Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sociopaths in literature: Dangerous Liaisons

"Truth to tell, the longer I live, the more I'm tempted to think that the only moderately worthwhile people in the world are you and I."


  1. this is hopeless.

  2. soooooo....i went to the store today....bought some wasn't the type of bread that usually buy but, um...... well, sometimes you just gotta live a little, you know......yeah.....

  3. M.E is like the guy who got big and popular and now everyone wants to knock him down.
    Lay off him, he's obviously in jail. Minor offence, he'll be out soon. Meanwhile, check out the other socio blogs people. :P

  4. could you name a few notme?

  5. TNP's
    and Zhawq's.
    you'll see the links on TNP's page.


  7. "TNP's Res'and Zhawq's."

    All of those are constantly as boring as SW is right now. Why do you think they don't have as large a following?

  8. the only reason this place is boring right now is because UKan, Misanthrope and Postmodern are barely around any more. The funny thing is that they are barely around any more because they got bored. but what they don't realise is that they could make this an interesting place again if they were around more often! ahh the irony.

    im sure it will get back to normal when M.E. returns(i hope):

  9. i started a journey to understand the evil thinking i was a socio-magnet, like the ones mentioned in lovefraud. i ended up seeing the evil in me that i failed to see all these years. i am defining evil loosely as a destructive force that leads the path to social isolation. even if this site takes a while to reestablish an interesting following it is worth checking out once in a while and/or reviewing the archives.

  10. Anojn 4:48 PM:

    ""TNP's Res'and Zhawq's."

    All of those are constantly as boring as SW is right now. Why do you think they don't have as large a following?"

    Even a mediocre sucker-up of low intelligence can answer that question, and the answer has nothing to do with whether M.E.'s blog are better than NTP's, or Zhawq's is better than ResCo's, i.e....

    No, it's quite simple, really:

    M.E. has kept his blog for two plus years, whereas the three you mention have all kept their blogs for somewhere between 2 and 4 months. Iow., they're more or less getting started.

    Also, M.E. has stated a a couple of occasions that he has more than commonplace knowledge about IT, and I can say for certain that at least two of the three blogs you compare with M.E.'s blog are kept by people who are novices, who have never kept a blog or a website prior to this, and who have no knowledge or experience in traffic generation etc..

    Furthermore, M.E. has had two years to get acquainted with the Internet and how/where news and other kinds of info pertaining to Sociopathy and related DSM-IV AsPD conditions can be found. By now he knows what words to enter in which search engines, which new sites to frequent, etc..

    It also seems M.E. has gone more open about his association with Sociopathy and as such is having some amount of help or at least some input from acquaintances, whereas the three newly started bloggers are still "in the closet" about their character traits.

    Most of all, M.E. has had the time to build a reader base.

    Take a look at his posts over the first two months two years back and the comments back then.

    There were a few more comments already at that time, but at that time M.E. was largely the only one who had a blog of this type.

    Sociopaths/psychopaths keeping blogs and being totally open and honest about who and what we are is still a very new thing on the Internet. That too means it takes time to build a reader base.

    I need not go on about this. Anybody who can put two and two together can deduce why the ratings are so different from M.E.'s blog and to all the rest.

    If it was really about being good or bad at writing, wouldn't you expect at least the days where M.E. doesn't really post anything except maybe a music video or a few words and a link to a news article, to have fewer comments than the new blogs who on the same days publish a longer and genuine article about a central aspect pertaining to Sociopathy/psychopathy?

    That would be the logical thing, and yet that isn't how it is, and for obvious reasons.

    Which brings me to another thing...

  11. Input appreciated, Zhwaq, but what this fool is alluding to is not the quality of the content posts, but the amusement factor of the comment area. He's basically looking for a chat room to attend, not a blog.

  12. M.E. has kept this blog for two years and counting, posting something new and often genuine or unique every single day!

    Take a count at how many posts that makes, which M.E. almost single handedly have written (I say almost, because I do sense there're a few he may not have written himself, but they're a minority, and usually shortish anyway).

    And yet there're always those who fall over each other to reach the keyboard first with remarks about how lame, or bad, or lazy, or whatever some post is.

    I mean, come on! He's done a good job with this most of the time, and you guys know it!

    Sure, he uses techniques that mean less work to him, but he still provides!

    You are being entertained, and very often you're getting some genuine stuff to ponder and discuss.

    What I'm trying to say here: If you want to be critical, be critical, but don't let it depend on whether or not M.E. has an off day. Let it depend on what his blog and texts generally offers you and what you get from the blog as a whole!

