Monday, March 14, 2011

Guest post: Partner in crime

Every sociopath needs a partner, somebody who a sociopath can act out their tendencies with. Someone who they can be themselves, or get the warm comfort from. I have multiple partners, all female. I love all of them. I have one who I call Wilson, based off of the House character. I have one I call Cuddy, another House character, another called Harley, based off of the Batman character.

My Harley is bad, she's sexy, and she's manipulative. I also whore her out. She has sex with guys for money, she doesn't have sex with me. She's a golddigger, my golddigger. She's loyal to nobody but me, she knows there's nobody better for her than me. I get enjoyment out of the misery she brings men, I like the fact she has sex with other guys, it turns me on that she can have sex with other men and always came back.

My Wilson, is smart, introspective and the main one I tell all this shit too. I tell her my thoughts, she's a mirror, I talk to her and I can see myself. She's also sexually interested in me so that's even better. She knows all about the shit in my life. She knows she is part of the system. She doesn't care, cause now she needs me.

My Cuddy, is smart, sexy, and most of all compassionate. It's nice to talk to a pleasant person, someone who doesn't act the way I do. Someone who is kind. Plus she is sexually interested into me. She is mostly kept in the dark about all the others. She calls me King, I am the King of her world. I love it.

These three keep me grounded. I can channel my diabolical energies into someone else, I can channel my thoughts into someone else, I can be loving to someone without thinking I'm going to get taken advantage of.

House is a sociopath, Joker is a psychopath, Batman is a psychopath, Christian is a sociopath/narcissist (sociopaths and psychopaths are completely different). All have partners that serve functions. Socios and psychos don't have "friends". We have complete partners. We are vampires. You see vampires with human minions all the time. We feed off their presence.

We are not exactly the type of people you be friends with. The people around us love our wonders and inhumanity and we love their plainness and humanity.

We discipline our partners. I have regularly disciplined mine with sociopathic lash outs. It helps me establish boundaries, to control behaviors.

All my partners know what I am and how I operate. All of them love me. Most can't even escape me or resist me. Cause I am a vampire, dead to humanity, but a charming, thirsty drainer of life.


  1. look who' stalking

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  3. These don't sound like partners, they sound like confidants. It doesn't sound like you're "acting out your tendencies" with them, you're doing the opposite. The people you "tell all this shit to"? They know you, and you need them, you're dependent, where's the fun in that. You've given them everything they need. You've concocted some weird fantasy double act, that appears to be mostly based on tv and films.
    Even I'm not pretentious enough to think we are vampires.

  4. Your Heart Was Warm, I Was Thirsty SaidMarch 14, 2011 at 4:11 AM

    I like the analogy of the sociopath being like a vampire.

  5. I can't really identify with this post. Alot of the control I have over others exists without them even knowing it. Without them calling me "master". Without even their sneaking suspicions, save for those similar to me :) I'm sure they suspect or even "know" without first hand knowledge, but that's the name of the game isn't it?

    I also don't consciously destroy someone unless it's warranted, but then again I am the judge, jury, and executioner so perhaps by their judgment it's not "fair". Eh, anyway. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

    "Waste not".

  6. The only group of people i can't stand is women, that's not to say I don't use them because i do. They are malevolent parasites.

  7. "we love their plainness and humanity." Do we?

  8. Psychopaths don't have a realistic view of themselves, in the eyes of the majority atleast. A true psychopath will have pathological narcissism to the extreme, I firmly beleive that I can do anything, and nobody will stop me, remember that columbine kid? He thought he was god, of course he knew he wasn't, but his ego had ran amok.

  9. Narcissistic school shooters often play the part of gods, ceremoniously indulging in forbidden violence that encourages the impression of their omnipotence before executing themselves or being banished from the 'tribe.' It's all rather primitive.

  10. Ya gotta love a loser with a gun.

  11. I never got the killing yourself part.

  12. A public suicide is usually intended to inflict harm on others, to send others a message, and in the case of indulging in forbidden violence - to escape responsibility and accountability. At the end of the day it's about staying in control.

