Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sociopath quote: Conscience

"Conscience? You mean that thing that kicks in when there's no logical reason to behave the way people want you to?"

-- from House, MD: "Teamwork"


  1. Conscience is tyrannical, dogmatic and at times pretty dumb. When it kicks in, only logic keeps me from becoming its bitch. But some people are free from its tethers. Given that, I wonder, do the religious, impervious as they are to logic, suffer by default from too much conscience?

    Can there be such a thing as too much conscience?

  2. Yes, that would be neurosis.


  3. Zoe, I noticed that while this was posted on the 7th and you clearly made comments on the previous posts afterwards, why did you waited for someone else to make the first comment before you made your own?

    I mean, your views aren't narrow given the things you've said, so why would you wait for someone to say "nice" just so you could agree?

    Are you one of those subtle followers? Someone who has their own thoughts and ideals, but still insists to see what the other’s do before you choose to follow or not?

    No disrespect, but I just found that interesting.

  4. A sociopath on the war path, feel my wrath as I drain your veins into a bath then dispose of your body in an acid vat. But only after I scare the scat out of your ass so hard it makes a splat all over the door mat, do the math, I’m killing you for being a rat, going to go all inglorious on you with a baseball bat, bash in your skull, hear it crack each time I take a whack and cave in your head flat as a flap jack. Then its on to the bath, I lay you into the vat genteelly so the acid doesn’t splash back since I can’t have that, don’t need evidence to trace back from the burns it would lace my skin with. And if I get busted I won’t plead the fifth. Instead I’ll show emotions so I don’t come off cold like Agent Smith and make the court believe the evil within is a myth because ignorance is bliss when you can manipulate others like a gift. Walk off Scott free as can be with a smile on my face for everyone to see my glee because it’s so fun to be…ME.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. To Anonymous #1: Several reasons. Mostly, I like to think about a thing, wrap my mind around it when it interests me before I post. The first poster simply beat me to it. I posted “ditto” because it’s nice to have people sometimes just agree right? And the quote pretty much says it all anyway. I was thinking that maybe others would contribute if there was more activity. It would be interesting to hear what others have to say. I had other things to do and so posted the later post later.

    Conscience is interesting and a challenge. Does it really exist, or is it just a kind of interaction of logic, feelings and intuition with accumulated rules? If I were to find myself alone on another planet, would I still have a conscience?

    Seduction is more intuitive, easier to write about.

    Nevertheless, you did nail me. Good for you. Yes I am one of those subtle followers, as well as being new here. I like to assess a situation first before I jump in. In real life that can take seconds, but communicating online is different. You only have only words to work with. There is no body language, tone, inflection, eye contact energy etc. Trickier.

  7. I was the anonymous…I just was too distracted to log in.

    As far as nailing you, I find it more difficult to identify sarcasm online for the same reasons you find communication online difficult, so I’m not sure if you were being sincere or sarcastic.

  8. The poem is both creepy and seductive (and that disturbs me more). Nicely done.

  9. Are you refering to my freetyle rap?

  10. that was you? oddly familiar

  11. dissolve me with your acid words,
    gently now, watch me melt away
    when you are done, then we can play

    dissolve me with your acid will
    slowly now, watch me fall
    I am at your feet, I melt away
    I fill the room until I’m gone until you’re done
    and when we’re done, then we can play

    and then oh then I will pull you in,
    and slowly take your breath away
    and make you burn

    I will fill your lungs, take you down
    and gently drown you


  12. The blood on my hands stain the lives of many a man.
    The blade in my palm brought us into a new century’s dawn.
    My name is unknown and the trail will forever run cold.
    A gentleman soaked in blood from the kidney I hold.
    History’s darkness I foretold.

    The streets of whitecapel are calling me home.
    Home back to hell, far from where the bodies fell.
    Taste the fruit of wealth, blood to wine.
    Tonight you die and I shall dine, once I return from hell.

    Dear boss, you think you got me? Well not yet.
    Saucy Jack’s got a surprise for you, that you can bet.
    How about a double? It’s no trouble, it’s all set.

  13. is that about jack the ripper?

  14. that's suppposed to be a scaredy face btw

  15. you in your mechanical world
    with your limbs made of strings
    always reaching, reaching
    what dreams can you dream
    with your thoughts made of chemicals and heart made of stuffing?

    whose breath do you feel
    when you find yourself swinging,
    swinging for real?

    you with your limbs made of strings upon strings
    starving him, drawing him, pulling him in,
    you say it's the wind,
    nothing more than the wind,
    and grow fat with your feelings

    keep stealing me, stealing
    keep reeling me in

    when he shifts his grip
    when he lifts
    when the knife comes down, cutting you
    then who will you be?
    when he's cutting you, cutting through?

    will you see his eyes with the silver in them,
    will you feel the eager way he breathes then?

    and will you see me there watching you?
    will you see me then?

