Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More aspie feedback

More aspie feedback re this blog:
The really severe sociopaths have a creepy emptiness inside. The eerie emptiness of sociopaths is what people were referring when they say things like "looking into the eyes of a soulless killer". There's nothing there. Their lack of insight comes from this empty place inside, not disorientation with the outside world, like an Asperger's lack of insight.

He has a point, tho, about how badly sociopaths are viewed. In a sense, it is a natural disorder that is beyond their control, just as AS is beyond control. People just hate them more because AS people seem innocuous and naive. But on the other hand, some NTs tend to treat sociopaths better than autistics, respecting and fearing bullies whereas some NTs feel more comfortable dumping on AS people. So I don't think that sociopaths are as brutalized and marginalized as AS people are. So his whining rings pretty hollow.
and another:
On the Sociopath blog. Very interesting. Glad he's done it. However, given that one of the major symptoms (and a clear give away once you've known one long enough to see the full cycle of their operations) is the way they continually try and evoke pity in you. And that is the aim of that blog. See the way he says "he would join the Aspie party if he could because the Aspies get ALL the sympathy". What utter rubbish!!! We're the ones who are good people at heart, yet get treated like monsters. They're the ones who are destructive heartless manipulators, yet they manage to charm the pants of everyone the meet...for a while. And then they blame their victims for being 'weak'.

The thing we have in common is that we are both see weaknesses in NT behaviour. However, in general we suffer as a result of those weaknesses, the sociopaths benefit from them through their ability to exploit them.
And lastly:
Je le doute.

There is little to none of the glibness/superficial charm alternating with hostility and contempt that define the psychopath's relation to the world. Obviously I haven't read it all, but I don't even think psychopaths have the patience to write blogs. They're more likely to break a computer for not doing what they want it to do.
Ah really? Not charming enough. Sigh.


  1. Hahaha! @ 'They are more likely to break a computer...'

    As a devoted reader I'd say you do show the charm-hostility-contempt curve-like sometimes it seems like there's somebody vetting what you write here-so after a particularly hostile post, (and maybe I'm reading into it too much here)there often is a placatory milder toned post.

    Wow, but what strong identity management those comments attempt.
    "However, given that one of the major symptoms is the way they continually try and evoke pity in you. And that is the aim of that blog."

    When by definition your motives are ruthlessly self-serving, there simply is no talking out of it. I faced this personally with my S, I mean I could either be suspicious all the time or COMPLETELY surrender.

    But aside from that, isn't the aim of every blog an attempt to garner sympathy for closely held views?


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