targets, vs. a male...


    2. Vegas just read ur comment I'm glad you're okay. Bastard. Get ur own job & money u asshole.
      How did you get away? I hope you kicked him in the balls?! Who in there right mind does that and throws and shoves a women into a van. Grrr. Did u get cops involved? Get those types in a jail cell fast. They'll just go around doing it to the next person.

      Off topic:

      Anyone a lefty. Who here writes with their left hand?

    3. Hey Superchick-

      Thanks for the "well wishes".:) He was a bastard!!!

      I said he wanted money, but I'm actually not sure, what he wanted. I'm used to men approaching me with a pick up line, or to ask for money, etc. This was different. I'm a pretty aware person, and this time, the guy was up in my personal space, before I knew it. He said "Can you help me"? He was infringing on my space, did not have a friendly demeanor, and I was getting a bad vibe. I also noticed, that although in every aspect he was quite male, he had makeup on. I don't know if he had mental problems, was on drugs, etc. Usually, I can tell, what I think the problem is. I was just getting a straight "bad" vibe, said I couldn't help him, and began walking in another direction. I broke the "never turn your back" rule, and before you know it he was giving me a hard shove on the back, with both of his hands. He was a pretty big dude, too. I was only a few feet away from the back of a van, and went into it, breaking the impact with my hands. My purse was on my left wrist, and I was keeping that closer to my body, so my left shoulder, caught some of the break on that side...

    4. ...I said "Don't touch me", as I turned around. He had already made his way across the parking lot by then. He let out a big yelling/screeching type noise, as he ran away. I looked around to see if there were people who had seen, and looked back in his direction, and he was gone.

      I wish I'd had the chance, to kick him in the balls!!!

      I don't think he was in his right mind.

      Loser men throw and shove women into vans.:) HA!!! LOL!!!

      GRRR, is right!!!

      I thought about calling the cops. If I wasn't in a hurry, and if it had been worse, I would have. That dude will definitely do that and more to other people, and should be in a jail cell...


    5. Superchick-

      In regard to your question-as a kid I was ambidextrous, but it is necessary to choose a dominant hand, and I went with my right...


    6. Superchick-

      I was thinking about it:

      Do men who shove women into vans, actually have any balls to kick???

      I doubt it.:)

      If they do-they are VERY, VERY SMALL!!!

      HA!!! LOL!!!


    7. Superchick,

      I'm a lefty.

      Does that mean I'm sinister? ;)

      Mr. Hyde

    8. Mr. Hyde-

      You crack me up!!!

      I would've guessed, you're a "lefty", since you are creative.:)

      I meant to tell you, how cool I think it is, that you played the guitar and wrote music!!!

      You are an awesome writer!!!


    9. Thank you, Vegas. Should I ever pick up the guitar again, I will write you a song. Cause you are always so darn chipper and cheer me up. :)

      Mr. Hyde

      PS I'm rather happy today -- sold an article to a magazine. How I love getting paid to write!

    10. BTW, Vegas,

      Your story about the ball-less guy and the van brought chills and sparked a memory of something similar that once happened to me while in L.A., a town packed with crazies and predators. The guy asked for a light for his smoke. When I got close, he threw open the door to his van and tried shoving me inside. I kicked him in the groin and ran like hell. Happened in a brightly lit parking lot, outside a convenience store.

      Glad to hear that you got away, too! Take care out there. It's a mad, mad world.

      Mr. Hyde

    11. Mr. Hyde-

      I cannot fully express HOW ECSTATIC I WOULD BE, if you picked up your guitar again, and wrote a song for me!!!

      Everyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE MUSIC!!!

      No one has ever written a song for me before.

      It would seriously be a "HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE"!!!

      I wish I could hear you play, too-I SO DIG THAT!!!

      I'm glad, that you like that I'm "chipper", and that I cheer you up!!!

      I completely understand why you are happy!!!


      I can completely understand, why you love getting paid to write!!!


      I bet BB is happy for you, too!!! Kisses to BB!!!


    12. ;) Mr. Hyde quite the contrary, my husband is a lefty, with simian lines. We call em genius lines when my daughter was born. She has one like her father and another one like her grandmother. No genetic abnormalities, she was tested when born. They are rare human beings. ;) He also plays the guitar. Some great leaders were lefties. I studied simian lines and lefties when daughter was born. I've been attracted to four men that were lefties in my past. Fucken odd I'd say. ;)

      Vegas awhile back you mentioned your husband is a light sleeper - so is mine. He has to wake up very early, right now he wakes up at 5am because he works two hours away from town, if he sleeps passed 7:30 he says he feels like shit. I am though very opposite, I need my sleep. I'm not sure what he survives on. And he's not grumpy in the morning whatsoever. Unlike me, I do admit. Until my cup of coffee kicks in. Lol
      We joke how it takes me three days to rise.

