Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sociopath quote of the day

I've done the vilest things, the foulest things, but I've done them superbly.

-- June Miller, from Henry and June


  1. My son is married to one of these sick vile evil peices of shit Has just seperated but will be scared for life as they had children together she is about to be arrested as she has made death threats to someone. l hope to never ever meet any-one so evil and vandictive again . Anyone with such a sick evil mind as far as l am concerned are a waste of good oxygen and l feel sorry for the next network she latches on to GOD HELP YOU!!!!

    1. Please see my post... there is hope.

  2. Your son should take the children if he is scared and if he can - she shouldn't be too worried about it - unless she thinks he is winning. If she gets arrested then he should say he can't look after the children, if she goes to jail, he should tell her how hard it would be for him if he had to look after the kids - that it is inconvenient and would make life so difficult for him... she would then want him to have the chidren because she would feel like she has the power over the situation.

    I know. I had a husband like that for ten years and now, 7 years after divorce and he has painted himself into a corner. He has tried to hide in a middle eastern country, remarried and become a Muslim and changed his name - Interpol is after him... if he returns to his home country he will be arrested. Eventually he will be detained... where he will claim he "is just a simple man" and he will attempt to persuade the authorities that the world has turned on him wrongly. Incidentally, "to lie" is not in his vocabulary... it is "to persuade".

    The moment I started my road to freedom from him was the moment I behaved in a way he had not planned - he thought he knew me so well - and then I did something he had not expected... and that was it... it's been a long road... but a path of freedom... and now I don't put energy into him... he is sowing his own isolated field (and there'll be bars around it).

    If your son plays carefully and learns from his history with her - he should be able to get the kids. It won't be easy or short but it is possible. Good luck.

  3. I worked with a sociopath.
    Now i know what to look for body language...its not what they say, its what they do.If the two do not match,get out of there.
    Pathetic ppl if you ask me.
    The guy i knew used to torture his girlfriends cat, while she was away at work.He used to tell me outlandish stories oh how great a person he was.A real Putz! I always hated him from day 1, so did most other people.


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  7. WOW- All links above ( Except Porno) Gone!
    You can't screw with a psychopath publicly- They make it there job to ruin you! Sometimes, Be prepared for a true Demon-Satans Hooker.


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