Saturday, July 11, 2015

Song: To the Shoreline

From a reader:

I'm an aspie but I'm very interesting about the subject of sociopathy and find socios fascinating.

Anyway, I was listening to some music from one of my favorite bands when I stumbled upon a song whose lyrics reminded me a lot about what I've read about relationships with sociopaths.

Maybe you'll appreciate it, so here's a link to the song (with lyrics):


  1. I like that song, it's honest.
    I try to be; pick one- Asbergers or Sociopathy. Can't have both

  2. Sounds much more borderline than sociopath.

    My crystal ball is showing me this is their likely future:

  3. You sociopaths are very sharp. Could you answer a question for me?
    I've only had use of a computer for approximately 2 and a half years.
    I don't REALLY know how to use a computer, even though it is a common place
    instrument, and most people have grown up using it. This thing I type on now is
    all I use. I don't have a smart phone or anything else. I missed the technological
    boat. You see, I have Uranus (The planet of modern, "Aquarian" devices in my
    12th house.) Once I lose the use of this "special" computer, I'm back to square
    My question to you wise youngans is: What do you think is going to happen
    with acquitted murderer Casey Anthony? I followed the case before I had use of
    a computer. One I got the use of a computer I could learn even more about her
    history, and about what she might be doing, but not much, as she had to hide.
    She had (And still does) some supportive sites. (Many have dissapeared, as the
    case lost it's currancy.) I posted positive support messages on these sites.
    I thought she MIGHT see some of these messages.
    The computer is an "alien" instrument to me. I am out of my leagle on it.
    My father and I toyed around on it. He regestered for Skypth at the instructions
    of some technition, that guides people how to use the computer. It wasn't long
    before we get "friend requests" from someone named _____ "Marie"______.
    (This was a couple of years ago, so I don't remember the the other names.)
    I didn't respond to these messages because I'm too old and ugly for Skypth,
    but I did attempt to "phone" the person via the computer. No one picked up
    the "phone." Not long afterwards, I got a very bizzare message on one of my
    E-mail adresses. (How did the person in question uncover this unmeantioned
    adress?) This ______"Marie" tried to friend me a few times then quit. I felt bad.
    She must have expected a young wealthy person.

    1. Seriously how many incarnations do you have?

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