Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Managing expectations

For several years I was in a very corporate environment (until I got fired for shirking almost all work assignments).  My bosses would always admonish us to manage our clients' expectations.  By that they meant that we should under-promise so we would look like the hero when we exceeded expectations, or at the very least always meet their expectations.  This was an ok strategy most of the time, particularly when there was some information asymmetry between you and the client that made it difficult for the client to assess for itself the likely outcomes from your type of services.  In situations where the client is not clueless and can actually make an educated guess itself about what you should and shouldn't be able to accomplish, this can be a self-defeating strategy.  If they know from their own experiences that they can expect x quality at y price, when they come into your office and you tell them that you can only provide (x-10) at (y+1000) price, they'll just look elsewhere for services.

As part of my current job, I often give training presentations or workshops, either in-house or for other organizations or conferences.  I just started one in-house presentation yesterday -- a multi-week affair that most people have to attend because it looks good for promotion.  I have done this particular series before and found that most people's complaints revolved around it being too much work.  It also was too much work for me.  This time around I've revamped it to be the sort of thing that people (including me) can just show up to and have an interesting discussion.  But there is always the worry that people will not take it seriously at all, and then things will truly fall apart before the end of the series with possible damage to my reputation from people thinking that I am a "joke" or can otherwise be taken advantage of.  My plan of action (a risky plan of action) is to have the class be easy but to maintain appearances is to be seen as an authority such that they are afraid of my judgment, and also highlight the accomplishments and good ideas of their colleagues to foment peer pressure.  This way they will feel both vertical and horizontal pressure to put forth their better efforts, despite the casual structure of the class.

To establish myself as an authority, I told them that I chose this particular topic because it is something that I didn't know much about but wanted to learn.  I then told a story about someone famous in my field who happens to be in his 80s, and how he does a similar series with an emphasis on technology because that's the only way he can keep up with the latest and still remain relevant.  Still, I really played up my ignorance, turning to particular articles written by experts and saying I don't even know what they're talking about, and could someone get more esoteric?  I then proceeded to lead the discussion by asking insightful questions that I knew would be some people's specialities or at least a handful of people would know because of current events.  I stirred up this almost feeding frenzy of bragging, everyone eager to try to show off their own knowledge and expertise lest they be thought the lone idiot in the seminar, but I never let anyone get too comfortable either.  Finally at the end I take them along a particular polished thought experiment that blew their minds.  The truth is that although I am not an authority in this general subject area, I am in the particular subject matter we discussed this week and will discuss next week.  So now I've basically told them I'm an ignorant dilettante... who can also blow their minds.  If my plan has worked correctly, the thing they should be asking themselves today is -- if I think I'm an idiot at something in which I am so far above them, how good am I at the things that I would actually admit expertise?


  1. if I think I'm an idiot at something in which I am so far above them, how good am I at the things that I would actually admit expertise?

    Nothing new. Same as saying when entering a test "I didn't study" and come out with top marks. People will just think you are full of shit.

  2. Finally. Good topic M.E.

    I love these games. It's good to know when to use the right angle at the right time. I used to manage people's expectations by telling them a committee made decisions on their financial products pricing based on their financial standing.

    I wouldn't even talk about the financial product at all at first. I would talk about what the money they would get out of it would give them. I would sauce them up by pulling out their hopes and dreams. I would repeat it back to them in the most vivid way. I would have them imagine their kids playing in the swimming pool they wanted or ask them what kind of tiling they would have in their kitchen. Every answer they would give me I would dig even deeper. What style? Mosaic? Oh that's real nice. Granite, why would you go with that in paticular? Oh that makes sense? What design? How deep of a swimming pool? Do you have kids? Oh you probably should get a pool cover, right? What kind of cabinets? Are you going to put a pool table in the game room? New car, wow, sounds fun..What kind of car would you want? Oh yeah I those are pretty, what features do you like most about it? I don't talk people into decisions. I ask them the right questions and let them talk themselves into it.

    As soon as the dream sticks I hit them with pricing. Out-fucking-rageous pricing. I knew I would have to compete, so I wouldn't leave them on that note as the final answer. I would tell them that there was a committee that decided the pricing based on their standing in the financial community. I told them that I had their file and thought that they deserved better and I would go in and fight for them. The entire process I would make myself into their advocate. The one that made their dreams come true. I would wait a day and call them back. Boom, they had better pricing. I fought hard. I would have this huge story and get real into it. Of course, I was the committee. The one and only person who was deciding how much I would charge them based on how much commission I thought I could get away with. To them though I was the hero.

    I like playing the fool as well. In fact I love admitting to foolery believe it or not. When I got my job in the financial sector I claimed I knew what I was doing. I had no clue at all. So when they gave me my position I went around and asked the other agents for help. People love showing off how much they know. I ended up using the combination of all the knowledge I got from the top agents to beat them eventually, because while they all had their little tricks, I used a combination of all of their tricks that they refused to learn from each other because of their egos. They never thought I would even make it let alone take number one.

    With management and customers I used my confidence. I was the expert. I faked it till I made it. I ended up ruining a couple of accounts. This one lady would call and call all year long about how I ruined her finances. Like a ghost.

  3. Nice post. I do the same thing.

    "@Wheatley: Go stuff you head in a box of Wheaties, or something. I won't engage you because you are just a kid. It wouldn't be very sporting of me. I do have standards. "

    Whatever. Don't think you'd be a match for me though.

  4. 'People love showing off how much they know "

    So do you, hehe.

  5. Nice post. I do the same thing.

    That's just it though.

    Everybody does, and if your dealing with simpletons you'll get away with it. Working as an Engineer dealing with people who know control instead of working within the industry that gave the easiest free ride on the planet? Not so much.

  6. I've been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. I have about three months to live. I guess I'll spend my last hours doing what I want.

    Good luck UKan and to everyone I enjoyed talking to here.

  7. I guess I'll spend my last hours doing what I want.

    What is that?

  8. 'Doutable', to say at least.

    Considering for a moment that this would be true. If your liver is in such a bad state that you only have 3 months to live your body should be a skinny wreck by now, there wouldn't be much 'to do what you want' left.

    Liver cancer doesn't kill you overnight, the liver is a very strong organ and liver cancer progresses slowly. Your health should have been terrible for a very long period by now, and as said before with only 3 months to live your liver should be in a state that you're an overall wreck.

    Tell me, what's the cause? Alcohol or other reason? Even an average heavy alcoholist would have to drink very much on a daily basis during at least 20 years to have terminal liver cancer.

    I drunk much for more than 10 years, although not on a daily basis, only about every 3 days (so my liver had a small amount of time to recover each time), and I always drunk min. 1,5 liter of water a day. When I had a liver test about 1 year ago my liver and overall health was still perect.

    So unless you could come up with more details, your story sounds very unlikely to be true.

  9. the liver is a very strong organ

    bloody oath it is!

  10. Sorry to hear that TNP. You are one of the good guys, to Frank. Wish I could do something to help.

  11. I am very sad to hear that TNP.

  12. we should under-promise so we would look like the hero when we exceeded expectations,

    I see. I see this is a plus now whereas before I only saw the deficiency. Thank you.

  13. a plus (comma) now ?

    a plus now (comma) ?


    a plus( comma) now (comma) ?