    The petty bickering about a few days with easy rides is the kind of thing trolling kids on video game websites do. It doesn't become people who are proud to be a minority who dare to stand up despite being the world's most unpopular minority!

    Dangerous Liaisons - yeah, M.E. has posted about this movie before. But you gotta give him that: It's damned rare that he posts more than once about the same subject - unless he has something totally new to say about it.

    There... Zhawqing rant over (for now). lol

  13. in support of the quote: the longer I live the more I believe only moderately worthwhile people in the world are you and me.

    to appreciate this quote you have to have lived. this is not a quote that can be appreciated by someone who has the energy of a young person.

    looking at the attitude of a 90 year old and a 70 year old and having known them for 35 years I can see that the phrase makes a lot of sense. this is what i see from the old:

    1. at this age i've seen it all, everyone is full of shit, one way or the other. you may only be moderately worthwhile of my time.
    2. the chances are i am way past my half life, why would i let my eyes wander around anymore, let me see what value I can get from who is right in front of me and my energy-diminished self.
    3. i'm done aspiring, i'm done inspiring. i just want to live in a much smaller and more comfortable world. easy does it baby, it's just you and me.

  14. Notable,

    Yeah, I know. You're right too.

    But I wanted to say this anyway, because I know there're more of his type, and some of them actually think that way.

    I couldn't care less about these types, but I'm writing this for those among the readers who -have some brains to go with the sociopathic/psychopathic traits and who're interested in more than merely being entertained.

    I don't want those types on my blog anyway. So this is more of an invitation to those who want more, who still have an appetite for life and for what we can get of it. And believe me, there's a LOT to be gained if we do things right!!

    I for one intent to, it's already begun, and the mountain side is steep. I love that ride upwards, and I'm not going to stop until I reach what I'm set for!

    Yep, indeed, life can be VERY good ... along with the little Deaths I get to hand out now and then. *S*

    (Ps. I'm NOT murdering/killing/otherwise taking people's lives!!)

  15. notme, check this out..

  16. zhawq,
    started looking at your blog...

    who gave you lsd when you were ten years old?

    did you ever try spanish mushroom?

  17. I need not go on about this.


  18. blingua he's the cutest darn thing i've ever seen! and he's in the ski boot!! lols!

    'what this fool is alluding to is not the quality of the content posts, but the amusement factor of the comment area. He's basically looking for a chat room to attend, not a blog'

    yeah basically.

  19. Lay off him, he's obviously in jail. Minor offence, he'll be out soon. Meanwhile, check out the other socio blogs people. :P

    That is very sweet of you, NotMe :)

  20. yeah, we like chat too. a blog is effective when it can create discussion and play the role of a facilitator. and once in a while difress.

    notme, did you like the lion sound at the end? sorry called it midget-faced in the past. i meant that in a sweet way. i do like the current bambi much better though.

    anyone can google, copy articles and link. why zhawq thinks that part is a big deal beats me. have not done any research at school yet, zhawq? what impresses you about the ability to locate articles once you type sociopathy on the internet? zhawq or shawk?
    shawk shank

  21. arienne, do you remember i was worried because i had not heard from a friend? well, i heard today. the friend says he felt time out from friends and family was needed. told him my time out just started. jerk!

  22. that's fine, he is midget-faced and that's why he's so bloody cute.
    Btw, i want to get a cat. Tell me, do they get lonely on their own? Should I get two and bring them up together?
    Also, what are some of the most affectionate breeds? We had a chinchilla and though he was adorable, he was more independent than other cats. What do you suggest?

    Oh hi Pythias, i know, too sweet sometimes. ugh.

  23. Cats are fine on their own. They are naturally solitary creatures.

    Maine Coon. Best breed I've ever known. Large, fluffy, loyal, smart. Like teddy bears. But they look like lions.

  24. i'd go for russian blue if getting a breed. otherwise just any kitty. more than getting two at a time make sure that there is enough socialization with other people too. getting more than one is a good idea, not two males, best a male and a female. i could write a dissertation on kitties. i'm sleepy though. will write more tomorrow.

  25. aww just seen some, they're lovely. I've always loved lions and tigers, so maybe...
    they have huge ears too! i'm so not used to that with our chinchilla.

  26. Russian blues are kind of spazzy and dumb, especially if you get them in twos.

  27. lol. i just checked out the ragdoll, they don't live long but they're adorable and flop around and go limp in your arms. LOL. love it.