      Mr. Hyde write Vegas a song. It would mean so much to her. :)

    13. Congrats on your article you sold. Good feels.

    14. Mr. Hyde-

      Thanks for sharing your story, about when you were in L.A.

      Now I know, not to give anyone a light, for their smoke!!!


      That's crazy, that someone tried to abduct you.:(

      That's awesome that you kicked him in the groin, ran like hell, and got away!!!


      You were in a brightly lit parking lot outside a convenience store...

      For me it was mid-day, in a parking lot, in front of a post office and other businesses.

      It is a mad, mad world.:(

      Thanks for the good wishes.:)

      I'll take care out there, and hope you do, too!!!


    15. Vegas,

      Damn right: Always go for the groin. Then the throat(one punch to the windpipe). And depending, sometimes the eyes. Long sharp nails leave vicious scars. An indelible mark to remind the jerk who he messed with. ;)

      Alas, I no longer own a guitar . . . I'll write you a poem instead, sometime in the near future, and you can read it aloud while listening to your favorite instrumental. :)

      Hopping around here . . . looks as though I may be starting a new job next week. 8D

      Mr. Hyde

    16. Superchick,

      Interesting that you dated so many lefties and studied simian lines. Had to refresh my memory on palmistry -- I had a palm reading once that blew me away. She knew I'd been married and divorced, had a kid, that I hitchhiked the country and lived in the wilderness, that I wanted to be a writer. Unfortunately, I don't have a simian/genius line. ;(

      What else do you know about lefties? I only write with my left hand -- do everything else with my right.

      Mr. Hyde


      Mr. Hyde here are some links of popular leaders who were left handed and also more on the simian line in the other link. It's an interesting read.

      My husband like you writes with his left hand and when he plays baseball and hockey's with his left hand. He also holds his folk to eat with his left he just told me. Lol. Everything else is right handed. Like playing guitar. Im looking at him he's eating candy with his right ..watching the tube. :-) probably thinks I'm pretty peculiar just watching him right now. I'm zoned right in. Haha. ;)

    18. Wait he just switched over to his left!

    19. Superchick,

      Thanks for the links. Appreciate it. :)

      So cool that your hubby uses both hands for different stuff. Odd, too, considering the brain. Least what I know about circuitry.

      I play guitar right-handed, too . . . always wondered whether I would have been more proficient playing left-handed. Like my idol, Jimi Hendrix. Course, my hands are not as large as his, nor as dexterous. Sure wish I could have jived with Jimi.

      Jimi's my favorite lefty.

      Hubby switched hands. Figures.

      Lefties are slippery. Lol.

      I've no doubt you're zoned in to his reality.

      Beautiful and fun to watch. Vicariously.

      Mr. Hyde

    20. Hey Superchick-

      A lot of actors/actresses are "lefties", too!!!

      It's funny-I started off ambidextrous and chose my right as my dominant side, simply for ease, since so many things are made for/cater to those who are right dominant. However, I still remained naturally left dominant, in many of my gymnastics skills. Although I was able to do all of my skills with my right, there were always a few moves that I could do better and felt more natural, doing with my left.

      There are SO MANY SIMILARITIES with you and your husband, and my husband and I!!!

      My husband can live on less sleep, sleeps lightly, wakes up quickly and early, feels like shit if he sleeps late, and gets going quickly. I am completely opposite. I like as much sleep as I can get, I sleep heavy, it takes me a long time to wake up, and the later I can sleep the better. I am not very coherent or pleasant when I first wake up, and I need some TIME AND A LOT OF COFFEE, before I get ready and get going. Then, I can go all day and night.:) I'm definitely a "Night Owl".:)

      People who know me, say I'm not a "Morning Person", and they tease me, about my "coffee addiction".:) HA!!! LOL!!!


    21. Superchick-

      "Mr. Hyde write Vegas a song. It would mean so much to her. :)"



    22. Mr. Hyde-


      I've been practicing "the groin" one, since I was a kid.:)

      I've seen the "punch to the windpipe" and the "scratching and gouging of the eyes" in movies-I'll keep those in mind, too!!! Those are good reasons, to have long nails.:)

      "Long sharp nails leave vicious scars. An indelible mark to remind the jerk who he messed with. ;)"

      I LOVED THAT!!!

      I WOULD LOVE IT, IF YOU WROTE ME A POEM!!! I would print it on nice paper, and have it matted and framed.:) Then, I could read it aloud, while listening to my favorite instrumental music.:)



    23. Hey guys thanks for the feedback. It's to play some Jimi in this house. Working a 12 hour stretch, I need some foxy lady tunes. Good pick Mr. Hyde.

