Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another sociopath story (part 3)

As far as friends and lovers go, I have to admit I tend to experience most of my relationships as power games. I don't know if this is actually common, but I suspect it should be. I readily perceive the balance of power, I ask myself how far I can control and dictate behavior in others, and I'm overly sensitive to their attempts to control me. I use many techniques to secure power. Emotional people who are strong-willed are terribly sensitive to histrionics, for instance, whereas emotional people who are ultimately weak are better stunned by a display of swagger and cruelty that creates awe and submissiveness in them. I really "feed" off people's emotions and enjoy gaining their trust and devotion. I particularly enjoy leading them to make choices that run against their principles... in their efforts to reconcile their beliefs with their actions, they convince themselves that their love of me is so strong and noble that they courageously have shattered their principles to be "true to their hearts." (Ridiculous, isn't it?) Needless to say they then perceive me as "exciting" and "unique," and attach themselves even more to me, which leads to even worse acts of self-humiliation and submissiveness.

Furthermore, I really cannot maintain a monogamous loving relationship. I've tried... with wonderful people that were smart, engaging, funny, and devoted. Nowadays, it's a matter of weeks till I'm utterly bored and start fucking other people, including their best friends. My sexuality is as flexible as the rest of my personality, so I can be straight, gay, aggressive, romantic, a fucked-up jerk or an innocent dork. I am not extremely good-looking (though I keep healthy and in shape) but I've had several simultaneous parallel relationships. Some of my partners even knew about my other affairs and were totally fine with it, even when I asked them "Do you realize I'm just using you till I'm bored?" I have thus developed a moderate contempt of romantic relationships and their special nature, and tend to view them as a basic need (like food, sleep and sex) that people are willing to go to any lengths to secure.

Finally, as far as hiding goes, I have the best mask of all: nervousness. Nobody (really, nobody) thinks you're a bad or "dangerous" person when you're nervous. Bite your lips or fingernails, appear shy and clumsy, look innocent and act lost and out-of-place, and the worst you're gonna be perceived as is "incompetent," maybe a "loser." Furthermore, a person who seems incapable of controlling their anxiety is almost always trusted. No one believes that someone lacking the ability to pull themselves together can actually scheme and manipulate situations, or even be mildly strategic.


  1. again... I can relate to this story.

    Oh wait; I might be saying I'm something I'm not, if I say I relate to this!
    Ah... fuck it though! I DO relate to this story all too well.
    And yes... I AM a whore! :D

  2. “Finally, as far as hiding goes, I have the best mask of all: nervousness. Nobody (really, nobody) thinks you're a bad or "dangerous" person when you're nervous. Bite your lips or fingernails, appear shy and clumsy, look innocent and act lost and out-of-place”

    I’m beginning to relate to this guy.

  3. Eden said...

    "And yes I AM a whore! :D"

    You replying to Harry on this post suggests that you are trying to discredit his insinuation of your sexual nature by playing “yeah…and?” card, which was far more damaging then anything he could’ve said.

  4. Here is a link that describes all you need to know about sociopaths:

    Basically, regardless of what they say or how they describe themselves, sociopaths are completely insane and should be identified and avoided. Be careful.

  5. I meant to say dangerously insane with my post above.

  6. Anonymous Hater—your little link actually is bad for your crusade. The long winded descriptions of imagining what it would be like to have no conscience seem written like a “wouldn’t that be great” message and I made it to the fifth paragraph before I stopped reading because I felt motivated rather then degraded by what I read. It took so much time trying to make me imagine how awesome that might be if I was an empath that I got stuffed before the flip that would come where it tells me NO! Bad morals! No!

    Next time, chose a smaller message of sociopathic distain.

  7. Also...this is a direct quote from your link, its right at the bottom of the “how to spot a sociopath” part and it contradicts your claims of us being insane, or dangerously insane for that matter.

    This does not mean the person is a potential mass-murderer: socialized psychopaths are not mad, nor do they have to resort to violence.

    You’re thinking…schucks, sociopaths can read?

  8. You feel that way because you are apparently wearing the shoe, hello?

    I'm thinking they can manipulate like what you are doing now. Bottom line of the article is that they are dangerously insane period.

  9. You might not be insane.. I don't know you. No offense intended. I am just posting that for people who may think it's a cute condition or something that is changeable.

    Beware is all I am saying.

  10. Discredit Harry?

    Who is this Harry that he should be so important to me?
    I see nothing wrong with what Harry said.

    His judgment of me is based on years of American society programming his impressionable lil head. Furthermore; it is probably just projection.
    If this be true, then it is Harry who feels damaged by whores, or by being one.

    Though I think we should both be using the word "slut' instead.

    To feel insult is to be ruled by fear. To feel you must justify who you are, is also fear based.

    I was not being sarcastic. I was simply agreeing that his statement about me, is correct. :)

  11. (From the author of the bio.)