  28. I guarantee you If we all took a test to determine who is a psychopath I'd be the only one to be diagnosed.

  29. Stop stealing my name asshole.

  30. neither of you are Adam

  31. Some people read slowly. Want to absorb everything. Cause it is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD/God.

  32. You people define sociopathy to what you want it to be. Remember that aspies and other conditions can have a lack of empathy.

  33. Should I get two and bring them up together?

    I read an article about how cats' brains are smaller (like half) when they aren't in pairs or more. I don't remember where though and I'm not sure how to google that :-P

  34. I guarantee you If we all took a test to determine who is a psychopath I'd be the only one to be diagnosed.


  35. Belated congratulations. Srsly just only today looked at your site, Z.

  36. Did you c Res, too? OMG!
    Notme always good,
    and Me is always perfect.
    Haven too!

    I love my socios!! Snort snort snort.

    Ah! one just poked me with a hot iron and branded me! -Hey that isn't funny, gentlemen/ladies.

    night night

  37. Shut the fuck up pie tits, you are one of the fakes.

  38. "I guarantee you If we all took a test to determine who is a psychopath I'd be the only one to be diagnosed."

    I really don't se the advantage of getting diagnosed, but if it makes you feel better, you can brag about it. :)

  39. "moderately worthwhile" it does sound like honesty.

    And the quote proves it's point. You're all scrubs, doesn't matter who's fake or not anymore. What wasted assaults.

  40. Take any of you and multiply yourself by 500, that's my worth.


  42. Nice one Adam. Btw, Why can we not have a Charlie Sheen segment here @ the blog? His masklessness is pretty obvious at the moment.

    P.S. Twitter is for fags, and if you're not gay currently and want a change I prescribe it @ 100% success rate. I can't guarantee you'll be flaming but you will at the very least become bi-curious and WILL act on intent. No doubts about it, such a change (being it'll be a change to ANY direction as opposed to nothing) might give some of you borderlines (imposters) here a break from your meaningless lives.

  43. Sheen has good game, he picks his women wisely, weak and with no will.

  44. Agreed . . . posts are like Gollum's "my precious"

    It's like waiting at the airport for your delayed flight.

    Or worse. Waiting in the airplane for your delayed flight to take off and there are small children behind you kicking your seat and whining.

    We are just spoiled.


    Superior brats though.

    In regards to the post by author Pierre Choderlos de Locios who wrote Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Here are some more quotes.

    "When one woman strikes at the heart of another, she seldom misses, and the wound is invariably fatal."

    "A man enjoys the happiness he feels, a woman the happiness she gives."

    "Humanity is not perfect in any fashion; no more in the case of evil than in that of good. The criminal has his virtues, just as the honest man has his weaknesses."

    "I can see that you're in love, but only in a very narrow sense. It's the love of someone that finds charms and qualities in a woman that she doesn't actually have, who puts her in a class apart with every one else in second place, and who stays attached to her even while he's abusing her."

  45. Enjoyed the Max Graham video anon. Joy squared.

  46. Is he in jail, or has he just had enough? It's a three-year project now. Boredom must be setting in. It's too bad. There was something vital and vividly democratic about this blog, in the most unlikely way. It was a paradox. And there's always value in that.

  47. Its like we're DEFCON 1 over here.

  48. You people need to relax.

  49. I wish soulfulpath kept a blog.

    i have the feeling women here are ready to find a greener pasture.

  50. "Its like we're DEFCON 1 over here."

    my WV is "Castro"!!

  51. How many of you have relationships that are dominant and submissive?

    And is it a game?

  52. Res's TNP's Zhawq's blogs are all pretty interesting in bits. better than Aerianne'S (where did she go?) which is like a shit dictionary lol.
    Havenyx's is interesting at times but a bit too me me me for my liking.

  53. Tik said . . . "How many of you have relationships that are dominant and submissive? And is it a gam"e?

    All my relationships have some element of this. I go both ways just to keep it flesh. My relationships tend to go on the long side.

    It's a grand game in long relationships if fairness is always kept as an element and joy is mixed with some emotional turmoil.

    All seductions are power games.

  54. Thanks Soulfulpath, just saw comment.

    There's so many games played between people we interact with.

    Life feels like one big chess game.

  55. you can't have good game if you pick only weak women. that's like saying mike tyson is the greatest championship boxer but he's only knocked out steve erkel and napolean dynomite in his career.

  56. I love a good fight, a good game and a grand night.


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