Thursday, July 23, 2015

Famous sociopaths: Gandhi?

From a reader:

Two sociopaths I know both insist that Gandhi was a sociopath; their evidence was Gandhi's hunger strike.  I found their reactions fascinating, because both are sociopaths of course, neither one know each other, but both were equally as skeptical and offended by Gandhi's motivations for the hunger strike.  Both thought that anyone who thinks Gandhi did ANYTHING for any reason other than fame and power is a sucker, and that Gandhi over did it because the hunger strike led to a massacre of some of his Hindu followers. 

What do you think?  Do you think that some of the world's greatest humanitarians, such as Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, had sociopathic  tendencies?

I wish I could convey better just how striking a similarity in responses these two people had. 


  1. Everybody has some sociopathic tendencies, sometimes they're subconscious. Perhaps some of these humanitarians think catalyzing some disaster would help them highlight their cause, which is a cold strategic shortcut to obtain attention and sympathy.

  2. In no way, shape or forum was Gandhi a sociopath. His non violent policies
    forced him to suffer indignities no sociopath would have the patienece to suffer.
    Also, Gandhi gave up on sex at a young age, because he felt guilt that he somehow
    caused a parent's death that occurred while he was engaging in sex.
    He even slept side by side with girls to test his resolve. A sociopath can no more go with out sex the oxegan.

    1. Actually some of us can go just fine without sex. Just saying

    2. Ugh. Speak for yourself! I can't.

    3. Well, interesting replies...

      I realize that when people think about sociopathic behavior, they think sex is high on their mind. After all, in popular culture, we associate promiscuity with a sign of sociopathy.

      However, to me, it has always made sense that a sociopath would look at sex as a control mechanism. And that if a sociopath has enough influence and control besides having sex with one person, the sex becomes more of a chore.

      Just saying.

  3. I think it's more likely that they had autistic/aspie tendencies.

    Aspies can sometimes be too stubborn to notice when their actions can negatively affect others. I imagine that he didn't imagine many people actually dying from the hungers strike, and his idealism pushed him in that direction.

  4. do female sociopaths pms?

    1. Yes. It makes us even more aggressive than usual. Now fuck off with your stupid questions.

      See? :P

    2. it's ok, I still love you :)

  5. We are approaching artificial intelligence. The Turing Test, once considered the "gold standard" for evaluating if an AI is equivalent to a human being, is no longer much accepted as such.

    In any case, while we await our computer overlords growing up, while we are still designing them, should we insist that they be sane and empathic, or should we require that AIs represent diversity? Should we design an AI android that represents every "color" in the DSM V, including psycho/socio/pathy?

    Think of it. On the one hand we might be able to come up with a GE or pharmacological method of making mental illness (or at least a few flavors) and the pathy's extinct in biological wetware womb born humans, we might create AI loonies and monsters in the name of diversity and preventing extinction!

    How would you decide? You're in control of the world. At least those of you who have delusions of grandeur.

    1. If we feel the need to make God in our own image then why wouldn't we make robots in our own image? AI will carry traits of its architects.

  6. "Big causes with little personal gain" hardly attracts the classic slick actor-type of psycho, and the lesser known types are more into getting a "private sweet spot" in life far away from ruckus and controversy & trite people. The "good" psycho cop gets to wear a uniform and most likely daydream vividly about upholding HIS LAW and punishing those who have OFFENDED HIM by breaking it & the firefighter is seen as a "hero" by most people, even if he just gets high on danger or gets horny by seeing things burn and explode up close..

    1. How about someone like Jim Jones though? Here is a blatant sociopath who led nearly 1,000 people to their death. That being said he started out as an average Christian preacher with a radical message of racial tolerance and acceptance. If he had died before he took his followers to California he might have gone done in history as a hero of the civil rights movement. He still would have been a sociopath, but his mask would have stayed tightly fitted.

      That's why I believe it's VERY possible that Ghandi and several other activists could have been sociopaths.

    2. The "classic psycho" in general can lead any type of organization under any title if this is to his advantage (power or money), but he will not go down with sinking ships: if he does, find other psychological explanations than sociopathy.

  7. hey all!
    I know it's weird, but to me, the main boov in the animation Home, is a sociopath.
    that's all. and it's the only comment I write here. :)
    and, I read somewhere, that all children have sociopathic behavior, so a sociopath is some one who has undirectly (!) chosen not to grow up in that way, so it's in some ways, a choice. you probably know this, so, I'm just saying:)
    Best to you all!

  8. Children don´t "censor" themselves, just do/say things they feel like. This is their sociopathy. Then the "inner censor" gets installed by mom & dad & school and the empath is manufactered. Its more an issue about "mental brakes" than maturity. Sophisticated psychopaths are often "jaded", not easily interested in anything, "childish" or "impressionable" are hardly the correct labels..

  9. Radical Agnostic:
    Did you see the film "Artificial Intelligence" (2001) ?
    A robot boy wants to become human so his mother will love him.
    At the end of the film, he uses a "fairy" to grant his wish.
    His mother returns to him and "loves" him just as he wishes. She lavishes love
    on him, and he tucks her into bed, then he gets in bed along side her.
    Some people thought it was subliminal incest. So what? If there is a 15-16 year
    age difference between parent and child, why can't they be "married" as long as
    no one is compelled by force?