  13. "A public suicide is usually intended to inflict harm on others, to send others a message, and in the case of indulging in forbidden violence - to escape responsibility and accountability. At the end of the day it's about staying in control."

    That is dumb, nobody will give a shit if a murderer commits suicide, it would be a way bigger slap in the face if you handed yourself over to the police after a massacre, all those loser spree killers almost always kill themselves in the end, it's pathetic, you don't see serial killers killing themselves, they take it like a champ.

  14. The key is to do what people can't identify with. If a normal person can sympathize with you a spree killer then you already lost, most normal people can understand depression and suicide but they cannot understand grandiosity because it disgusts them, go on to vampirefreaks and look deep enough on myspace and you will find hundreds if not thousands of these losers who worship spree killers, because they can identify with the isolation and suicidality of these guys. You see it all the time on the, a school girl commits suicide and there is mass moarning for her, why? Because they can identify with her, then take a brilliant individual like Stalin, you almost never hear about him in this day and age, people want to remove him from history, why? Because he is unknown, they can't understand him.

  15. *On the news ^ i meant.

  16. Some of them don't kill themselves after their spree, but for months prior they've indulged in a fantasy of denial, and continue to do so after they've been caught. This is particularly true the younger they are: cases where kids maintained they would hide out in a forest or on a remote island come to mind. Yes, similarly opressed kids often 'love' school shooters because they're 'cool' which is what many school shooters want.

  17. Anon. I'm not sure i like the way you think lol

  18. Oh, and these are kids, which most serial killers are not. But I understand your point Anonymous - by contrast the murder of James Bulger was not, and is not, similarly idolised by disenfranchised youth.

  19. "Some of them don't kill themselves after their spree, but for months prior they've indulged in a fantasy of denial, and continue to do so after they've been caught. This is particularly true the younger they are: cases where kids maintained they would hide out in a forest or on a remote island come to mind. Yes, similarly opressed kids often 'love' school shooters because they're 'cool' which is what many school shooters want."

    But isn't that a bad thing? You do not aim for people to love you, Heck i have all the love in the world i need, you want people to despise you and you aim to create mass shock, if you are going to commit a petty school shooting at the very least rape some of the girls or shoot your accomplices, just to further yourself from the grip of humanity, and for fuck sake, don't off yourself.

  20. Exactly Kali, you are spot on.

  21. My point being, if you are going to hurt society do it on a massive scale, you only get one shot, don't restrict yourself with rules that you have to follow, women, children everyone should be a target.

  22. Oh and BTW, i don't condone violence in any way, I'm just explaining a theory. :)

  23. I don't put stock into anyone aqs my confidants as far as "who I really am" and frankly, I think that's kind of dumb. It's one thing if the relationship is anonymous, it's another when you deal with them on a day to day basis.

    Harley will get greedy. Cuddy will get drained. Wilson will eventually tire of your BS.

    When you think you have everyone wrapped around your little finger, you often fail to notice the noose around your neck. Watch your back.

  24. Hmmm, but they typically don't think through future consequences and are not so much into violence as the idea of gaining 'respect' from their peers by reversing their status deficit in a way that is glorified by pop culture and has been modelled 'successfully' by their global peers.

  25. *I should add, I do have a friend of mine that falls somewhere under the umbrella of ASPD, but we don't operate outside of the workplace where we met.

    It's nice to swap stories and views, but I do draw the line somewhere.

  26. STFU TNP and watch YOUR back you boring-ass.

  27. "malevolent parasites"

    Adam, they are rather sociopathic, don't you think?

    I understand emotions when people close to them die as I find that normal and myself not, but the bullshit they constantly fake on par with others in their hive is probably the biggest clue in defining what psychopathy really is.

  28. It's about the time the real sociopaths got here, I was growing tired of those homosexual Dexter watching nietzschian goof balls.