  14. i dunno, i have a bad feeling that's the real TNP. I really hope not though.

  15. It sounds like the real TNP, to me. I hope he can talk on here without jerks ripping in to him.

  16. Don't worry, Caroline. TNP has hot dragon ass-breath. No one here can touch him.

  17. wish we knew what tnp looked like. it's hard to feel empathy for someone you can't see. amirite?

  18. oh so now you are saying that blind people can't have empathy?

  19. ░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄

  20. TNP's blog was one of the most generous things I ever saw.

  21. Good morning SW! How is everyone today?
    Today I'll be popping in from time to time with little treats, I'm calling: The Early Days of Erin.

    You may have deleted your Blogger comments Ami, but you can't delete the ones you made as 'Anonymous Erin'.
    I'm wondering if you wrote M.E. And begged him to delete your comments from before your Blogger account....


    I thought we'd start with a quote from SocioFreemason first:

    "This is my opinion.I have a Masters degree in Counseling.My mother is a shrink." - Erin

    See you guys later... :D

  22. please dont imitate me and use my name. thanks.

  23. Alterego said: Ukan, hun, you spew *paragraph upon paragraph* dedicated to praising yourself, defending of all of your actions.

    Ukant said: Show me. I can show you. Just look at every single comment you have made since the beginning of the day. It is all about you. It is all 'I' 'I've' 'mine' 'my' and 'I'm'. Now look at what I've said. It's all 'you' 'your' and 'you're'. If anyone in here is going on about themself... bla bla bla."

    Riiight. Now listen to yourself, narc:

    When I got my job in the financial sector I claimed I knew what I was doing. I had no clue at all. So when they gave me my position I went around and asked the other agents for help. People love showing off how much they know. I ended up using the combination of all the knowledge I got from the top agents to beat them eventually, because while they all had their little tricks, I used a combination of all of their tricks that they refused to learn from each other because of their egos. They never thought I would even make it let alone take number one.

    Blah blah blah. M.E finally posted something good! Everyone listen to me as I spout paragraph upon paragraph extolling myself, describing what a deceptive freaking wonder *I* would be in this kind of situation. Yakkity yak yak. I'm so great. Watch me as I slick back my greasy hair, puff out my chest, and beat it with my fists. Smokin' my e-cigs and watching pirated Tony Robbins videos. Better not look at myself the next time I drive a car, I might fall off a cliff. LOL

    That is why I'm doing this to you; to show you who you really are.

    Unh-huh. :D

  24. @Wheatabix: You're so right. I just don't have what it takes to take *you* on. So I won't. You're just sooo intimidating.

    ::shivering in her boots::


  25. Ami Behind Every BushJanuary 25, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    I guess no one can let me go lmfao

  26. Sooooooo, where did those "standards" suddenly go? Or did you have a divine intervention?

  27. Theme Songs for SW RegularsJanuary 25, 2012 at 8:47 AM

    Theme Song for Bible Anon

  28. Yes; Ami probably does have enough 'bush' to hide behind. But everyone already kinda knew that...

  29. The subject of Ami is boring. What is with this fucking shit? Get off it, already.

  30. Anon 901 is UKan. He doesnt like to share the spotlight.

  31. Wheatster, that ain't taking you on. :)

    WV: pedie, LOL

  32. Fucking Ami is just boring.

  33. Ami is a stupid cunt. Case closed.

  34. I am so important. Tell me all about myself.

  35. Aw... I knew you'd like this game. Don't worry, it's going to be loads of fun to reminisce. :)

  36. Come now Altered Ego. Did me calling you a narcissist yesterday sting that much? Something hit close to home didn't it? That's you waited and waited and waited till the next day to finally find me using 'I' in my sentence? That's not how patterns work Altered Ego. You have to look for consistency. You consistently talk only about yourself.

    I like how you call it sadism: your envy. It's nothing of the sort. You don't want to admit that you were envious of that girl do you? How interesting. I wonder why that is. In fact you admitted it in so many words and then you backtracked. NO IT WASNT ENVY IT WAS SADISM. IM SADISTIC GUYS!!!! No your not. Getting some boy drunk and fucking him just because some fat friend of yours is preferred over you is a move made out of jealousy not sadism. There's nothing sadistic about it. Every sadist in here would laugh at such a description.

    Exageration, another tool of the narcissist. Like when you called what you did a sexual assault. Ha ha ha. You can't rape the willing you cunt. You didn't sexually assault him, you had sex with him you little slut. You had sex with some ugly toad just to show your fat friend that you were better than her. You felt inferior so you felt the need to prove yourself. Only you were so ugly that you had to get him drunk just to fuck you. Still he protested.

    It's a precedent. I can tell this is a defining moment in your personality.

  37. Anon is not me, idiot. If I have something like that to say I'll say it. And I don't think we should drop Ami. We should torment her here forever.

  38. Hi, Haven. Yes, that's some fake TNP. But, I've been gone a while. Is TNP really sick?

    I have another question for you. Remember the test,
    Have you taken it? Would you believe if you heard of someone scoring under 30% on all items in there?

    I'm asking you because I both value your opinion, and know that yours would not be fake. Otherwise, if anybody else has an opinion I'm certainly curious to hear theirs too.


    "In court Friday, Assistant State's attorney Wes Adams read a statement from Peprah saying she couldn't understand why a mere boy would have murder on his mind. The prosecutor says Wonsom is a sociopath."

  40. Hi there,

    I have never heard of someone scoring below 30% on everything. I would interpret that to mean you are either

    1 - emotionally inhibited in all areas of expression. Probably hyper rational (think Spock), flat affect but also without the typical impulsivity or anger of ASPD.


    2- extremely well adjusted; moreso than your average person who averages in the 40's haha.

    =) How've you been?

  41. Fine, baby, thank you for not calling my name.

    I agree with what you are saying. Hyper rational without any aspd, or bpd. Is this possible? I'd have thought the averages are there because som epeople lean on bpd, some on aspd. To be below average on all of them is amazing to me. Is it possible that this person is unaware of self-fallacies? Living in an imaginary, supposedly rational realm?

  42. Haven, I was thinking about you the other day. You are also a very calm bpd, don't you think? Very rational in many ways in your thought processes. Then you say you behave in a bod way. Hard to believe since we have not seen you lose it at all. You are one cool chic, I tell you that. Very classy.

  43. Haven is a fantastic person.

  44. It's definitely possible. Many of the people I went to school with and work with currently are this way. Rather emotionaless but extremely intelligent. Of course this results in many of them being more than a little socially awkward as well, but that's Spock for you. Below average on all things is definitely unusual. It is an internet quiz though, so if you want any conclusive opinions you should probably talk to a psych.

    I would think that living in an imaginary sort of existence would actually score higher in the schizoid/schizotypal areas. Rationally imaginary is an oxymoron. Sort of. Now I'm thinking Sci-Fi. Sorry. Anyways.

    Being unaware of self-fallacies could account for low scores. It seems you would have to be very unaware of your own behavior though, to the point where you walk around with the perception of an automaton. That kind of deficit in self-awareness would probably run counter to a superior intellect. Or qualify you as a mad scientist =)

  45. To score high on narcissism, you need to answer yes to questions like "Are you amazing" "Are you superior"

  46. I can be very calm, but I am also quite susceptible to losing my shit. I've only really lost it in this forum once I think, though my temper does occasionally get the better of me.

