Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Human Toys

This is a very entertaining blog about seduction (presented as an account of an actual seduction occurring in real time, but even if it is fiction it is still entertaining and filled with seduction truisms). The first post:
Most people like to think that they are strong-willed. They will often describe themselves as "someone who knows their own mind" or "not one to be pushed around." It's an ironic description. People rarely know their own minds. Most are followers not leaders. They are weak-willed and full of exploitable frailties. They are there for the taking by those of us who know our own minds and get to know theirs.

There are a number of ways of getting people to do what one wants. Violence and blackmail can be effective and both have their place in a puppet-master's tool-kit. But it is much more effective and sustainable to get inside the mind of the subjects. One starts by tapping into explicit needs and desires. Then one moves on to the dark corners of the mind. Those needs and desires that the subject knows but dare not admit. The final step is to create new needs and desires, through careful and patient conditioning. What could be more rewarding than changing a person's perception of what is "normal."


  1. Oh, triumphant vice!

    What a splendid exhibit of such wretched creatures.

    I'm leaking with desire!

    Will they, prey to the most cunning of seductions, be driven witless?

    By Plato's prick this 'path should be crowned.

  2. Stop it, you shameless wench!

    If you continue to bastardise my words I will strike you once, twice, a third time, then fall madly upon you and nuzzle your bloody mouth.

  3. Great Lucifer! What an ego you wield!

    I am not eager to serve your debauches, Sir.

    Nothing in this world could persuade me to submit to such wickedness!

    Unhand my words, you knave!

  4. stfu cockholders you are not sociapaths like me you are lespian faggots who shuld be taken to a abbatwar

  5. Pretty and Perilous Puppet PreyJune 19, 2011 at 1:25 AM

    My strings are transparent and I have begun to pull at my master's hand. Does he not see the wicked grin curling along my thirsty lips.

  6. It's too bad you don't see the strings attached to your lips too.

    That's why he's your master.

  7. most are followers of their needs

  8. ... instead of masters

  9. Do what you want with adults but leave the kids alone. A book on pedophilia is promoted on this site. This blogger isn't just a sociopath looking for acceptance, he is a pedophile. Not acceptable.


  11. You have to be pretty weak to molest a defenseless child.

  12. I like that you take a stand Anon@ 7:34. There are taboos which are best obeyed. Pedophile is one of them. Children are sacred and our future. Those who abuse children deserve punishment.

    Happy Father's Day to those who honor that code and protect our children.

  13. He is a pedophile.

    Is this supposed to be breaking news?

  14. Regarding "MY HUMAN TOYS" which is quite a beautifully written and darkly erotic blog/novella.

    Notable wrote: "It's too bad you don't see the strings attached to your lips too. That's why he's your master."

    Pleasure is the ultimate exploitable frailty. Everyone wants to be seduced into a playground of neuro-chemical delight. Sex and life can be dull without this magic elixir. So, who owns the pleasure delivery system, owns the puppet.

    The same dynamics work in the realm of healing. Perceptions, lies and woundings are taken as "normal" are actually quite malleable. "What could be more rewarding than changing a person's perception of what is "normal." That depends on one's intention, creative or destructive, its potent

    Keep writing . . .

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Anon then it is your responsibility to take M.E. as your slave and teach him some discipline, manners and morals.

    And M.E. if this is true, I will boycott this site. And get LOVEFRAUD over here with their pitchforks and torches.

  17. Anon then it is your responsibility to take M.E. as your slave and teach him some discipline, manners and morals.

    Oh, you think I'm interested in 'reforming' people or being used as a tool of social control? No.

  18. Then what is your intention Anon? Where in your life do you play the Puppet Master?

  19. I will gladly tie him up and tape a dildo inside his ass for a few days. Maybe he will learn that way.

  20. All rapistz and pedoz are a disgrace, hang themez

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Soulful, I arrived at SW because patterns led me here and I revisit SW because I have a ceaseless curiosity about human nature.

    Currently I don't play the Puppet Master, in as much as I ever do, because I've willingly excluded myself from most forms of social power.

    The so-called 'helping' professions don't interest me, psychology in particular, because I don't agree with their function.

    But I do study different forms of social control, always analytically, in the hope that one day I'll be able to use that knowledge to inform sociological critiques of them.

    I'm a little obsessed with the intersections of capitalism, consumerism, health, illness, feminism, identity, the commodification of romantic love, and post-traditional anomie...if you must know.

    Edgy, well-written erotica is always a joy! I literally can't *imagine* cuckolding though.

  23. Looks like an entertaining blog. I'll check it out.


    Now there's an example of something I've never ever done: Pedophelia! HA!

    Just goes to show I'm nowhere near as much of a psychopath as they say!

    And guys, c'mon, those anons writing M.E. is a pedophile are just trolling and trying to stir up hatred against him. Can't you see through such petty attempts? It's the easiest and oldest "trick" on internet suggestive libel. There's nothing about M.E.'s texts that makes me think she's a pedophile.

    Another thing is: What in your bokks is pedophelia? I mean, how young does a child have to be for you to label a relationship to an adult pedophelia?