  29. Glib and Superficial Charm.

    Misanthrope:1 TNP:2 UKan:1

    Grandiose Self-Worth

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:2 UKan:2

    Need for Stimulation or Proneness to Boredom

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:1 UKan:2

    Pathological Lying

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:2 UKan:1

    Conning and Manipulativeness: Misanthrope:2 TNP:2 UKan:2

    Lack of Remorse or Guilt

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:2 UKan:2

    Shallow Affect

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:2 UKan:1

    Callousness and Lack of Empathy

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:2 UKan:2

    Parasitic Lifestyle

    Misanthrope :1 TNP :0 UKan:1

    Poor Behavioral Controls

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:1 UKan:2

    Promiscuous Sexual Behavior

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:0 UKan:2

    Early Behavior Problems

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:2 UKan:2

    Lack of Realistic,Long-Term Goals

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:1 UKan:1


    Misanthrope:1 TNP:1 UKan:2

    Many Short-Term Marital Relationships

    Misanthrope:0 TNP:0 UKan:0

    Juvenile Delinquency

    Misanthrope:2 TNP:2 UKan:2

    Revocation of Condition Release

    Misanthrope:2 TNP: ??? UKan:2

    Criminal Versatility

    Misanthrope:1 TNP:1 UKan:2


  30. My thoughts are that you are either TNP, misanthrope or UKan, most likely TNP.

  31. My thoughts are that nobody gives a shit about your baseless, amateur, irrelevant analysis. Don't you have anything more interesting to say?

  32. TN. Do you have a death wish?

  33. I'm an enabler. I'm the one that encourages all the wild whims my friends have. I encourage and support with an endless capacity. Despite the foresight of seeing how disasterous things may eventually go. Which, to be true, is sometimes part of the fun.

    How does someone that doesn't experience emotions normally recognize in another what they really feel? Most empaths can't even accurately judge what other people feel.

    Caged animals are often tame enough as long as they're being fed and kept properly. The second you open the door, release the leash, behavior can no longer be predicted infinitely.

    As has been very recently remembered (again), it's not difficult to get over the very strong, intense, emotions you have for someone, even of relationships cultivated over a very long time. No matter the nature of emotions, their origins, or the desires of those holding them... when they become to destructive and no longer productive, they can quickly disappear and then the balance of power shifts.

  34. "How does someone that doesn't experience emotions normally recognize in another what they really feel?" You don't really need to recognise what they really feel, just the effects of it.

  35. Haven i wish i knew you, I'd make your life a living hell, I'd make you self harm every day.

  36. I used to think this place was cool

    But then I woke up


    Bunch of people constantly bathing in their own muck because they think their muck is black gold

    Go out, do something. Quit masturbating.

  37. 'i used to think this place was cool'

    the mistake was all yours. you miss the point entirely.

  38. ukan is the only sociopath here that deserves any respect. and it's not because of the drug/gun/militia stories, either.

    too bad he's gone, but also a smart move.

  39. By "cool" I meant "intelligent, insightful and valuable".

  40. Adam is amazing.

  41. Life Beyond Stockholm SyndromeMarch 14, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    I agree with anon

  42. 'By "cool" I meant "intelligent, insightful and valuable".'

    what exactly are you trying to uncover from the people here?
    there's plenty of you, complaining about the quality, missing the fact that there is a lot to glean...
    what are you trying to find, or expecting?

  43. I would score more than misanthrope, anon.

  44. and the others, obviously

  45. I'm the most awesomeMarch 14, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    i spend the entirety of my life getting back at mommy and daddy. i'm stuck in my preteen years and have no perspective. but it sounds better if i just call it sociopathy

  46. Shut the fuck up Nutmeg, I'm tired of you and pie tits bitching at every moment.

  47. You say these kind of things and wonder why it's not interesting... Well, let me enlighten you, it's because of you.

  48. My ex-socio/narc would score thusly:

    Glib and Superficial Charm. 2

    Grandiose Self-Worth 2

    Need for Stimulation or Proneness to Boredom 2

    Pathological Lying 2

    Conning and Manipulative: 2

    Lack of Remorse or Guilt 1
    (not certain what's real here; he proclaims guilt but likely putting it on; definitely fake cries a lot)