    I'm very self-aware which many borderlines are not. I'm also very intelligent (and modest!) which contributes to my ability to maintain more logic and rationale. I'm also dissociative, so while I am prone to being emotionally unstable, I am also have the opposite problem of being emotionally unavailable/shut down.

    When I was younger I was much more volatile, in all ways you can imagine. Now that I'm a bit older and have been actively working to improve my life I don't act out as much. I turn inwards instead which is much less visible. ::shrug::

    But thank you =) I just try to be a better version of myself.

  47. I am debating dating a guy of this sort, Haven. You said Spock and then Sci-Fi as if these are two different things. I am aware of some of his mis-perceptions about himself. But, I sure am willing to respect results like this. Sounds like a safe dude to date, no? The only danger seems to be boredom. These people you know who are like this, are they any fun?

  48. One sure has to respect awareness and education in terms of ability to control behavior. I wish that you don't get tested unnecessarily and keep it the way you want for as long as you'd like, Haven.

  49. Haven, you seem to have suspected my results are like this. My results were higher than average in schizoid, aspd and narcissism.

    I'll drop this name that I am using after today. Don't want to cause any confusion for your name.

  50. ::laughs:: Don't get me started on Sci-Fi categories haha. I'm a Star Wars fanatic afterall. A Trekkie I am not. Though you have to respect Spock. He definitely sounds safe, and probably very stable. Does he have much passion? It doesn't seem like he would but that's not for me to judge. I can definitely see boredom being a problem. The people I know like this aren't exactly the social types. If you find hyper intelligent computer nerds that are really into table top gaming 'fun' then yes! They're a blast. But like I said they tend to be a bit socially awkward. They're really witty and fun to talk to though. Not people I'd see going out dancing with me or going on adventures. So depends on what you consider fun.

    Unfortunately my life seems to be one emotional test after another. Right now I only have 3 or 4! ::headdesk:: ::shrug::

  51. This is where it all began. On a blog called: Women Who Love Sociopaths

    Anonymous Erin said...

    I love a Socio

    July 4, 2011 6:32 PM

    Anonymous Erin said...

    But I have kept him at arms length cuz I know he IS one.
    I THINK anyone can change with God--only---Jesus only

    I think Son of Sam had a true change. I heard a radio interview with him. He was as normal as I am

    July 4, 2011 6:34 PM

    It's starts off boring at first, but gets retarded fast! Stay tuned...

  52. I'm told I'm rather perceptive ;) Someone stable and very rational would potentially make a very good balance for someone with scores like that. Opposites attract and compliment they say.

    I don't mind whatever name you use. I've only ever used this logon so I doubt anyone would confuse you for me.

  53. haven, what keeps you from having the psychopathic objectification of others? bundy gave us a chilling glimpse inside a psychopaths thought process when he said "what's one less person on the planet?" what stops you from having this hardened albeit coldly rational worldview?

  54. Anon are you new? I'm not a psychopath. I also don't have control over my dissocation.

  55. yes. i'm curious to know how others can't have that sort of rationality, psychopath, or not.

  56. i think i am going for geek orthodox

  57. Frankfurt... how about Tantric Buddhism?

  58. TNP is definitely lying.

  59. No way is Haven more calm than me. I am the embodiment of cool, calm and collected in this place. Haven't you noticed? ;)

    I am upset about TNP, hope you're ok Note. Please update us.

    I need to go chill now...

  60. i am a little person. i would need to find that special woman.

  61. sociopaths are boringly stable.

  62. Blogger Medusa said...

    Erin you are very naive.

    July 4, 2011 6:58 PM
    Blogger Haven said...

    I think Erin just wants attention.

    July 4, 2011 6:59 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    No Haven
    I am totally serious.
    I love a Socio.
    But I am very intelligent and not an idiot .

    July 4, 2011 7:13 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Why an I naive Medusa?

  63. Anonymous Erin said...

    I would like your opinions on things.That is why I am here.
    I love a socio.
    I have not let him close cuz I am not an idiot but I love him.
    I know God can change anyone if that person is WILLING--most especially.
    You guys will prolly laugh at this.
    I expect that but Jesus died to cure/heal anything that has a name
    Sociopath is a name.
    I am sure you are gonna laugh at me but I am not messing with anyone here.

    July 5, 2011 11:44 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Thanks Medusa
    Just read your comment
    I assume you are a female
    Are you a sociopath?

    July 5, 2011 11:46 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    WHY do you think it is HE who is keeping me at arms length?

    July 5, 2011 11:47 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    I do not chase him. He comes back stronger with his feelings for me--each time.
    I do not chase. I will not go forward until/unless my heart has a peace.
    If my heart NEVER feels he is safe and NOT a socio,I will NEVER go forward.
    I will not put myself in danger.However,my heart loves him
    It feels what it feels.
    That is the situation.

  64. Anonymous Erin said...

    How do you suck out a soul?
    E-A -S Y
    Socio's specialize in this.

    July 5, 2011 1:04 PM

  65. Anonymous Erin said...

    [quote] Would anyone care to speculate on what Bella, Erin and Toy offer and the relative functionality of their misanthropic partners?[/quote]

    Bella, Erin, Toy: perhaps you are inclined to further explore your interest in being hosts and your partners' allure

    Yes I am trying to understand your comment .
    OK *I* would like to explore why I love a socio--Yes
    I would like to explore what some of you said about the dance of it, the game with NO end in sight but my lessening as a person.

    July 5, 2011 4:12 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    WHAT is lacking in me that I love a socio?
    Most woman would not .Even with mine--90 % walked away in disgust but a few wanted him. Why? What was it about those few,myself being one

    July 5, 2011 4:31 PM

  66. Anonymous Erin said...

    This is my question to the Socio's
    If you would allow me to go step by step, I would like to ask you how YOU see things,how YOU think.

    You see an attractive woman,one you would be interested in---What do you think?
    IOW--What is your first thought/ thought processes?

    July 5, 2011 5:09 PM

  67. She is really really repetitive.

    Like simple mindedly so.

    She sounds so blank, and desperately dumb.

  68. Alter, I have to follow my husband on this one. Consistency is key. Every comment anyone ever says about you ever you have to respond to. And you don't interact with other people, but take what they say as cues to talk about yourself and how you are. My favorite being when Raven had objections about your religion and her father, to which you replied:
    My father wasn't like that.
    I didn't grow up with religion.
    My childhood was pretty happy.
    I'm still special and wonderful.

    I'm going to start paraphrasing your comments to try to show you more clearly, but I know that none of this will ever get through to you, as your delusions have to be so strong. But it's fun for all of us to watch you turn into Demon and David.

  69. @ Missus the likes of you is not worth addressing someone like Alterego in that haughty fashion. People can see how much more elevated she is than you.

  70. how come there is no "Newer" or "Newest" link anymore on comments

    What do I have to change in the url to see past 200 manually?

  71. Come now Altered Ego. Did me calling you a narcissist yesterday sting that much?

    Oh yeah. I haven't been able to stop sobbing all day.

    Something hit close to home didn't it? That's you waited and waited and waited till the next day to finally find me using 'I' in my sentence?