    Sobriquet, I feel you understand me well. The account of "storytelling" that you gave on memory alteration was excellent: by changing memories you change your story, and your story is who you are; in a sense choosing your story lies at the crux of self-manipulation and having a happy life.

    Also, I have read Stout, twice. She's rubbish. Her "revolutionary" message is obvious: "there are wolves out there." But rest assured, they love the wolf. The wolf is a salvation from their lives' predictable, repetitive, lethargic state. They are just cowards. They don't have the guts to see the world for what it is, and thus find refuge in fictitious conceptions of universal love and harmony. While enjoying the roller coaster, they just complain about the puking that follows.

  12. Stout's message is revolutionary in that she describes a condition that is far more common than many suspect. 4% of the pop or more. It is frightening... not really exciting, in any kind of fun sense. It's enough to make you a little paranoid.

    To love and experience empathic connection or universal connection is extremely pleasurable.... it's not lethargic. Maybe try some exctasy for a hint of this.

    I wonder how this turns out in the long run for most people like this. Can it really end well? Surely it eventually catches up?

  13. Here is another link about sociopathy:

    I think it is a very sad condition. That is all I can say.

  14. Perhaps it is not a condition Anon...

    Maybe all things, and all forms of beings... were designed as they were supposed to be.

    And trying to bring awareness to a sociopath about the dangers and sadness of this "condition", is about as productive as trying to convince a malignant narcissist, that his godlike abilities are just a false image designed to mask shame he is not even consciously aware of.

    Save your links for a blog space where it would serve those who are completely ignorant; not THIS blog, where it will only feed ego.

  15. That's a good point. Perhaps the creation of chaos and abuse spreaders through socios is part of some natural design. A kind of evolutionary check. Or its a flaw created through some recent environment change, speaking as someone not socio. Perhaps nothing really matters and we are what we are. I don't know.

    I just recently learned something about myself which blew my mind which took me into this direction. And then I had another realization that blew my mind again.

    I'm just pissed that this thing is not fixable from my perspective not that it matters that much now. It's sad. I post the links so people know what we are really talking about here from the perspective of the overwhelming majority of the population. I guess I also post it cause I am still coming to terms with myself in a way. Not that I am socio but in my relations with it.

    Anyway, sorry for any offense.

  16. Anon;

    I am not offended. I am just offering a suggestion, to maybe make better use of your time.

    Anything I post on here is merely for entertainment purposes. I am not trying to enlighten anyone, or prove some profound truth about life or myself.

    My opinion:
    Don't apologize to strangers about trivial things. Do what you want...

  17. I wasn't trying to insult you . . . I like whores.

    You do write way to fucking much. I'd like to put my feet up on your brain, I can tell it's really warm in there.

  18. mmmm Harry;

    You make my gray matter blush....

  19. "They don't have the guts to see the world for what it is, and thus find refuge in fictitious conception"

    You mean they're story tellers, like you?

  20. Eden! What's the matter with you???

    Even if it's true: you are a whore

    Harry deserved a big, "fuck you!" Not, a..."my brain is all heated up, b.s."

    Here, I'll say it for you...

    FUCK YOU HARRY LIME, you pretentious fuck. Who the hell are you to call Eden a whore, you wrinkled, old syphilitic banana asshole?

    Eat a dick, HL.


  21. I also agree with Sobriquet.

    More times then not, the lie is easier to fix and in the end its still self deception even if done for personal growth.


    My bullshit metre is hitting red.

  23. (Ssa) take a heap of boredom, a dash of mediocrity, a pinch of alienation, and a lack of creative ability, lots of boys and girls and bingo, its YOU!!
    sociopaths --> overrate themselves
    --> incessantly boring

    what has your life amounted to, how have you made any difference to anything or anyone in the world? why dont you blog that instead, it would make for a far less dull read.

  24. Fascinating. However, I can't help wonder if the article itself is an exercise in duplicity aimed at stirring emotional reactions from it's readers. Maybe that's the point. I hope I don't disappoint and deflate you by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. ;)

  25. I am a bit bothered by the confusion of deceit with the lack of empathy. Not having morals in the conventional sense does not equate to not having ethics.

    Lots of people who do have empathy and consciences lie, regularly, often, and well.

    This is a useful meta-study.

  26. That is interesting that some will automatically assume your a loser if you do not talk to anyone in school. When i think the complete opposite of myself. I dont talk to people in school because, I have a strong dislike for them. regardless if I know them or not. I only talk to them in a kind and innocent voice when I need to copy the notes I have missed or if I need something else from them. I found this story interesting, although the "loser" part is inaccurate. Unless this "loser" is a dork and can not talk to people or do anything right without looking like an idiot and acts like jerkoff and is going nowhere with their life and does drugs and all the stupid shit in life that will bring you down instead of up, then I would say they are a loser. I do none of the mentioned, I can function perfectly normal anywhere I go, I am the perfect definition of a antisocial person and I like it that way because I am Hot,smart, and get away with everything because I get on good terms with the teachers and everyone is automatically intimidated by me and just does not fuck with me at all.


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