    Shallow Affect 1

    Callousness and Lack of Empathy 1

    Parasitic Lifestyle 1

    Poor Behavioral Controls 1

    Promiscuous Sexual Behavior 2
    (only because no 3 is offered)

    Early Behavior Problems 1

    Lack of Realistic,Long-Term Goals 1

    Impulsivity 1

    Many Short-Term Marital Relationships 1
    (married so far 26 years but has repeatedly tried to incorporate multiple extra "wives" into our relationship without losing me. Now has left me for someone else, but is multiply cheating on her, too)

    Juvenile Delinquency 0

    Revocation of Condition Release 0

    Criminal Versatility 1
    (this may be more like a zero; he does dumb ordinary stuff like fudge his taxes a little bit)

    Which adds up to about 22 points. In terms of today's article, I am somewhere between his Wilson and his Cuddy. He told me a lot and I felt like a henchman, but come to find out now, he kept so much from me, and has been totally using me.

  49. There are parts of this post that I agree with. I have had "wilsons". People who are extreme beta personalities. They let you make all the decisions and in return they get someone who makes their life easier in return. I have to agree with tnp I don't need anyone to expose myself too. Though some times it is fun to expose yourself. Whenever you get someone so twisted that they can't tell truth from fiction anymore they generally won't believe that you say you are what you are. It just continues the game you are playing and makes it more enjoyable. The fact that you can give someone the absolute truth and they can't believe it is really gratifying. However, I must say all the references to fictional characters makes this person come off as if he is living in some type of delusional state. As far as vampires go I don't consider myself a parasitic existence. I believe that the people who give me things get something equal in return. My advice and problem solving abilities. I take care of whats mine. This includes people. I see the people in my life as assets. You wouldn't let your car be damaged or not fix it if it was damaged.

  50. Good luck Anon. You'd never get close enough to me to inspire anything. The harder you'd try, the more I'd laugh.

  51. To illustrate my feelings at this time

  52. It's hard when you find out you have been used. The questions are

    How has it served you?

    What have you learned?

    Who do you use?


  54. between yesterday and today tnp has lost a lot of credibility. it's become hard to read what he says.

    he should redeem himself or keep quiet for a while till we forget. better yet, he should kill tnp and come back with a smarter name and a readjusted personality. to call himself not(e)able as a narc would and not realize it also reads as NOTable shows how much foresight and intelligence he professed at the time he created his socio blog self.

    Kill the name and the blog, and stick around only as anon till the lent is over, tnp.

  55. WTF is this about.^ I haven't been around someone bring me up to date.

  56. Someone who doesn't know what they're talking about I think.

  57. a wee tip from an empath...i have ''won'' ALL the battles with my past narcissist(socio wannabes)and pscyhopth, borderpath etc ''partners''..antisocials don't count as theres no covert behaviour or intelligence..All battles won to date..a few on the back burner..ALL served cold with pleasure..Now I'm sounding arrogant here(although what i say is the truth)for a purpose..the 1 thing that ALL these characters had in common was arrogance and pent up after a while it needs to be you are free to do here..if i watch as the submissive, obliging partner/onlooker...the ego must let the arrogance out @ some can't be arrogant and smart it's an oxymoron..when arrogance takes over the let yourselves down and leave yourselves WIDE open...if you are really smart and not just arrogant, egotistical people with no concience(which isn't an achievement but a neurologial, genetic defect/advantage) smile quietly to yourself and find a way not to let the ego and arrogance flow..i've seen it so many times when someone lets the mask slip..the problem is..not all empaths are the same and they can change their pathology truly not in pretence..i can switch on and off my humanity when dealing with your kind...if no one tries to play me..i leave it alone and let you get about your buisness but if one of you try to play me..i always win..

    what I've said and how I've said it is demonstrating my arrogance and self importance..i'd never, ever say this aloud..even in a room by myself..

    What i say is advice..i keep away from your kind and you from me these days as am too old to care..i do however respect stuff you have to say and your information has helped me i mean this in the same manner..

    When i say ''you'' i don't mean anyone here specifically..''you'' have helped me immensley in life..never underestimate an empath..even if you've had them and ''tamed'' them for a long time and think you know them inside out..theres no rule books for some of us..