    "Finally?!" Bwahahahaa! *You* asked me to show you, so I did. And I didn't have to wait very long. Thanks for proving my point so expediently, hoser. :)

    That's not how patterns work Altered Ego. You have to look for consistency.

    That's right! And you *consistently* put everyone down while praising yourself. Just like a big fat narc, inflated to the point of bursting with hot air. Why are you so afraid of my little needle that you feel the need to obssess about this *so* much? :)

    You consistently talk only about yourself.

    Well, there is some truth to that. I only recently identified sociopathic traits in myself, so I have been mirroring my own behavioral patterns against others with similar traits.

    As opposed to, say, spending ALL of my time attacking everyone. Because we all know that you are the penultimate sociopath, right? Anyone who conducts themselves differently is a pathetic fraud. You would know, being such a well educated psychiatrist, and all.

    Leave the analyses to those qualified to make them. The only thing you have in common with a shrink is the fact that you both dispense drugs. Pfft.

    like how you call it sadism: your envy. It's nothing of the sort. You don't want to admit that you were envious of that girl do you? How interesting. I wonder why that is.

    Ohh yeah. I'm afraid to admit that I was "envious" of a 300 pound "friend" I had about 15 years ago, LOL! Keep on struttin' and deflectin' right off that cliff, you preening pea-cock. :)

    In fact you admitted it in so many words and then you backtracked. NO IT WASNT ENVY IT WAS SADISM. IM SADISTIC GUYS!!!! No your not.

    I try not to be inappropriately sadistic these days... And it's "you're". /grammar police.

    Exageration, another tool of the narcissist. Like when you called what you did a sexual assault. Ha ha ha. You can't rape the willing you cunt. You didn't sexually assault him, you had sex with him you little slut.

    *Groan*! Ukan. How dense can you get? I believe I even put quotations around the words "sexual assault", followed by "(LOL!)" It isn't my fault you were too thick to notice.

    Of course, you only ever read anyone's posts to twist them and throw them back into people's faces, because that's what REAL sociopaths do, hyuck hyuck!

    You remind me of those domly doms who think that everyone whose kinks differ from theirs cannot be TRUE s/m "devotees". Maybe I should start calling *you* demon, ya poser! LOL

    Deflection may be an art, but you use it as a crutch. What is so weak inside of you that it requires a constant propping up? Time to broaden your arsenal.

    You had sex with some ugly toad just to show your fat friend that you were better than her.

    Oh jeepers. He wasn't even that bad... He just had really frizzy hair, lol!

  72. MHM, it is visible for me on the previous posts. Just not today because we havent hit that mark yet.

  73. The only thing you have in common with a shrink is the fact that you both dispense drugs. Pfft.

    Piss myself laughing

  74. Kanney, sweetie, you don't *exist* apart from your husband. You admitted as much yourself.

    You're too easy to decimate to keep me interested in your antics for long.

  75. Alter, I am curious. I thought I remembered you saying that you had been diagnosed antisocial when you were a teen? I would like to know more about how that came about. Generally, teens dont volunteer for therapy, especially ones with pds.

  76. Anonymous Erin said...

    I REALLY appreciate the Socio's POV.
    I think my being a royal mess emotionally was what made me fall for a socio and still CARE.
    However,in my defense,I have not let him close.
    Thank God,I am a VERY logical person. That is my saving grace plus

    I know things.I may love him but I will be damned if I am gonna open my raw neck and have my blood sucked out by a socio.

    July 5, 2011 9:24 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Thanks Sociojack
    You know you seem like you really care though.
    How does THAT fit with being a socio?

    July 5, 2011 9:26 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    why does sociapaths try to drive cuius peeple away

    July 5, 2011 9:31 PM
    Anonymous Sabian said...

    Curious people are a disgrace to humanity and should be aborted. Just sayin'.

    July 5, 2011 9:35 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    You know Sabian
    A socio is one thing.An ass is another.Just sayin

    July 5, 2011 9:48 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Who cares about an ass.I was stupid to respond.I will be back tomorrow to continue my quest for info.
    Thanks all who GIVE info not jerks who like to act like a 3 year old idiot baby .
    Go suck your pacifier Idiot

    July 5, 2011 9:50 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    why does sociapaths say words that are nuthing

    July 5, 2011 9:53

  77. Damn Alter is good

  78. So Raven, re: the Erin/Ami saga, who came first? It was Ami then Erin but Erin was an account so she deleted her comments? Did she acknowledge that it was the same person? How was she discovered or uncovered or whatever?

  79. Alter, sorry to butt in, all i know about you is that you are religious. So, with respect i dont read anything you write. I do have one question though, why do you talk so much? What is so interesting in this world that you feel the need to talk quite so much? I'm curious. (I'm not really, but go ahead and give me some needless insight into your mind).

  80. I guess she came around as Ami first, but not long enough to count for shit. Then she came on as an anonymous Erin. She came on very steadily, and it didn't take her very long before she started using Blogger Erin; not skipping a beat.

    Pretty much all of Blogger Erin, has been deleted by her. But that's okay. I'm just getting started. I'm so fucking manic and need shit to do... so this will also give me the time to collect the her quotations off of other people's comments. So you can start to see her form her character more.

    I believe the first person to expose her true identity, was Piles.

  81. Anonymous Erin said...

    Thank you Sociojack
    I came on here armored,afraid to let my guard down at all but I DO appreciate your kindness to me in your willingness to share what makes you tick.
    I WANT to understand this man I think I love.

    July 6, 2011 5:53 AM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Holy fuck retards, the learning disabled post is thataway >>>

    July 6, 2011 5:54 AM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    why does sociapaths think u can luv sum1 on a cumputer

    July 6, 2011 5:56 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    I was thinking that maybe I have socio tendencies .
    This gives me peace, really.I have been running from them since I was a child.
    I have an inner sociopath.
    However, I only think them .I do not do them.
    There is a part of me that is very cold.
    I was molested by my mother.I think I broke.

  82. An example of Alterego's logic:

    Everybody here is just copying UKan.

    The second UKan accuses her of being a narc, she starts accusing him of being a narc.

  83. Piles, huh? Interesting. The plot thickens! ;)

    So that must be tough having long manic periods. I only get them in spurts. Do you feel like you are a superhuman? Like your mind can access hidden depths of understanding? Like its processing at a higher speed and it is forming connections more than usual?

  84. Anonymous Erin said...

    Can one BE a sociopath but CHOOSE not to hurt others from a moral place?
    I think that is me

    July 6, 2011 6:24 AM
    Anonymous Nire said...

    Erin, you don't always react the way I expect you to, and quite frankly it pisses me off.

    I'm trying to get under your skin here, so the least you can do is humour me by reacting, and in such a way that gives me at least a *little* more information about how I can best pull your strings.

    I mean, for goodness sake you cold-broken-sociopath-in-denial (see what I did there?), sometimes you're like Fort Knox.

    July 6, 2011 6:28 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Waaah! *cries and shatters*

    July 6, 2011 6:29 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Find your own name .Don't dog me on here like a stupid baby.
    If you want to be a Big F baby,you are doing a great job.
    Hope you feel proud of yourself.