      Vegas I bet ur hubby thinks your his one & only foxy lady ! ;) These men are fucken machines. I tell ya. Lol.

    24. Hey Superchick-

      I hope your 12 hour shift went well!!!

      I bet you are a "Foxy Lady"!!!

      "Vegas I bet ur hubby thinks your his one & only foxy lady ! ;)"

      Thank you, for the nice compliment.:)

      "These men are fucken machines. I tell ya. Lol."

      I couldn't have said it better, myself.:)


  5. Off topic again:

    The other day I watched two sadistic porn scene videos. I wanted to experiment what would turn me on the best inside. In one scene there was an abusive asshole tossing the girl around and real rough with her in everything he did. Everything he did was so abusive and extremely strict. It felt like a father disciplining his child. His persona and demeanour ......that's what came out the most. It was a turn off because he was just a cocky son of a bitch. No class. If that was me I would have used my own strength to battle him down. Even if he beat me I would have tried to shown the fucker you don't treat a women with such disregard. I sense he's an asshole and crosses boundaries in real life how he treats people. But who knows.

    But wait...

    Then there was another scene with another man. He was very tactful in his persona, presence and demeanour towards the girl. It was an art. He knew how to use it right. The bdsm toys used on her - he displayed just the right amount of force over her. He showed the girl respect by the way he touched her - looked at her and used just the right amount of force & authority over her. It was perfect and turned me on a lot.

    Kind of like in vanilla sex "Get down & suck my cock like the good girl you are ... but here's something comfortable for ur knees sweet little whore."
    As he uses force grabbing her head over his endowed hard cock.

    That's what I like..... a man who knows how to use his own authority but doesn't hold back on his own humility. Best kind of sex.

    You may cum now. U sweet little thing. Awesome.

    Thought I'd share, lol.

    1. Bilingual

      Sooo good like that.

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    2. North that's so fucken hot! That song gets me in the mood. Time for a shower and freshening up! Hubs is home. Perfect song. Glad you shared that. :)

    3. Superchick-

      Thanks for sharing.:)

      Did you watch the porn alone, or with your husband???

      I am with you-Women are to be regarded, and boundaries respected. "Class" is so important!!!


    4. As odd as this sounds hubs does not watch porn and finds no purpose in masterbating. He's like," what for, I have you." I, on the other hand have to give him a show before we get to the action. The vagina strip tease I like to call it. 'Twas real good last night. His authority combined with his sense of safety always makes me feel so dam good. :D

      I watch porn on occasionally. He knows...
      I don't cheat physically but I'm hyper-sexual.

    5. Great to hear you had a good time, SC! Your post really got me in the mood but no such luck for me... incidentally, anyone have tips for encouraging him to go to a doctor? He's really unwell and last time he was like this he put it off for so long he wound up in hospital for weeks.

    6. His wife can do that.

    7. He's left her and lives alone. Anyway, I've made my recommendation. I care about him, but it's up to him.

    8. North, men are so stubborn, specially when it comes to going to the doctors. Check up on him and just let him know you're concerned for his health and if he doesn't go in he risks being put in the hospital again like last time. Does he want that? Ask him.

      Good luck...hope he takes your advise....they can be stubborn-headed and will plow through anything until their body feels like a truck ran them over. Unfortunately that's when it clicks with some. I live with one. Grrrr ;)

    9. Lol, thanks Superchick :)

      He's so unpredictable with his risk management: really paranoid about some things then really cavalier about others. It's one of things that intrigues me about him; such a different frame of reference, a different approach to the world, a different way of learning.

      Thanks again, hey.

  6. We all need a good fuck tonight. ;)

    1. Superchick-

      I hope your husband "gave it to you good" last night.:)


  7. If real psychopaths came to this place to have a look, what would they think? Perhaps such curious sociopath would think: "-Todays standards are very low, most things seem to have lost their value and substance. Almost like those tv-shows where folks fart melodies, tunes that once made people misty-eyed.."?

    1. (the mentioned genuine psychopath would perhaps say that after reading some of the comments, the main topics he most likely would find relevant. This quiet socio-visitor perhaps also would ask: "-Will there be another book? Old-fashioned people still read them..")

  8. M.E.,

    It's been four days since your last post. You O.K.?

    We do notice when you slack off.

    Mr. Hyde

    1. Maybe she's chilling out doing bong hits. Get off her back.

    2. Hey Damaged-


      Hemingway House 6-Toed Cat Count: -9

      Nice job.:)


    3. Damaged,

      You missed the jist of my post: I wasn't attempting to jump on her back, I was concerned, having watched a 2014 video, "Psychopath Night," in which M. E. appeared and spoke of her legitimate concern about "cattle cars" possibly one day coming to get her.

      Mr. Hyde

    4. I was just kidding.


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