    I felt for my last narc partner..i wished dearly i could fill his void as his void was where my soul is..pain and pleasure..immesurable..i am not ruled by pathology..if you guys felt how we can feel you'd know it's horrid sometimes but euphoric others..i can be you when i need to be..i can feel human the rest of the time..don't underestimate us, categorise us or look down on us..i'll be honest I spent some time with your pathology 24/7 and it was very freeing in a lot of ways with little stress..i enjoyed it..made life very easy..but it was like a holiday in the Maldives..great @ the time, much needed and nice change but after a while it was time to look forward to home.

  58. do socios have a home to go to? or homeless even in their home, body, mind?

    No soul must feel like homeless, nowhere to go. Why don't they become monks?

  59. Well Anon you're doing ever so well at staying away from us. What are you doing here?

  60. O.P. is a pathetic wannabe. Can't even say "nice try". You suck.

  61. Is it just me or does everyone hope that people like these that "hunt" S that they meet a real nasty one. One that is a bit more on the serial killer side and then they can see all their wins be turned into one permanent loss.

  62. It's because they think they're infallible Kesu. Nobody's infallible.

  63. Regarding the post.

    I would agree with the stance arrogance can blind one. Love is blind as is a super inflated ego. This guy loves his game. He sees the fun in it. Brag, brag brag. Yet, perhaps he should remember every adventure has a shelf life. Hopefully there is one player in his game which can keep him grounded otherwise he will manifest the kiss of self-destruction too soon.

    I love tn said "They know you, and you need them, you're dependent, where's the fun in that."

    The fun is in the symbiosis which lasts for as long as it lasts. Its hard to admit in such an "independent" lot of people here in SociopathLand and The Empath Circus that we could be dependent on another, even if we claim "master"

    Every vampire needs its blood source. And every blood source turns their neck just so.

  64. one way or the other we all die.
    sociopaths may even fry.

    he he he he he he....

  65. As a narcissist, I admit. A world full of psychopaths and narcs would be a horrible place, I'm glad there aren't many others like me.

  66. lmao am i nutmeg now?
    so who's pie tits?
    lol, funny as

    you cheeky monkey.

  67. Lol pie tits, Not able and poor little nutmeg.

  68. Those Japs are covering up the extent of the radiation, watch, cancer rates will go through the roof, if I was in Japan I'd get the hell out of there fast.

  69. Soulful, when are you going to start a blog?

  70. If I was going to use the Anonymous moniker to compare myself to other people here, I would have added more than UKan and Misanthrope. I'd have also used the DSM instead of the PCL-R since this is a Sociopath website, just saying. And a 0 for parasitic lifestyle? Must be a newbie anon poster.

    But I do so enjoy the attention and petty intrigue, heh.

    I don't like people being dependent on me. That's responsibility. Fuck that. I'd rather do my own thing than rely on others for anything or vice versa, at least I know I'll get it done right and to my own benefit. The only time I seek someone's help is if I know I can't do it (rare) or I'm being very lazy and dickish.

    As far as the homeless bit, I'm pretty territorial, and I'll make home of wherever my feet stop moving.

  71. I want to start a blog, too.
    Anyone want to give me tips?

  72. I'm requesting Religious Nut to be added to the DSM.

  73. "Soulful, when are you going to start a blog?"

    If there was money in it I would consider it. Now it would cut into my very full life. Too many obligations bury a free spirit.

    TNP said "I don't like people being dependent on me. That's responsibility."


    Showing up here on a regular basis is a responsibility you seen to take quite seriously. Not to mention your blog. I am sure the many rituals in your life are the backbone of your existence as opposed to the bane of your survival.

  74. I come here and write my blog for entertainment and information.

    The only reason I'm still doing it is because I've tricked myself into thinking it's not a responsibility ;)

  75. By the way this was brilliant . . .

    HavenNyx said . . . @9:19am
    "As has been very recently remembered (again), it's not difficult to get over the very strong, intense, emotions you have for someone, even of relationships cultivated over a very long time. No matter the nature of emotions, their origins, or the desires of those holding them... when they become to destructive and no longer productive, they can quickly disappear and then the balance of power shifts."

