Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I have heard (and used) this analogy before, but I like the way the adaption is described put in this comment from an older post:

A sociopath is like a color-blind person who sees the world in shades of gray but who has learned how to function in a colored world. He has learned that the light signal for “stop” is at the top of the traffic light. When the color-blind person tells you he stopped at the red light, he really means he stopped at the top light. . . . Like the color-blind person, the sociopath lacks an important element of experience—in this case, emotional experience—but may have learned the words that others use to describe or mimic experiences that he cannot really understand.


  1. The sociopath is FILLED with strong emotions and passions regarding himself and the objects/persons he desire. His mind is among the most fertile "fantasy-zones" in existence, way beyond any average empath. (This may make him slightly psychotic without this being recognized by the law).

    1. Like a controlled Borderliner ?

      If so, then BDP should be worse, in regards to society


      (I think you have a point, regarding some sociopaths. Most of them though, are probably just selfish dicks)

  2. We're all beyond that now. Our interest is M.E. What she intends to do
    with the rest of her life. She's only in her early 30's for Heaven's sake.
    Another 70 years of the "same old, same old" even though she has managed to
    evade poverty? Never I tell you. Never!

  3. Lol, this is stolen from without conscience

  4. An empath with fertile imagination gets labeled "great storyteller" & may win prizes as best author. The socio just gets labeled "devious". Is that fair?

    1. I shall repeat myself. I shall not only say theeezeee onzzzze.

      Just behave


  5. Nick, what a terrible tragedy. You´ve given so much. You deserved good things to happen. Who can really challenge the best moments of "your stuff"? No one can, not even the "nasal guy" from Minnesota..

  6. I'm a bit late getting to this but just a different perspective...

    Dogs don't see too well, but their sense of smell is phenomenal. They experience the world in an utterly different mode.

    Blindness - even colour blindness - has negative connotations. Disability.

    The different modes of interpretation and action for the sociopath - might they not be analogous to the poor-sighted dog's sense of smell rather than to colour blindness?

    Ted Ed: How do dogs "see" with their noses

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