Saturday, March 22, 2014

False exteriors

A reader sent this from the comic Saturday Morning Breakfast:


  1. Marriage... *shudders*

  2. Why bother with sock puppet? Is this a way to pretend what´s being said as "objective"? a method to appear less responsible for terse messages? If I had a sock puppet I´d label it (him) "The Bee-Keeper", a Scorpio male resembling "dreamworld stalkers" from movies and giving the impression of being a resurrected "trinity spirit" of infamous baddies: Ted, Jack & Zodiak, all rolled into one. I would activate the sock-puppet and the this conversation would follow:

    Me: "-You´re way scarier than sociopaths, most just seem weird & troubled.."
    Sock-Puppet: "-You should sniff my deoderants, THEY are bad!"
    Me: "-You´re too much of a Lover of Life to be a psycho, right?"
    Sock-Puppet: "-Did I give you permission to use me as sock-puppet??"

    I have re-evaluated the sock-puppet idea, it has its charms for sure..

  3. There are good and bad motives to ly.
    As an empath I have deep respect for ME's outing. It looks like a decision far beyond the horizon of a sociopath.
    Probably it is a cognitive decision substituting a moral decision. How much I would have esteemed such an outing during my acquaintance with a sociopath. I am not sure if I were a hero in this case. On the other hand: longtime acquaintances get aware of the socio character traits anyway...mostly without knowing nor recognizing sociopathy.

    Due to me and a little bit due to the socio, I did not take a plunge, besides the shock about the coldheartedness of a murderer.

    1. The advantage of non-outing: longtime aquaintancese may think what a strange guy but continue relationships and sociopaths make themselves comfortable with this reputation. They feel to have a sort of fool's license. Not quite the best preconditions to stay a well functioning sociopath.

    2. There currently is no positives (except, perhaps, narcissism), and many negatives, for "outing" yourself as a sociopath.

    3. Bob

      I agree. Society is not yet ready to accept sociopaths, so no point in outing oneself. Homosexuals, especially the ones with AIDS, had the same uphill battle 25 years ago. The main advice out there is to ostracize sociopaths or run away from them. Philadelphia, Tom Hanks all over again. History has a way of repeating itself. In my opinion, awareness and education is needed, and ME's book is a step in the right direction. Thoughts?


  4. Thank God! Thank God! I know the reason that M.E. was
    absent for most of the day. This was one of her "tests" to see
    how much people REALLY CARE! 3 posts ahead of mine!
    I usually post in the wee hours of the morning. On ordinary days,
    there usually are two or three posts ahead of mine. But it's only
    6:25 PM EST. Already, there are 3 posts ahead of mine!
    Can't people be upfront and honest and ADMIT M.E. is
    important to them? And they WOULD miss this blog if it were to
    If I AM incorrect about the reason the blog was released so late
    today, I can only assume that M.E. has "private problems," that
    interfered with the timely release of the blog. I don't think she'd
    want people sticking their noses in her personal affairs, but
    rest assured doll, that plenty of empaths post here and you can
    open your heart to them.
    Despite her protestations to the contarary, M.E. DOES have a

    1. Sure she has a heart, it is a vital organ that keeps her alive. Would be nice if she was an orgon donor, that way if she for some reason didn't make it until her last elderly days, someone could literally inherit her heart. Thats nice.

  5. just say what youre really feeling. If youre a true sociopath it shouldnt be hard because you dont give a fuck.

    1. She's probably just fucking with the guy's head.

    2. "really feeling" Trying to see if anyone is paying attention? I'm sure they are, but most likely don't care. Or do you not thoroughly think about your word choices when you write? Just saying!

  6. I can't be in relationships I get bored easily. Plus here's what I bring to relationships: Great Sex, Infidelity and Lies.

    1. Nice! Can I have you number Katie? Or is it Karl???

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