  16. Zoe, Re: Your post at January 12, 2010 8:00 PM - very nice, I liked that quite a bit. It expresses the sentiment of those trying to "top from the bottom" very nicely (first two & part of third verse), though perhaps you meant it more as a revenge piece (second two verses). Either way, nicely done.

  17. Thanks Dionysus. Not revenge at all, but about rebalancing of power, neither ultimately being dominant or submissive. It was about self being dissolved by will, until only the will underneath is left, and the drowning the merging of two wills, emotion, hate, love whatever. The seductive tone came from the seduction posts floating about in my mind. Glad you liked it.

  18. "...but about rebalancing of power, neither ultimately being dominant or submissive."

    Interesting, sorry I missed the point. I tend to think in terms of competition and winning as opposed to re-balancing. I generally avoid the whole concept of subjective balance in the dominant/submissive relationship, unless the rhetoric will be helpful at the moment (I understand it, I just don't approve). It seems to me that this is sort of cheating if the submissive has some repressed rationale that she has any power in the situation. The purity of it is in the utter and complete sacrifice of self-will, not merely in action but in mind as well. Anything less is an unacceptable assertion of power and means the absolute freedom from responsibility that comes with utter submission does not apply, it is cheating me.

    Or so I see it. :)

  19. The purity of it is in the utter and complete sacrifice of self-will, not merely in action but in mind as well. Anything less is an unacceptable assertion of power and means the absolute freedom from responsibility that comes with utter submission does not apply, it is cheating me.

    Very interesting, and if you had said it is cheating me rather than you, I might find it even a little, umm, compelling. :)

    To be honest, I just don’t understand the attraction, wanting the utter submission of the will. Utter submission means the submissive will has aligned itself completely with your dominant will. Wouldn’t it be like no one is there anymore? Sort of boring. Or is it about the control that’s gratifying? But surely even that must get boring after some point.

  20. Utter submission means the submissive will has aligned itself completely with your dominant will. Wouldn’t it be like no one is there anymore? Sort of boring. Or is it about the control that’s gratifying? But surely even that must get boring after some point.

    I suppose that depends on how limited your imagination is... lol, joking.

    No, realistically I think it is virtually an unattainable without turning them into a vegetable which is, of course, completely boring. Not to mention I have no interest in accepting the responsibility for maintaining a perfect slave (or anyone else for that matter).

    The fun is in convincing them to try and watching/encouraging their sincerity in the quest for utter submission. I am not force driven, which I consider crude and unimpressive. Everything has to be willing and voluntary, if perhaps verbally or psychologically encouraged. Obviously this isn't the venue to make the argument, but in person, in the intimacy of post-coital bliss, when you're laying there thinking things over I can be wonderfully persuasive and make the idea of complete and utter surrender (and freedom from responsibility and worry) sound incredibly alluring.

    The enjoyment for me is that I am quite the sadist and really get off on watching the struggles between their will, ego, and common sense on one hand and their intoxication, and confusion, and desire on the other. The mental gymnastics and subtle appeals for help, the greedy desire for all my attention coupled with the demand that the only way to get it is to utterly submit (thereby denying that greedy desire), the plaintive pleas for reaffirmation as they rewrite their entire belief system and identity.

    Its is simply beautiful and frankly intoxicating for me as well as her. Of course she doesn't understand she can never win and regardless of the end result she won't get what she wants, but watching and encouraging the struggle and torment is simply beyond description. It is truly the ultimate expression of power when you convince someone to utterly redefine themselves on nothing more than your word and a prayer.

    I've only had this go to the furthest extremes twice: the first time was accidental (which turned me on to the idea) and the second was deliberate. Now I actively seek it, but most people reach a breaking point fairly soon in the process and go away. But there are always those perfect victims out there hiding deep in the herd, so there is a challenge, a game to play.

  21. Thanks for all that. I really still don’t get it though, and no disrespect meant but it seems like a sex game that’s a lot of work where all you do is put distance between yourself and your partner and never get to know them at all.

    But life is short and as they say, all’s fair in love and war. I do hope you pick your women fairly Dionysus.

  22. Yes, realistically it is a hard thing to explain and I can't really even come close to expressing the sensation in words, it is my own little abnormality. Further, as I noted, I don't really get to go with this very often as I can sort of tell who is worth even trying this with (they are few and far between) and of those even fewer stick it out until its gets truly exciting. Its more of a fantasy than anything else that I'll only try to implement every once in a while, when I think I have a good chance of getting her to go along with it. Its way too much for most prey.

    Everyone has their own fantasies, mine is just a bit more rarefied than most.

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