    Reminds me of how flexible and resilient we are even when we feel we are not. Emotions are just smoke and mirrors which thus makes us into nicotine addicted reflective masturbators.

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. I love japanese women. Wanna share a contaoner to ship the hot ones over before they get all contaminated?

  78. "How does someone that doesn't experience emotions normally recognize in another what they really feel?" You don't really need to recognise what they really feel, just the effects of it

    I brought his mirror over to him, so to speak. I talked for him. I took his hands and I touched my face to show him how I wanted to be touched, and I said "and you say this: "----" ." I used his tone of voice and spoke to myself as him. He looked astonished, and I think I scared the crap out of him. It was a little freaky, I'll admit, but I was desperate. I just wanted to be treated the way I wanted to be treated. I didn't know what I was doing. This was before the games got ugly.

  79. I am addicted to my emotions..Get me to rehab!

  80. You know that look when people see a ghost? Their hair sort of parts with their scalp--you can see an invisibe electric wave curling their ears a little further to the back on the head? -That was the look. And eyes wide open, slowly blinking. Deer in headlights, confused and sweet. Of course this is my perception. Some may think he was probably thinking, "get this psycho outta my life" No. He apologized (sort of) He meant it. He did the best he could given how much he cared.

  81. I said "and you say this: "----" ." I used his tone of voice and spoke to myself as him.

    So you treated him like a retard.
    Good going, Bella!

  82. Get a grip. -We don't care. We're only too happy to say Bye bye

  83. You secretly like that we care. Own it dick.

  84. Emotions are just smoke and mirrors which thus makes us into nicotine addicted reflective masturbators.

    I am a fan of this sentence.

    Although you can replace "emotions are" with "SociopathWorld is" and it works just as well. Literally, even.

    Not a judgement, just a fact.

  85. the great thing about the word narcissist is that with an english accent it has the word 'arse' in it.
    nuff said.

  86. Bella do you think you are a narcissist or do you think you have NPD?

  87. I don't know. Ask someone who knows me a little better. I can't judge myself all too well. I definitely have narc tendencies, since I see myself as the cause of bad things that come to me. I know that is narcissistic. If anyone here has observed me to some extent, please say what you think. I am curious.

  88. Ha

    "Tell me about my eyes"
    -Bugs Bunny

  89. This place was not meant to be "cool." It was meant to be a place where sociopaths could debate and talk about interesting things relating to our state of mind.

    It's true that there are a lot of stupid people who think it would be cool to be a sociopath/psychopath because the idea of not having a concience and being a vampire of any sort appeals to them.

    This is the immature, mostly normal wangsty teenager. Just because there are a few morons on the site and a few incorrect analysis doesn't mean you should throw it all away as crap. There's a comment area so we can comment, not whine.

  90. People
    "you are really full of bull shit, tnp.

    i imagine you as this little guy (no taller than 5'6") with a slightly crooked nose, sad looking eye brows, thin lips, small chimp eyes (think Bush, Jr). Baby face, but a chimp baby. slight imbalance in the way you walk, like the hood boys, talking with exaggerated arm movements (going symmetrical, so quite hilarious), hands and head showing early signs of Parkinson's.

    rocking on a boat, hanging for your dear life, hoping there will be someone else who also survives, to carry your small body across the water when the boat hits the shore."

    And Notable
    "Then let me correct the image for you :)

    6'1, built from over a decade and a half straight of weight lifting, a young face for my age, piercing eyes, a strong confidant gait (but quiet), and a devilish grin.

    The last one tends to get bitter-sweet attention. People always think I'm up to something when I grin.

    Imagine that."

    LMAO. You guys are hilarious, such imagination!

    I don't know who's the more funny, but you ar both good, I gotta give ye dat! LoL

  91. I think what this girl wrote its kind of attractive.. a turn on. Im a lesbian to and i have two girls.. that love me for me also.. but i can also be myself with both and both of them know im dating another each other.

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