    July 6, 2011 6:49 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Well Nire
    You can't get under my skin cuz I am HAPPY I finally learned who I am.
    You see--why would you get under my skin.
    I have just found my long lost twin--me

    July 6, 2011 6:50 AM

  85. Right alter. I actually said show me yesterday. You couldn't. I'm not here to describe myself to people. That's your thing. Its tiring. The constant day after day of describing yourself and how you are better than us because of you turned your life to jesus.

    You keep saying sociopathic traits. More exaggerations. You are either a sociopath which is on the extreme end of narcissism or you are a narcissist. What you are saying is that you are a narcissist. Its not news to me. I can see it in everything you write.

    You were envious of that 300 pound blimp. You said it yourself. You said you were incredulous that the guy chose her over you. Tell me, how did that make you feel Altered ego? You must be quite the fatty yourself if he chose that whale over you

  86. "Oh yeah. I haven't been able to stop sobbing all day."

    I'm above being offended by you, (though I can't help but write responses.)

    "Ohh yeah. I'm afraid to admit that I was "envious" of a 300 pound "friend" I had about 15 years ago, LOL! Keep on struttin' and deflectin' right off that cliff, you preening pea-cock. :)"

    I feel no need to modify this in anyway to disclose your vanity, as I think this should even be clear to you upon rereading it.

    "I try not to be inappropriately sadistic these days... And it's "you're". /grammar police."

    I was sadistic then, but I'm better than that now, as I'm appropriately sadistic to be appealing socially.

    I have faith that this will start to get more interesting the more you speak, alter.

  87. Even though Ami's come a long way (language-wise), everything she says is still fucking annoying...

  88. Yeah... you could say I feel like a super human. I can get extremely grandiose and delusional. I just feel like I'm a juggernaut. My mind gets sped up. Processes a lot of information quickly... but too quickly sometimes to properly express myself. And I've noticed my spelling gets bad when I'm like this. Not just misspelling, but spelling things in a really strange way.

    Like spelling "dream" as "dreem"... or worse than that even. lol

  89. Alter, play with me! Lets pretend we're the only bullies in the playground. Especially since all they can do is sling pixels at us. Tell me about your diagnosis, pretty please? Dont make me bat my eyelashes and make doe eyes with my angel face! You dont want me to turn on The Cuteness (unless you got a syringe of insulin handy).

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. What's with all the tldr;

    Fuck you guys, learn to be succinct.

  92. @Sarah: I was diagnosed with ODD as a teen. My mother made me see a shrink when she divorced my father, whom I think is a psychopath. I hated going there and lied to her about virtually everything, but she must have seen through at least *some* of my crap to diagnose me with ODD. Thankfully, she didn't diagnose me with conduct disorder, although in retrospect, I think I may have fit the criteria.

    I never told her about the violence, vandalism, drug abuse etc, but she knew all about the truancy and defiance, courtesy of my mom, with whom she met separately. I also never revealed that my father intermittently beat the crap out of me as a child. I bet my mom didn't either :p

    I only discovered my "official" diagnosis when I rummaged through her notes one day when she had temporarily left the office.

    In truth, I couldn't wait to get out of those sessions.

  93. Its true wheat. Just like with david. Just like with Luke. Its funny how they cheer when I'm picking on someone else, like altered did in the forums, but when they get picked on all of a sudden I'm bullying people to make myself look better. How convenient. I'm putting you down because self righteous narcissistic christians are disgusting people to me. How dare you threaten to hijack this place with your rubbish religion. Like all christians you are pathetic ajd your religion is your weakness not your strength.

    Its funny also that you are now correcting typos altered. How desperate.

  94. Where's Monica/Caroline?

    I mean... I thought for sure she'd still be around, since this Erin/Ami person is obviously NOT her. :D

  95. Alterego comes here to offer you rubes something, but you are too clueless to see it. Pity

  96. "Kanney, sweetie, you don't *exist* apart from your husband. You admitted as much yourself."

    I've become cuter and condescending here to elevate my status. I'm also using insults against you that you yourself have pointed out as I have no originality and nothing else to use.

    "You're too easy to decimate to keep me interested in your antics for long."

    I tire of your pointing out my vanity, so I block out what you say.

  97. Raven, I get that way, too. Glad its infrequent. Its amazingly awesome, but it wears me out. Sometimes my writing isnt very cogent, but other times I will write some Really Good Shit.

    Writing words strangely was good enough for Joyce, so you're in good company ;)

  98. @Ukan: Yesterday, today, it's all the same to me. Don't you know that narcissists need their beauty sleep? Plus, I was too lazy to go through the archives, but I knew I wouldn't have to wait long. You did not disappoint. :D

    On a more pragmatic note, I think we live in different time zones.

    And Sarah, I'll play with you any day of the week. :)

  99. Bible Anon is Ami too, Raven. Obviously. She now takes some kind of pride in being an anon. I think she was all those "King of the Anons" 's too.

  100. So when was it that you know who changed your life, Alter? How old were you?

  101. "Alterego comes here to offer you rubes something, but you are too clueless to see it. Pity"

    Oh, there you are Ami. I knew you couldn't resist coming here to cling to your new super hero, as at least one of your many stupid characters.

  102. @Sarah:

    I'd love to tell you more about me! I had a dramatic enough childhood to make me interesting. I was a capable liar, and have a very endearing bad kid image, elusively implied to be intriguing with my druggy truant nature being brought to light. Thanks to my insignificant mother who disclosed so many of my secrets to my shrink.

    I guess my shrink had to have been a little intelligent to diagnose me with ODD, though I didn't think she was as smart as I was. I only discovered her opinion when I was searching diligently to find it behind her back, snooping through her papers to measure her opinion of me, as people's opinions of me matter so much.

    I hated being so transparent.

  103. Something tells me Alter doesnt really want to be seen as a superhero.

  104. You weren't asleep. In fact you were still posting hours later when I was asleep. Still spinning around from the last thing I said. Still crying about me deflecting the few things you said about me as if that is a fault. Ha ha ha. I didn't have to go in the archives to show you how you talk about yourself all day. I just pulled the last thing you said. Ajd the last thibg you said before that. And the last thing you said before that. And the last thing you said before that. In fact the entire day yesterday and the day before and the day before that and actually almost every single comment you have ever made here was all about you. I, Me, Mine, I'm. Your favorite words.

  105. It's uncanny isn't it? She's idolized almost every narc who came through here: David, Luke, TCO and now Alter. Actually, she still idolizes all of them...

  106. Ok MK that made me lol nice pixel slinging ;)

  107. I knew she'd get to be more fun in no time, though she started out tedious.

  108. I found that amusing too.

    Mal narc!!!

    But the narcissists of course are wonderful, charming, and much too much for her delicate demeanor. If she met them, she'd be swooped up!

  109. Oh, and Wheatley, please don't take this to mean I think you need defending, but

    Alter, Wheatley could beat you at a battle of wits under the table every day, even at her age. And using her age to be condescending toward her is presumptuous and iditotic. She's more capable and intelligent than you have ever been in your life, and from this point on you only get older and your brain will only work harder. And you will always need your God to find your value, as you have so little on your own.

    Wheat, I get irritated when people resort to condescension to people by the standard of age. Seriously, I know you don't need it.

  110. "It's uncanny isn't it? She's idolized almost every narc who came through here: David, Luke, TCO and now Alter. Actually, she still idolizes all of them..."

