Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sociopaths love mind games

Sociopaths are known for playing mind games, but why? Is it boredom? Is it because we happen to be very good at it and people generally like to do the things they happen to be very good at? For instance, this comment from a reader:
Ive just figured out Im a Socio, Im not really bothered by it(How can one miss what one has never had?). Now that I know... I feel empty. Well I do feel something, The Games, Oh the thrill of the games. But everything else seems like shallow water in comparison (its there just not as strong as others I expect).

Im twenty-two, rather gifted in games. I was always like I am ;) I learned from two game players... As the Caterpillar would say; "Whoo Are You?"

Am I uncommon?
If you mean are sociopaths uncommon, then no, they are all around you in different shapes and sizes. If you mean are there other people who make game playing one of their primary activities, then no, again you are not alone. One might say that entire cultures were built on a predilection for game playing, most notably Gypsies. But who doesn't enjoy a well-executed con? For instance, the man who "sold" the Eiffel Tower, Count Victor Lustig:
Everything turns gray when I don't have at least one mark on the horizon. Life then seems empty and depressing. I cannot understand honest men. They lead desperate lives, full of boredom.
Of course, be aware that there are consequences to game playing, like dying of pneumonia in Alcatraz.


  1. Playing life games or cons are for bad people. I had a good life going. And a sociopath found me. I have had my life destroyed because of the book games people play. I have no future.

  2. Anonymous, you sound like a complete faggot. If you let a sociopath ruin your life, you are weak and you deserved it.

    1. you must be a sociopath..just looking for attention..mean mean..your day will come

  3. Sociopaths are fun to toy with. I grew up around a whole bunch of them. I got the hang of the game when I was very young. Basically they became addicted to adrenaline rushes from bizarre events in their lives. They like to show off how much they can get from people. They get is usually by making people feel sorry for them. Hey I used to play this game when I was a up to a car with a stick in my hand, put the stick under the moving wheel and then scream and limp away. FREAKED PEOPLE OUT!!! Hey one of my friends had been killed by a car when she was just walking down the street to buy candy. The guy got away with it because "the sun was in his eyes" (hey good excuse a....). You see people get away with the most bizarre things because the justice system is so screwed up and then it just becomes a game. We used to also play a game called splat. You stand in the highway to the last moment before a car comes barreling at you at 60 mph. We used to stand on the same road where my friend was killed and dare cars to hit us. "What are you gonna do? Hit us???" F+++ em if they can't take a joke.

  4. Hmm, I am not a sociopath but did also grow up with family members that were and recently played a pretty even game with one for one whole year!!

    I kept him after me by playing the "submissive" and the "sucker". It worked!! He drove 500 miles to stalk me at my gym and then again for a date. He was married but stalking me!! I never gave up sex or money. I would say he was obsessed with me and so did many.

    Then he continued after the date a month later when I said I didn't want to go out again. After that I kept postponing as I stated I was too overwellemed in school but would "try" to see him but I was "scared". After school I sent him an e-mail telling him I was going into therapy and part of my therapy was to be in no relationship for one year. I thought he would finally go away, as I had kept blocking and unblocking him. Eventually I confronted him with his wife's info and he ran!!!

    What are your thoughts on this? I think it was an even game.

    1. He totally deserved it. :) They are fun to play with because it always feels good to outsmart them and beat them at their own game.

    2. You're not playing a game with a sociopath if he comes 500 miles to see you.

    3. How did she know he was a sociopath? All I see here is that he was a cheating husband who was obsessed with having an affair. No other indicators of sociopathy/psychopathy. Usually we do not know someone is a sociopath until we have usually been burned by them repeatedly, or after long-term observation, or better yet, real diagnosis.

  5. U rock bitch! I love youuuuu!


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