Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israelis are sociopaths

Not all. But most. So says a blog citing the 52% israeli support of continuing the bombing in Gaza. Under the headline "52 percent of Israelis are sociopaths," the blog also cites a 2003 film, Gaza the killing zone, which asserts that "Gaza is an open air concentration camp where snipers take pot shots at children, aircraft shoot missiles into crowds, and bulldozers randomly destroy homes with impunity."

Now i haven't been following the current situation closely enough to opine on whether the current military operations betray the masterminding of a sociopath or not. All I can say is that I have been to Israel and it is a nation of sociopaths. Not all. But definitely more sociopaths than nonsociopaths. And not just Israelis. The numbers from the Palestinian population appear to have a similar proportion of sociopaths as the Israeli population.

Israeli sociopaths aren't nice either. Definitely not the nice, fun loving, efficiency obsessed sociopaths that inhabit the Netherlands. Instead they are the bullied "made-to-be sociopaths by a horrific history of blood and carnage" type. I don't want to say they're a nation of serial killers, but if there ever was a recipe for making a serial killer, the Israelis have cooked it up.

The holocaust was over 60 years ago, but Israelis are still feeling the effects. First of all, you have the poor, weak victims of the Holocaust who were subjected to untold horrors. That can mess anyone up. Then you have the fact that the Holocaust naturally selected sociopaths to survive in greater numbers than nonsociopaths. Who do you think did okay in concentration camps? Someone who was kind and shared food and other resources with strangers? If we have learned anything from shows like Survivor and Kid Nation, it is that sociopaths will not only survive, but thrive in situations that involve strategic, competitive positioning for very scarce resources by currying the favor of captors and turning on their own. Next you have a nation that from its infancy was led by people who were aggressive enough not to move to America or Argentina to blend in with the local population, but to invade someone else's country and forcibly take it over. Add to that the children of these people, children that that were not only genetically predisposed to be sociopaths from their parents, but were also subjected to near constant violence, including decades of terrorist violence and hatred, and have been trained to be icy cold killers and assassins. Voila, you have yourself a nation of serial killer-esque sociopaths.

Not like there is anything wrong with that. Unless you are Palestinian.


  1. Are you considering moving there?

    1. This blog post is absolutely nonsense. In light of their impossible circumstances and strategic situation, it's amazing that israelis are so obsessed with extending equal rights to their fellow Arab israeli citizens (an undeniable fact).

      As for waging war against Gaza, I simply note that Israel has teh capacity to kill tens of thousands in minutes. Hamas put it in an impossible situation to try to put an end to mass rocket barrages, while the manipulative sociopaths in the Hamas leadership actually used Israel's moral considerations as a strategic tool in order to force Israel to get at the rockets only by going through the civilian populace they embedded themselves in.

      Overall, it's a classic case of sociopaths (Hamas) using strategy to thwart empaths (Israelis). Nice try at false spin. If Israelis were true sociopaths, the Hamas human shield strategy would simply be irrelevant to the Israelis. They would bomb with impunity, inflicting 20 times more casualties than they did.

  2. So you realize you are suggesting a strong environmental basis for sociopathy, right? What environment created your sociopathy?

  3. it is nationalism, culture, misinformation, religion,desensitization towards violence,political propaganda, and social and moral teachings that play the greatest role in sponsorship of violence. NOT SOCIOPATHY! Just think about the ridiculousness of that statement for a minute. If you raise your children to worship the great zebra king god of alamazoo they will worship him. It has nothing to do with being sociopaths. I mean come on now. And so what are you saying now about jews? They are more likely to be sociopaths? Are you really sure about the validity of what you are suggesting? Because I think that the psychiatric community will disagree lol. This article makes you sound more hateful, ignorant and imbecilic then a redneck inbred KKK initiate.

  4. Having been married to an Israeli, who was a sniper in the Lebanon War and was completely cold-blooded with no empathy, and who took joy in torturing people, I would have to agree.

  5. The 1982 Lebanon War, to clarify.

  6. Being a product of Israeli parents and an Israelis family, I can say this is definitely true. In order to be a 'true Israeli' you must fundamentally have hate in your heart, swear an allegiance to the fascist state, and hold delusional beliefs. I'm sorry, this is absolutely true. I am a 4th generation Israeli with family on both the Eastern European side, AND the Middle-Eastern arab-jew side, and yes, definitely. Everyone in my family, definitely on both sides, is mentally dysfunctional in some way. Be it sociopathy, OCD, severe clinical depression, personality disorders, etc etc etc etc..

    1. Elie Wiesel who is Jewish and survived the camps is not a hater and I repeat he does not hate. He is not
      a sociopath.

      How do we know that you are not a Muslim?

    2. What does being a Muslim have to do with it? There are always outliers; Elie Wiesel is one of them.

  7. So true. I live near an orthodox jewish synagogue and I have found so much anti- western propaganda in the street, yet they cry foul and say everyone is against them when they are the instigators of the hate. (Who invented and built the atomic bomb? A jew).Sociopathic victim pity - play.
    Not to mention the extreme sexism that still infects our society and other religions (Islam - who are also children of Abraham unfortunately influenced by Jews.
    I have also had my personality attacked and an attempt to assinate my character by 5 of them in particular. This is what made me do research into their dysfunctional perception of reality. It is truly shocking. They are bereft of light , love or a soul. They are worse that beasts.

  8. One comment seemed to suggest that Israeli sociopathy isn't genetic but is rather a product of Judaism which raises racism to the level of religion and teaches Jews to regard all non-Jews as cattle?

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