    And what are you Wheatley? Some autistic freak? Despite your intelligence the future doesn't look so bright for you does it ...

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. Aw, David, did Ami Idolize you?

  113. How dare you threaten to hijack this place with your rubbish religion

    How DARE you hijack this place with your chronic, lame put-downs?

    Get over yourself.

    @Sarah: I was about 20 when I had a dream that changed my life forever. That may sound trite to some people, but it had a very profound impact on me.

  114. @Sarah: I was about 20 when dreamt I saw God who spoke to me directly, but I'm trying to be elusive and mysterious again. That may sound unbelievable to some people, but it had a very profound impact on me so it had to be real.

    I should say, even though in the bible if you behold God you cannot do it by his literally overwhelming image. (Moses when he sees God's back and his face shone)

  115. I don't mind MK, I appreciate the kind words. But I'm not a "she". :/

    You may say my future looks bleak, David, but even if that were true, at least I have a future. You've wasted yours being a professional wanker.

    Also I'm not autistic.

  116. I thought someone said you were a she. I'm actually glad you turned out to be male. I always prefer that, as I find it so difficult to respect any opinion a female has. :D just kidding.

    But I had thought someone said it so my apologies.

  117. The only thing that confuses me about ami/erin/caroline and the ret of those retards is the fact that her new hero is a female. From what I remember, she hated all the women and only idealized the men.

  118. She has a thing for narcissists. Maybe she isn't narcissist specific. Though she hated me because she thinks I'm a mal narc. Maybe she only hates women who aren't actually narcissists.

  119. Lol. To be fair: I've been purposefully ambiguous about it lately. But yeah, it's true: I've got a Y-chromosome. :P

  120. Monica idealizes her "socio gf", so there's that.

    Alter, so after this dream at 20, you changed your wicked ways completely? Or was it a gradual change?

  121. Kanney, I am not trying to be elusive or mysterious, just to make supper, lol!

    Stick to interior design. Then you can make sure your kids match your curtains. As a bonus, you'll be able child-proof your home against Kannit's drug stash. You wouldn't want your precious little darlings gobbling up all that profit and messing with your next ticket to Tahiti, now would you? :D

  122. I'm not even sure how that's supposed to be insulting.

  123. Kanney isn't insulted because thats how her life really is. Thats sad!

  124. I think she just calls people she hates mal narc, MK. She called her mum and Medusa mal narc too.

  125. @sarah: Oh, it was definitely gradual.

    Hmmm. I wonder what profound psychological insights "_smR-Kany" will deduce from that treasure trove of information.

    Do you think she changed her name in a lame attempt to be humorous, or to emancipate herself from her husband's omnipresent identity? Of course, she'll probably say it is to clearly distinguish her newfound role as SW's latest "super-shrink"

  126. Actually, it's just women she hates. Probably because she thinks her mum was a mal narc, so everyone that reminds her of her must be one too.

  127. I'm not even sure how that's supposed to be insulting?

    No, you wouldn't, would you?


  128. Anonymous Erin said...

    If my guy is a Socio--will he always be coming back if I am pulling away and then going away when I move close.
    Is it FOREVER thus?

    July 6, 2011 8:20 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    This is my larger point.WHAT is wrong--deep inside-- with the woman who love Socio's.
    What is missing in them?
    There has to be a reason.
    What is the reason DEEP inside the woman?

    July 7, 2011 7:10 AM
    Anonymous Pearl said...

    Could you update the site theme, M.E.? Maybe something red with hearts?

    July 7, 2011 7:29 AM
    Anonymous Kong said...

    Is it FOREVER thus?

    Oh dear Erin, why so feverish and wan? Get thee to the smelling salts! Quick!

    July 7, 2011 8:24 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Hi Kong
    Well I yearn for him. Yet, I look and try to see what in ME is broken that I DO yearn for someone like him.
    I go back and forth in this way

    July 7, 2011 11:26 AM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    why does sociapaths want to be yerned 4

    July 7, 2011 11:14 PM

  129. All Erin's bullshit is funnier in retrospect, but she was a good chunk of the reason I took a break from this place for a month. She just made me angry and it was impossible to ignore her. So I left for a bit, which sucked, but I needed the time to myself anyways.

  130. Anonymous Erin said...

    Been thinking about all this. I love a Socio .
    I must start from there.
    I get more clarity every day on why I do.
    My mother molested me. I am in a unique group of people of which one would never want to belong.
    However,I do .

    My socio, if I could call him that FEELS like my mother more than any other person has.
    He FEELS like her at a cellular level.
    He brings me back to times when I was very young,how I felt.

    July 8, 2011 5:12 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    How I felt was too awful to say. I am struggling to say it here.I know that I may open myself up to sarcastic comments.
    However,I know you will understand the depths of degradation to which a human can go.
    I went there not through my desire to go but because my socio mother took me.
    Hence, I want to share it here where you will understand cuz I think you will

    July 8, 2011 5:15 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    I don't know if I am a socio but I belong with you guys

  131. Anonymous Erin said...

    Well I like this site. I have places inside me that are sociopathic that I have not faced.
    How does one face them? With whom?

    July 8, 2011 7:25 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    I think I am a "normal" person with all that entails but I have a slice of something I would call sociopathic.
    I have felt I was "bad" because of this.

    July 8, 2011 7:34 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    I can get in a space that is like an emotional vacumn--airless.
    In it--I am totally cool-no emotions,no conscience,no guilt--pure reason, pure logic,pure detachment.
    I get so keen I can read people's thoughts and minds just from their expressions.
    I am like a pure receiver.

    *I* in turn can se my OWN thoughts totally clearly and this scares me the MOST.

    I am transparent to myself. I see in myself a sea of horror in the feelings and thoughts *I* have--cruel, totally selfish etc

    I could go on but that is all I can say at the moment.
    It feels like I am touching a place I am afraid to go.

    Is the depths of everyone--horrible?

    July 8, 2011 7:40 AM

  132. Is THIS entertaining to you new people SO far?

  133. Theme Song for SW Regulars "Event Series"January 25, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    Theme Song for Raven in mania

  134. The comments on it sure are. I'm still trying to see what has the community so deranged over this milquetoast poster.

  135. This was just her first day. You'll see the further we go.

  136. Anonymous Erin said...

    Thank you Anon for talking to me.
    Yes, I need a place to talk about these things. I am not sure what the conclusion is.
    In the end whether I am a socio or just afraid of my shadow side --I don't know.

    About reading people's thoughts--I am psychic.
    I was like this from the time I was a child but shut it down out of fear.

    July 8, 2011 8:42 AM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am psychic.

    Oh? Do go on...

    July 8, 2011 9:09 AM
    Anonymous Pluto said...

    She is... I've had a reading from her before. She's very good.

    July 8, 2011 9:13 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Well Anon
    I do know Pluto so 'Thank you Pluto"
    I am glad to be here.
    Thank you Anon and the others who interact with me.
    I will try to be honest and real. Anything else is a waste of your time .
    I don't want to do that. I want to think of more things I want and need to say and I will be back.

    July 8, 2011 9:40 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Well Anon
    My sociopathic mother was a therapist.
    She turned all her tolls on me to make me think *I* was crazy.She held me hostage you could say.
    She almost pushed me over the edge in to craziness, I think.
    There was a part of me who had been loved by someone else.
    That part kept my sanity.Plus,I did not trust shrinks :)

    July 8, 2011 11:04 AM

  137. I'm not sure you can truly capture the essence of her obnoxiousness and annoying behavior unless you experienced the full magnitude and frequency of this crap.