    Underage, as in 15 yrs old?
    C'mon, that's just too easy and just another version of blind obedience to authority. People develop sexual awareness at different ages.

    You can be with a 16 yr old and practically be a pedophile, and you can be with a 13-14 yr old and virtually be with an adult who's more sexually mature than most 25 yr olds.

    Something to ponder (for those who are not narrow minded)!...

  24. People who have nothing against pedophiles are usually pedophiles aka every socio

  25. When you have no empathy you don't care about age, if you see a much younger girl or boy whatever you prefer, you are going to want to fuck it, and be damned if you will feel shame!

  26. "What could be more rewarding than changing a person's perception of what is "normal."

    Not many things are more rewarding. I take both pride and pleasure in tearing down hypocrisy and narrow minded sleep-walking belief in what is "normal".
    Especially those who are convinced normalcy equals 'good' and 'right' is nice to pick apart.

    And whereas it's generally very easy to do, there are exceptions. And those can be a both frustrating and fun journey.

  27. That isn't rewarding, I see what is normal from the higher perspective, it's the superiors enforcing their mirror image on to the masses, If you stray away from the norm, you will be punished, i think it's brilliant. If you are indeed a sociopath you would be doing that exact same thing would you not? Now who has the hypocrisy. Why would you want to snap these idiots out of their trance when you can keep them numbed up, ignorant and law abiding? You are a bigger tool for helping these zombies.

  28. Pedophilia is my husband's father stickingnhisnfinger up my five year old son's ass and then havingnto pretend like nothing happened for the sake of the kid's inheritance.

  29. The difference between me and you Zhawq is i am a wolf and you are a shepard.

  30. A very autistic shepard.

  31. It's about pleasure not a challenge.

  32. Wouldn't a challenge make the pleasure even better though?

  33. Lazy? Or maybe not attractive? ;)

  34. Subscribe for some daily grooming techniques.

  35. The Daddy is 14 and lieks justin bieberJune 19, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    I have photoshop Duh. I'm a manipulative pedophile remember?

  36. haii, it's your bros friend, your pretty cute, can i have ur email? (:

  37. The Daddy pedophiles are weak individuals.

  38. ^ That was me giving you an example of my superior groomage.

  39. Lollipop lollipop
    Oh lolli lolli lolli
    Lollipop lollipop.....

    Crazy way he thrills me
    Tell you why
    Just like a lightning from the sky
    He loves to kiss me till I can't see straight

    I call him
    Lollipop lollipop
    Oh lolli lolli lolli
    Lollipop lollipop...

  40. I liked the part when he said lollipop.

  41. Yo daddy that is some l33t groomage.

  42. I spit on ur floor, you clean it. i molest your daughter you hit me, you cry i giggle.


  43. hai mang when i get u in tis fuken cell ima fuken cut ur throat mang, i dont even fukin no why mang but all us fuken thugs we hate pedos n fuken rapists, men who fuken rape n fuck children and women r fuken scum mang, u kno why mang? they week, why they week? cuz real men rape other men brah, n guess what brah only bitchez eat fruits mang, hear have some of my oatmeal with glass mang taste good mang

  44. i find the definition of 'path, based on faults:

    what is empathy? realizing another would feel the blow torch i just put under your balls the same way you do, and wouldn't like it. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make the inference.

    therefore sociopaths have empathy, but they have "developed" logical premises in their consciousness to ignore it.

    obviously, ignore empathy, and you free yourself from burdens, and enable yourself a way to cope, much as people "adopt" religion to cope, with a brutal world, just read the news.

    but just because it offers a way to cope, doesn't mean it is good for the universe.

    what is good for the universe is for every being to respect the well being of all other beings.

    do 'paths do this?
    depends on the 'path, the ones that have "developed" 'pathy to cope, for the most part do, because their empathy is still there, even though they hate to admit it.

    pay attention on this forum, and you'll notice self-professed 'paths slipping-up and displaying empathy.

    on the other hand, bona-fide 'paths have a brain structure malformation which causes unrestrained impulses to fuck people over. but this is not "developed" 'pathy, it the result of a real brain deformation, similarly retards and epileptics have brain structure malformations, that is why a retard will always be retarded.

    though there is not a person standing more retarded than, you guessed it - UKan.

  45. Hooray for prisons!

  46. It rasped her, the monsters lurking behind the bushes, but at some point she developed an athiest's religion of doing good for the sake of goodness' sake.
    -mrs. Dalloway

  47. "Hooray for prisons"

    Prison won't keep you safe from me.

  48. i get turned on by gore

  49. This gore fetish doesn't surprise me. In the local video store it seemed like 10 percent of the films catered to this market.

  50. No joke, I often fantasise about terrorising a group of secluded teens like in one of those slasher movies.

  51. I think you'll get over it eventually.

  52. You don't need to feel empathy to decide that paedophilia is wrong or at the very least distasteful. That isn't manipulating someone weak or winning someone's mind. It is taking advantage of someone innocent who has no chance of defence. It is being a beast and there is no justification that could make it be otherwise.

    The writer writes in pretty words though in his most recent entries anyway.

