Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are libertarians sociopaths or vice versa?

First let me out myself as being libertarian, but with a little bit of a Burkean twist. for the uninitiated, libertarians are essentially socially and fiscally liberal -- kind of a "don't tread on me, laissez-faire" attitude regarding government interference. I'm a libertarian because my main fears are mob mentality and idiots having power. I think my fear of mob mentality is directly linked to my perception that i am an "other," i.e. sociopath, and a very unpopular one at that. I think a lot of non sociopaths could be afraid of idiots in power and naturally want to decrease the power of government in general, but I don't know.

There has been a lot of rubbish written about libertarians all being sociopaths, but fewer people suggest that all sociopaths are libertarians. I find the first suggestion ridiculous -- there are many reasons to be a libertarian without necessarily being a sociopath. Although if you want to read an infuriating discussion about this, look here. Just a snippet:

Libertarians to make moral judgements, they error on the side of freedom. THAT IS A MORAL JUDGEMENT.

Nonsense. Liking freedom is NOT a moral judgment. This illustrates the point of the study exactly. Sociopaths want to be free to do whatever they want, regardless of the harm they do to other people. All Libertarians are sociopaths, but NOT ALL sociopaths are Libertarians.
The commenters go on to indicate that many other political parties seem to appeal more to sociopaths than libertarianism, e.g. socialism, fascism, communism, and other forms of totalitarianism. Thoughts? Are sociopaths represented in every political belief system? Are they only at the extremes?


  1. you depress me. there is a jewel here and there, but you are, for the most part, a pedestrian thinker.

  2. To the anonymous poster that commented on the pedestrian thinking of the blogger...you failed. you were unable to muster a shit-stain of a comment, clearly your ability to leave a poignant comment is marred by a tepid, and flaccid unenthusiasm. (sic)

  3. It's funny that you should bring this up. I found that I have mainly libertarian tendencies in the past, then later realized my sociopathic tendencies, but not once did I put two and two together. Makes sense though, thanks for the mini-epiphany.


  4. I actually lean closer to socialism. This is only tangentially related to me being a sociopath - it's not because I'm a sociopath, but because of my code of ethics that I've constructed for myself. I still struggle over a lot of the ideas encapsulated by socialism. While my code tells me that innocents should be protected, I consistently have thoughts that the people who aren't intelligent or responsible shouldn't be rewarded for their incompetence. One particular point is what should happen to the children of these irresponsible people.

  5. I'm somewhat a sociopath, and a heavy libertarian. Put one down for a statistic, I guess? I suggest running a poll and hoping its not too spoilt by trolls.

  6. libertarian communism makes far more sense than either to me

  7. I'm a libertarian as well. I don't think it has as much to do with me being a sociopath as it simply seems to be the most logical party to support. But perhaps there is something to it.

    1. Yes I'm sure nobody in any other party has found theres the most logical to support xD (Don't worry I'm a libertarian too)

  8. As a full fledged and proud Sociopath I find the Progressive most ideology most appealing.

  9. I would like to point out that Libertarians are not fiscally liberal, rather they are the opposite, being that all they want is the government to stay out of their money.
    I'd also like to propose the idea that whether a sociopath is a libertarian or authoritarian may depend on where he is on the socio-economic ladder. Sociopaths in the lower or middle classes may want the government out of their money and lives, however, those in higher classes or those in positions of government authority may see that the mob mentality of communism or fascism could benefit them and promote their status of power.

  10. Libertarian ideology revolves around the non-aggression principle, that is that you should not inflict violence upon others. How the hell is that sociopathic? It is those who want to use force to control others - the statists - who are the sociopaths.

  11. yes i actually side with socialism and can side sometimes side with communism it just needs a little fixing and I’ve always been interested in the soviet union and Nazi Germany and somewhat about China

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  15. Wow ur all a bit off and can not see what is in front of u!!! This is all a game, can't any of u see this reed between the lines and think ( " reverse") psychology. Checkmate!!!😈👿 I've always hated games, their just in reality just mind games. And this is what society has taught u. STOP listening to all of the socialisem that society is putting out their and just be you....


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