  10. I recently read (one third) of your book, Jamie. It's kind of funny in a bizarre way, but ultimately self righteous and bland. Anyway, you can't match colors while being colorblind.

  11. WE have seen the posts/subjects before that compare Buddhist and Hindu enlightened to sociopaths. The reason is perfect enlightenment is grounded in the idea of complete non-attachment. The perfectly enlightened should not experience emotions, have no attachments to objects, people or nations. Gandhi achieved this most admirably. That these aspects also define most sociopaths make the comparison understandable. The differences between these people (enlightened) and a sociopath are the "enlightened" have mastered their inner desires and do what they do not out of selfishness but perfect compassion for all life.

    Yes his actions caused the deaths of some people. Hindus believe in reincarnation remember? For a Hindu he gave those people a nice dose of good karma since their deaths were in sacrifice for a greater good.

    1. Yeah, as a very emotional and empathetic person my path of enlightenment has been to learn to detach easily when necessary, follow the way of Buddha, thanks to a sociopath I have found happiness. I'm now immune to anti-social behaviors, they don't get to me, it did take a couple of years of inner work, worth the effort =)

    2. @Morbid Polar I am glad to have read your post.

      Non-attachment has been a learning from my experiences with a sociopath too. I would say I've found freedom as a result.

      I've learnt so much experientially and philosophically & am finding now that Zen extends my growth in all directions.

      Philosophically, I've moved from a Kantian, abstract view of the world to an Epicurean immersion in my own life and experience. Good things are easy to get :)

    3. @ North, yes, it's been quite a painful ride, but then again, so has every experience that has been worth for my development.

      On another note going back to Puppy Basket's original comment, I think we're looking for a balance point, of equilibrium with the environment, where we attach and detach properly to maintain good relationships with nature (humans are part of it). That is a constant work in progress....

  12. So many confuse the "sexual sadist" with psychopathy, if somebody wants to educate about "what´s what & who´s who" this is the issue. A "pure" law abiding socio sees the first mentioned condition as somebody who loves to hug garbage from trashcans or roll around in dung, w-e-i-r-d is the word.

  13. Ghandi and true sociopaths (not malignant narcissists) are similar in this way: they have an inner locus of control. That means they can tune out distractions far better than your average mortal and aren't overly concerned about trying to prevent their own deaths.

    In quieter moments (those not filled with religious ramblings or rage) where the intellect reigns, Ghandi and self aware sociopaths resemble Stoic philosophers.

  14. I saw a film about the French revolution. It was one of those "classic"
    1930's films. I used to watch all those films at the age of 12-14 because I never
    went out in the street.
    In this film, a man begs someone in aurthority if he can see the French Queen.
    She is about to have her head cut off. He wants to give her an encouraging
    message before her death. He says: "I'm just asking for one last visit at the cost
    of my own life." (He knows he will be killed as well.) He gives her the pep talk.
    It is heart rendering as are many of the films made at that time.
    I have a message for M.E.-an appeal-PLEASE DO SOMETHING FOR CASEY
    ANTHONY! Please show a vestage of humanity! Have a heart! She's only 28,
    Two years younger then you.
    She will have material support. That is not the problem. She needs to know that
    mistakes can be forgiven, that humanity can be shown. That is your entire
    mission. Please reach out to her and give her some hope. Have a heart. Prove
    that a sociopath has humanity! Only YOU can do it. Show the world they are
    wrong about sociopaths! Do it!

  15. Just because socios don´t identify/understand sadism they still can be very far removed from "humanity"! Many socios are under "heavy strain" from their normal relatives to have to endure their "empath issues" and "petty bickering", all the "humane" stuff the world loves to hear folks appreciate. But who thinks of the poor docile law abiding psycho having to politely listen to all that tiresome shite? Folks talking for half an hour about their swollen feet and, in detail, how they went to some doc to investigate their aching toe-problems!

    1. who is the egocentrical prick there ?

      Person who rambles on about their feet each and every fucking day, or the person who gets tired of listening. Id pick the first one. "Inflicting pain onto others and even feels no guilt and just pleasure doing so".


    2. "Lack of impulse control. Cannot stop their feet-talk. Doesnt empathise with victim hinting about having little time to stay... "

      etc.. It just continues.

      And they never ends those rants. And there is nothing to do about it. And if one does suggest something, they wouldnt listen anyway, because it is not about the pain. It is about them.

      If escaping such an narcsisistsic conversation is sociopathy, then count me in. Prodly. Morally speaking. God dam narcs... :)


  16. This question is based on another site, what is it that u want from me?

  17. No way was Gandi a sociopath. He wasn't after power at all, after India's independence he turned down offers of working in parliament, and wasn't a fan of government at all.He said "A society organised around principles of non violence would be an anarchist society", and he thought India should be composed of small communities that were self governing. If he was a sociopath he would have seized the opportunity to become president.

  18. I now believe Taylor Swift is a full on master sociopath. America's Sweetheart. She's good, yall.

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  20. Some of the most compassionate people are sociopaths ,, yes I think it's very possible . Not only possible I think people are misinformed of just how good the sociopath can actually be inside towards others.


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