Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm looking through you

For my all my readers, but particularly empath victims of sociopaths -- wishing you the ability to see things and people how they truly are in 2010.


  1. oh my god... oh my god...
    i can't believe this post. its ridiculously on target.

    i was in a little thing with this guy, and you know i figured that he was playing. i also observed that he was somewhat of a sociopath.
    now thats a bit off topic but since i felt fucked by him, i ended up quoting that song. that very song you've posted above. i hadn't thought of him being a sociopath at this point, though.
    i went off and obsessively searched for a way to win at the game he was playing with me and i came across your other post talking about that. i lurked around the site, and i was able to see myself much too much in the traits i've seen around. the things i do finally make sense- finally.

    i came to the homepage just now and definately shit my pants seeing this song. nice song choice, i have to say.

  2. Seeing through people and knowing how they truly are is good and all all; doing something about it - that's not idiotic nor destructive - that's something else entirely. Good luck.

    I might stay away forever, but never in my mind.

    Here's to better than nothing in the new year.

  3. I can't hear the song but in the text do I sense a TAD bit of empathy, M.E....

    How sweet of you dear.

  4. I have always liked this song, i will be humming this all day now :)

  5. sometimes you just want to shut your eyes

  6. Hmm, wishing for empathy victims of sociopaths to see things as they really are in 2010... isn't that rather compassionate of you?


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