  138. I don't understand it either, but Raven has made clear that it is a personal vendetta, of sorts.

    So Caroline = Monica = Erin = Ami = Bible Anon?

    Interesting. I hadn't pegged Bible Anon as the type who would be interested in astrology.

  139. She said she was psychic, not an astrologer. In fairness, Alter, believing oneself psychic isnt different than your religious delusions. Except that reading minds is usually used as an example in the magical thinking schizotypal pd.

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. Erin was actually very into astrology. She thought she was psychic enough to make money of her these delusions though, haha. Even had her own Christian psychic website and everything. Hysterical.

  142. Aha Christian psychic. Double whammy.

  143. So her crime was being annoying on a website? How new are you to the internet?

    If it hadn't been her, it looks like would it have been someone else sooner or later.

  144. Annoying on the internet is one thing... the willful ignorance she displayed in her ability to be annoying was absolutely astounding though haha.

  145. @Sarah: Yeah but the Bible and astrology are generally understood to be at odds.

    I wouldn't call my belief in God a "religious delusion", seeing as though I don't even go to church very often. I just have faith, which is no more or less delusional than adherence to the multiverse theory, imo.

  146. J, it does go a bit beyond that from what I gather, but thats it in a nutshell, lol

  147. Does she still have a blog?

  148. Erin...? Are you willing to confirm or deny that you are all of these characters?

  149. I see it makes you all feel good to to tear apart someone who admitted she was sick and trying to get better.

    And yes Raven I had my run in with her, that doesn't mean I still hold a vendetta.

    Keep going you sound like Ukan going on and on about David.

    At least if Monica/Caroline is Ami she was capable of some major change which means she's a better person then most.

    Is that what makes you angry Raven, that she never broke?

  150. When someone is tramatized at a early age they can become stuck there or they can become a monster.

  151. Alter, Raven and Ukan have come on here under so many different names with the purpose of messing with people how does she have room to talk.

  152. @Tik: it wouldn't make me feel good to tear her apart, and I have no intention of doing so.

    I just want to hear it from the horse's mouth. Otherwise, I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt.

  153. ""It's uncanny isn't it? She's idolized almost every narc who came through here: David, Luke, TCO and..."

    Nice to see I don't have to remind anyone to Capitalize my letters...they know who's boss around here.

  154. I have come here under the actual name I go by, and this name, Tik. I haven't come under any other name.

  155. TCO, your always the comic releif.


  156. @Sarah

    It's not visible for me on previous days or today. I would like to catch up with yesterday's discussion.

  157. Bullshit Raven, you admitted it.

    As I remember you were very proud of youself.

  158. ...Oh, I was being serious.. *adjusts cock*

  159. I have no idea whether Ukan does this. Don't really give a shite either way.

    Somehow I doubt that Raven indulges in this practice, but I could be misreading her. You'd have to ask her for yourself.

    @Erin: If you want to talk I am willing to, but I wouldn't expect you to do so in this den of vipers, if you have a sensitive nature. Let me know, and we can set it up.

  160. Admitted what?
    That I was an anonymous. You said I have come here under "many different names". No. I haven't.

    And her different names are not even the point of this. You're just not clever enough to figure it out. And guess what... I'm not going to stop. You coming to her defense has never worked on me, and it won't start here.

    As you can see... it must have broken her for the day. Do you see Caroline/Monica anywhere?

  161. Caroline admitted to being Monica, but not to the Bible Anon/Ami/Erin facades.

  162. Maybe she's just not going to give you what you want. Your smart, think about that.

    Don't stop the way your coming off is beautiful. Shows you don't have much else going on in your life.

  163. She's already giving me what I want. she's not smart enough to do anything but. :D

  164. Raven, you pretended to be a character called Stucky apparently. Fail.

  165. Anonymous Erin said...

    Thank you Friends--I think :)
    Well To the question about my Mother tongue.
    I am learning Spanish .Maybe that is what you heard .
    Well, back to the Socio.
    I have dark things to share if you all will listen

    July 8, 2011 4:04 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Thank you Anon so much for your answer !

    July 8, 2011 4:38 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Well I don't know if I am a sociopath. I kind of thing categories are not real.
    They are nice boxes but there for people's comfort and desire for organization.
    People can fall outside of them.
    I think I have a slice of a sociopath in me.
    As I said,I can get very cold and very clear in my thinking.
    I can be like in a deep freeze and just know things in a very keen way.
    I am very ,very perceptive.In that way, I am like a socio.

    This part of me scares me. i can see things with such clarity and things are VERY ugly.
    There is a horribly ugly part of us and that scares me a lot.

    I feel awful just looking at it in me and seeing it in others.
    I suppose this is my problem.
    Maybe,it does not sound bad. isn't
    It feels bad, though.
    This may seem like a dumb post. Maybe,it is. My main problem is I can't stand to see how bad I am and how bad other people are.
    It is like I want to scream.
    I want to scream and never stop.
    What does this sound like to you lol

    July 8, 2011 5:02 PM
    Anonymous socio jack said...

    that's a good girl

    suck it

    July 8, 2011 5:33 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Hmmmmm socio jack

  166. Anonymous Erin said...

    THANK YOU Anon
    Your post was so helpful.Yes,I can read my socio---very well and very easily.

    People say there is something wrong with me that I laugh at him a lot but the things he does are so funny to me.

    July 9, 2011 5:15 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Can empaths USUAALY read Socio's. If not,the part of me which IS a socio can read him.
    Yes, I think that is it.
    What do you all think?
    Morons-----don't answer.

  167. Anonymous Moron said...

    can empaths usually read Socio's

    You do realize you're on a sociopath blog?

    Every socio I know could use a good S. W. O. T. Analysis regarding their skills and game. However they remain camouflaged as most empaths are mired in easily manipulated emotion and not particularly self aware.

    Every joke has in it a kernel of truth or wish. Truth is subjective. In recognizing an artificial construct you can toy with it or swallow.

    July 9, 2011 10:51 AM
    Anonymous Magic Mushroom said...

    Meditate on The Garden of Earthly Delights. Where the secrets of life chaotic are revealed.

    (your heart is dark and cavernous)

    July 9, 2011 11:02 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Well Darling
    I think I can read my socio anyway.
    I see through him,I think.

    I am psychic as I said.Maybe, that is why.
    I don't know but when he does his things,I laugh so hard most of the time
    Is that rare?
    He strikes me as so funny .People tell me what he does is sick and not funny but it makes me laugh.

    What is SWOT?

    July 9, 2011 12:52 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Well Darling
    I think I can read my socio anyway.
    I see through him,I think.

    I am psychic as I said.Maybe, that is why.
    I don't know but when he does his things,I laugh so hard most of the time
    Is that rare?
    He strikes me as so funny .People tell me what he does is sick and not funny but it makes me laugh.

    What is SWOT?

    July 9, 2011 12:52 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    I wonder if mine knows he is a socio.I just figured it out a month ago. He started calling me horrible names in a public place in front of people we knew.
    However,under it I could hear that he really care cuz he said things like "Tell them you belong to me"

    I have not talked to him since.
    He called me names that were so bad that if he does NOT apologize I will never talk to him again.