  53. "You don't need to feel empathy to decide that paedophilia is wrong or at the very least distasteful"

    Yes you do, you need to feel empathy for the victim.

  54. Why would you want to snap these idiots out of their trance when you can keep them numbed up, ignorant and law abiding?

    Well said. ;)

    You are a bigger tool for helping these zombies.

    Ooh, not so fast! One has reasons, y'know! ;D

    Why rape when you can manipulate?

    For the sake of diversity. I was experimenting.

    It's about pleasure not a challenge.

    When you're good at something, challenge can be very rewarding.

    Anon 10:47
    People who have nothing against pedophiles are usually pedophiles aka every socio

    Utter crap. I'm neither a pedophile nor a sociopath.

    Anon 10:49
    When you have no empathy you don't care about age, if you see a much younger girl or boy whatever you prefer, you are going to want to fuck it, and be damned if you will feel shame!

    There's more to sex than age. But principally speaking you're right. :)

    Anon 10:57
    The difference between me and you Zhawq is i am a wolf and you are a shepard.

    You just go ahead thinking that, my friend. It was I who planted the thought in your head, because I want you to think that way.
    You have no idea, pal! lol But that' okay, like I said: You just go right ahead thinking what I want you to think. It's all very fine!... *s*

  55. Anon 2:37

    I totally disagree. I'd say that it shows weakness that people need to pray on a denfenseless child to win and get the feeling of winning. Its the same reason i havn't partaken in rape. Its a hollow cheap victory in which you take something that someone didn't want to give you through force and physical strength rather than mental strength.

    I don't understand how anyone can get that sense of empowerment or amusement from children.

    Empathy isn't necessary for people to decide a moral code otherwise no one here would have any code to live by. At least going by previous posts.

  56. I wonder what the connection is between a mixture of fear, confusion and sexual attraction. I've definitely experienced it. It is potent. (But I'm sure just about everyone who posts here is already aware that it is--from one side or the other, seducer or seducee.)

  57. Everytime you agree with another person you are using a componant of empathy.

    Everytime you let someone know you can't make it you use a componant of respect.

  58. aspie said...

    I liked the part when he said lollipop.

    aspie ftw. as always.

  59. Disregard my first comment. I went back and actually read the the link. It's sweet. :)

    Had been thinking of something else: intellect on, intellect off.

  60. and vice verse.

    -truly Random

  61. If you molest children you are a wierdo and a loser. Its simplistic thinking for ansimple issue. If you think child molestation is ok, you are a wierdo. Cut and dry. You people try so hard to be nihists its funny. People don't respect powerless people. Rapists and child molesters are the embodiement of weakness.

  62. Yes, I assume that child molesters are slaves to their sexual impulses. Since children are not challenging conquests, it's unlikely a common sociopath's role. Psychopaths desire power and pleasure (like anyone else), but aren't held back in their pursuits by empathy. Power over a child isn't much power at all and there are less risky pleasures to be had, so I wouldn't expect it to be a particularly psychopathic role, either. Assuming 1 in 100 of those lack empathy in the psychopathic way by virtue of statistics, high functioning psychopaths manage their impulses, so those few pedophiles that are psychopaths are low-functioners. Ick.

  63. The author of this blog is a woman? How disturbing.

    That blog is stupid ass. If it's real, he is a pathetic loser who can't do any better than screw a couple of mild mannered milquetoasts. Why not screw someone really powerful who can totally fuck you up if you get caught? Oh, that would take guts.

    If it's fake, the writing is just horrible and he has no future in publishing.

    It must be the latter because the dialogue and the situations are so lame and fake.

    That blog sucks big time. Hard to believe people would actually waste time reading it.

  64. tlk

    No, you are just agreeing with someone. The way you made your choice is your own. Sure empathy can be used, or logic, or risk-reward, or fear.



  65. Both of you are wrong. Every single serial killer has also been a pedophile, and serial killers are obviously sociopathic.

    (Regarding disinhibitory traits, pedophiles demonstrate elevated psychopathy and propensity for cognitive distortions. According to the authors, pathologic personality traits in pedophiles lend support to a hypothesis that such pathology is related to both motivation for and failure to inhibit pedophilic behavior.)

  66. These are some of the dumbest people I have ever met.

  67. @Toy of Villainy we are grateful for your Brilliant contribution to children's theater, we thought it better than Cats.

  68. *curtsies and smiles*

  69. I feel sick and I am shocked reading a little in "human toys". Expressed in words the disgust and shock says:

    "Wow is it really possible that someone just cannot sense how valuable every human heart is? How beautiful human beings are? Do they really not feel that kind of digust that I am feeling right now? I want to kill these kinds of people!"

    Have you guys - who call themselves sociopaths - ever read about the concepts of non-violent-communication? There the assumption (with which I very much agree) is that every human heart is beautiful. And the capacity for empathy with others directly correlates with the capacity of empathy and connection with your own heart. So I am wondering - do you guys have empathy for yourself? You know the kind of openness and presence and compassion that make up empathy.

    That would be an interesting blog post: Do people who call themselves sociopath (i personally do not like any such labels) consider themselves to have self-empathy? Are they connected with their own hearts?

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