Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Psych survey

From a reader:

Hi M.E.,

I read your book a few months ago, and I really loved it.  I created a psychology survey that looks at different psychological disorders for science fair, and I'm having a little trouble getting the link out to the masses.  Would you mind putting the link in one of your blog posts?  It would be very helpful.  the link is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VHTJ666

If you do decide to put it up, mention that only people with ASPD should participate in the survey.  

Thank you for your time!


  1. When you are a social out cast and you want to
    understand human motivations, you have no choice but to
    observe from a distance. You don't have the luxary of getting close
    to people because you wierd them out. You are a stigmatised
    person, like an elementray school child with the "cotties, people
    give you a wide berth-in the rare moments when they are not
    ridiculing you.
    I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the typical persuits of
    the "average" person. I can't connect with humans on a person to
    person level. Whenever I go to a large gathering of people, like a
    shopping mall, I am completely overwhelmed by the sheer
    numbers and variety of people. All shapes, sizes, and races.
    Who are these people? What are their concerns? How do their
    lives intersect with mine? Should it EVEN matter?
    Whenever YOU go in a large public gathering, do you ask
    yourself: "Did I marry the right person?" Could it be that
    somewhere among these thousands, there's a much more
    compatible person for me?"
    I saw the film "Slingblade," starring Billy Bob Thorton." He played
    a mentally ill man who murders two people, and is institualized
    for many years. He is briefly released back into society, and
    inevitably kills again. He seems barely functional in the film.
    Life on the "outside" is too challenging. Too many "variables" can
    ocurr. Upon his return to the hospital, he is asked by another
    inmate what his opinion is of the world "out there." "It's too big,"
    he responds. Which is another way of saying that it's too
    That's how I view the world.

    1. were all social outcasts to the 'wrong person'. we've all been rejected from the 'wrong person'. but you need to find your place in this big world, and a few people to encourage you along yr way... because you do matter to someone. You matter to yourself first and most.
      you might 'think' you weird some people out. but some people would enjoy to get to know you. its finding that all around community of respect, so this world don't feel too big for you - and you find comfort being in it.

    2. I would seriously recommend looking into dietary therapies. That view of the world being overwhelmingly big is, for instance, linked with neurological problems like B-vitamin deficiency. The best diet I've ever found for mental or behavioral disorders is the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet, developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. Read her book, follow the advice, and who knows, perhaps your anxiety will disappear.

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