    My question is "Does he know he is a socio?
    He used to talk about my empathy with such a worshipful tone.
    I always noticed this prior to all this and it seemed strange cuz I never thought about it.

    July 9, 2011 1:16 PM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Well -----I will ask my question again and perhaps someone will answer.
    Does my guy KNOW he is a socio, you think?
    He always commented on how lovely my empathy was.
    I felt like it was a beauty to him like beautiful breasts lol
    When he talked about it,it was as if he caressed it.
    I noticed this cuz it was so different to me.
    Does that indicate he KNOWS he is a sociopath?
    He also used a tiger mating with another one as a profile picture.

    Please---don't mess with me--any of you little pussy faggots.
    I am serious

  168. Anonymous Little pussy faggot said...

    Your compartment dear is a vestige of abuse, so textbook I assumed you were joking.

    Why would he not praise what allows him to manipulate you? Pity.

    Best of luck.

    July 10, 2011 9:15 AM
    Anonymous Sadie said...

    Just 'cause he look fancy in a dress don't mean you think he's yo mama.

    July 10, 2011 9:17 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Well Pussy faggot
    I am not joking.What is funny about it lol

    Love that Sadie---how right you are!

    July 10, 2011 9:20 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    I lost my last question
    I am gonna ask what makes you guys go crazy.
    Could my guy ever love me or would he use me up and throw me out like yesterdays newspaper after he read all the good parts?

    July 10, 2011 10:33 AM
    Anonymous Erin said...

    Have not heard from him in 3 weeks. I will not take certain behaviors. I will not be called slurs. I will not be one of many woman.
    I have deal breakers.
    He must apologize for his public mistreatment of me.
    If he does not do any of these things,it will be over.

    I do not have high self esteem at all.
    Someone who had my background does not.
    However,I have done quite a bit with my life .
    I do VALUE it more than being called slurs by a guy who wants more than one woman :P

  169. This concludes Erin's first REAL day, on SW.

  170. "He also used a tiger mating with another one as a profile picture."

    Ok. That's kind of funny. :)

  171. What's with all the pussy fag comments? Ugh.

  172. pussy faggot was another poster's name lol

  173. I still think its all a joke.

  174. So Alter, how old were you when you got married? How did you meet an s/m loving Christian? Or was he one and you turned him into the other?

  175. what's with the funky font in the comments?

  176. We grew into both, together.

    I was in my very early twenties when we married.

    Are u Kanney disguising yourself as Sarah to get me to answer your questions? Lol!

  177. @funky font

    you're all squishy and boxy

  178. No. Not MK. I am just curious. I dont ask for nefarious purposes.

    I am just trying to get a mental picture.

    So between the teenage years and early twenties is where most of your hellraising (pardon the pun) took place? Did you party in an s/m group?

  179. Yes, and no.

    I hopped from bf to bf and had a lot of aggressive sex, but the edgy stuff came later, exclusively with my husband. It takes a very deep, mutual trust to do the kinds of things we do together.

    He was the one guy I couldn't outsmart or manipulate. I fell head over heels in love with him and remain so to this day. He is my very best friend. I love and respect him more than I can describe in words.

  180. I was violent as a teen and into my early twenties. I was also a very heavy risk taker. I am lucky (though I would say blessed) to have survived that reckless period of my life.

  181. When did you discover you had bpd, and are you certain of the diagnosis?

  182. Holy shit! I just hit the fucking jackpot! I just found the very conversation that happened between Ami and Maniazer, that confirms she really has built this whole Monica/Socio GF, around her!
    I'll be posting that next after a bit of a break...

    I'm having the best time!!!

    Carry on.

  183. LOL I just found an anonymous comment I made on a blog post called: Quintessential sociopath traits

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    A list will never be enough validation.
    You will always search for some perfect way to measure what you are.
    Knowing all the while, that you are still trapped in a fragile human casing.
    Your corpse will not defeat the soil it rots under, and your skull will not be placed on the platform at a museum.

    1. Sadist
    2. Puppeteer
    3. Con
    4. Impostor
    5. Parasite
    6. Cyclone
    7. Opiate
    8. Sniper
    9. Beguiler
    10. Machine

    July 14, 2011

    How very poetic of me. ;)

  184. Nice Raven, but I wanna see the other thing. ;)

    Im back Alter. I was watching an old documentary on a sex surrogate. I think shes a beeper. Lol.

    Yes, it is an official diagnosis. I fit enough diagnostic criteria. I knew it going in, though. I studied psych before my current field. I also have a sibling with the same diagnosis, although his is more severe. He wasnt the one who was raped, but he has his own world of fuckedupedness.

    Narc dad and histrionic mother.

    The diagnosis is valid. I dont let it define me, but knowing there are others who go through what I do is nice. Misery loves company lol. Mainly it doesnt set me apart. I just have a name for my shit. Most joes have shit too, they just dont know what to call it. While I know "well adjusted" people exist, I havent met many in my life. Everyone has secrets.

  185. When did I discover my bpd? Intro psych class. I pushed it to the back of my head because it was inconvenient at the time.

  186. Oh... I might save that shit for tomorrow, Sarah. It will take up a ton of space.

    What you guys will never get to see is that this Histrionic nightmare, took up sometimes 3/4 of a 550 comment thread.
    Once she got her Blogger account, you wouldn't believe the ignorant, obnoxious, psycho shit she spewed... day after day, month after month.

    3 quarters of the thread comments, mind you!

    No matter what battling you see going on here; there will never be another soul to come here, who can top how many comments she made daily... and repetitively, about herself.

    She would never answer anyone's questions directly, and when she asked a question to anyone here; inevitably she would turn the answers back into an opportunity to keep the focus on her. Talk about her. Making it glaringly obvious, she had no real interest in anything anyone was saying.

    Imaging your mom on this blog, Sarah. Then multiply her bullshit by 100.
    That's not even an exaggeration.

    It's unfortunate that back then, not too many people put up quotes in their responses... save Sceli.
    I've finally found a use for her. She took a grand interest in Erin.

    But as time goes on... people started quoting each other more, and I'll probably be able to pull out some real fun ones.

    Either way, I'm already satisfied. Her silence right now pleases me very much. :)

  187. Heh. I was just researching NPD. I made a kerfuffle about it earlier because I enjoy sparring with kannit (he gets so worked up, lol) but truth be told, I have a hodge podge of narcissistic and antisocial traits. Some of them never applied, some of them still do. I'm not convinced I have an actual PD.

  188. Do you think she changed her name in a lame attempt to be humorous, or to emancipate herself from her husband's omnipresent identity? Of course, she'll probably say it is to clearly distinguish her newfound role as SW's latest "super-shrink"

    Actually, thanks for noticing. My name is Mrs._ but it's a mirror image of ukan... So yes, I'd say it was a joke.. And to think I was afraid I'd have to point it out cause no one noticed the humor in the symbolism. :-)

  189. Cute! I hadn't associated it to a mirror image of your husband, but to a backward adaptation of him; a sort of "good cop" means of distinguishing yourself. But you ain't exactly "good", are ya Kanney? So I suppose that makes much more sense.

    Ha! :)


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